The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - M


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Macaulay E 200425 Pte   Medhurst W R            2nd Lieut
Macdonald W G G/2167 Pte   Medhurst W T S G/20694 Pte
Mace H O G/24740 Pte   Meehan J G/5884 Pte
Macey E W G/24775 Pte   Meeks J S/8728 Pte
MacIntyre W D G/1762 Pte   Meggs A W G/1147 Cpl
Mackay J 204436 Cpl   Melbourne E H L/9599 Pte
Mackelden V A G/6467 Pte   Meldrum H 241020 Pte
Mackenzie S L/10707 Pte   Melloy P G/18558 Pte
Mackenzie W J B G/4593 Pte   Mepham P W G/1283 Pte
Mackey J 204436 Cpl   Mepham W A L/9500 Pte
MacNicol D O   2nd Lieut   Mercer A R G/7747 L/Cpl
Maddox J W 22038 Pte   Mercer A R 201291 Pte
Madgwick G G/26423 Pte   Mercer H 200373 Pte
Magrath S G/24402 Pte   Mercer H F G/5939 Pte
Magson E G/30975 Pte   Mercer J G/4855 Pte
Maguire F W G/8425 Pte   Mercer T S/726 Pte
Maindonald E W G/21018 Pte   Mercer W F L/9836 Pte
Mainwaring J 203034 Pte   Merrett H G/9361 Pte
Makepeace A A G/15738 Pte   Merrett W S/4956 Pte
Malcolm G P G/20193 Pte   Merrin F G/5522 Pte
Male C W C 202960 Pte   Merritt H H G/17850 Pte
Malins E A G/5793 L/Cpl   Merritt H J G/23149 Pte
Mallion W H G/4950 Pte   Merritt P J G/4065 Pte
Mallyon L G/23588 Pte   Merritt W S/4956 Pte
Maloney J D S/298 Pte   Merton P O G/1774 Pte
Malpass C E (MC)   Capt   Message F C G/12309 Pte
Mange E G G/18238 Pte   Metcalfe D G/36782 Pte
Manges G C G/15119 Pte   Metcalfe W G/15239 Pte
Mankelow H C G/18982 Pte   Mewes S C G/2248 Sgt
Mankelow W (MM) G/656 Pte   Mewett F C G/18918 Cpl
Manketelow C A G/15694 L/Cpl   Michell A   2nd Lieut
Mankey A G/2066 Pte   Middlemiss A G/19612 Pte
Manktelow B M G/3892 Pte   Middleton A G/17851 Pte
Manktelow C A G/15694 L/Cpl   Middleton D J G/8468 Sgt
Manktelow G T (MM) G/2132 Cpl   Middleton E G/20115 Pte
Manley C P H (MC)   2nd Lieut   Middleton F G 203965 Pte
Manley H D G/21428 Pte   Middleton L G/7046 Pte
Mann H F G/6661 Pte   Middleton S A G/11251 Cpl
Mann H G C (MC)   2nd Lieut   Milborn A G/21195 Pte
Mann J S Capt   Miles A A L/10027 Pte
Mann W T G/23626 Pte   Miles A J G/10716 Pte
Mannering J G/11205 Pte   Miles C G/31852 Pte
Manning A E G/30236 Pte   Miles F A G/7473 Pte
Manning G G/16141 Pte   Miles F J G/4773 L/Cpl
Manning H L/7430 Pte   Miles G G/19529 Pte
Manning J L/8831 L/Cpl   Miles G G/15388 Pte
Mansbridge J H G/25291 Pte   Miles G H   2nd Lieut
Mansell W G/1480 Pte   Miles H G/23569 L/Sgt
Mansfield G T   2nd Lieut   Miles H R G/19593 L/Cpl
Mansfield W J G/8132 Sgt   Miles J G/12546 Pte
          Millborn A G/21195 Pte
Mant T C G/4027 Pte   Milledge J F G/3678 Pte
Manuel A J 20780 Pte   Milledge T A N G/13033 L/Cpl
Manuel W C G/29377 Pte   Millen W G G/26 Cpl
Maple H G/14756 Pte   Miller B L/7367 Sgt
Mapp J S/8329 Pte   Miller C H G/7862 L/Cpl
Marchant D T L/11440 Pte   Miller D TF/4938 Pte
Marchant F 201053 Cpl   Miller F G/14927 Pte
Marchant F G W   2nd Lieut   Miller F A G/3946 Pte
Marchant P G/543 Pte   Miller G G/5414 Pte
Marchant R F J G/9309 L/Cpl   Miller H E G/29136 Pte
Mardell W T G/25931 Pte   Miller J G/11951 Pte
Mark M P G/5620 Pte   Miller J J G/3153 Pte
Markham J T (MM) S/424 CSM   Miller R H G/97 Sgt
Marks A W L/7234 Cpl   Miller W G/24863 Pte
Marks H J G/20538 Pte   Milligan W J H L/8784 L/Cpl
Markwick H 200550 Pte   Millington C G 205658 Pte
Markwick J W TF/202801 Pte   Millington F W G/298 Cpl
Marlow V T G/8759 Pte   Mills A G/31418 Pte
Marsden A M G/11909 Pte   Mills A A A 205690 Pte
Marriott J A G/3699 Cpl   Mills C T G/5856 Pte
Marsh A W G/2610 Cpl   Mills D G/1874 Pte
Marsh C S 266283 Pte   Mills E T G/11156 Sgt
Marsh E H G/15600 Pte   Mills F G/15593 Pte
Marsh F S G/21019 Pte   Mills G D G/15451 L/Cpl
Marsh F W G/25224 Pte   Mills H G/2920 Pte
Marsh J G/25358 Pte   Mills H J G/11053 Pte
Marsh J G/19213 Pte   Mills J C 203458 Pte
Marsh M (MM) G/8641 Pte   Mills L W H 204232 Pte
Marsh R H   2nd Lieut   Mills P H G/7365 Pte
Marsh R W G/658 Sgt   Mills P T   Capt
Marsh S G/25320 Pte   Mills R H S/2449 Sgt
Marsh W G/19334 Pte   Millyard G T G/20117 Pte
Marsh W 11635 Pte   Milne S J 205404 Pte
Marsh W H G/12584 Pte   Milne W G/31018 Pte
Marshall J G/6778 Cpl   Milner A W A G/4334 Pte
Marsland C F G/18161 Cpl   Milner P 205639 Pte
Martin A   2nd Lieut   Milner T L/5647 Pte
Martin A H L/10417 L/Cpl   Milton J 240984 Pte
Martin C G/18468 Pte   Mindenhall C H 203500 Pte
Martin C G/3838 Pte   Minett H R G/27348 Pte
Martin C H H (MM) G/7570 Pte   Minnett H R G/27348 Pte
Martin D G/23123 Pte   Minter S 205853 Pte
Martin D 241349 Pte   Mires A H (DCM) L/9459 Pte
Martin E G/23589 Pte   Mires B S/7501 Cpl
Martin F J G/7345 Pte   Mitchell A S/106 Sgt
Martin F G/8661 L/Cpl   Mitchell A H G/417 Pte
Martin F G/10558 Pte   Mitchell C G/2208 Pte
Martin G S/946 Cpl   Mitchell D SR/9400 L/Cpl
          Mitchell E J G/4408 Pte
Martin G L/11609 L/Cpl   Mitchell H R L/9045 Pte
Martin G H L/9119 Pte   Mitchell H A 200834 Sgt
Martin H G/10709 Pte   Mitchell H J G/6841 Sgt
Martin H 430 Sgt   Mitchell H S   Lieut
          Mitchell J G/871 Pte
Martin H A G/20537 Pte   Mitchell R H G/31364 Pte
Martin H C TF/2591 Pte   Mitchell W G/16991 Pte
Martin H J G/31347 Cpl   Mitchell W G/20195 Pte
Martin H J 242077 L/Cpl   Mitchell W J 242207 Pte
Martin H W L/8447 L/Cpl   Mitchell W J G/17847 Pte
Martin J L/8878 Pte   Mizon G W G/18044 Pte
Martin J G/7745 Pte   Moat C O G/15302 Pte
Martin J L/7875 Pte   Moat W A G/15582 Pte
Martin J G/15985 Pte   Mockridge E J 242204 Pte
Martin J F A G/9754 Pte   Molyneaux E G/7082 Pte
Martin J S G/8304 Pte   Monckton A W L/7158 Pte
Martin J W G/2142 Cpl   Monckton O T G/1681 L/Cpl
Martin R S/981 Pte   Monckton P S G/31282 Pte
Martin R C G/9516 Pte   Mond B A G/18331 L/Cpl
Martin R J G/20240 Pte   Monday C S S/8670 Pte
Martin T G G/11934 Pte   Money G J G/8837 Pte
Martin W A G/10041 Pte   Monk L J G/41113 Pte
Martin W C 240812 Sgt   Monk W G E G/10955 Pte
Martin W E G/16342 Pte   Monkton A E G/17134 Pte
Martin W G 203792 Pte   Montague G 241193 Pte
Martin W J G/6744 L/Cpl   Monypenny P B S G (MC)   Lieut
Martin W T G/22040 Pte   Moody A G/12159 Pte
Martyn E S   Capt   Moody A E L/8037 Cpl
Masey A V G/17760 L/Cpl   Moody F L/6506 Pte
Maskell W J L/9686 L/Cpl   Moody T A L/7141 Pte
Maslin H L/4158 Sgt   Moon C (MM) G/653 Pte
Mason C   2nd Lieut   Moon F G/63 Pte
Mason F C 202264 Cpl   Moon H W G/241 Sgt
Mason G S/9135 Pte   Moon J G/1420 Sgt
Mason G G/10133 Pte   Moore A G/6758 Pte
Mason H W K G/24570 Pte   Moore C G/8145 Pte
Mason J G/2758 Pte   Moore H E G/118 Pte
Mason W G/4049 Pte   Moore J L/5267 Pte
Massey W L S 205330 Cpl   Moore W H G/838 L/Cpl
Masters A G/1554 Pte   Moore W L/7522 Pte
Masters W J G/10432 Pte   Moore W J G/27540 Pte
Mather A G G/5207 Pte   Moores A E G/12051 Pte
Mather G S 203116 L/Cpl   Moores J T G/5343 Pte
Matheson R K   2nd Lieut   Moorhouse W   2nd Lieut
Matthews A C 23715 Pte   Moreton H S/8578 Pte
Matthews A F G/30772 Pte   Morford E J W G/19169 Pte
Matthews C J G/7637 Pte   Morgan A E G/8114 Pte
Matthews E G/1739 Pte   Morgan A J G/11003 Pte
Matthews E G/5211 Pte   Morgan A T G/4055 Pte
Matthews F G/28906 Pte   Morgan C E L/8567 Pte
Matthews F L/10245 Pte   Morgan E G/10466 Pte
Matthews H 202727 Pte   Morgan H A 242097 Pte
Matthews H L G/17634 Pte   Morgan R G/3785 Pte
Matthews G/17498 Pte   Morgan T A E G/8518 Pte
Matthews J B   Capt   Morley A L G/12407 Pte
Matthews M L W   Capt   Morley J T G/19434 Pte
Matthews O J G/5563 Pte   Morley J W E G/26425 L/Cpl
Matthews S 29012 Pte   Morphett W G/5006 Cpl
Matthews W 4252 Pte   Morris A L/9057 Pte
Maundrell S A G/9137 Pte   Morris A C G/13346 Pte
Maufe E G G/18238 Pte   Morris C E L/8567 Pte
Maunton A G/934 Cpl   Morris E G/16813 Pte
Maunton W C G/4805 Pte   Morris E J G/9322 L/Cpl
Maxwell G F G/9989 Cpl   Morris G G/1237 Pte
May C W TR/10/40094 Sgt   Morris G G/23365 Pte
May F G G/7815 Pte   Morris G G/21331 Pte
May G G/5658 Pte   Morris J B G/28561 Pte
May R J 241342 Pte   Morris J W 203441 Pte
May S G 10607 Pte   Morris J W 241695 Pte
Mayatt A J G/13088 Pte   Morris S J L/10277 Pte
Mayatt H W G/903 Pte   Morris T A G/31359 Pte
Mayatt L G/361 Cpl   Morris W J S 200356 Pte
Mayes G H 204152 Pte   Morrish W E L/7999 CQMS
Mayger R J G/4740 Pte   Morrison G A G/5866 Pte
Mayhew F L G/28487 Pte   Morrison G E G/23138 Pte
Maynard G W G/3133 Pte   Morrison H F G/10833 Pte
Maynard H G/17467 Pte   Morrison J F L/8827 Sgt
Maynard H L G/10299 Pte   Morrow A (MM) G/11101 Cpl
Maynard S A G/8244 L/Cpl   Morshead J G/5293 Pte
Maynard T G/1134 Pte   Mortby A H L/9329 Pte
Mayne W H L/10198 Pte   Morten E T G/19440 Pte
Mayne W W G/5249 Pte   Mortimer H G/1424 Pte
Mayor A G/3056 Pte   Mortlock A G G/939 Pte
Mays F G/15925 Pte   Morton A 205634 Pte
McCall A J G/3107 Pte   Morton J H G/18847 Pte
McCallum J (MM) G/1616 Cpl   Morton J W G/27470 Pte
McCarthy F G/27655 Pte   Morton R J L/7474 Pte
McCarthy F M S/14 Pte   Mose W H 205666 Pte
McCarthy J W L/8350 Pte   Moseley F J (MM) G/28350 Cpl
McCarthy J G/8879 Pte   Moseley R G S/437 Pte
McCarthy P G/11592 Pte   Moses N E G/18395 Sgt
McClenaghan G M   Capt   Moss G H G/17846 Pte
McConnachie J G/16391 Pte   Moss J L/6625 Pte
McConnell E A E 241372 Pte   Mothersill J N   2nd Lieut
McCormack J G/9139 Pte   Mott W J L/8408 Pte
McCulloch H G/31249 Pte          
McCullock H G/31249 Pte   Moulding E J 241347 Pte
McDonach P              2nd Lieut   Moulton E G/14697 Cpl
McDonagh P             2nd Lieut   Moulton R H G/2559 Pte
McDonald A G/11392 Pte   Mount E W 204584 Pte
McDonald P G/5331 L/Cpl   Mowson G H G/13221 Pte
McDonald W G G/2167 Pte   Moxey S C G/1819 Pte
McDougall A E L/10770 Boy   Moyce H L/10816 Pte
McEvoy P J G/16994 Pte   Moyce J 241760 Pte
McFarlane D L/6339 Sgt   Mudge A E G/24627 Pte
           Muff E G G/18238 Pte
McFarlane J M G/29 L/Cpl   Muggeridge E F L/9712 Pte
McFarran W G/12231 Pte   Muggeridge J S/203 Pte
McFerran W G/12231 Pte   Muggleton F R G/6556 Sgt
McGarry B S/220 Pte   Muggridge E F L/9712 Pte
McGrath J P G/1123 Pte   Muggridge H G C G/24488 Cpl
McGregor R H G/5557 Pte   Muggridge H O G/5314 Pte
McGuire J A 3051 Pte          
McIntyre W D G/1762 Pte          
McIntyre W W G/17855 Pte   Mullarkey J J L/11592 Sgt
McKay R C G/7265 Pte   Mullen J G/4381 L/Cpl
McKenzie S L/10707 Pte   Mullin J L G/18724 L/Cpl
McLeod J G/11438 Pte   Mummery W L/8437 Pte
McLinden E 242215 Pte   Muncaster F G/18211 Pte
McNeil W J L/9927 Pte   Muncey H H G/823 Cpl
McPherson T L/9255 Pte   Muncey H J TF/2122 Pte
McQueen A A G/7634 Pte   Munday J G/4255 Pte
          Munday G G/2426 Pte
McVicar M G/5333 Pte   Munday W H G/26259 Pte
Meacock A G/5218 Pte   Mundy W J G/9171 Pte
Mead O G/39069 Pte   Munn H F G/6661 Pte
Mead P G/19277 Pte   Munn W G/5079 Pte
Mead W E W G/15376 Pte   Munroe E A L/10863 Pte
Meaden A H G/19356 Pte   Murkett F W G/31805 Pte
Meader A E G/27131 Pte   Murking R T G/5354 Pte
Meades S G/2950 Pte   Murphy F H G/25977 Cpl
Meadows E H G/24721 L/Cpl   Murphy F J G/10145 Pte
Meadows G W G/20116 Pte   Murphy J C L/9980 Pte
Meager W T 16214 Pte   Murrant W H E L/8388 L/Cpl
Meakins R W S   2nd Lieut   Murrell W J L/9087 Pte
Mears F 201409 Pte   Mussell E S L/7471 Sgt
Meayers R C 202937 Pte   Mussell J L/9245 Cpl
Medcalf W G/15239 Pte   Mussett E J G/27722 Pte
Meddings C J G/18846 Pte   Musson P G/36660 Pte
Medhurst A G/332 Pte   Myers F G/18208 Pte
Medhurst C W 15735 Pte   Myers F T G/19999 Pte
Medhurst F A G/2164 Pte   Myers J S/271 Pte
Medhurst J G/8625 L/Cpl   Myers S G G/10460 Pte
Medhurst S G/4168 Pte   Myner T A L/5570 Sgt
Medhurst W S/980 Pte   Myson H G/4147 Pte

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