The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - L


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H    I   

















Lacey L E G/6487 Sgt   Levison G G/1717 L/Cpl
Lacy C 205477 Pte   Levitt A L/8951 Pte
Lacy H B G/10732 Pte   Levitt G (MM) G/8569 CSM
Lacy W C 203358 Sgt   Lewin E C   Lieut
Ladbury W S/394 Pte   Lewin F H (MC)   Capt
Lade T J (MM) G/16162 Sgt   Lewin F H G/4001 Pte
Ladley G G/20110 Pte   Lewington A W G/1897 Sgt
Lagden P G/392 Pte   Lewinstein H   2nd Lieut
Laing F (MM & Clasp) 6942 L/Cpl   Lewis A G/3765 L/Cpl
Lake F G G/20693 Pte   Lewis C G/19947 Pte
Lake W O L/9016 Pte   Lewis C G/30943 Pte
Laker A G/17994 Pte   Lewis C J G/31120 Pte
Laker C 240378 Pte   Lewis D E G/4673 Pte
Laker P G G/18980 Pte   Lewis E 204485 Pte
Lakey M M 205191 Pte   Lewis E G G/15012 Pte
Lakin L 205896 Pte   Lewis E J G/15956 Pte
Lamb AW G/17840 Pte   Lewis F G/30550 Pte
Lamb E E   2nd Lieut   Lewis F D G/24864 Pte
Lamb F G/20106 Pte   Lewis G G/17459 Pte
Lamb J L/5516 Pte   Lewis G R G/3342 L/Cpl
Lamb W G/23842 L/Cpl   Lewis J G/3418 Pte
Lamb W G G/8620 CSM   Lewis P H G/8538 Pte
Lambe A W G/17840 Pte   Lewis R W G/2021 Pte
Lambert A E G/10086 Cpl   Lewis S G/17951 Pte
Lambert P T G/36241 Pte   Lewis T R G/28559 L/Cpl
Lambkin T A G/18459 Pte   Lewis W J G/3777 Pte
Lampard A C G/15569 Pte   Lewis W A L/7526 Pte
Lancaster J E G/5623 Pte   Lewis W A G/18116 Cpl
Lander W H G/6693 Pte   Lewsey W A G/18571 Pte
Lane E W G/1301 Pte   Life S G/23561 Pte
Lane H 203971 Pte   Lilley A J G/1413 Pte
Lane H J P G/79 Pte   Lilley A J G/11937 Pte
Lane H S L/9239 Pte   Lilley C G/11723 Pte
Lane P F TF/4790 Pte   Lilley W G/21556 L/Cpl
Lane R E 241607 Pte   Limley J 242201 Pte
Lane W L/6766 Pte   Lincoln T J G/3233 Pte
Lane W S/9187 Pte   Lind A J L/9069 Pte
Lane W F 240357 Pte   Lindley J 205642 Pte
Lanfear A W G/20263 Pte   Lines G J F S/9036 Sgt
Lang C G G/6735 Pte   Lines H C G/27812 Pte
Lang E A G/6736 Pte   Lines J J 205557 Pte
Lang G S/525 Sgt   Linfield G F G/4640 Pte
Langdon A E G/1787 Pte   Linge J (MM) G/518 Pte
Langdon A J G/25005 Pte   Linge L E G/2225 Pte
Langdon C W G/30940 Pte   Link W E 205576 Pte
Langford G L/8355 Pte   Linn J T 205149 Pte
Langham W G L/7935 Pte   Linnell W G/1008 Pte
Langley A E G/31481 Pte   Lipscombe J 200999 Sgt
Langley E H W G/9527 Pte   Lipscombe J G/16851 Pte
Langley H J G/11528 Pte   Lipscombe S G/6512 L/Cpl
Langridge H L/10428 Pte   Lister J G G/7648 Sgt
Lankester J G/11713 Pte   Litten F C P G/19281 Pte
Lanning J G/45 Pte   Little C R G/18460 Pte
Lannon O 204423 Pte   Little E F G/29538 Pte
Lansdowne H J G/10980 Pte   Little J 204607 Pte
Lapham H E L/10211 Pte   Little J 202411 Pte
Large C R G/23474 Pte   Little J E G/16538 Pte
Lark F W G/17839 Cpl   Little T (MM) G/18140 Pte
Larkin P E G/1865 Cpl   Little W G/9577 Pte
Larking E T S/652 L/Cpl   Little W A G/1802 Pte
Laskey G (MM)       2nd Lieut   Littleboy F G   Lieut
Latimer H      2nd Lieut   Livesey R W G/6277 Pte
Latter E F 3878 Pte   Livingstone D C J G/24562 Pte
Latter F E G/4103 Pte   Llewellyn W E C S/692 Sgt
Latter F R   Capt   Llewelyn W E C S/692 Sgt
Latter G F G/28 Pte   Lloyd A E G/1826 Pte
Latter T G G/19166 Pte   Lloyd A V S/264 Pte
Latter W J 265156 Sgt   Lloyd F S/9201 Pte
Lauchlan R G/25116 Pte   Lloyd J G/31154 Pte
Lauder W H G/6693 Pte   Lloyd J 205123 Pte
Launchbury J F G/24624 Pte   Lloyd R S/9287 Pte
Laundy J GS/8187 Pte   Lloyd T L/10684 Pte
Laurel I L/5159 Pte   Loader H G/4588 Pte
Laurence R 205476 Pte   Loames A J G/1082 Pte
Laurence S   2nd Lieut   Lock C R G/11676 Pte
Lavender C J G/4061 Pte   Lock J J L/10830 Pte
Lavender D G/9548 Pte   Locke G H G/18842 Pte
Lavender H L 204165 Pte   Lockett A G G/30710 Pte
Law C 202197 Pte   Lockham J 26403 Pte
Law G W G/11122 Pte   Lockley F J G/20128 Cpl
Law G W G/8171 Pte   Lodge A K 3730 Pte
Law H 265339 Pte   Loeber W E M 204225 Cpl
Law R A G/8175 Pte   Loft A J G/5718 Pte
Law W G/18207 L/Cpl   Logan H H   Capt
Law W G/18722 Pte   Lomax J G/18843 Pte
Lawes F L/10157 Pte   Long A R L/5842 Pte
Lawford P J S/8794 Pte   Long C L G/18602 Pte
Lawrence A L/9569 L/Cpl   Long F R G/21558 Pte
Lawrence C C G/2273 Pte   Long H G/12966 Pte
Lawrence C E L/9024 Cpl   Long H G/2096 Pte
Lawrence H L/10203 Pte   Long T I G/11316 Pte
Lawrence H F G/38627 Pte   Long W G/15444 Pte
Lawrence J A G/6424 L/Cpl   Long W J G/5048 Pte
Lawrence J H G/24790 Cpl   Longbottom W G/30768 Pte
Lawrence J R 204458 Pte   Longhurst A R G/9059 Pte
Lawrence J W G/23368 Pte   Longhurst J G/5268 Pte
Lawrence R 205476 Pte   Longhurst L N G/17633 Pte
Lawrence W G/5861 Pte   Longhurst W G/4605 Pte
Lawrence W G/29537 Pte   Longley J G/9642 Pte
Lawrence-Harding F W  3940 Cpl   Longman C F G/2902 Pte
Lawson C D N   2nd Lieut   Longuehaye J S   2nd Lieut
Lawson J J G/1419 Pte   Lonsdale J T G/1158 Pte
Lawson S W G/2838 Pte   Loomes A J G/1082 Pte
Layer E W 240710 Pte   Loosely A G G/28966 Pte
Layton F G/30973 Pte   Loosley A G G/28966 Pte
Layton H G/3960 Pte   Lord S G L/10551 Pte
Leach B G/5025 Pte   Lorimer W S G/8938 Pte
Leach C E G/8752 L/Cpl   Lott H G/10880 Pte
Leach G 203419 Pte   Loughery G L/9148 Pte
Leakey W G/1638 Pte   Loveday H G/18844 Pte
Leaney G T L/5232 Cpl   Lovegrove C S/657 Pte
Leaney G W G/5102 Pte   Lovelace R D W   2nd Lieut
Leaney J W G/31351 Pte   Lovell A G/8206 L/Cpl
Learner G G/3019 Pte   Lovell B G/21123 Pte
Leat G G/8624 Pte   Lovell F G/1915 L/Cpl
Leatherdale D R   2nd Lieut   Lovell W L   2nd Lieut
LeBean J G/2497 Pte   Lowe A H S 242241 Pte
Lee A 5247 RSM   Lowe C J G/8645 Pte
Lee A H 242425 Pte   Lowe F W G/26378 Pte
Lee C G/10332 Pte   Lowe S W G/4331 Pte
Lee C A G/19400 Pte   Lowe W G/2939 Pte
Lee F TF/3630 Cpl   Lower E J 204619 Pte
Lee G H G/20259 Pte   Lownds J T G/20107 Pte
Lee G J G/25345 Pte   Loyner H W G/18266 Pte
Lee H L/7443 Pte   Loynes H W G/18266 Pte
Lee H T G/14505 Pte   Lucas A L/8370 L/Cpl
Lee J S/1934 Pte   Lucas B H G/38 Pte
Lee T W G/2011 Pte   Luck A R G/24891 Pte
Lee W S G/15443 Pte   Luck J L/8959 Pte
Leece J G/31707 L/Cpl   Luck N A   2nd Lieut
Leek A 203558 Pte   Luckhorst A G/8850 Pte
Leeming H G/31705 Cpl   Luckhurst A G/8850 Pte
Lees W T 202799 Pte   Luckie A J G/339 Pte
Leete P J G/30972 Pte   Lucking H G G/18161 Pte
Legard G B   Capt   Luckman W G/2098 Cpl
Legge F H 205854 Pte   Lucy T S/3328 Pte
Legge E R G/3436 Pte   Luddenham T G L/11143 Pte
Leggett C J 203549 Sgt   Luesley E J G/8990 Pte
Leggett F G G/11002 Pte   Luff H T G/1337 Pte
Leitch G G G/19742 L/Cpl   Lukyn C G/2208 Pte
Lena J L/10860 L/Cpl   Lulham L B J G/16826 Pte
Lengthorn T G/1006 Pte   Lumb J E L/11660 Pte
Lennie W G G/17374 Pte   Lumley J 242201 Pte
Lenning J G/45 Pte   Lunn C H L/8554 L/Cpl
Lenoir H E T G/31045 Pte   Lunn E J 205099 Pte
Lenton J W G/18267 Pte   Lusted G G/24415 Cpl
Leon F 202125 Pte   Lusted J S G/5512 Pte
Leonard J R L G/13827 Pte   Lusted W J G/1354 L/Cpl
Lester G L G/25980 Pte   Luxford C G/7349 Pte
Lettington F G/4184 Pte   Luxon J H G/6805 Cpl
Lettington H F G/6426 Pte   Luxton M TF/241233 Pte
Levens W H 240620 Sgt   Lynds R W G/24508 Pte
Leverett H J G/17422 Pte   Lynham A S G/8988 Cpl
Levett C G/2356 Pte   Lyon A G/14624 Pte
Levett L A G/7624 Pte   Lyons H E L/8863 Pte
Levett R H   2nd Lieut   Lyons R W G/6018 Pte
Levette C G/2356 Pte          

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