The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - E


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Eacott S G/6200 Pte   Ellis G F G/3131 Pte
Eades J G/4312 Pte   Ellis J E G/18192 Pte
Eagleton A J (MM) G/19393 Pte   Ellis J W 204196 Pte
Eames E G S/8392 L/Cpl   Ellis J W L/9957 Pte
Eardley C P G/30957 Pte   Ellis L W G/81 Pte
Earle H T G/24899 Pte   Ellis S C L/7177 L/Cpl
Earley G T S/1164 Pte   Ellis T G/3779 Pte
Early C E G/5075 Pte   Ellis W J G/20084 Pte
Easey E S G/18099 Pte   Ellis W P 201556 Pte
East F W G/20083 Pte   Elsom E H G/24552 Pte
East J P G/20996 Pte   Elston A E G/12155 Pte
East W G/24603 Pte   Elsworth A W 1328 Pte
Eastgate J S G/8339 Pte   Elton A C   Lieut
Eastland W G/15673 Pte   Elve F A G/4579 Pte
Eastman A C G/186 Pte   Elvin R G/10995 Pte
Easton F TF/6058 Pte   Elwood H 242017 L/Cpl
Eaton G J G/1442 Pte   Elworthy J G/2408 Pte
Ebbs P C G/31456 Pte   Ely J H G/18342 Pte
Eccles C G   Capt   Embleton A G/984 Pte
Eccleshall R H 30541 Pte   Embley M L/5386 Pte
Ecclestone B A G/31132 Pte   Emburey W C L/5255 Sgt
Eckett E L K/1630 Sgt   Emery G B G/15824 Pte
Edbrooke F C G/31631 Pte   Emery J W G/12257 Pte
Eden T G G/17036 Pte   Emery W G L/10569 Pte
Edey E G/8436 Pte   Emmen G 14231 Cpl
Edmett A W   Lieut   England A 8933 Pte
Edmonds L   2nd Lieut   England F G G/29296 Pte
Edmunds F W L/10811 Pte   England G H 203521 Pte
Edmunds H G/21186 L/Sgt   England H L/9631 Pte
Edney G G/11277 Pte   England W G/11232 Pte
Edom E G/30807 Pte   Englefield H G/8084 Pte
Edwards A C   Capt   Errill G G G/24439 Pte
Edwards E G/8467 Pte   Erskine D L/5837 Sgt
Edwards E S/1149 Cpl   Escott H W G/18796 Pte
Edwards E G/9418 Pte   Eskdale R G/4709 Pte
Edwards E R G/29960 Pte   Etherton P G/31506 Pte
Edwards E W 201606 Pte   Ettle J H G/29259 Pte
Edwards F W G/17354 Pte   Evans A E G/24604 Pte
Edwards G A 6657 Pte   Evans C A G/18707 Pte
Edwards G F 201316 Pte   Evans F V G/204593 Pte
Edwards H G/11887 Pte   Evans G F G/4583 Pte
Edwards H J G/1376 Pte   Evans H W G/2211 Pte
Edwards J G/4667 Pte   Evans N H   Lieut
Edwards J J S/8964 Pte   Evans P G/160 L/Cpl
Edwards J M G/4543 Pte   Evans P G L/10226 Pte
Edwards J S S/8982 Pte   Evans R G/1486 Pte
Edwards R A G/24823 Pte   Evans S H G/7916 Pte
Edwards W E G/17331 Pte   Evans T F G/29288 Pte
Edwards W E G/8327 Sgt   Evans W 205683 Pte
Edwards W F G/41 Cpl   Evans W E 242301 Pte
Edwards W T G/1061 Pte   Evans W R G/21493 Pte
Efford W G/7620 Pte   Evanson R M G/16521 Pte
Eldridge P E L/7267 L/Cpl   Eveleigh F G G/23528 Pte
Eley R G/16706 Pte   Evenden C W S/779 Pte
Elgar W C G/1994 Pte   Everest A L/8833 Pte
Elkington P A L/9534 CQMS   Everest A L/10093 Pte
Elkins E G/28924 Pte   Everett H V G/59 Pte
Ellen F A L/9987 Pte   Everist J H (DCM) G/226 Sgt
Ellen F G G/993 Cpl   Everitt H G/10973 Pte
Elliot S O G/31021 Pte   Everitt J W G/5848 Pte
Elliott C A (MM) G/4974 Pte   Evers W G/26995 Pte
Elliott E L/10802 Pte   Everson H T   2nd Lieut
Elliott H G/5841 Pte   Eves S T G/1087 Pte
Elliott R H G/6668 L/Cpl   Evison A E G/5568 Pte
Elliott V K (MM) L/10344 Cpl   Ewen W J   Capt
Elliott W J (MC)   2nd Lieut   Exall A L/5473 Pte
Elliott W J G/19061 Pte   Excell L A G/11473 Pte
Ellis C G/12518 Pte   Exell F G(MM) G/529 Pte
Ellis C G/753 Pte   Exton J B G/16557 L/Cpl
Ellis E A G/1816 Pte   Eyre B G/9932 Pte
Ellis E A G/4345 Pte   Eyre F V G/9932 Pte
Ellis F B 205607 Pte          
Ellis G A L/7371 L/Cpl          

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