The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - Cr to Cu


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Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Crafter W H G/1021 Pte   Crossley F J (DCM) L/5259 CSM
Craig A F   Capt   Crouch A W G/19978 Pte
Cramer L C G/23192 Sgt   Crouch P J L/8284 Pte
Cramp S W G/7860 Pte   Crouch W G/209 Pte
Crane W G 203796 Pte   Croucher E G/6257 Cpl
Cranmer W C G/9536 Pte   Croucher F W   2nd Lieut
Crapper E 205608 Pte   Croucher R TF/1976 Pte
Craston J   2nd Lieut   Croucher W R G/23102 Pte
Crate E G/17927 Pte   Crout G W L/9309 Pte
Crawford R J G/30747 Cpl   Crout J J 10411 Pte
Crawley L G/15526 Pte   Crow H S G/19272 L/Cpl
Crawley W F G/11768 Pte   Crowe F J G/3072 Pte
Cray G G/6469 Pte   Crowhurst A G G/4623 Pte
Craycraft H T L/7906 Pte   Crowhurst S L/7648 L/Cpl
Craycroft H T L/7906 Pte   Crowhurst W J G/15327 L/Cpl
Cresswell E G/20078 Pte   Crowley R G/9394 Pte
Crew F G/34609 Pte   Crown J G/25824 Pte
Crew F J L/7723 L/Cpl   Cruckshank J G G/711 Pte
Crick A G/31448 Pte   Cruse C A G/34608 Pte
Crick H E L/9258 Pte   Crust F G/2422 Pte
Crips F R G/20962 Pte   Cudby W G/14699 Pte
Cripps E J G/6850 Pte   Culbert B A G/4478 Pte
Cripps W L/6252 Pte   Cull A J 240963 Pte
Crisp E S/956 Pte   Cullerne A B (MC)   2nd Lieut
Crisp F G/17670 Pte   Culley G M G   Capt
Crisp G G/11384 Pte   Cullum E J G/30882 Pte
Crisp H G/11385 Pte   Cummins C G/146 Pte
Crisp W G/11429 Pte   Cummins F C G/15315 Pte
Crist A C G/8574 Pte   Cummings W J G/24501 Pte
Critchley J G/31664 Pte   Cumnock A M L/8398 Pte
Crittle A B 201349 Pte   Cunliffe J E G/4408 Pte
Crittle W G/3949 Pte   Cunningham J R G/6974 Pte
Croasdell J M G/19125 L/Cpl   Cupit W J G/10649 Pte
Crocker E J 200957 Cpl   Curds A E G/29624 Pte
Crocker P J W   Lieut   Curling R T G/11443 Pte
Crockford V G G/9457 Pte   Currie B J TF/1894 Pte
Croft C E G/5375 Pte   Currie P G/23434 Pte
Croft J W L/10680 Pte   Curtis C G/10595 Pte
Croft T M G/21081 Pte   Curtis E J   2nd Lieut
Croft W A G/11452 L/Cpl   Curtis H W 240493 Pte
Cromack C G/7201 Pte   Curtis J G/3747 Pte
Crombie J M   2nd Lieut   Curtis T G/31882 Pte
Crombie W D G/8689 Pte   Curtis T P L/10416 Pte
Crome G F G/29591 Pte   Curtis W G/19975 Pte
Crompton A 203020 Pte   Curtis W F L/10030 Pte
Crook W C L/9409 Pte   Cushing F G/2194 Pte
Cropley L A G/17532 Pte   Cussell R L/9921 Pte
Cross A G/29301 Pte   Cussens H G/18243 Sgt
Cross A J L/10355 Pte   Cussins H G/18243 Sgt
Cross E W G/12673 Pte   Cutbush H S G/7650 L/Cpl
Cross J C G/10957 Pte   Cuthbert A E L/10669 Pte
Cross P F   2nd Lieut   Cuthbert G G/27585 Pte
Cross S J G/347 Cpl   Cutler C H L/10574 Pte
Cross S W   2nd Lieut   Cutting W G/18089 Pte
Crosse R G   Lieut   Cutting W G G/18141 Pte