The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - G


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H    I   
















Gabriel J L/5782 Cpl   Goodrum F S 205613 Pte
Gadd J G/5724 Pte   Goodsell H G G/4972 L/Cpl
Gadd J L/10685 Pte   Goodsell H M 200833 Pte
Gage T L/11015 Pte   Goodwin A W G/7785 Pte
Gailer C R G/8483 Pte   Goodwin E G/23156 Pte
Gale R G/3982 Pte   Goodwin F C R G/18381 Pte
Gale W C 200005 Pte   Goodwin F J S/8309 Pte
Gallant A E G/21550 Pte   Goodwin L M 241594 Pte
Gallavan A 202121 Pte   Goodwin S G/18024 Pte
Galloway R P L/8503 Sgt   Goodwin W H L/7652 Pte
Gallyer W R L/7273 Pte   Goose E G/496 Pte
Galpin F A G/12042 Pte   Gordon G T 203274 L/Cpl
Galvin W G/14649 Pte   Gordon P G/4273 Pte
Gambrill W C G/5947 Pte   Gordon T E G/8610 Pte
Gammon A G/18439 Pte   Gordon-Smith G   Capt
Gammon E 205073 Pte   Gore G G/4129 L/Cpl
Gammon F T 200032 Sgt   Gore S K   Lieut
Gammon G H H G/12187 Pte   Gore W G 206331 Pte
Gander J G/7386 Pte   Gorham F J G/19203 Cpl
Gander R W J 201175 Sgt   Gorman S H L/7695 L/Cpl
Gane H L/6732 Pte   Gosden J G/4824 Pte
Gant A J G/6583 Pte   Gosling E TF/2378 Pte
Gapper G 241274 Pte   Gosling R C G/31464 Pte
Gardener W 201010 L/Cpl   Goss F G/18299 Pte
Gardiner G W G/11621 Pte   Gothard E G/19201 L/Cpl
Gardiner T 14396 Pte   Gott C G/20092 Pte
Gardiner T H S/9151 Pte   Gough A 205687 Pte
Gardner E G/18631 Pte   Gouick L J L/8044 L/Cpl
Gardner G G/24606 Pte   Gould A G/12329 Pte
Gardner G W G/11621 Pte   Gould A R G/19651 Pte
Gardner H G/4997 Pte   Gould E L 5220 Pte
Gardner J G/24701 Pte   Gould H J 201224 L/Sgt
Gardner R W W G/19610 Pte   Gould J G/3 Pte
Garity J G/10890 Pte   Gould R L/7328 L/Cpl
Garland F G G/3972 Cpl   Gould W S/2522 Cpl
Garland G J G/5812 Pte   Goulding R G/3681 L/Cpl
Garland W C G/2086 Pte   Gouldsborough C G/6331 Pte
Garner A 204064 Pte   Gouldsbrough C G/6331 Pte
Garner A E G/18257 Pte   Gowers J T G/6444 L/Cpl
Garner H L G/23618 Pte   Gowland T G/18241 Sgt
Garnett G G/15861 Pte   Graham E C G/7612 Pte
Garratt O T G/29127 Pte   Graham J L/5911 Pte
Garrett G L/9852 Pte   Graham J A 242326 Pte
Garrett O T G/29127 Pte   Graham M W   Capt
Garth H G/18176 L/Cpl   Graham W G/19504 Pte
Garvey M L/7926 Pte   Grainger W E L/9415 Pte
Gaskins A F G/19649 Pte   Gramson H J G/8176 Pte
Gasper A S/9227 Pte   Granger A F G/19715 Pte
Gasson T W G/18635 Pte   Granger G G/1054 L/Cpl
Gaston G W 241969 Pte   Grant A G G/7534 Pte
Gaston J G/9425 Pte   Grant G B 28362 Pte
Gate W 200005 Pte   Grant I T   2nd Lieut
Gates A G/7533 Pte   Grant J G/2622 Pte
Gates C G G/19291 Cpl   Grant R W   Capt
Gates E 39336 Pte   Grave R G/18375 Pte
Gates S J G/8596 L/Cpl   Graves R G/18375 Pte
Gates W T G/38739 Pte   Graves W A H G/28301 Pte
Gatland S G/4978 Pte   Gravett A W L/8428 Pte
Gaukroger A T/38730 Pte   Gray D G   2nd Lieut
Gaulley A J G/2524 Pte   Gray F E G/2882 L/Cpl
Gay G G/2608 Pte   Gray G M   2nd Lieut
Gayler E G/11246 Pte   Gray H G/12585 Pte
Gayton H B (MM) G/6172 Pte   Gray H A (MC)   Lieut
Gearing F G/9222 Pte   Gray H G G/18149 Pte
Gearing T H G/2244 Pte   Gray J (DCM) 203270 Sgt
Geddes A V L/10717 Pte   Gray P H G/2521 Pte
Geddes W R L/11329 L/Cpl   Gray R G/30959 L/Cpl
Gee G W G/18345 Pte   Gray R L/6680 Pte
Gee W L/5925 Pte   Grayland B G/8126 Cpl
Gennery H A G/26248 Pte   Grayson J D G/4885 Sgt
George E 241232 Pte   Grayston F C J G/25307 Pte
George F E G/8268 Cpl   Greagsbey E G/4606 Pte
George H A G/39296 Pte   Green A E G/4944 Pte
George H W H             2nd Lieut   Green A G G/24769 L/Cpl
George L J G/29245 Pte   Green A L G/23722 Pte
George S G/7043 Dmr   Green C E G/7477 Cpl
Gerling A F J G/31170 Pte   Green F 205786 Pte
German W E G/34618 Pte   Green G G/24609 Pte
Gerring C P 204605 Pte   Green G E (MM) G/2049 Sgt
Gibbins E A (MM) G/11077 Pte   Green G H S/610 Pte
Gibbins M G/24555 Pte   Green H A   2nd Lieut
Gibbon G F G/18198 Pte   Green H W L/9551 Pte
Gibbons H F G/10325 Pte   Green J G/11877 Pte
Gibbons W A G/2241 Pte   Green R N G/4113 Pte
Gibbs A G/3005 Pte   Green S G/11912 Pte
Gibbs A H G/3118 Pte   Green T G/1765 Pte
Gibbs A J 201437 Pte   Green W G/24328 Pte
Gibbs E B G/26644 Pte   Green W L/5937 Sgt
Gibbs J T G/1121 Pte   Green W G/31554 Pte
Gibbs J E W G/31050 Pte   Green W G/2700 Cpl
Gibbs L   Lieut   Green W E G/10951 Pte
Giblin E L/11107 Pte   Green W J G/18259 Pte
Gibson F G/12209 Pte   Greenall J G/31553 Pte
Gibson H Y L/8206 L/Cpl   Greenaway G F G/1314 Pte
Gibson J L/8007 Pte   Greenfield F S G/19724 Pte
Gibson P A S/1163 Pte   Greenfield N 200756 Cpl
Gilbert A H L/8541 Pte   Greening J G/36762 Pte
Gilbert F J C G/11702 Pte   Greenland G T G/11095 L/Cpl
Gilbert J T G/11454 Pte   Greenleaf C A G/6523 Pte
Gilbey A G/15070 Pte   Greenslade A G/12895 Pte
Gilbey C J L/7540 Sgt   Greenslade A S L/10269 Sgt
Gilbey H G/38687 Pte   Greenslade V E L TF/3085 Pte
Giles E V L/9107 Pte   Greenstreet R G G/26252 Pte
Giles J T S/1131 Pte   Greenwood C E G/10729 Pte
Gilks F E G/3210 Pte   Greenwood E C (MM) G/10527 Pte
Gill B 205591 Pte   Greenwood F W L/10085 L/Cpl
Gill G 241360 Pte   Greenwood J L/10063 Cpl
Gill J F G/2777 Pte   Greenwood J H (MC)   Lieut
Gill W G/14667 Pte   Greenwood S G G/10952 Pte
Gill W 205654 Pte   Greenwood S W G/23583 Pte
Gillard A E G/24554 Pte   Greenwood W G/16527 Pte
Gillard E M G/566 Pte   Greer A J 242094 Pte
Gillard L G/8507 Pte   Gregan P G/30362 Pte
Gillett A G/30596 Pte   Gregory H T   Capt
Gillett F T   2nd Lieut   Gregory W G/23691 Pte
Gillet W C L/3732 Pte   Gregory W A G/635 L/Cpl
Gillham W 203524 Pte   Gregory W J 20339 Pte
Gillies G G/12639 Pte   Gregson A H   2nd Lieut
Gillingham F L/10234 Pte   Gresty J R G/27645 Pte
Gillis J M G/3145 Pte   Grey J G G/6866 Pte
Gillson T G/18324 Pte   Grey W E G G/6535 Sgt
Gilmore E F 205 Pte   Grief W T S/832 Pte
Gilmore J 205520 Pte   Griffin E H L/10740 Pte
Ginn G J F L/9665 Pte   Griffin E A G/31272 Pte
Girling A F J G/31170 Pte   Griffin G H G/6828 Pte
Gittens A S/4914 Pte   Griffin S G G/10431 Pte
Gladman F G/5288 Pte   Griffiths C J G/9013 Pte
Gladman J G/28365 Pte   Griffiths D W L/10656 Pte
Gladwell J H   2nd Lieut   Griffiths E J S/837 Pte
Gladwell J J G/4794 Cpl   Griffiths E T G/11646 Cpl
Glanville F C L/7850 Pte   Griffiths L L/10130 Pte
Glasgow W H G/18824 Pte   Griffiths V E G/8017 Sgt
Glass H G/20744 Pte   Griffiths W H   2nd Lieut
Glayzer S E L/10120 Pte   Griffiths W J L/9214 Pte
Glazebrook S W L/8020 CSM   Griffiths W L 203023 Pte
Glazier A E G/28749 Pte   Grigg E R S/707 Pte
Gleeson A L/11429 Pte   Griggs F W G/30729 Pte
Glenman J B 27448 Pte   Griggs H J G/12709 Pte
Glennan J B 27448 Pte   Grigsby C S/154 Pte
Glew T J C G/2934 Pte   Grigsby H S L/10543 Pte
Glossop F G/31688 Pte   Grimes F TF/3433 Pte
Glover B H   Capt   Grimley W H L/9545 Cpl
Glover C H 11273 Pte   Grimshaw W G/2254 Cpl
Glover J L/6756 Sgt   Grimwood B G/30913 Pte
Goble M L/10060 Cpl   Grinshead T C G/11572 Pte
Godden A J G/2169 Cpl   Grinstead T C G/11572 Pte
Godden G F G/10279 Pte   Grinsted T C G/11572 Pte
Godden H R S/9150 Pte   Grippin G H G/6828 Pte
Godfery E   2nd Lieut   Grist C H   2nd Lieut
Godfery W G/6000 Pte   Grist C R G/2924 Pte
Godfrey A H G/6764 Pte   Gristwood P C G/7867 Pte
Godfrey E   2nd Lieut   Grinter F C G/24699 Pte
Godfrey G L/9429 Pte   Grix C H G/30733 L/Cpl
Godley F G/1875 Pte   Grocott F W   2nd Lieut
Godsell J H 242167 Pte   Groom C A L/8912 Pte
Goff A H L/10166 Pte   Groom W G/15010 Pte
Gold E F G/20228 Pte   Groombridge G/18660 Pte
Golder G L/7249 L/Cpl   Groombridge H L/9967 Pte
Goldfinch W 200359 Pte   Groombridge J G 6752 Pte
Golding H L/9514 Pte   Groombridge S C G/6168 Pte
Golding J L/8698 Sgt   Groombridge W E G/7242 Pte
Golding P J T G/8804 Pte   Gross G Y   Capt
Golding T S/79 L/Cpl   Grotier E G/31513 Pte
Golding W A F G/21122 Pte   Ground J K   2nd Lieut
Golding W M G/30058 Pte   Grout J G 240522 Pte
Goldsbury T L/11560 Sgt   Grover C W H (MM) G/9533 L/Sgt
Goldsmith C J 30907 Pte   Grover G E G/10661 Pte
Goldsmith G S/9041 Pte   Grover J G/6479 Pte
Goldsmith G F G/6698 Pte   Groves H L/7478 Cpl
Goldsmith W C L/7284 Pte   Groves W H G/7410 Cpl
Goldup T A G/4900 Pte   Growns A J T G/9605 Pte
Gomm E T L/9782 L/Cpl   Grubb A J NR/20061 Sgt
Gomm W 204482 Pte   Grubb G G/30570 Pte
Gooch C S G/25868 Pte   Grubb H W TF/3641 Pte
Goodacre J G/19927 Pte   Guess C W L/8240 L/Cpl
Goodall G H 6335363 Pte   Guess E A L/9011 L/Cpl
Goodall H G/7012 Cpl   Guess F J L/8545 Cpl
Gooday W G G/15983 Pte   Guess S W G/5135 Pte
Goodchild A V G/12802 Pte   Gumb J G/9730 Pte
Goodchild E B G/10499 Pte   Gunn A G/3929 L/Cpl
Goodchild W E L/7768 Sgt   Gunn E F 240919 Pte
Gooderham F W G/30576 Pte   Gunn W J F G/23700 Pte
Goodey W G G/15983 Pte   Gunner C W L/10678 Pte
Goodger B R G/32868 Pte   Gurney E G/1754 Pte
Goodhew W G/30911 Pte   Gurr G W G/17326 Pte
Gooding H L/10850 Pte   Gurr J P G/10256 Pte
Goodlad F J S/8846 Pte   Gutherless H 205460 Pte
Goodman H J L/5578 Pte   Gutsell E G/1557 Pte
Goodman W G/12831 Pte   Gutteridge J (DCM) G/1324 CSM
Goodrick W A L/7769 Sgt   Guyatt L A G/17338 Pte

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