The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - K










Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Kadwill H E G/9035 Pte   King C A L/10051 L/Cpl
Kamester J (MM) G/18923 Pte   King E G/15051 Pte
Kane W G/3424 Pte   King E A G/10257 Pte
Kay G G/21390 Pte   King F G/18304 Pte
Kay G R G/39004 Cpl   King F C G/17837 Pte
Kealey A G/2127 Cpl   King G W G/9984 Pte
Keane J L/7590 Sgt   King H B S/9040 Pte
Keeble A E L/9112 L/Cpl   King J G/10028 Cpl
Keeble F C G/15898 Pte   King J R A G/14621 Pte
Keeble W G/27799 Pte   King P J T/24620 Pte
Keefe F G/11517 Pte   King R G/2192 Pte
Keefe R G/17390 Pte   King S A G/31158 Pte
Keel J E TF/2487 Pte   King S E G/9227 Pte
Keeler C G/2523 Pte   King T G/24660 Pte
Keeler N J 2374 Pte   King T W G/2454 L/Cpl
Keeley G S/385 Pte   King W G/25865 Pte
Keen W S L/10257 L/Cpl   King W 202632 L/Cpl
Keenlyside G F H   Capt   King W 202061 Pte
Kees G E G/24558 L/Cpl   King W G/19659 Pte
Keily H C G/2489 Pte   King W G/30936 Pte
Kelcher J 202762 Pte   King W S/8917 Pte
Kelecher J 202762 Pte   King W J L/10118 Pte
Kelly J G/5332 Pte   King W T   2nd Lieut
Kelly J 205430 Pte   Kingston H G S/8944 Pte
Kelly J R S/39 Pte   Kingswood A S/350 Pte
Kelly W G/9985 Pte   Kinnell J G/23057 Pte
Kelly W T E G/20836 Pte   Kirby F A G/6452 Pte
Kelsey W S/9171 Pte   Kirby T W G/6164 Pte
Kember J H G/3934 Pte   Kirby W G/2863 L/Cpl
Kemery P 202412 Pte   Kirby W H G/11890 Pte
Kemmence G F G/8207 L/Cpl   Kirby W J G/13488 Pte
Kirk A L/10976 Pte
Kemmonoe G F G/8207 L/Cpl   Kirkham G H G/19602 Pte
Kemp B 240407 Pte   Kirkham W L   2nd Lieut
Kemp C H G/10291 Pte   Kirkpatrick J (MM) G/17838 Pte
Kemp J P S/8960 L/Sgt   Kirrage C I L/11752 Pte
Kemp S G/15245 Pte   Kitchen C G/7485 Pte
Kemp T L/4904 Pte   Kitchen L D G/30231 Pte
          Kitchen W W H L/8742 L/Cpl
Kemp T W L/7397 L/Cpl   Kitchener W J G/8792 Pte
Kemp W G/12672 Pte   Kitchingham S G/1934 Pte
Kemp W E G/11268 Pte   Kitsell W H G/613 Pte
Kemsley A H G/18933 Pte   Klein W G/21361 Pte
Kenchatt H L/11169 Pte   Kluckner E 200101 Pte
Kendall H A L/9905 Pte   Knapp A F G/15380 Pte
Kennard G L/8883 Pte   Knapp G E G/8412 Pte
Kennedy W G/19115 Sgt   Knapp R F G/18802 L/Cpl
Kensett H G/25364 Pte   Kneller A A F L/10263 Cpl
Kent A S/8994 Pte   Knevett G W L/8881 Pte
Kent E G/31357 Cpl   Knight A E P L/9925 Dmr
Kent H A G/24507 Pte   Knight C R L/9171 Pte
Kent P E G/11760 Pte   Knight E C G/7321 Pte
Kent W 205473 Pte   Knight F E S 202138 Pte
Kenward F S G/4738 Pte   Knight H L/7974 Pte
Kenward V E T G/2754 Pte   Knight H G/335 Pte
Kerfoot S B G/20418 Pte   Knight H G/19432 Pte
Kersey J E L/7619 L/Cpl   Knight J 9252 Pte
Kersey W J L/9759 Pte   Knight J G/18456 Pte
Kerwood C 203481 Pte   Knight J B G/18240 Pte
Kettle P W L/9024 Pte   Knight J O   2nd Lieut
Kevan T J S/1020 Sgt   Knight S T G/24713 Pte
Kidd J W G/8070 Pte   Knight W 241618 Pte
Kight A L/6719 Pte   Knight W G/25782 Pte
Kilburn F H 202008 Pte   Knight W T G/434 Sgt
Kilby A G/16524 Pte   Knights F W G/36606 Cpl
Kiley J J G/10339 Pte   Knights W 241618 Pte
Killick F 201161 Pte   Knott A J G/23406 Pte
Killick R N (DCM, MC)        Lieut   Knott D J V   2nd Lieut
Killick T G/24406 Pte   Knott E A G/9863 Pte
Kimber A J 20113 Pte   Knowler G E L/10483 Pte
Kimber H J L/9114 Pte   Knowles C 242195 Pte
King A F G/4066 Pte   Knowles E L/10609 L/Cpl
King A H G/8023 Pte   Knox J R G/19997 Pte
King A J G/31323 Pte   Kysh C J A   Lieut
King A J G/24618 Pte                     

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