The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - D


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Dabin R G/10421 L/Cpl   Dickenson W D 205629 Pte
Dabner G H L/8984 L/Cpl   Dicker E J G/31502 Pte
Daborn F J G/18017 L/Cpl   Dickinson B N   2nd Lieut
Dack S A G/28937 Pte   Dickinson H N   2nd Lieut
Dadson C G/4983 Pte   Dickman W 265989 Sgt
Daffurn A G/9992 Pte   Dicks P R G/1860 Pte
Dale A H G/30897 L/Cpl   Diggens A J G/21138 Pte
Dale P S G/19981 Pte   Dillon C E M   2nd Lieut
Dale R J G/11858 Pte   Dilloway C 204063 Pte
Dally G G/2448 L/Cpl   Dimmock E G S/848 Pte
Dalton W G 266798 Pte   Dimon W H G/2035 Pte
Daly R W G/12223 L/Cpl   Dingle T G/6125 Pte
Daly W G S/9116 Pte   Dinwoody A L/6700 L/Cpl
Damant P A G/19157 Pte   Diplock B G/6675 Pte
Damary C A S/669 L/Sgt   Diplock S L/11539 Sgt
Dance S F G/11289 Pte   Dipple J G/2366 Pte
Dancey E A G/7341 Pte   Diprose A H G/4942 Pte
Dancey R G/18603 Pte   Diprose H A G/24691 L/Cpl
Dancy E A G/7341 Pte   Divall A E L/9089 L/Cpl
Danes H A G/5188 Pte   Divall F G G/13396 Pte
Daniel A M   2nd Lieut   Dive H E 240400 L/Cpl
Daniels A G L/10570 Pte   Diver F L G/7829 Pte
Daniels R G/21408 L/Cpl   Divine W G/16338 L/Cpl
Danks E C G/26352 Pte   Dix G G/845 L/Cpl
Dann W L/8647 Pte   Dix H G (MC)   2nd Lieut
Danzey H G S/9206 Pte   Dix J R G/18014 Pte
Darke F F S/9229 Pte   Dix W G/16564 Pte
Darley G G/19278 Pte   Dixey A G D L/9454 Pte
Darley R (MM) L/6078 CSM   Dixon A E L/10847 Pte
Darling J G 205160 Pte   Dixon D G/9715 Pte
Darlington W C   2nd Lieut   Dixon F 205573 Pte
Darlow J W E (MC)   Lieut   Dixon G W L/9038 Pte
Darrington W J 201810 Pte   Dixon J R G/19914 Pte
Dartnell G L/9432 Pte   Dixon O G 204626 Pte
Darton M J G/6742 CSM   Dixon T L/3628 CQMS
Daubeney G R   2nd Lieut   Dixon W G 10864 Pte
Davey D G G/28730 Pte   Dobbs R S G/31834 Pte
Davey E D G/2345 L/Cpl   Dobie W M   Lieut
Davey H G/24836 Pte   Dobson C H V G/5179 L/Cpl
Davey W C G/13381 Pte   Dobson J R G/3985 Cpl
Davidson R T G/21429 Pte   Dodd H N G/1223 Cpl
Davidson S A 203975 Pte   Dodgson J H   2nd Lieut
Davies A C 205717 Pte   Dodson J E   2nd Lieut
Davies C T   2nd Lieut   Dodson T S/1051 Pte
Davies E G/20220 Pte   Doe A A E G/30895 Pte
Davies E T G/24861 Pte   Doe W C G/20994 Pte
Davies F G/15527 Pte   Doel P H 242155 Pte
Davies F W L/6335 Sgt   Dolden H C G/8639 Pte
Davies G G/17803 Pte   Dollemore A J A G/2237 Pte
Davies G E L/8711 Sgt   Dolley G E L/8750 Pte
Davies J G/26349 Pte   Domeney S W G/11124 Pte
Davies N P G/24808 L/Cpl   Don V G   Lieut
Davies S B G/5817 Pte   Donaldson G W G/27439 Pte
Davies W G/21401 Pte   Donoghue J TF/2088 Pte
Davies W 240313 Pte   Donoghue J D L/6394 Pte
Davies W C L/5624 Sgt   Donovan P (DCM) L/9831 Pte
Davies W C F G/24469 Pte   Doolan J S/9285 Pte
Davies W H G/19867 Pte   Doree H L/5161 Cpl
Davis A T G/19061 Pte   Dorrington A 203313 Sgt
Davis E G/5655 Cpl   Douch H E G/18412 Pte
Davis F J G/1426 Pte   Douglas H G G/20624 Pte
Davis F W G/31504 Pte   Doughty E M S/8227 Pte
Davis G 202374 Pte   Doust H L/8521 Pte
Davis G G/4977 Pte   Dove S E   2nd Lieut
Davis H C G/8014 Pte   Dove V G/6069 Pte
Davis J G/1341 Pte   Dovey H 201385 Pte
Davis S E G/4064 Pte   Dowdall F C L/10356 Pte
Davis T W G/474 Pte   Dowdeswell R G/21446 Pte
Davis W A G/12484 Pte   Dowding G G/8827 L/Cpl
Davis W H G/27400 Pte   Dowding W H G/1906 Pte
Davis W H 241757 Pte   Dowland H E G/997 Pte
Dawe G G/36825 Pte   Down A E G/9199 Pte
Dawes A J G/13309 Pte   Down F E (MM) G/10447 Pte
Dawson C D G/140 Pte   Downing G G/8827 L/Cpl
Dawson C H 204746 Pte   Downs J E G/6609 Pte
Dawson G 203245 Cpl   Dowsett C G/8953 Pte
Dawson H G/11191 Pte   Doyle A E G/7633 Pte
Dawson J 205155 Pte   Drake A C G/6419 Pte
Dawson R G/28552 Pte   Drake H R G/3668 Pte
Dawson W E G 241787 Pte   Draper F G/911 Cpl
Dawson W R A (DSO)   Lieut-Col   Drawbridge T S G/5363 Pte
Dawson W H G (MM) 202602 Cpl   Dray A S G/19139 Sgt
Dawtery E G/17802 Pte   Dray J F L/9840 Pte
Dawtry E G/17802 Pte   Drew C T 242152 Pte
Day A W G/18739 Pte   Drewell S J G/31311 Pte
Day B J L/11628 CQMS   Drewett W J G/9904 Pte
Day C G/1769 Pte   Driffield H G   2nd Lieut
Day E A 201337 Pte   Driscoll J E G/30900 Pte
Day J L/7612 Pte   Driver H G/13468 Pte
Day R G/8061 Sgt   Driver L G/20484 Pte
Day R H L/9792 L/Cpl   Driver R 242091 Pte
Day S S/8074 Pte   Driver T F L/7795 Pte
Day W S/9294 Pte   Drumm T G/5900 Pte
Daynes F J 204010 Pte   Drummond A E G/21354 Pte
Deacon G J O (MM) G/23458 Pte   Drury H E G/12678 Pte
Deadman D 201943 Pte   Dry S G/9277 Pte
Deadman R TF/1629 Pte   Dryden E G/876 Pte
Dean A G/16212 Pte   Dubrey H G/30218 Pte
Dean J G/12104 Pte   Duck F G/20991 Pte
Dean J M G/23585 Pte   Ducker P J G/185 Cpl
Dean L G/1953 Pte   Duckett A G/6260 Pte
Dean S 205681 Pte   Duckworth H G/19417 Pte
Dean W L/9393 Pte   Dudman E (MM) G/31017 L/Cpl
Dearmer F G/14661 Pte   Duffield E E L/10098 Pte
Death W J G/26377 Pte   Duffield T W G/10388 Pte
Debenham H A   2nd Lieut   Duffill G G/19495 Pte
Debman J G/18737 Pte   Duffurn A G/9992 Pte
Debose A H L/9680 Pte   Duffy F L/8633 Cpl
De Bruin A J S/425 Pte   Duke E G/18191 Pte
Deering W A G/8814 L/Cpl   Dumville J R 205623 Pte
Delderfield E G/18820 Pte   Duncton H R G/15438 Pte
De Leur H B R A G/4661 Pte   Dunford C E 205183 Pte
Dellar J F G/30898 Pte   Dungate T E L/9757 Pte
Deller T G G/948 Pte   Dungworth E 205592 Pte
Dellow H L/10297 L/Cpl   Dunkley A G/4834 Pte
Dempster E G/306 Pte   Dunmall H J G/187 Pte
Demsey J G/8536 Pte   Dunmore J A G/11432 Pte
Denby H G/18567 Pte   Dunn A E G/10876 Pte
Dence L G G/27804 Pte   Dunn C W L/7812 Pte
Denman F 646 Pte   Dunn G L/6421 Pte
Denne R A G/20741 Pte   Dunn H J   2nd Lieut
Denner J G/469 Cpl   Dunn J A G/2586 Pte
Denney L G/1128 Pte   Durant R H W G/3138 Pte
Dennis A C            Capt   Durley G W G/38741 Pte
Dennis C W G/4172 Pte   Durrant G E G/23385 Pte
Dennis E G/14942 Pte   Durrant W L/9602 Pte
Dennis F L/10733 Pte   Durrell C D 242089 Pte
Dennis T H L/10734 Pte   Dursley G S/8939 Pte
Dennis T R TF/1748 Pte   Dutch W G 241637 Pte
Dennis W J G/11819 Pte   Dutfield A 6469 Pte
Denny R G/20393 L/Cpl   Dutnall B L/10616 L/Cpl
Dent C G G/5285 Pte   Dutnall H G/19274 L/Cpl
Denton H G/8283 Pte   Dutton T D   Capt
Denton J N G/1986 Pte   Dutton W G/15555 Pte
Denton T J S/8699 Pte   Duvall H C TF/1961 Pte
Denyer A E G/17610 Pte   Duvall P G/23135 Pte
Denyer F E L/7818 Pte   Dyer C H L/10316 L/Cpl
Derrick J G/9021 Sgt   Dyer E G/4596 Pte
Derry H G/1297 Pte   Dyer E T L/8608 Cpl
Desprez W H   2nd Lieut   Dyer R C G/30540 Pte
Deuce L G G/27804 Pte   Dyke E G/9667 L/Cpl
Devine W G/16338 L/Cpl   Dyke F H   2nd Lieut
Dew E G/19416 Pte   Dyke W G/9668 Pte
Dew W G/9697 Pte   Dykes A V G/6356 Pte
Dibley C L/10550 Pte   Dymond H W G/999 Pte
Dickens H G/3696 Pte   Dymond R H A 241718 Pte
Dickens T W G/20812 Pte   Dyson W C G/3645 Pte
Dickenson G G/1840 Pte          

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