The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Be


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Beadle G J G/10324 Pte   Benford  J L/10387 Pte
Beagley F S/7889 Cpl   Benge F H G/9420 Pte
Beake W H (MM) G/19027 Sgt   Benge G A S/8346 Pte
Beal R W (MM) G/18421 Cpl   Benn A E G/25104 Pte
Beale F W G/4326 Pte   Bennell A G/23756 Pte
Beale J A G/8262 Sgt   Bennett A G/5973 Pte
Beale W S/111 Pte   Bennett A E G/11891 Pte
Beames A G/4816 Pte   Bennett A E G/18418 Pte
Beaney J G/4986 Pte   Bennett C T   Capt
Beard J G/5753 Pte   Bennett E V G/8196 Cpl
Beard T 205599 Pte   Bennett F G/5642 Pte
Beasley W G/393 L/Cpl   Bennett F T  L/10036 Pte
Beattie R G/8782 Pte   Bennett H G/30844 Pte
Beaumont F G/13241 Pte   Bennett H R G/17430 Pte
Beavan R J G/9652 Pte   Bennett J H G/17781 Pte
Beckett A C L/9557 Pte   Bennett J G/11164 Pte
Beckett C S G/8579 Pte   Bennett J S G/38602 Pte
Beckett F J G/17417 Pte   Bennett R W G/31000 Cpl
Beckett P A   2nd Lieut   Bennett R W G/6863 Pte
Beckham J 206377 Pte   Bennett T A 201842 Pte
Beckington W L G/1943 Pte   Bennett W S/9244 Pte
Beckwith G W S/9092 Pte   Bennett W L/8312 Pte
Beckwith W F S/8914 Pte   Bennett W E 202030 Pte
Beeching G A G/28090 Pte   Bennett W H G/23125 Pte
Beeley J E G/10060 Pte   Bennett W J G/10582 Cpl
Beeman A C   Capt   Bennett W S G/10457 Pte
Beenham F G 7663 Pte   Benson E E 242128 Pte
Beer A L/10976 Pte   Benstead A E V G/21071 Pte
Beer H J G/18248 Pte   Bentley E G/751 Cpl
Beer H O   2nd Lieut   Bentley F G/31656 Pte
Beesley F J S/9363 Sgt   Bentley S H 205586 Pte
Beeson W G/30867 Pte   Benton L J G/2223 Pte
Beeston A G/21611 Pte   Beresford J G/5113 Pte
Beeston H L   Capt   Berriman E C 204473 Pte
Belcher A E G/11820 Pte   Berry A 242453 Pte
Belcher G P G/7725 Pte   Berry E A G/7426 Pte
Belcher R L/9787 Pte   Berry G E G/11908 Pte
Bell A J L/9937 Pte   Berry W H 201388 Pte
Bell H G/6131 Cpl   Best T R 205033 Pte
Bell J G/9143 Pte   Best T W G/30875 Pte
Bell J G/18863 Pte   Beswick J J G/19972 Pte
Bell J A G/20454 Pte   Betts A H G/15508 Pte
Bell J P G/31442 Pte   Betts F S/371 Pte
Bell R R G/31652 Pte   Betts P W L/9998 Pte
Bell T G/10027 Pte   Bevan C G/5352 Pte
Bellamy R A G/30534 Pte   Bevan C T G/24847 Pte
Bellfield W H F L/7474 Pte   Bevan N S L/11300 Pte
Bellingham G 4123 Pte   Beven C H G/1175 Pte
Bendall F A G/11374 Sgt   Bevis A G G/17546 Pte
Bendall J M G/15121 Pte Bevis W M L/10259 Pte
Bendell F A G/11374 Sgt   Bewick J J G/21371 Sgt
Benfold J L/10387 Pte   Bewshea C A G/10069 L/Cpl

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