The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - H


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Habgood C W G/21689 L/Cpl   Hiddleston R D G/36733 Pte
Hackett W E G/5667 Cpl   Hider F J G/4948 Pte
Hackett W R   Lieut   Higgins A S L/10941 Pte
Hackney T H G/24330 Pte   Higgins G E G/6658 Pte
Hacon E 241848 Pte   Higgins J G/20100 Pte
Hadaway W L/9374 Pte   Higgs E G/23257 Pte
Haddon F W G/17751 Pte   Higgs A E G/2520 Pte
Haddow J 203487 Pte   Highams T W G/9734 L/Cpl
Hadler G W G/12385 Pte   Highgate C P E L/8856 Pte
Hadley H G/5076 Pte   Highgate T J L/10061 Pte
Hadrill W L/8955 Pte   Hilder A P 240671 Pte
Hadwin H G/19753 Pte   Hilder M J G/23134 Pte
Haggar H L/10242 Pte   Hill E J G/17623 Pte
Hagger H C G/6763 Pte   Hill F E L/9169 Pte
Haggerty C S/8173 Pte   Hill G G/9363 Pte
Hague H W G/30280 Pte   Hill G G/1018 Pte
Hague J W G/9071 Pte   Hill G 205118 Pte
Haighton H G/2382 Pte   Hill H B   Lieut
Haines P W L/9910 Pte   Hill H H B D G/27547 Pte
Haines W S/773 Cpl   Hill J 242179 Pte
Haines C W (MM) 200228 Sgt   Hill J G/30745 Pte
Haiselden F C G/15434 Pte   Hill J H G/18832 Pte
Hale C G/30224 Pte   Hill J W G/18028 Pte
Hale C H G/7 Pte   Hill T M G/15780 Pte
Hale S A G/26424 Pte   Hiller F J G/31137 Pte
Hales A L G/31470 Pte   Hilliard J F L/9247 Pte
Hall A L/10374 Pte   Hillier J G/940 Pte
Hall A F G/7605 Pte   Hills A E G/7259 Pte
Hall A K   Capt   Hills B J G/28760 Pte
Hall C L/9896 Pte   Hills E A G/6240 L/Cpl
Hall E 266001 Pte   Hills J S/9014 Pte
Hall E 205874 Cpl   Hills R H G/8870 Pte
Hall E R G/12837 Pte   Hills T G/12814 Pte
Hall E C S/8384 Pte   Hills W G/4 Pte
Hall E E G/17819 Pte   Hills W G/18610 Pte
Hall G J G/31890 L/Cpl   Hills W J G/11850 L/Cpl
Hall H S H H   Capt   Hillsden B D 202923 Pte
Hall J H G/19992 Pte   Hillsdon B D 202923 Pte
Hall J W G/3291 L/Cpl   Hinchcliffe W L/7522 Pte
Hall M 20069 L/Cpl   Hind A E B G/31559 Pte
Hall S A G/28378 Pte   Hind T L G/18168 Pte
Hall T E G/5405 Pte   Hind W G G/11234 Pte
Hall W G/5466 Pte   Hinge H W TF/549 Pte
Hall W G/8018 Pte   Hinkley H 240100 Pte
Hall W C S/2976 Sgt   Hinks F G/983 L/Cpl
Hall W E G/23197 Pte   Hinton J L/10611 Pte
Hall W H G/3920 Cpl   Hirschfield H J (DCM) G/2073 Sgt
Halley W E G/6633 Pte   Hiseman A W G/24286 L/Cpl
Halliday R J 204515 Pte   Hissep J (MM) S/168 Pte
Hallowes G B   2nd Lieut   Hissey J (MM) S/168 Pte
Halls S J G/6247 Pte   Hoad W A 201092 Pte
Ham G G/1727 Pte   Hoadley A G S/665 Sgt
Hamblett C J B 13799 Pte   Hoadley H G TR/10/40431 L/Cpl
Hamilton F W   2nd Lieut   Hoadley H H L/8155 Sgt
Hamilton H F N G/18620 Pte   Hoadley J G/2286 Pte
Hamilton J A G/2031 Pte   Hoadley R H G/12080 Pte
Hamilton W G/3024 Pte   Hoadley W G/6461 Pte
Hamley E J G/25792 Pte   Hobbs A B G/4159 L/Cpl
Hammond A G/20229 Pte   Hobbs A E G/18743 L/Cpl
Hammond C R S/8540 Pte   Hobbs A E G/27019 Pte
Hammond F G G/28525 Pte   Hobbs H M 200102 L/Cpl
Hammond G G/20230 Pte   Hobday A S G/8559 Pte
Hammond H G/294 Pte   Hobden A E J G/7303 L/Sgt
Hammond H G/10567 Pte   Hobden C E G/163 Pte
Hammond J G/8657 Pte   Hobden P L/7188 Pte
Hammond S C G/5001 Pte   Hobson F C G/19510 Pte
Hammond W G/31248 Pte   Hodge F S 200476 Sgt
Hampton J P G/7388 Pte   Hodge G 201290 Pte
Hampton T L/9462 Pte   Hodge L C   2nd Lieut
Hampton T G/1198 Pte   Hodges D A   2nd Lieut
Hampton W L/8296 Cpl   Hodges W H L/8872 Sgt
Hamshaw A 205466 Pte   Hodgkin F L/10555 Pte
Hanch F G/14602 Pte   Hodgkin L L/9863 L/Cpl
Hancock W E L/10399 L/Sgt   Hodgkinson G A G/6068 L/Cpl
Handley F G/18946 Pte   Hodgkinson H G/19743 Pte
Handley F G G/24450 Pte   Hodgkinson H G/9942 Sgt
Handscombe A E L/10007 Pte   Hodson W G/2284 L/Sgt
Hankins A J G/5383 Pte   Hoffman(n) C F G/11500 Pte
Hankins J W L/10754 Pte   Hogan D L/9439 Pte
Hanmore F L/7403 L/Cpl   Hogben A T G/18446 Pte
Hannay W A G/17554 L/Cpl   Hogben L S G/6707 Pte
Hannen T J G/20347 Pte   Hogdon W T S/817 Sgt
Harber G R G/460 Cpl   Hogg F G/19424 Pte
Harbor A L/9161 Pte   Holbech E H G/7858 Pte
Harding A C 240972 Pte   Holbeck E H G/7858 Pte
Harding A J L/10087 Pte   Holden A J G/5198 Pte
Harding A K (MC)   Capt   Holden E G/1831 Pte
Harding C L/10401 Pte   Holden F T G/12202 Pte
Harding F G/16729 Pte   Holden G E G/2101 Pte
Harding F V G/28376 Pte   Holden V (DSO, MC)   Major
Harding F W L G/3940 Cpl   Holding W S/745 L/Cpl
Harding H 201740 Pte   Holdstock H H G/506 Pte
Harding J A G/20231 Pte   Hole E G/18652 Pte
Harding J M   2nd Lieut   Holgate A G G/20188 Pte
Harding L J G/1377 Pte   Holgate W J G/18833 Pte
Harding R D G/11893 Pte   Holkham C G/18609 Pte
Harding W L/8049 Pte   Hollamby D           2nd Lieut
Harding W A G G/38617 Pte   Hollamby E G/1027 L/Cpl
Hardwick W G/17620 Pte   Holland A J G/11183 Pte
Hardy C G/472 Pte   Holland F J G/13125 Pte
Hardy G W 205641 Pte   Holland J R G/18087 L/Sgt
Hardy H J G/2667 Pte   Holland R H G/1003 Pte
Hardy R G/5707 Pte   Holland R B   Capt
Hardy W D G/6860 Pte   Hollands S A S/9180 Pte
Hare E W G/2809 Pte   Holliday F J G/10353 L/Cpl
Hare H B G/29370 Pte   Hollingsworth W A G/30128 Pte
Hare S G/5122 Pte   Hollis A R W G/10768 Pte
Hargreaves H G/1272 Pte   Hollist A G/19275 Pte
Harland C E L/8868 L/Cpl   Hollman F A G/2104 Pte
Harland H 205471 Pte   Hollman H S/312 Pte
Harland J G L/10050 Pte   Hollman H F G/5129 Pte
Harley J G/19041 L/Cpl   Hollman T S/622 Pte
Harling S G G/15423 Pte   Hollman W G/4947 Pte
Harman A G/1039 Pte   Hollman W H   2nd Lieut
Harman H G/5618 Pte   Hollomby P W G/30417 Pte
Harman R G/11117 Pte   Holloway A 203474 Pte
Harmer E J G/15329 Pte   Holloway W G/1780 Pte
Harmer F H S/8164 Pte   Holman J J G/21551 Pte
Harmer W H G/2472 Pte   Holman P E G/8270 Pte
Harmes T H G/9252 Pte   Holmans A G G/4996 Pte
Harmsworth F H 14895 Pte   Holmden T J G/2207 Pte
Harnan H G/5618 Pte   Holmes B G/31522 Pte
Harp J G/5532 Pte   Holmes C G/2726 Pte
Harrington E G/31473 Pte   Holmes E C G/15298 Pte
Harris A G/11395 Pte   Holmes E H G/18624 Pte
Harris A N   2nd Lieut   Holmes F TF/4621 Pte
Harris A J T 19870 Pte   Holmes H F G/1887 Pte
Harris A W G/360 Pte   Holmes R H G/28313 Pte
Harris C A G/4628 Pte   Holmes W G/16846 Pte
Harris D G/4227 Pte   Holmes W G/31696 Pte
Harris E J S/8888 Pte   Holmwood A T G/1044 Pte
Harris G G/5111 L/Cpl   Holness A T W (MM) G/8399 L/Sgt
Harris G H L/9140 L/Cpl   Holness W P E G/31471 Pte
Harris H C   Capt   Holt F W G/1612 Pte
Harris H R L/8121 Pte   Holt W G/8315 Pte
Harris J G/18827 Pte   Holyer F S G/7655 Pte
Harris J G/18908 Pte   Homan J H W G/19351 Pte
Harris R G G/2593 Pte   Homer A G/29192 Pte
Harris R J G/10688 Pte   Homewood W A H G/25367 Pte
Harris R J G/19141 Cpl   Homewood W L G/8228 Pte
Harris T L/10132 Pte   Honess F G/15515 Pte
Harris T J (VC, MM) G/358 Sgt   Honeysett A G/4876 Cpl
Harris W 18367 Pte   Honeysett S G/4877 Cpl
Harris W G G/11492 Pte   Honeysett W H G/23627 Pte
Harrison E D   2nd Lieut   Hook A G/13394 Pte
Harrison F I   Capt   Hook A G/1696 Pte
Harrison G A G/5672 Pte   Hook G W 200754 Sgt
Harrison J 202894 Cpl   Hook H L/6501 Pte
Harrison J W G/10891 Pte   Hook S H 8945 Pte
Harrison S L/7143 Pte   Hook T W G/2604 Pte
Harrison W G/4971 Pte   Hook W J 202111 Pte
Harrison W G/10691 Pte   Hooker A G/8978 Pte
Harrod A G 241021 Pte   Hooker A W G/15401 Pte
Harrod G J 240520 Pte   Hooker H J (MM) G/67 Sgt
Hart A G G/4984 Pte   Hooper A L G/24487 Sgt
Hart B B TF/6068 Pte   Hooper F W G/23598 L/Sgt
Hart E H G/4843 Pte   Hooper G J G/10814 Pte
Hart G F L/8895 Pte   Hooper W H G/18834 Pte
Hart G F G/5349 Pte   Hope A G/11209 Pte
Hart H G R G/20823 Pte   Hope G D G/11445 Pte
Hart H T L/10026 Pte   Hope P L/10752 Pte
Hart J G/10601 Pte   Hoper A S/317 Sgt
Hart L 241620 Pte   Hopgood T C G/6966 Pte
Hart W G/8644 Pte   Hopgood T W G/714 Pte
Hartley W G/11662 L/Cpl   Hopkins C E G/24989 Pte
Hartman(n) G A G/16754 Pte   Hopkins W G/258 Pte
Hartmann C H   Lieut   Hopkins W D G/30930 Pte
Harvey A G/4076 Pte   Hopper H G/30260 Pte
Harvey A W G/27788 Pte   Hopwood A E B G/20346 Pte
Harvey A W G/9959 L/Cpl   Hopwood M G/16528 Pte
Harvey C T L/10879 Pte   Horlock A G G/17027 Pte
Harvey E B A   2nd Lieut   Horlock G G/8967 Pte
Harvey E G 203509 Pte   Horn W H S/1132 Pte
Harvey R J G/20822 Pte   Hornblow F L/7726 Pte
Harvey T J G/4806 Pte   Hornby S H G/1788 Cpl
Haselden B G/30923 Pte   Hornby W E G/29704 Pte
Haselden M H O G/2188 Pte   Horne J J G/4402 Pte
Haseldine G G/18347 Pte   Horne W G/31564 Pte
Haslam J A G/31557 Pte   Horner A G/29192 Pte
Haslam W H W   Lieut   Horner A H G/30759 Pte
Hassall F G/19508 Pte   Hornsby A G/30620 Pte
Hastings H H 4497 Pte   Hornsby A W G/31520 Pte
Hastings P   Major   Hornsley A W G/31520 Pte
Hastings T L/10478 Pte   Horsley J E G/7021 Pte
Hastings W A G/12880 Pte   Horsley W L/7381 Pte
Hatcher A J G/5638 Pte   Horswell C G/31801 Pte
Hatcher H G/28462 Pte   Horton A 202800 Pte
Hatcher T H L/10202 Pte   Horton F 202624 Cpl
Hatto W E TF/1972 Pte   Horton J T G/23723 Pte
Hatton H G G/30920 Pte   Hoskins A J G/18127 Pte
Hatton J F G/30921 Pte   Hoskins H G L/6595 Pte
Haundley H St R G/166 Sgt   Hoskins H J G/1671 L/Cpl
Haughton V A 240970 Cpl   Hostettler A E G/1457 Pte
Haward C W S/1238 Pte   Hosteller A E G/1457 Pte
Hawes H G/1238 Pte   Hotchkiss R H G/20185 Pte
Hawes R G/12047 Pte   Hotham F H   Major
Hawes W J S J G/2341 Cpl   Hougham B W (MC)   Capt
Hawkes H G G/20721 Pte   Hougham W H G/29559 Pte
Hawkes J G/11467 Pte   Houghbow J 204209 Pte
Hawkesworth G L/11443 Sgt   Houghton J 204209 Pte
Hawkins A 241642 Pte   Houghton E T G/24828 Pte
Hawkins A F L/10928 Pte   Houghton H S/244 Pte
Hawkins H G/11490 Pte   Houghton J S 8465 Pte
Hawkins J G/19654 Pte   Hounslow F 201735 L/Sgt
Hawkins J W G/4209 Pte   House R E G/16647 Pte
Hawkins L C G/8561 Pte   Hovey H L/9090 Pte
Hawkins R G/18618 L/Cpl   How F H G/18744 Pte
Hawkins W J S L/9574 Pte   How P H 12573 Pte
Hawksworth E G/15941 Pte   Howard A G/36842 Pte
Hawney C F G/8358 Pte   Howard C W S/1238 Pte
Haworth A G/2260 Pte   Howard E S/8737 Pte
Haworth C G/2259 Pte   Howard H J G/11405 Cpl
Haworth L E G/21298 Pte   Howard H W G/21190 Pte
Hay D Y   Lieut   Howard J G/5216 Pte
Hayden G G/9094 Pte   Howard J 202617 Pte
Hayes E J G/23229 L/Cpl   Howard  J G S 39527 Pte
Hayes G E G/30619 Pte   Howard L W (MM) G/25982 Sgt
Hayes G S   2nd Lieut   Howard P J G/1504 Cpl
Hayes J S/9024 Pte   Howden E G G/11607 Sgt
Hayes J L/7409 Pte   Howe E L/9618 Pte
Hayes J G/12545 Pte   Howe L G/10828 Pte
Hayes L W 200992 Pte   Howe T G/21324 Pte
Hayes W 204439 Pte   Howell E 6249 Pte
Hayhurst J L/7681 L/Cpl   Howell E G/28635 Pte
Hayhurst J G/31695 Pte   Howell F G/16460 Pte
Hayler A W G G/2660 Pte   Howell H S L/7939 Pte
Hayler W L/7458 Pte   Howell N B   Lieut
Hayler W F G/18717 Pte   Howell R O G/28375 Pte
Haylock E C S/9177 Pte   Howes A E G/1783 Cpl
Haylor S J G/5307 Pte   Howes H 205688 Pte
Hayman H 204208 Pte   Howes W G/3679 Pte
Hayman H C 1219 Pte   Howes W S G/2341 Cpl
Haynes J S/9076 Pte   Howett C E 200746 Pte
Haynes P G/3208 Pte   Howick J S/8108 Pte
Hayward A G/25940 Pte   Howlett A H G/744 Pte
Hayward B E P G/24611 Pte   Howlett F C G/20510 Pte
Hayward C H G/24706 Pte   Howlett R P 204012 L/Cpl
Hayward E P G/9253 Pte   Howlett S E G/16875 L/Cpl
Hayward F G/8203 Pte   Howson A E L/8463 Cpl
Hayward G H G/28586 Pte   Howson J A G/2383 Pte
Hayward P E G/8455 Pte   Hubble A E L/10896 Pte
Hayward S 202502 L/Cpl   Hucks C G G/6783 Pte
Hayward T P 202445 Pte   Hucks W G/8946 Pte
Hayward W G L G/2218 Pte   Huddleston R D G/36733 Pte
Haywood F 205633 Pte   Hudson A E G/25867 Pte
Hazel J W G/18095 Pte   Hudson A E G/9435 Pte
Hazelden J G/795 Pte   Hudson G T   2nd Lieut
Hazelden M H O G/2188 Pte   Hudson W 242187 Pte
Hazell A G/29931 Pte   Hughes E G/432 Pte
Hazell A W G/31275 Pte   Hughes E E V 202093 Pte
Hazell C G/26405 Pte   Hughes G S/5805 Pte
Head C G/18977 Pte   Hughes J 202257 Pte
Head R 265006 Sgt   Hughes J H   2nd Lieut
Headford R G/13991 Pte   Hughes L 241601 Pte
Healey R E H   Lieut   Hughes R T G/18025 Pte
Healey E P G/1914 Pte   Hughes T G/24814 Pte
Heard A G/14783 Pte   Hughes T A G/9382 Pte
Heard T H S/74 Pte   Hulbert G S/1142 L/Cpl
Hearn H J G/18575 Pte   Hulbert T G L/11740 Pte
Hearnden F G G/6882 Pte   Hull H W 205040 Pte
Hearnden H C S   Lieut   Hull J G/3709 Pte
Hearne G 21482 Pte   Hulme J W G/9587 Pte
Heath A G   Lieut   Hulme W R G/31697 Pte
Heath B A G/775 Pte   Humberstone H S L/10058 Pte
Heath C W G/7742 L/Cpl   Humble D G/184 Pte
Heath E C G/2249 Cpl   Hummel A G/7683 Pte
Heath E H G/29249 Pte   Humphrey A J L/10444 Pte
Heath F G/24451 Pte   Humphrey C L/9914 Pte
Heath G 201345 Pte   Humphrey H E G/7654 Pte
Heath H F G/17825 Pte   Humphrey J W G/16980 Pte
Heath H T G/9212 L/Cpl   Humphrey T G/30929 Pte
Heath J J L/8615 Pte   Humphrey W A G/25227 Pte
Heath J O   Lieut   Humphrey W J 240258 Pte
Heath W G G/20234 Pte   Humphreys A J G/31035 Pte
Heatly J F   2nd Lieut   Humphreys T W B G/17523 Cpl
Heaton I   Lieut   Humphries C H G/11436 Pte
Heaver R G/8589 Pte   Humphries J S/8633 Pte
Hebbard B E L/13340 L/Sgt   Humphries W H J G/9996 Pte
Hedge A C L/9448 Cpl   Hundleby H St R G/166 Sgt
Hedge H S/92 Pte   Hunt A W G/1112 Pte
Hedgecock A T G/5364 Pte   Hunt E L/7442 L/Sgt
Hedgcock J U G/18448 Pte   Hunt E G/9054 Pte
Hedger G J G/7596 Pte   Hunt E H 205329 Cpl
Hedges A W G/31474 Pte   Hunt F 242422 Pte
Hedges R T S G/27309 Pte   Hunt F H G/8299 Pte
Hedges W C G/16427 Pte   Hunt G G/3197 Pte
Hedges W G G/8575 Cpl   Hunt G H G/19404 Pte
Heffer R 200007 Pte   Hunt J TF/2020 Pte
Hefford J C L/10037 Pte   Hunt J H G/2585 Pte
Hehir T W L/9421 Pte Hunt S F 241241 Pte
Hele H L 242176 Pte   Hunt W R G/24449 Pte
Hemmerde C E (MC)   Lieut   Hunt W T O G/29735 Pte
Hemsley A G/6272 Pte   Hunter A C G/29945 Pte
Hemsley M S 205671 Pte   Hunter E W L/10299 L/Cpl
Hendra C L/7131 Pte   Hunter J G/1392 Sgt
Henley C G/6180 Pte   Hunter T H TF/130 Sgt
Hennis H R L/7182 Pte   Hunter W G/1824 Pte
Henrick G T S/6540 Pte   Hunter W S   2nd Lieut
Henry C G/5179 L/Cpl   Huntingdon M J S/8151 Pte
Henry F TF/2092 Pte   Hurd J G/5907 Pte
Henshall W C E G/1759 Pte   Hurley E F L/8524 L/Cpl
Hepburn A E G/8160 Cpl   Hurran G L/6699 Pte
Hepburn F W G/8411 Pte   Hurrell C G/10605 L/Cpl
Hepworth C 205334 Pte   Hurren G L/6699 Pte
Herbert G G/1659 L/Cpl   Hurrin G L/6699 Pte
Heron T G/8788 Pte   Hurst C W G/19517 Pte
Herrett J G/19516 Pte   Hurst E 241031 Sgt
Herridge R 241343 Pte   Hurst R A G/11045 Pte
Herrington M G/6138 Pte   Hurt F E G/10819 Pte
Heselden B G/30923 Pte   Hurven J E S/1179 Pte
Hewett A G G/19387 Pte   Husband W 205470 Pte
Hewett B E S/8668 Pte   Huse C F G/18835 Pte
Hewett C E 200746 Pte   Hussey E G G/16599 Pte
Hewitt A G G/19387 Pte   Hutchings S J G/21284 L/Cpl
Hewitt C E 200746 Pte   Hutchings T B L/7749 Pte
Hewlett G L G/10603 Pte   Hutchins M B G/30735 Pte
Hews H M G/7387 Pte   Hutchinson A T G/31472 Pte
Hibben A A S/9086 Pte   Hutchinson E W G/13311 Pte
Hibbert J 201558 Cpl   Hutchinson G 205624 Pte
Hibbett F L/8520 Pte   Hutchinson W E G/7861 Pte
Hibbin A V (MM) G/15325 Pte   Hutchison J G G/2539 Pte
Hickingbottom C G G/29673 Pte   Hutley S A G/10974 Cpl
Hickmore P L/7605 Cpl   Huxstep J G/12744 Pte
Hickmott S R   2nd Lieut   Hyde F C   Lieut
Hicks J J G/29838 Pte   Hyde S P G/5024 Pte
Hicks T H L/9403 Pte   Hymers T H L/9156 Sgt
Hickson R H 205635 Pte   Hyne H C G/8931 Cpl

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