The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - J


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H    I   
















Jackman W H 241378 Pte   Johns G H G/1411 Pte
Jackson A G/21301 Pte   Johnson A C G/9585 Pte
Jackson E G/15895 Pte   Johnson A G 18454 Pte
Jackson E J G/17963 Pte   Johnson A W G/18628 Pte
Jackson F H 203764 Pte   Johnson C G/8022 Pte
Jackson G B L/7747 Cpl   Johnson C J L/8597 Pte
Jackson G E G/19429 Pte   Johnson E W G/10169 L/Cpl
Jackson H G/23008 Pte   Johnson E G/18303 Pte
Jackson J G/19430 Pte   Johnson E G/12148 Pte
Jackson J A G/20290 Pte   Johnson E R G/10557 Pte
Jackson T G/6468 Pte   Johnson E R G/4580 Pte
Jackson T G/6255 Cpl   Johnson F G/19658 Pte
Jackson T L/10017 L/Cpl   Johnson F G/18677 Pte
Jackson T S L/9867 Pte   Johnson G W G/4787 Pte
Jackson W 21365 L/Cpl   Johnson H L/9202 Pte
Jackson W G/6667 Pte   Johnson H 205589 Pte
Jackson W B G/21300 Pte   Johnson H 205552 Pte
Jackson W R L/10889 Pte   Johnson H S/236 Pte
Jacobs A J G/7775 Pte   Johnson H E TF/2161 Cpl
Jacobs A L 206330 Pte   Johnson H W G/26820 Pte
Jacobs B H G/28528 Pte   Johnson J G/21327 Pte
Jacobs C E S 8828 Pte   Johnson J L/10858 Pte
Jacobs G G/9618 Pte   Johnson J L (MM) G/4078 L/Sgt
Jacobs M G/23624 Pte   Johnson J W 205472 Pte
Jacquet F J S/174 Pte   Johnson N T   2nd Lieut
Jakeman E C G/11185 Pte   Johnson T L/7165 Pte
Jakes F G G/10606 Pte   Johnson T P L/10062 Pte
Jakings H G/17627 Pte   Johnson W G/1091 Pte
James A L/8886 Pte   Johnson W G 240492 L/Cpl
James A H G/24588 Pte   Johnson W T G/4204 Pte
James E A 203164 CQMS   Johnston F 202125 Pte
James E E G/29371 Pte   Johnston W 205923 Pte
James F H 202206 Pte   Jones A L/4859 Pte
James F M G/28175 Pte   Jones A 202352 L/Cpl
James F W 13588 Pte   Jones A S G/11790 Pte
James W A L/9970 Pte   Jones A W G L/10439 Pte
James W J 241294 Pte   Jones B A G/6489 Pte
Jameson G A L/6543 Pte   Jones C G/39512 Pte
Jameson S M G/18836 Pte   Jones C G/1923 Pte
Jamieson J G/3264 Pte   Jones C S G/12873 Pte
Janes H (MM) G/10701 Pte   Jones D G/3438 Pte
Janman A G G/1522 L/Cpl   Jones D C G/24809 Pte
Jaquerey P G/5175 Pte   Jones E L/6014 Pte
Jaquiery P G/5175 Pte   Jones E G/27450 Pte
Jardine A G/16371 Pte   Jones E G G/24617 Pte
Jarrett R G G/28589 Pte   Jones E J L/10279 L/Cpl
Jarvis C W B   Capt   Jones E M G/353 Pte
Jarvis D 205924 Pte   Jones F G/109 Pte
Jarvis D G/15009 Pte   Jones F A G/30590 Pte
Jarvis J I S/8821 Pte   Jones F C M G/20296 Pte
Jarvis T H G/1598 Pte   Jones F T S/478 L/Cpl
Jay D C G/18302 Pte   Jones G S/9172 Pte
Jay F W G/31527 Pte   Jones G G/10684 Sgt
Jay W G/38706 Pte   Jones H G/3774 Pte
Jeeves G S/285 Pte   Jones H G/513 Pte
Jeeves G W G/1466 Pte   Jones H G/13356 Pte
Jefferies S C L/9040 Pte   Jones H G S/457 Pte
Jeffery E T J G/7656 Pte   Jones I A L/10542 L/Cpl
Jeffery P E G/12099 Pte   Jones J K L/5535 Pte
Jeffrey F G/12358 Pte   Jones M W W G/29737 Pte
Jeffrey J S/8374 Pte   Jones P S G/31566 Pte
Jeffrey R C G/16406 Pte   Jones R A G/19521 L/Cpl
Jeffs G A G/29372 Pte   Jones S G/12269 Pte
Jelf C L G/23934 Pte   Jones S G/18265 Pte
Jelley W E G/25213 Pte   Jones S J   Lieut
Jenkins F G/21585 Pte   Jones T L/5647 Pte
Jenkins H E G/405 Pte   Jones T H 18453 Pte
Jenkins H J G/11579 Pte   Jones W G/31703 Pte
Jenkins J A G/2252 Pte   Jones W G/861 Pte
Jenkins R C G/5733 Cpl   Jones W A G/7501 Pte
Jenkins T L/5621 Pte   Jones W D G/3055 Pte
Jenkins W G/30548 Pte   Jones W D L/9830 Pte
Jenner A G/534 Cpl   Jones W G L/11783 L/Cpl
Jenner E G/8909 Pte   Jordan G E G/7445 Pte
Jenner E J 240818 L/Cpl   Jordan H G/8750 Pte
Jenner E J G/15627 Pte   Jordan L W 200971 Pte
Jenner H J G/4791 Pte   Jordan W E G/19033 Sgt
Jenner J W L/8319 Pte   Jordon G D G/26698 Pte
Jenner W C L/7541 Pte   Josceleyne C G G/12415 Pte
Jennings C A G/17626 Pte   Joscelyne C G G/12415 Pte
Jennings F G/17480 Pte   Josey B G/15384 Pte
Jennings J J L/9825 Pte   Joslin F J   Major
Jennings R 205167 CSM   Josling W E S/8590 Cpl
Jessop A G/119 Pte   Joyce J C G/29133 Pte
Jessop C W R A G/8119 Pte   Joynson J H L/11621 Pte
Jessup A G/119 Pte   Judd F 242190 Pte
Jewell J A G/5257 Pte   Judd M S   2nd Lieut
Jewhurst A W L/9705 Pte   Judd W G 203250 Pte
Jewiss H C G/5128 L/Cpl   Judson E G/21293 Pte
Jiggins H G/18745 Pte   Juniper A G G/18366 Pte
Job B C K   2nd Lieut   Jupp A S 240579 L/Cpl
Jobbins J F G/11196 Pte   Jupp W T G/7446 L/Cpl
John G B G/7117 Pte   Jury H T G/99 Pte
Johns C F H G/24616 Pte   Jury J T G/23860 Pte

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