London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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DABISON Thomas, of Ratcliffe parish of Stepney, co. Middlesex, sailor, and Joane BEALE, spinster, now of same, daughter of William BEALE, of Rochester co. Kent – at Stepney aforesaid. 16 April 1594.


DABRIDGCOURT Thomas, gent, of St Giles, Cripplegate, bachelor, 23 and Ellenor ELTONHEAD (?), of Charlton, Kent, spinster, 22 – at St Pancras, alias Kentish Town. 10 Aug 1631.


DANCER John, of Greenwich, Kent, gent, widower, about 32, and Mrs Sarah SMYTH, of same, spinster, about 24, and at own disposal – at same. 17 May 1670.


DANIEL Robert, (Danyell), and Agnes GOWRE, of Maidstone, widow. 5 Oct 1545.


DARCY Edward, esq, of St Ann, Blackfriars, 22, son of Sir Robert DARCY, knight, of Dartford, Kent, deceased, and Elizabeth EVELIN, spinster, 18, daughter of Richard EVELIN esq, of Woolton, Surrey, who consents – at St Anne, Blackfriars. 24 Oct 1632.


DARRELL Christopher, of St Olave, Silver Street, London, gent, and Katherine YATE, of same, spinster, daughter of Robert YATE, of Islinge, co. Kent, gent, gen lic. 20 Feb 1592/3.


DAVIE David, ap, husbandman, bachelor, and Joane BRYAN, of Lewisham co. Kent, widow of John BRYAN, blacksmith – at St Nicholas Olave, London. 23 Feb 1619/20.


DAVIES Edward, of St Stephen, Coleman Street, London, joyner, and Johanna BOWMAN, of same, spinster, daughter of Robert BOWMAN, late of Bromley, Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic. 4 Oct 1588.


DAVIS John, clerk, vicar of Darrant, Kent, bachelor, 33, son of John DAVIS of St Mary, Aldermary, citizen and merchant taylor of London, who alleges, and Elizabeth JUXON, spinster, 20, daughter of ______  JUXON, of St Giles, Cripplegate, London, widow, who consents – at St Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 5 Jan 1662/3.


DAWLING John, (Daulinge), of Westerhum, Kent,   gent, widower, 34, and Elizabeth BRETT, spinster, 18, daughter of John BRETT, or St Bennet, Gracechurch, London, merchant, who consents – at St Mary Woolchurch, London or St Clement Danes, Middlesex. 4 Aug 1662.


DAWLING Thomas, (Dauling), of Cliffords Inn, gent, bachelor, 30, and Jane WEBB, of Westerham, Kent, spinster, 26, her parents dead – at St Andrew Holborn,   or The Temple Church, London. 25 Oct 1661.


DEACON Thomas, glover, and Alice HARRISON of  London, spinster, daughter of  _____ HARRISON, late of Mawling co. Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic. 12 Sept 1597.


DELAUNE Gideon, of Linsted co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 35, and Anne WECKERLIN of same, widow – at Gillingham, Rainham, Upchurch or Milton, co. Kent. 24 April 1673.


DELAUNE William, of Tharsted , Kent, esq, widower, 30, and Dorcas BARKHAM, of St Margaret, Lothbury, London, spinster, 22, her parents dead – at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, London. 10 May 1662.


DERING Edward, of London, esq, bachelor, about 30, and Dame Dorcas DELAUNE of Sharsted co. Kent, widow, about 25 - at Camberwell co. Surrey. 2 Sept 1669.


DIXON Henry, of Innbridge, Kent, esq, bachelor, 27, and Anne JAMES, spinster, 20, daughter of Jane JAMES, of Ightham said county, widow, who consents – at Ightham aforesaid. 17 April 1662.


DIXON Robert, of Stockbury co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, aged 26, and Mrs Elizabeth BOWLES, of the City of Rochester, said county, widow, about 24 –at St Sepulchre, London.  25 April 1673.


DIXON William, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, 38 and Rebecca CALLANT, of Maidstone, Kent, spinster, 20, her parents dead, with consent of  her aunt and guardian, Sarah POLHILL, of Maidstone, aforesaid, widow – at Maidstone, aforesaid. 13 Feb 1687/8.


DOBBINSON Thomas, of Ratcliffe, of the parish of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner and Elizabeth SMITHE, spinster, daughter of John SMITHE, late of Rochester co. Kent, yeoman, deceased - at Stepney. 12 May 1593.


DODD John, (Dod), of Broxton, co Chester,  esq, bachelor, 27, and Anna Christiana HONYWOOD, spinster, 21, daughter of Sir William HONYWOOD, knight and bart, of Evington co. Kent, who consents – at Waltham Kent or ……  25 July 1696.


DODSWORTH Thomas, and Dorothy LEY, of the diocese of Rochester. 22 Oct 1546.


DORMAN William, of St Magnus the Martyr, London, esq, bachelor, 23, and Mrs Anna LANCE, of Sandwich, Kent, spinster, 21 – at St Mary, Whitechapel, or All Hallows, Staining. 20 July 1722.


DOW William, (Dowe), of London, gent, widower, about 29, and Mary MAPLESDEN of Lamberhurst co. Kent, widow, about 27 – at St James, Garlick Hythe or ….. 25 Sept 1663.


DOWLE Thomas, of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner, bachelor, 35, and Frances CLARKE, of Offam co. Kent, spinster, about 20, daughter of Charles CLARKE, of same, gent, who consents – at Offam or Trottescliffe co. Kent. 11 Feb 1646/7.


DRAPER Cresheld, of Crayford, Kent, esq, bachelor, about 20, and Mrs Sarah GAUDEN, of Clapham, Surrey, spinster, about 16, consent of her father, Denis GAUDEN esq – at Clapham or Battersea, co Surrey or Windsor co. Berks. 24 March 1665/6.


DRYDEN Stephen, of St Paul, Deptford, co. Kent, bachelor, 30 and Elizabeth FRAZER, of St Mary, Rotherhithe, co. Surrey, spinster, above 21 – at St Mary aforesaid.7 Nov 1767.


DUCE Sir William, (Ducy), KB of Charlton, Kent, bachelor, 40, and Frances SEYMOUR, spinster, 27, daughter of  Francis Lord SEYMOUR, baron of Trowbridge, who consents – at St Martin in the Fields, or St Paul, Covent Garden. 23 June 1662.


DUCK Thomas (Ducke), of St Andrew, Undershaft, merchant, widower, about 34 and Mrs Phebe CRISPE of Eltham co. Kent, spinster, about 22, consent of father, Thomas CRISPE, merchant – at Charlton or Leigh co. Kent.11 May 1666.


DUKE Edward, of Aylesford, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 20, consent of father, George DUKE esq, and Mary GODFREY, spinster, about 20, daughter of Lambarde GODFREY, of Grays Inn, esq , who alleges – at St Gregory, St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, or St Anne, Blackfriars. 29 June 1663.


DUKE George, gent, of Wandsworth, Surrey, bachelor, 45, and Mary BARHAM, 30, daughter of Thomas BARHAM, gent, of Barham Downe,  co. Kent – at St Anne, Blackfriars. 12 Nov 1663.


DUKE George, of Aylesford, co Kent, widower, about 55, and Mrs Martha MAUNSELL, of Bowe, Middlesex, widow, about 33 – at St Andrew Holborn,  St Botolph  Aldersgate  or St Mary Savoy. 5 Feb 1671/2.


DUNCOMBE John, of Great Brickhill, Bucks, gent, bachelor, 24, and Bridget PEARSON, of Higham , Kent, spinster, 20, with consent of her mother ____ PEARSON, of Cove co. Cambridge, widow – at St Martin, Orgar, London. 25 April 1673.


DUPPA Baldwin,  of Chatham, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Jane MOORE, of Deptford, Kent, widow – at Deptford aforesaid or ……  24 Nov 1680.


DYE Francis, gent, of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 22 and Sarah CRIPPS, spinster, 30 – at St Bride. 21 April 1640.


DYNGLEY Richard, gent, and Elizabeth CHESEMAN, widow, of the diocese of Rochester. 2 Nov 1547.



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