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Sergeant Z Barden


Serjeant Zebulum BARDEN, L/8126, 1st  Battalion, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment, killed in action, France and Flanders, 19th September 1914.

Born Deptford, Kent, enlisted New Cross, Kent.

15th August 1914, posted BEF.

Married. Agnes Eliza Mary Barden

Commemorated at La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre Memorial, Seine-et-Marne, France.

Exert from Aisne 1914 - The Dawn of Trench Warfare - "At Missy, D Company, 1st Royal West Kent's, came under heavy fire and a single shell killed three valued NCO's. Sergeant Fitzgerald, Sergeant Zebulum Barden and Lance Sergeant W. Warnett were vapourised."

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L/8126 Sergeant Zebulum Barden of the 1st Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, was killed in action on the 19th September 1914. He was a long-serving soldier who was born at Deptford in 1887 and enlisted at New Cross around September 1905. He arrived in France on the 15th August 1914 and is commemorated on the La Ferte sous Jouarre Memorial in France. There is a marriage recorded for a Zebulum Barden in 1939 and this is probably his son.

In February 1910, Sergeant Barden's memorial plaque and letter of condolence were offered for sale on eBay with a starting price of 70 pounds. Chat in the RWK forum noted that, "Sergeant Barden was killed near the village of Missey during a artillery barrage on the road during a wet and rainy day. He was killed alongside Sergeant Fitzgerald and Sergeant Warnett, all three belonging to B Company." The 1911 census has him at the RWK depot in Maidstone as a 24-year-old single lance-sergeant; a rivet carrier by trade. 

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