The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - F


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H    I   
















Fabian F P G/10190 Pte   Forrest J      Capt
Facer J R G/31173 Pte   Forsdick F W T G/30904 Pte
Facey W G G/2722 L/Cpl   Forster A T S/8259 Pte
Fagg A A G/8677 Cpl   Forster W 205908 Pte
Faggminter J G/10783 Pte   Forsyth J   2nd Lieut
Fairbain W  T G/10539 L/Cpl   Fostall L 240660 Pte
Fairbairn W  T G/10539 L/Cpl   Foster A E G/1797 Pte
Faircloth F 201449 Pte   Foster C A G/24967 Pte
Fairhall E J S/8424 Cpl   Foster C R G/23833 Pte
Fairman F L/9143 Pte   Foster C W G/20295 L/Sgt
Fairservice J A V S/6350 Sgt   Foster F G/11475 Pte
Falkner J L H L/10230 Pte   Foster H L   2nd Lieut
Falkner R G G L/10229 Sgt   Foster J T G G/5736 Pte
Falp R G/19619 Pte   Foster W C G/26263 Pte
Fardon J G/5390 L/Cpl   Foster W J G/19587 Pte
Farey G C G/12285 Pte   Foster W T 204154 Pte
Farley H W   Lieut   Fothergill H G/30675 Pte
Farmer A C 266660 Pte   Fothergill S G/8267 Pte
Farmer G G/12956 Pte   Foulds J L/8696 Pte
Farmer J 203382 Pte   Foulger C F G/8640 Pte
Farmer J R 242325 Pte   Foulger J T  L/10817 L/Cpl
Farnell W G/13340 Pte   Fowle F 201043 Sgt
Farr F G/1623 L/Cpl   Fowle G L/9756 Pte
Farr R G/3778 Pte   Fowler A G/1446 L/Cpl
Farrance O G/11179 Pte   Fowler A J S/9197 Pte
Farrant W G/4706 Cpl   Fowler D C G/849 L/Cpl
Farrell W G/16412 L/Cpl   Fowler E J G/1432 Pte
Farrell W J E G/15066 Pte   Fowler J L/6669 Pte
Farrelly J G/1266 L/Cpl   Fowler R G L/9760 L/Cpl
Farrow A E 266389 Pte   Fowler W L/7529 Pte
Farrow C P 1314 Pte   Fowler W H G/5107 Pte
Farrow H G/39144 Pte   Fowles A G/20412 Pte
Farrow H A G/20819 Pte   Fox A G/9218 Pte
Faulkner A J G/538 Pte   Fox A W G/29669 Pte
Faulkner W (MM) L/7838 Sgt   Fox C J   2nd Lieut
Faultley E G/14752 Pte   Fox E J 242277 Pte
Faultly E G/14752 Pte   Fox E W E G/19966 Pte
Fawcett H G W L/9777 Pte   Fox F B S/63 Pte
Fay B B G/11034 Pte   Fox F G G/24666 Sgt
Feather J H G/16525 Cpl   Fox F W G/31226 Pte
Febland A J G/17225 Pte   Fox G E G/5373 Pte
Feetham J G/15868 Pte   Fox H G/4998 Pte
Felton F G 204164 Pte   Fox W J G/8548 Pte
Fenlon A J (MM) L/10745 Cpl   Frampton H N 206334 Pte
Fenn P J G/481 Pte   Frampton P G L/9891 Pte
Fennell G H G/5396 Cpl   France H G/18195 Pte
Fenner A E G/4943 Pte   France H J W G/31134 Pte
Fenton A E   2nd Lieut   Francis A T G/7737 L/Cpl
Fenton E G/21275 Pte   Francis E J 242278 Pte
Fenwick J H L/6584 Sgt   Francis G S/8714 Pte
Fermer A A L/10415 L/Sgt   Francis G (MM) G/18434 Pte
Fermer J G/12471 Pte   Francis G F G/18298 Pte
Fermor A A L/10415 L/Sgt   Francis H G/9621 Pte
Ferrier H R G/14930 Pte   Francis P G/12809 Pte
Fever W H G/4831 Pte   Francis S G/21549 Pte
Fewell G J S/9068 Pte   Francis T TF/3558 Pte
Field A H G/1844 Cpl   Francis T E L/7289 Pte
Field C C   2nd Lieut   Francis W T G/355 L/Cpl
Field C J G/12049 Pte   Frankis E G/5842 Pte
Field F J TF/2240 Pte   Frankland W J G/11725 Pte
Field H F L/9000 Pte   Franklin C O G/34616 Pte
Field W G/23279 Pte   Franklin F E G/30808 Pte
Field W L G/11696 Pte   Franklin J 201766 Pte
Figg F P G/18196 Pte   Franklin V G/24441 Pte
Figg R G/821 Pte   Franklinde G T L/8443 Cpl
Figg S S/5593 Pte   Franks H C G/27311 Pte
Filar H 202755 Pte   Franks J T G/4298 Pte
File H W   2nd Lieut   Fraser F G (MC)   Capt
File W G L/8674 Sgt   Frazer G H G/21475 Pte
Filmer C G G/12007 Pte   Free G L/9600 Pte
Filmer F S G/4304 Pte   Free R C G/18256 Pte
Filmer G T G/7531 Pte   Free W L/9343 Sgt
Finch E P 201422 Pte   Freeborn E A G/11871 L/Cpl
Finch F J L/5521 Pte   Freebourne E A G/18871 L/Cpl
Finch G E G/19199 Pte   Freed E V S/9260 Cpl
Finch J S/742 Pte   Freeman C L G/19500 Pte
Findlater A W 266250 Pte   Freeman C S G/20494 Pte
Findlay J B G/10182 Pte   Freeman E L/8936 Pte
Fish F G/2404 Cpl   Freeman E A G/5976 Pte
Fish H E G/30809 Pte   Freeman F L/9266 Pte
Fishenden E H G/24539 Cpl   Freeman F G/12495 Pte
Fisher A W G/2643 L/Cpl   Freeman F A G/29778 Pte
Fisher E 205663 Pte   Freeman G G/10269 Pte
Fisher F   Capt   Freeman H G/2952 Pte
Fisher F G/6273 Pte   Freeman H T S/8217 Pte
Fisher F G G/8215 Pte   Freeman J B   2nd Lieut
Fisher G V G/2910 Pte   Freeman J W G/23768 Pte
Fisher G W 205169 Pte   Freeman W D L/9383 L/Cpl
Fisher J G/2476 Pte   French A G G/29124 Pte
Fisher R L/7975 Dmr   French E G/1120 Cpl
Fisher R H G/7681 Pte   French F G/14711 Pte
Fisher S C G/25126 Pte   French G A G/14675 Pte
Fisher W G (MM) L/9041 Sgt   French H L/7614 Pte
Fisk F G/6855 Pte   French H S G/18640 Pte
Fissenden H G/1029 L/Cpl   French S A   Lieut
Fissenden R A G/10996 Pte   French T G/2589 L/Cpl
Fissenden S W L/10721 Pte   French T E G/11069 Pte
Fitch E A G/31219 Pte   Freshwater F W C G/26264 Pte
Fitch P E R G/29765 Pte   Fressingfield C W G/11386 Pte
Fittall G H L/7266 Sgt   Frick O T/2972 L/Cpl
Fitton H G/21274 Pte   Fricker E   2nd Lieut
Fitton H G (CB, DSO, ADC)   Brig-Gen   Friday C J G/23364 Pte
Fitzgerald J L/7628 Sgt   Friedleben E G G/6178 Pte
Fitzgerald J 202970 Pte   Friend D T G/21053 Pte
Fitzhugh A H G/2257 Pte   Friend E P G/7738 Pte
Flack C E NR/20253 Pte   Friend P W G/11018 Pte
Flack R J G/15968 Pte   Frisby A L/13193 Pte
Flaye G 241735 Pte   Froome S W S/3662 L/Cpl
Fleet W G/15142 Pte   Frost B G/9601 Pte
Fleming J A   2nd Lieut   Frost C H G/17528 Pte
Fleming W J G/4011 Pte   Frost F W G/10135 Pte
Fletcher A G/982 Pte   Frost J H D G/24393 Pte
Fletcher F W 240954 Pte   Frost J L/10325 Pte
Fletcher T L/5752 CSM   Frost K   2nd Lieut
Fletcher W H G/31536 Pte   Frost L G S/8694 Pte
Flexman E L 205341 Sgt   Frost M G/18019 Pte
Flint F (MM) G/20087 Cpl   Frost M C G/1360 Pte
Flint W G/19423 Pte   Frostick J W G/11142 Pte
Flint W G/18822 Pte   Froud F G G/24506 Pte
Flood H H S/737 Pte   Froud J 205457 Pte
Flood R G 202154 Pte   Frowen P G/13786 Pte
Flowers H   2nd Lieut   Fry C G/5538 Pte
Flowers J G/21392 Cpl   Fry E L G/25284 Pte
Flowers J T G/2639 Pte   Fry H C   2nd Lieut
Foam G L G/6258 Pte   Fry R G/28523 Pte
Fogg E J 203943 Pte   Fryatt J G/23582 Pte
Foley S L/6646 Pte   Fryer A G/2338 Pte
Follett A TF/4766 Pte   Fryer F G/16722 Pte
Follington T 203832 Pte   Fryer F G/2339 L/Cpl
Foolkes A G/17137 Pte   Fryer T TF/2271 Pte
Foord C S/861 Pte   Fuggle P E L/11767 Pte
Foord E J G/12298 Pte   Fulcher W G/12865 Pte
Forbes G G/1135 Pte   Fulkes A J 13413 Pte
Forbes W G/31245 Pte   Fullagar P W G/12888 Pte
Ford A L/10238 Pte   Fullager G H G/8734 Pte
Ford C T G/13000 Pte   Fullbrook E G/17612 Pte
Ford C W L/8693 Pte   Fuller B   2nd Lieut
Ford E G G/5124 Pte   Fuller E G/31460 Pte
Ford F H G/26417 Pte   Fuller G G/15785 Pte
Ford J G/6161 Pte   Fuller G R G/4560 Pte
Ford J B B   Capt   Fuller H L/9582 Pte
Ford R G/2335 Pte   Fuller H G/7255 Pte
Ford S G/4229 Pte   Fuller J D G/4100 Pte
Ford S G/20224 Pte   Fuller J J G/18797 Cpl
Ford V J J G/11453 Pte   Fuller M G/11089 Pte
Fordham E G B G/18107 Pte   Fuller W L/14263 Pte
Fordham G G/10926 Pte   Funnell A V G/9953 Pte
Foreman A W G/23417 L/Cpl   Fyrth A J G/11923 Pte
Foreman L S G/20339 Pte          

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