The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Bi to Bo


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Bickle F J L/8363 L/Cpl   Board F G TF/1846 Pte
Bicknell H G/4262 Pte   Bobby H C G/7249 Pte
Biggs S 31022 Pte   Boden S G/19906 Pte
Biggs W J L/6647 Pte   Bodiam E P G/8594 Pte
Bignall W R G/39460 Pte   Body F W L/9525 Sgt
Bignell J L/9726 L/Cpl   Boggon J L/10018 L/Cpl
Bigsby E A   2nd Lieut   Bolam P L/8622 Pte
Billett S J G/29118 Pte   Bolden W G/18786 Pte
Billings P W G/31443 Pte   Boldron P C G/8595 Pte
Bilner F G/17782 Pte   Bolton A E 203456 Pte
Bingham G G/25960 Pte   Bolton B G/5382 Pte
Birch C S G/5644 Pte   Bolton F J L/8581 Pte
Birch F C G/5191 Pte   Bolton J C (MM) G/5441 Cpl
Birch S H L/10392 L/Cpl   Bolton P J   2nd Lieut
Birch W J L/7396 L/Cpl   Bond A G/11824 Pte
Bird C W G/18336 Pte   Bond D J L/25112 Pte
Bird G G/1033 Pte   Bond F G/5505 Pte
Bird G G/5664 Pte   Bond H S V G/818 Pte
Bird G W F 202151 Pte   Bond J F W G/31658 Pte
Bird W A J G/18174 Pte   Bond S H 205186 Pte
Bird W J G/7701 Pte   Bond W E G/18077 Pte
Bird W J G/18073 Cpl   Bonds J L/7534 Pte
Birkenfield W J F G G/23636 Cpl   Bone T L/8571 Pte
Birks H G/31649 Pte   Bone T S/1193 Pte
Birrell T C G/36724 Pte   Bonfield E W L/9080 L/Cpl
Birt J L/7786 Pte   Bonham H S/119 Pte
Bishenden H G/4873 L/Cpl   Bonner A E G/3080 Pte
Bishop A E G/31070 Pte   Bonner E V G/8202 Cpl
Bishop A H 205051 Pte   Bonny S G G/24418 Pte
Bishop A J G/15118 Pte   Booker A G G/26415 Pte
Bishop F A 240454 Pte   Booker E G/12728 Pte
Bishop F E L/4743 L/Cpl   Booker F S/4623 Pte
Bishop W A G/11904 Pte   Booker H J G/962 Pte
Bishop W G 205835 Pte   Booker J G/25366 Pte
Bishopp H L/8060 Pte   Booker J G/9224 Pte
Biss W J G/15474 Pte   Booker J W G/520 Pte
Bissagar C G/21544 Pte   Boorman A S/133 L/Cpl
Bitkeathly A G/3705 Pte   Boorman F J G/532 Pte
Bittle H T L/7637 Pte   Boosey F G/5992 Pte
Black T W G/39162 Pte   Boosey R H L/9394 Pte
Blackburn B (MM) 240022 L/Sgt   Booth B T G/28702 Pte
Blackburn G F G/4158 L/Cpl   Booth E L/9568 L/Cpl
Blackburn J L/10525 Pte   Booth E G/7417 Pte
Blackburn J S G/20378 Pte   Booth F G L/9131 Pte
Blackburn R C 201823 Pte   Boothby W E G/20452 Pte
Blackeby F L/6714 Pte   Boother J D L/7860 Pte
Blackett T 205537 Pte   Boreham G G/9112 Pte
Blackman C G/4017 L/Cpl   Borkett J G/7060 Pte
Blackman E M (MM) G/1194 Cpl   Borrett R W 205304 Pte
Blackman F W G/31792 Pte   Borrino J V G/30683 Pte
Blackman H L/10429 Pte   Borrins J V G/30683 Pte
Blackman H G/12815 Pte   Bostridge G G/5871 Pte
Blackmore F C G/4886 Pte   Bott R H G/15449 Pte
Blackmore S S G/30876 Pte   Botting C V G/7277 Pte
Blackstone H G/20653 Pte   Bottle R E 200262 Pte
Blackstone O B 203530 Pte   Bottom G A (MM) G/20447 Sgt
Blackwell A R G/9285 Pte   Boucher W M   Lieut
Blackwell F J G/12281 Pte   Boulton F J (MM) G/20748 Pte
Blaikie J W D L/10161 Pte   Boulton H H G/15903 Pte
Blaiklock A G/2510 Pte   Bourne F 242504 Pte
Blain A J G/15872 Pte   Bourne J S/8597 Pte
Blake G E G/11028 Pte   Bourne S 204614 Pte
Blake H G/4074 L/Cpl   Bourne W J G/10445 Pte
Blake H V G/1842 Pte   Bourne W T J G/11816 Pte
Blake J G/4845 Pte   Bovis D L/10174 Pte
Blakeman A G/2138 Cpl   Bovis F L/8438 CSM
Blakey C H G/11468 Pte   Bovis F J W G/25471 Pte
Blandford W A G/24586 Pte   Bowater J T G/21233 Pte
Blanks L 240295 Pte   Bowden F 242115 Pte
Blannin G G/17308 Pte   Bowden R C G/4859 Pte
Bleach C A G/19326 Pte   Bowden S A G/18368 Pte
Bleach F W G/2872 Pte   Bowell W R G/4118 Pte
Blew K   2nd Lieut   Bowen F M S   Lieut
Blewer J G/25961 Pte   Bowen W S T L/11172 Pte
Bliss F C G/20786 Pte   Bowen W H G/2778 Cpl
Blockley F G 29230 Pte   Bower J F G/6342 Pte
Bloomfield A G/10564 Pte   Bower J H G/36646 Sgt
Bloomfield G R G/17133 Pte   Bower R P G/30873 Pte
Bloomfield L S G/1879 Pte   Bowes E G/7027 Pte
Blow G H G/19481 Pte   Bowles A J G/17241 Pte
Blows H J G/10000 L/Cpl   Bowles E G/7027 Pte
Bloxham A J TF/1115 Drmr   Bowles H H W G/4181 Pte
Bloxham E E G/17779 Pte   Bowles G/2217 Pte
Bloxham T J G/19739 Cpl   Bowles L A G/11986 Pte
Blundell C A G/2757 Pte   Bowles S G/4414 Pte
Blundell R G/3904 Pte   Bowling E R   2nd Lieut
Blundell R V G/5157 Pte   Bowman F B 11387 Cpl
Blundell W A G/3903 Pte   Box C W G/19021 Pte
Blundell W T G/4004 Pte   Boxall W G/20708 Pte
Blunden H W 204636 Pte   Boxall W C G/9169 Pte
Blyth(e) S W                Lieut   Boyce H T G/4679 Pte
Boakes A G/21043 Sgt   Boyce W J G/31027 Pte
Boakes G E G/36623 Pte   Boyes R J G/16616 L/Cpl
Boakes H G/1208 Sgt   Boyle J or G G/20676 Pte
Boakes H S G/31818 Pte   Boyse C F G/1344 Pte
Boakes N W G/16965 L/Cpl          
Boaks G 240639 Pte          
Boar A T G/11057 Pte