The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Roll of Honour - N










Co Cr>Cu





H    I   
















Nairn T G/19843 Pte   Nicholls T L L/8988 Pte
Nall M G/19717 Pte   Nicholls W TF/2596 Pte
Napper J G/31283 Pte   Nichols E N G/16108 Pte
Nash A G/36643 Sgt   Nichols J H 204510 Pte
Nash A J 204486 Pte   Nicholson J L/6582 Pte
Nash C W G/11892 Pte   Nicoll E S (MC)   Capt
Nash H G/11306 Pte   Nicoll W J 22461 Cpl
          Nightingale J T G/11282 Cpl
Nash H G/20664 Pte   Nightingale W A G/6803 Cpl
Nash R J G/4771 Pte   Nind A L L/9604 Pte
Nash W G 204429 L/Cpl   Nisbett D J        Lieut
Nash W J S 242286 Pte   Nixon H C G/6436 Pte
Neal A G G/19152 L/Cpl   Nixon J L/8202 Pte
Neal F G/8773 Pte   Nixon J G/4383 Pte
Neal G A G/13471 Pte   Noah P E 41513 Pte
Neal P V G/8663 Pte   Noakes A F L/9778 Sgt
Neat R H G/25382 Pte   Nobbs W E L/10716 Pte
Neck A J S/8968 Pte   Noble A G/5410 Pte
Neenan J J G/1733 Pte   Noble C T L/8176 Pte
Negus W J G/18071 Pte   Noble C H T 240873 Cpl
Neil W G G/3037 Cpl   Noble G L/6507 Pte
Neill J G/25146 Pte   Noble G W L/8125 Dmr
Neill W G/8646 Pte   Noble H L/8032 Pte
Nelham A G/28176 Pte   Nokes C E G/2591 Pte
Nerney W M 6303 QM Sgt   Norburn W E (MM) G/770 Cpl
Neudegg H E 6334934 Pte   Norbury A 204374 Pte
Nevard P G/24723 Pte   Norfolk G/17203 Pte
Neville N A O G/20546 Pte   Norman C G/24872 Pte
New C J G/36712 Cpl   Norman E G/23272 Pte
Newbold P   2nd Lieut   Norman E J G/30999 Sgt
Newbrook  E J (DCM) L/5706 CSM   Norman G H G/18120 Pte
Newell H S/9053 Pte   Norman H E L/9979 Pte
Newell H W L/10370 Pte   Norman M G/23617 Pte
Newell P W L/9948 Pte   Norman T S G/30572 Pte
Newell W G L/9093 Pte   Norman W G/5942 Pte
Newick F G/31368 Pte   Norman W H G/1763 Pte
Newland E G/17393 Pte   Norman W H G G/5940 Pte
Newling W L G/11704 Pte   Norris A G/27402 Pte
Newman A C L/9928 Pte   Norris C R G/9495 Pte
Newman F G/8473 Sgt   Norris F C 201015 Pte
Newman J G/3130 Pte   Norris F E E   Lieut
Newman L G/2216 Sgt   Norris K A A   2nd Lieut
Newport E J G/17862 Pte   Norris T C J G/10778 Pte
Newport W H G/18212 Pte   Norris W J G/20548 L/Cpl
Newsham A E G/24736 Pte   Norris W W G/497 Pte
Newstead T G/10785 Pte   North A 240747 Cpl
Newth R S G/29217 Pte   North J L G/20549 Pte
Newton S H G/31308 Cpl   Northey M A   Lieut
Newton W   Capt   Norton H J (MM) G/18472 Pte
Nichol A 203124 Pte   Nottingham T G/18683 Pte
Nicholas C 14843 Pte   Nowell F H G/5472 Pte
Nicholas O R   Lieut   Nudds A V S/8991 L/Cpl
Nicholas S N G/18213 Pte   Nunn E A G/24368 Pte
Nicholas W G/24629 Pte   Nunn H 241038 Pte
Nicholl A 203124 Pte   Nurden H L/7357 Sgt
Nicholls C G/11145 Pte   Nute C 203001 Pte
Nicholls C J L/8814 Cpl   Nuttall N L/10749 Pte
Nicholls G S/8677 Pte   Nye A G/7659 Pte
Nicholls G T G/29069 Pte   Nye H S G/18475 Pte
Nicholls H G/2004 Pte   Nye J B G/7834 Pte
Nicholls H G/1449 Pte   Nye S J G/700 Sgt
Nicholls H A E L/9197 L/Cpl                    

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