The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Ba


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Bacon A C G/3199 Pte   Barker C I   2nd Lieut
Bacon P R G/31446 Pte   Barker C J G/8153 Pte
Bacon W J 241691 Pte   Barker E J S/761 Pte
Baddeley F W G/16374 Pte   Barker F W G/14530 Pte
Bagge W J G/18154 Sgt   Barker H H G/20641 Pte
Bagnall J W G/21070 Pte   Barker J G/14629 Pte
Bagwell B J G/23373 Pte   Barker J E 240788 Cpl
Bailey A G/16618 Pte   Barker P G/18289 Pte
Bailey A H G/28925 Pte   Barker P C G/29513 Pte
Bailey C G/24831 Pte   Barker S L/7849 Pte
Bailey C E G/6650 Pte   Barker T G/18083 Pte
Bailey C E L/5979 Pte   Barker W C G/18949 Pte
Bailey C R G/20943 Pte   Barksby W H G/20063 Pte
Bailey G S/8529 L/Cpl   Barkwith F E G/9164 Pte
Bailey G H G/12308 Pte   Barlow S G/19408 Pte
Bailey H S 242479 L/Cpl   Barnard A H L/8873 Sgt
Bailey J C S/894 Pte   Barnard H J L/8560 Pte
Bailey R J W G/18808 Pte   Barnard S G/18009 Pte
Bailey W H L/4680 Pte   Barnard W G/12060 Pte
Bain D A G/11381 Pte   Barnden J G/10396 Pte
Bain J M L/9480 Pte   Barnes A C G/4397 Pte
Bain N   2nd Lieut   Barnes A G G/18194 Pte
Baines H G/2641 Pte   Barnes A S G/8674 Pte
Baird W G/31171 Pte   Barnes C J G/21050 Cpl
Baker A G/20941 Pte   Barnes D S L/8182 Pte
Baker A E S/806 Pte   Barnes E M G/18608 Pte
Baker A E G/3203 Sgt   Barnes F G/18809 Pte
Baker A J G/18692 Pte   Barnes G W S/1216 Pte
Baker A P G/10573 Pte   Barnes R G/1247 Pte
Baker A R G/31128 Pte   Barnes W 205415 Pte
Baker B G/18736 Pte   Barnes W V G/18362 Pte
Baker B F G/6905 Pte   Barnet G W 201268 Pte
Baker C S/696 Pte   Barnett A T C G/32897 Pte
Baker E G 205086 Pte   Barnett L de B   Capt
Baker F L/7229 Pte   Barnett N G/31651 Pte
Baker F G/23369 L/Cpl   Barnett W G L/8146 Pte
Baker F G/18055 Pte   Barnham J W J (MM) G/11243 Sgt
Baker F H 206336 Pte   Baron N S/554 Sgt
Baker G L/9868 Pte   Barr C S/8702 Pte
Baker H E 241196 Pte   Barrat(t) O D 4574 Pte
Baker H G/23550 Pte   Barratt H C G/2714 CQMS
Baker H E R G/4384 L/Cpl   Barratt T H G/646 Pte
Baker J 201655 Sgt   Barrett B G/3232 Pte
Baker J G/1714 L/Cpl   Barrett G G/5347 Pte
Baker J G/18647 Pte   Barrett J G/19864 Pte
Baker J A G/4994 L/Cpl   Barrett T L/7168 Pte
Baker J E L/8183 Pte   Barrett T H G/646 Pte
Baker J H (MM) G/6502 Cpl   Barrett T J G/5771 Pte
Baker J H G/1242 Sgt   Barrie A J M 240811 Pte
Baker J J G/17602 Pte   Barrie J L/10469 Pte
Baker J W G/18694 Pte   Barrows J E G/16039 Pte
Baker J W H G/6950 Pte   Barrs N C   2nd Lieut
Baker R J G/1711 Pte   Barry J J L/8558 Pte
Baker T L/9608 Pte   Barry T L/8357 L/Cpl
Baker T E G/19370 Pte   Bartholomew H F G/1532 Sgt
Baker W G/9822 Pte   Bartlett A J G/2030 Pte
Baker W E G/5450 Pte   Bartlett C J G/12095 Pte
Balcombe W G L/10562 Pte   Bartlett E S G/902 L/Cpl
Baldock S C G/1228 Pte   Bartlett H J G/24572 Cpl
Baldock S T G/5058 Pte   Bartlett L A   Lieut
Baldwin A L/9672 Sgt   Barton A M G/24583 Pte
Baldwin A G/5294 Pte   Barton F A G/18246 Pte
Baldwin J G/4643 Pte   Barton G H G/4164 Pte
Baldwin J A L/10807 Pte   Barton G T 205808 CQMS
Baldwin P F G/5914 Pte   Barton J H G/9693 Pte
Baldwin W L/6737 Pte   Bartram A A G/5095 L/Cpl
Baldwin W A 27524 Pte   Bartram R J L/11558 Pte
Balkham H G G/6632 Pte   Barwell J A G/20645 Pte
Balkvill-Lacy H B 10732 Pte   Bascombe F W G/10787 Pte
Ball A G/11786 Pte   Bashford W H G/18916 Pte
Ball G 240973 Pte   Baskett H G 205444 Pte
Ball H J C G/29979 Pte   Baskett M A G/7593 Pte
Ball J J G/6584 Pte   Bass A E G/5282 L/Cpl
Ball J W G/10682 L/Cpl   Bass J H G/6453 Pte
Ball W G/16393 Pte   Bass R G/30585 Pte
Ballard C F G/18004 Pte   Bass W A L/9419 L/Cpl
Balls J G/11474 Pte   Bassett A 241183 Pte
Bamford H 242297 Pte   Bassett A G/1212 Pte
Bampton H C L/7434 Pte   Bassett F E G/10038 Pte
Bamsey F R G/6716 Pte   Bassett J B G/5497 Pte
Banagan F C G/6113 Pte   Bassett W G/19185 Pte
Bance T 201012 Pte   Bassett W H G/6617 Pte
Bandfield A G/132 Pte   Bassil J W L/10123 Pte
Bandy J T G/6843 CSM   Bastecky V G/27834 Pte
Banfield J W G/19138 Pte   Bastin W T G/9564 Pte
Bankes P A (MC)                   2nd Lieut   Batchelor F J G/1059 Pte
Banks D L/9853 Pte   Batchelor T J L/8156 L/Cpl
Banks J G/15973 Pte   Bateman C A 200389 Sgt
Banks R L/6555 Pte   Bateman H J G/458 Pte
Banks R L/7676 Pte   Bateman W B F G/31260 Pte
Banks W S/644 Pte   Bater S G/18733 Pte
Bannister G T G/10728 Pte   Bates A E H G/3991 Pte
Bannister R 205442 Pte   Bates A G


Barber F W L/10735 Pte   Bates B G/11173 Pte
Barber H H G/23252 Pte   Bates F G G/20623 Pte
Barber R L/8112 L/Cpl   Bates G G/16787 Pte
Barber S B G/16137 Pte   Bates W G J G/5116 Pte
Barden C E L/9603 Sgt   Bather R T G/31539 Pte
Barden G I G/4781 Pte   Bathurst A L L G/19023 Pte
Barden H A L/8358 Pte   Batsford A J 203566 Pte
Barden M G/13047 Pte   Batsford B G/5131 Pte
Barden P F G/2287 L/Cpl   Batten A E G/28547 Pte
Barden Z L/8126 Sgt   Batten W H G/470 Cpl
Bardoe S J G/10966 Pte   Batterham A C L/10128 Pte
Bardsley P G/12768 Pte   Battersby E M   Capt
Bareham A G/18810 Pte   Batts C S G/16325 L/Cpl
Barfield G E 203302 Sgt   Baulcomb F G/31047 Pte
Barham A S/260 Pte   Baulcomb J G S G/18288 Pte
Barham J G/16605 Pte   Baum H H G/20064 Pte
Barham J W G/13473 Pte   Bax C G/9596 Pte
Barham W G/3649 Pte   Baxhill A J G/31108 Pte
Baring C C   2nd Lieut   Baxter A C J G/6795 Pte
Barker A G/20294 Pte   Baylis E A G/3493 Pte
Barker A J L/8179 Pte   Baynes C 645 L/Cpl
Barker A R L/6781 Pte   Baynes S G/8878 Sgt
Barker C G/18419 Pte                    

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