The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - P


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H    I   
















Pace G (MM) S/156 Sgt   Peskett T L/10382 Pte
Pacey W G G/36639 Pte   Peters F G/10644 Pte
Packard C R J G/4340 L/Cpl   Peters J L/7630 Pte
Pack-Beresford C G   Major   Peters W M S/146 Pte
Packer F G L/7715 Pte   Peterson F G/8628 Pte
Packer W J S/786 Pte   Pethers W H G/9429 Pte
Packham A S G/6977 Pte   Pett A G/21135 Pte
Packham E W G/19095 Pte   Pettifer H G/20123 Pte
Packham J L/8353 Pte   Pettifer T G/13418 Pte
Packman B G/2736 Pte   Pettifor T G/13418 Pte
Pacy W G G/36639 Pte   Pettitt A H G/1069 Pte
Padbury H J G/31854 Pte   Pettitt F B G/10553 Pte
Padgham L G/21119 Pte   Pettitt G W G/36672 Pte
Page A H G/18383 Pte   Pettitt J G/11984 Pte
Page A W G/8513 Pte   Pfeiffer C G/18771 Sgt
Page E J G/18486 Pte   Phelps W S/9188 Pte
Page E W P G/9109 Pte   Phelps W J H G/763 Pte
Page F N G/15848 Pte   Philbrick S G G/20849 Pte
Page G F G/5016 Pte   Phillips A E (MM) G/21522 L/Cpl
Page H G/14791 Pte   Phillips A W G/29086 Pte
Page H F L/8565 Pte   Phillips C W G/31155 L/Cpl
Page J L/8807 Pte   Phillips C W 241714 Pte
Page J G/31053 Pte   Phillips E J P 241418 Pte
Page J O G/17875 Pte   Phillips E W L/6172 Pte
Page L J G/747 Pte   Phillips G W L/9182 L/Cpl
Page W L/7342 Pte   Phillips J G/17865 Pte
Page W G/18069 Pte   Phillips M T G/3440 Pte
Page W G/11152 Pte   Phillips W A G/9588 Pte
Pain A G G/31726 L/Cpl   Phillips W C O   Capt
Paine C L/9646 Pte   Phillips W H 241314 Pte
Paine C W L/11195 Pte   Philpott A J L/9935 L/Cpl
Paine F G G/30516 Pte   Philpott F T G/39448 L/Cpl
Paine F P G/19217 Pte   Philpott H G/18481 Pte
Paine W W (MM) G/7395 Pte   Philpott T G/4795 Pte
Painter P W G/185 Cpl   Philpott W G/7371 Pte
Palfrey F G G/17642 Pte   Philpott W G G/25322 Pte
Pallot A S/9212 Pte   Philpott W J 203346 Pte
Palmer A V 201106 Pte   Phipps F W L/10432 Pte
Palmer A W 200090 CSM   Phipps G E L/8555 Pte
Palmer E G G/30504 Pte   Phyall S E (MM) G/386 Pte
Palmer F C Q G/18051 Pte   Pickard A H 206366 Pte
Palmer F W 241326 Pte   Pickard W V S/8576 Pte
Palmer G G/8165 Pte   Pickering H E L/6486 Sgt
Palmer G J L/10389 Pte   Pickering J S G/5927 Pte
Palmer J A G/24731 Pte   Picket W C S 205722 L/Cpl
Palmer O 203264 CSM   Pickett J G/7226 Pte
Palmer T G/28502 Pte   Pickles A G/21329 Pte
Palmer V J G/6641 Cpl   Pidoux G G/6496 Pte
Palmer S W G/18358 Pte   Pierce G 204621 Pte
Palmer W E G/21203 Pte   Pierce H (MM) G/1957 L/Cpl
Pankhurst F G/19043 L/Cpl   Pierce P T G/4812 Pte
Pankhurst W A 10333 Pte   Piercy C F 241064 Pte
Pankhurst W R L/10765 Pte   Piercy F H 202272 Pte
Pannett T (MM) L/10385 Cpl   Piggott A E G L/9858 Pte
Panting A G/8097 Pte   Piggott D T (MC)   Lieut
Panton F 205618 Pte   Piggott H J 203272 Pte
Panton F J G/28254 Pte   Piggott W (MM) G/23271 Cpl
Paradine G H G/16048 Pte   Pigott E F (MM & Bar) 202235 Pte
Parfett S E G/11348 Pte   Pigott R B G/18482 Pte
Parish J H G/15020 Pte   Pike T H 202065 Pte
Parke A (MM) 206342 Pte   Pike J H C G/9366 Pte
Parker A E L G/18153 Sgt   Pilcher L G G/7639 Pte
Parker A W G/28112 Pte   Pilcher H J G/18396 Sgt
Parker E G/18606 Pte   Pillman R L   Capt
Parker H P G/23711 Pte   Pinchback F G/2091 Pte
Parker P H G/4077 Pte   Pinder S G G/2076 L/Cpl
Parker R H G/9942 Sgt   Pinion F G/1353 Pte
Parker R J S/252 Pte   Pink G W L/9051 Pte
Parker S 241344 L/Cpl   Pink D S G/7000 Cpl
Parker W C G/11688 Pte   Pinks J T L/10271 Pte
Parker W J G/7347 Pte   Pinson R G/134 Pte
Parkes A G/3806 Pte   Piper A S 200044 Sgt
Parkes W U G/8113 Pte   Piper C G/18771 Sgt
Parkin A H 205698 Pte   Piper F G/24298 Pte
Parkinson L G/19124 Cpl   Piper H L/9411 Pte
Parkinson W F G/17510 Pte   Piper J G/2298 Pte
Parks G G/493 Pte   Piper J G/2106 Pte
Parks E W G/24912 Pte   Piper J J G/11322 Pte
Parks H F 200413 Pte   Piper P G/8979 Pte
Parmcutt J G TF/5432 Pte   Piper S J 266206 Pte
Parmenter A G/16319 Pte   Pitter J G/667 Pte
Parmenter P S/8634 Pte   Place J S L/10693 Pte
Parnall W L 203005 Pte   Planner W C S/795 Cpl
Parncutt J G TF/5432 Pte   Plant P W   2nd Lieut
Parnell A W G/38702 Pte   Plastow A G TF/241701 Pte
Parr E G/18308 Pte   Pledge H A G/29512 Pte
Parramore C J G/11965 Pte   Pluckrose E L/10137 Pte
Parrin A H TF/2316 Pte   Plumb F J G G/39282 Pte
Parris F 201427 Pte   Plumb M B G/13474 Pte
Parrott F L/9091 Pte   Plumbe E 21357 L/Sgt
Parrott F 240435 Pte   Plumridge A G/852 Pte
Parry C J G/20555 Pte   Pocock H C G/5417 Pte
Parry H G/24566 Pte   Pocock W A L/10897 Pte


A G/5495 Pte   Poet J H G/1517 Pte
Parsons A S 202234 Pte   Poile G R 203298 L/Cpl
Parsons C R G/19792 Pte   Poland H A   2nd Lieut
Parsons E L G/2665 Pte   Pollard H L G/17396 Pte
Parsons H G/38683 Pte   Pollard R B 203171 Sgt
Parsons J G/28137 Pte   Pollard T G/21334 Pte
Parsons R E L/5973 Pte   Pollard W W G/9293 Pte
Parsons W S 15773 Pte   Polley A P G/14774 Pte
Partlett F A G/956 Pte   Polley H J G/18048 L/Cpl
Pascoe C T G/10612 Pte   Polley R A G/7638 Cpl
Pashby T G L/9611 Pte   Pollitt W G/10017 Pte
Pashley W S G/9127 Cpl   Pont F G/7434 Pte
Patching A G/31141 Pte   Ponting E A 201079 Cpl
Paterson G G/6964 Pte   Pook W H 202457 Pte
Patey G G/24728 Pte   Poole C W 241154 Pte
Patmore H TF/240901 Pte   Poole E G/19594 Pte
Patmore R G/3083 Pte   Poole F H L/10188 Pte
Patston W L/6451 Pte   Poole J G/2106 Pte
Pattenden A L/8477 Pte   Poole L F G/5374 Pte
Pattenden A G/12969 Pte   Poole R A G/466 Pte
Pattenden C G/8741 Pte   Poole V J 29182 Pte
Pattenden T E 200558 Sgt   Pooley S G G/9247 Cpl
Pattenden W E 201253 Pte   Poolton W G/21562 Pte
Paul A E G/3118 Pte   Pope J J G/4784 Pte
Paveley H G G/2854 Pte   Pope P S/782 Pte
Paveley H M G/31778 Pte   Pope W J 203003 Pte
Pavey A S 205165 Pte   Poore A E G/12361 Pte
Pavier W J G/945 Pte   Port G A G/15340 Pte
Pavely H G G/2854 Pte   Porter F G/5360 Pte
Pavely H M G/31778 Pte   Porter H T 18903 Pte
Paxton F F G/6362 Pte   Portfleet A P G/31331 Pte
Paxton W E 204609 Pte   Posnett R A H G/20557 Pte
Pay A J G/29681 Pte   Postill E G/20121 Pte
Pay T L/8476 Pte   Poste H E G/7396 Pte
Paylis F W (MM) G/1962 Pte   Postle H E G/7396 Pte
Payne A G/4700 L/Cpl   Pott G W TF/2288 Pte
Payne A G G/20844 Pte   Potter B 205200 Pte
Payne C B G/21753 Pte   Potter F C G/6025 Pte
Payne C H G/18889 Cpl   Potter G M G/2954 Pte
Payne C W T 203539 Pte   Potter J A G/19536 Pte
Payne E E L/5980 Pte   Potter J E G/4614 Sgt
Payne E G/196 Cpl   Potter S J 203485 Pte
Payne E F L/7948 L/Cpl   Potter S H G/8144 Pte
Payne T E L/9693 Pte   Potter W 240065 Sgt
Payne T R G/708 Pte   Potter W C G/6218 Pte
Payne W G/2276 Pte   Potter W G L/7914 Pte
Payne W H S/1012 Pte   Potts A 206424 Pte
Payton C M   Lieut   Potts F G/9161 Pte
Peachey H J G/8748 Pte   Potts J J G/15976 Pte
Peacock F TF/266945 Pte   Povey W F G/20662 Pte
Peacock J G/25500 Pte   Powditch C G/3136 Pte
Peacock J T L/9278 Sgt   Powell E N G/8055 Pte
Peacock W J C G/24727 Pte   Powell F A G/1641 Pte
Pearce A E G/21204 Pte   Powell F W L/11198 Pte
Pearce C A G/23873 Pte   Powell H G/1010 Pte
Pearce G H G/12118 Pte   Powell J W L/8328 Sgt
Pearce G W 155 CQMS   Powell P H 205347 Pte
Pearce L A L/10338 Pte   Powell R C G/6404 Sgt
Pearce P V 204666 Pte   Powell T A G/24807 Pte
Pearce R G/19535 Pte   Powell W G/28403 Pte
Pearce T W 240908 Pte   Powell W H 203251 Sgt
Pearce W J G/9406 Pte   Power E G/1850 Pte
Pearman G A L/9542 Pte   Power J P 32998 Pte
Pearn A S 242052 Pte   Powles C F G/21117 Pte
Pearse A 205697 Pte   Pownall L H Y   Lieut
Pearson A G/12817 Pte   Poynter A G/7676 L/Cpl
Pearson A E G/7813 Pte   Pracy H R   2nd Lieut
Pearson A I 205653 Pte   Pragnell G F   Capt
Pearson A J G/26556 Pte   Pratt H R G/11082 Pte
Pearson E J G/5073 Cpl   Pratt H G/8485 Pte
Pearson F C G/19829 Pte   Pratt J G/15859 Pte
Pearson C (DCM) S/1086 CSM   Pratt J G/9336 Pte
Pearson G G/2966 Pte   Pratt P G/11782 Pte
Pearson H G 204004 Pte   Pratt W G/5436 Pte
Pearson J G/4013 Pte   Preedy G 202720 Pte
Pearson J G/17985 Pte   Prentice G G/18803 L/Cpl
Pearson T 6335135 Pte   Prentice H G/3168 Pte
Pearson W F G/16617 L/Cpl   Press G W   Capt
Pearson W G/14511 Pte   Preston E J G/20007 Pte
Peat W G G/438 Pte   Preston F G/24726 Pte
Peck C G/6652 Pte   Preston L G (MC & Bar))   Capt
Peck E G/5388 Pte   Preston W S G/18728 Pte
Peddlesden W (MM) G/1441 Pte   Prett M T G/18484 Pte
Peek E G/5388 Pte   Prettejohn G J G/20656 Pte
Peerless R G/12335 Pte   Prettyjohn G J G/20656 Pte
Peet A G/19534 Pte   Prevett A E G/7295 Pte
Peglar H S   2nd Lieut   Prewer W J 242219 Pte
Pegrum H R G/29647 Pte   Price A E (MM) G/23464 Pte
Peirce R L/7989 Pte   Price A H 206441 Pte
Pell F G 202650 Pte   Price J G/123 Pte
Pelling E J G/18615 Pte   Price W G/3433 Pte
Pelling F G/23912 Cpl   Prichard A A 203465 Pte
Pembroke J S/8763 Pte   Pride W G/3870 Pte
Pembroke T F L/1189 Pte   Prime W G/10117 Pte
Pendlebury V W G/17868 Pte   Prior A G G/11362 Cpl
Penfold J E G/6361 Pte   Prior F C G/11368 Pte
Penfold J J L/10690 Pte   Prior H G/16213 Pte
Penfold L E G/12000 Pte   Prior H G R   Lieut
Penfold P E G/6338 L/Cpl   Prior H W G/29714 Pte
Penfold W R G/3828 Pte   Prior R E G/16243 Pte
Penhale H W G/9368 Cpl   Prior W G/18272 Pte
Penn C J L/6695 Pte   Pritchard J 205711 L/Sgt
Penn G G/30780 Pte   Proctor W L/6734 L/Cpl
Penn L 266157 Pte   Proctor W H   2nd Lieut
Pennett A E G/2522 Pte   Prosser F J G/3073 Pte
Penney F W B G/10665 Pte   Prosser W G/5044 Pte
Penney W H (DCM) L/4558 CSM   Prout B G/28019 L/Cpl
Penny H L/7528 Pte   Pryer F A G/12039 L/Cpl
Penny W H (DCM L/4558 CSM   Pryke G G/18947 Pte
Pennyburgh W A A G/6381 Pte   Pryor H W G/12373 Pte
Pentecost A G/12357 Pte   Pullen A G/20361 Pte
Pentecost L D 203344 Pte   Pullen W G/20121 Pte
Penticost L D 203344 Pte   Pulley A G G/1307 Pte
Penwill J E G/28078 Pte   Pullin H V 204630 Pte
Pepper B L G/7224 Pte   Pulling W 242333 Pte
Pepper C G L/9369 Pte   Pulman T G/2878 Pte
Pepper W G 242524 L/Cpl   Puplett W F L/9253 Pte
Perchard C G/23193 Sgt   Purcell C A L/10323 Pte
Percival F R C L/7594 Pte   Purcell C P L/9063 Pte
Percival R G/5286 Pte   Purcell F C G/3454 Pte
Percival T W B 6221 Pte   Purcell M J G/5172 Pte
Percival W T G/19744 Pte   Purdy T C G/9196 Pte
Percy H S G/29095 Pte   Purser J G/17146 Pte
Perfect G G/23154 Pte   Pursey J G/14569 Pte
Perfitt F H L/10190 Pte   Purver B A   Capt
Perkins A S/8824 Pte   Purvis T R S/575 Sgt
Perkins C S/9333 Pte   Puttock A G L/10096 Pte
Perkins E V 241350 Pte   Pycraft H R G/14732 Pte
Perkins H D S/1079 Pte   Pycroft H R G/14732 Pte
Perkins J H G/25917 L/Cpl   Pye W H G/475 Pte
Perks A C G/19538 Pte   Pye W W   2nd Lieut
Perrin A (MM) G/869 Pte   Pyke A E L/10216 Pte
Perrin H J G/4759 Pte   Pyke F S 241336 Pte
Perrin W G/310 Pte   Pyman A J K 240991 Pte
Perry A L/6698 Pte   Pynn J H G/3927 Pte
Perry J (MM) G/25615 Pte          
Perry L G/18774 Sgt          
Persival F L/7594 Pte          
Peskett G P (MM) S/8323 Cpl                     

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