The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Co


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   

















Coachworth E S 205679 Pte   Cook P J L/10613 Pte
Coales S J   2nd Lieut   Cook R L/6534 Pte
Cobb J C   Lieut   Cook S E G/11250 Sgt
Cobb W R (MC)   Capt   Cook W H G/5864 Pte
Cobby B G/31310 Pte   Cooke A L/8143 Pte
Cobley G O G/6408 Pte   Cooke C S/367 Pte
Cockrane D G/23264 Pte   Cooker F T (DCM) G/6 Sgt
Cocks L G G/30891 Pte   Cooksey K B   2nd Lieut
Coe C A G/9208 CQMS   Coombe C G/15064 Pte
Coe G M G/6771 CSM   Coomber A J S/483 Pte
Coe W G/24944 Pte   Coomber C G G/1520 L/Cpl
Coffin S J 240819 Pte   Coomber F L/7568 Pte
Cogdell A S (MM) G/2363 Pte   Coomber W D (MM) G/1515 Sgt
Cogger A N L/6725 Pte   Coombes S G G/7043 Dmr
Cogger J 201101 Cpl   Coombs C S   2nd Lieut
Coggins W G   2nd Lieut   Coombs E J G/19030 Sgt
Cohen A I G/24909 Pte   Coomes W L/10584 Pte
Cohen M C/28597 Pte   Cooney W J S/842 L/Cpl
Cokeley J E G/6713 Pte   Cooper A G G/3042 Cpl
Coker A G/40 L/Cpl   Cooper A H 240414 Pte
Coldbeck J R W 205446 Pte   Cooper B J G/31112 Pte
Coldridge W A 241213 Pte   Cooper E G G/21462 Pte
Cole A G/9348 Pte   Cooper G S   Capt
Cole A F 202086 Pte   Cooper H G/19490 Pte
Cole A O G/20460 Pte   Cooper H G/12020 Pte
Cole A W G/18703 Pte   Cooper H H G/2394 Pte
Cole C G/78 Pte   Cooper J L/6654 Pte
Cole F L/9954 Pte   Cooper J A G/30066 L/Cpl
Cole F G/10110 Pte   Cooper J H G/4067 L/Cpl
Cole G L/9384 Pte   Cooper J W G/21074 Pte
Cole G B S/8483 Pte   Cooper L S/62 Pte
Cole H E L/9386 Pte   Cooper P R 203828 Pte
Cole J G/7594 Pte   Cooper P W G/11612 Pte
Cole J 205680 Pte   Cooper R G/5683 Pte
Cole J G/10246 Pte   Cooper R J 201384 Pte
Cole J B G/15503 Pte   Cooper S G/36721 Cpl
Cole J W L/6535 Pte   Cooper S H L/6616 Pte
Cole L H G/8951 Cpl   Cooper T E S/495 Cpl
Cole W 203222 Pte   Cooper T H G/7285 Pte
Colebrooke W T L/8047 Sgt   Cooper T W G/31449 Pte
Coleman A G/2220 Cpl   Cooper W 232487 Pte
Coleman A G S/8466 Pte   Cooper W A L G/2291 RQMS
Coleman E G/36637 Pte   Cooper W S 203303 Pte
Coleman F G/19015 Sgt   Cooper W T G/5669 Cpl
Coleman G G/71 Pte   Coote B G/14600 Pte
Coleman G B G/10895 Pte   Coote G B   Lieut
Coleman H 205583 Pte   Cope W G/1910 Pte
Coleman J E H R G/2212 Pte   Copeland T W J L/5729 Sgt
Coleman T S G/2907 Pte   Copeland W H P G/12510 Pte
Coleman W F G/23692 Pte   Copeman E H   2nd Lieut
Coleman W R 204625 Pte   Copland R G/21009 Cpl
Coles A G G/2501 Sgt   Copper B G/110 Pte
Coles L H G/8951 Cpl   Copper S G G/17974 Pte
Coles R W   2nd Lieut   Coppin N L/10393 Pte
Colgate A P G/12132 Pte   Coppins G E G/5898 Pte
Coling R L/10842 Pte   Corbett A J G/17247 Pte
Collar F A G/20215 Pte   Corbin A (MM) G/17607 Pte
Collard A G/18406 Pte   Corbin W H G/16200 Pte
Colleer H C 240828 Pte   Cork T J (DCM) L/5793 Pte
Collett A E G/25936 Pte   Corke G 3441 L/Cpl
Collier A G G/18339 Pte   Corkran W S/6998 Pte
Collier G S/822 L/Cpl   Corley E C   2nd Lieut
Collier L E G/19191 Pte   Cornbill B 205035 Pte
Collings H J G/24434 Pte   Cornell A R G G/1370 L/Cpl
Collings T L/8283 Pte   Cornford W D   2nd Lieut
Collins A J G/31544 Pte   Cornish A G/18056 Sgt
Collins E H G/251 Pte   Cornish A E G/31239 Pte
Collins F G/18102 Pte   Cornwell A E G/4952 Pte
Collins G D G/2893 Pte   Corps G T L/7269 Pte
Collins H 242147 Pte   Corte O A G/11593 Pte
Collins J G/9805 Pte   Cosgrove C S 205448 Pte
Collins J G/1738 Pte   Cosgrove J G/6580 L/Cpl
Collins J 210586 Sgt   Coshall J H L/10420 Pte
Collins J J L/8694 Pte   Cosham T G/9758 L/Cpl
Collins R G/1640 Pte   Cosham W T 205331 Pte
Collins R S P G/2389 Pte   Cossey B G J G/29987 Pte
Collins T J L/8283 Pte   Cosson J W G/9639 Pte
Collins T G/188 Pte   Costin F G/29592 Pte
Collins T I L/10644 Pte   Costin H W   2nd Lieut
Collins T J G/3403 Pte   Cottam D G/6201 Pte
Collins W G/674 Pte   Cottenham C A G/5043 Pte
Collis H 240293 Pte   Cotterell C G/18075 Pte
Collis L B 242144 Pte   Cotterell W S/219 L/Cpl
Collishaw F 205104 Pte   Cottis H C L/9261 Pte
Collison A G/907 Pte   Cottreill W L/9294 Pte
Collison J 266965 Pte   Cottrell H G/8224 Pte
Collman A G G/17144 Pte   Cottrell J P   2nd Lieut
Collyer A B 203547 Pte   Cottrell W L/9294 Pte
Collyer J G/18791 Pte   Cottrell W 242056 Pte
Collyer J 9426 Pte   Couchman T E TF/1882 Pte
Collyer T J L/7940 Pte   Couchman W G/12544 Pte
Colmar W G L/9015 Pte   Coulstock E G/4858 Pte
Colston E J G/18188 Pte   Coulstock J S/8620 Pte
Colvin A G/8653 Pte   Coulter A J G/1661 Pte
Colwell F G/12265 Pte   Coupe C S 205168 Pte
Colwell P G/23877 L/Cpl   Court E G/100 Pte
Comber W D (MM) G/1515 Sgt   Court F J 203341 Pte
Comer F G G/29981 Pte   Court W J G/10025 Pte
Comerford A L/6701 Pte   Courtney G 6733567 Pte
Comerford F G/11059 Pte   Cousens R J G/18126 Pte
Commons F G/16336 Sgt   Cousens W G G/5262 Pte
Compson S H (MM) G/19059 Pte   Cousins W W L/6563 Sgt
Compton C H   2nd Lieut   Coutts A E G/16630 Pte
Compton C V G/24663 Pte   Cover J A A L/9860 Cpl
Conlong T G/5524 Pte   Coward J H G/24680 Pte
Connolly J V M G/14958 Pte   Cowlard C J G/24599 Pte
Connolly W P G/23232 Pte   Cowles R E G/23011 Pte
Conroy M J 205412 Pte   Cownden A S G/2315 L/Cpl
Cook A B G/21057 Pte   Cox A E G/7443 Pte
Cook A C G/1381 Pte   Cox E L/11154 Pte
Cook B L/6651 Pte   Cox E H G/29996 Cpl
Cook C G/2554 Pte   Cox H E G/31092 Pte
Cook C G/11749 Pte   Cox J L/7387 Pte
Cook C S/367 Pte   Cox J H L/10068 Pte
Cook C G/6848 L/Cpl   Cox J W G/19489 Pte
Cook E L/7813 Sgt   Cox R C G/7217 Pte
Cook E J L G/14794 Pte   Cox S H 200206 Sgt
Cook G G/17787 Pte   Cox T G/11571 Pte
Cook J G/5722 Pte   Cox W F G/29583 Pte
Cook J H G/19751 Cpl   Coxhill A G/20217 Pte
Cook L L/10194 Pte   Cozens E G 200621 Pte
Cook M P G/2507 Pte          

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