London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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RADWELL William, sailor, and Agnes BERKETT, widow of Henry BERKETT, late of Gravesend, Kent, cordwainer – at St George, Botolph Lane, London. 23 Oct 1620.


RANCE William, of St Dunstan in the West, London, gent, bachelor, 245, and Ann ROBERTS, of the City of Canterbury, spinster, 24 – at Feversham co. Kent or …… 23 Mar 1696/7.


RANDALL Thomas, yeoman, and Anne YOUNGE, spinster, daughter of Edward YOUNGE, late of Surfleet, Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic. 9 Dec 1594.


RATIE John, of Stone co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 30, and Susanna ELLIOTT, of same, widow, about 34 – at Ifield, Longfield or Stone co. Kent. 4 May 1674.


RATIE John, of Stone co. Kent, clerk, widower, about 32, and Mrs Katherine SEARES, of North Church, Herts, spinster, about 32, and at own dispose – at North Church, aforesaid. 6 March 1675/6.


RAVEN William, of St Mary, Savoy, gent, widower, about 32, and Elianore BURRELL, (she subs “Elenoer BURROLL” and alleges), of St Margaret, Westminster, spinster, about 26 – at St Martin in the Fields, St Mary Savoy or Greenwich, Kent.  23 Jan 1666/7.


RAYNE Lawrence, (Raigne), of Long Sutton, co. Lincoln, gent, bachelor, about 26 and Christian JOHNSON, of Rochester, Kent, widow, about 26  - at ……. 10 June 1668.


READE Hilkiah, of Keanington, Kent, bachelor, about 27 and Margaret HODGES, of Charing, said county, spinster, about 20, her mothers consent – at St Andrew, Holborn, Grays Inn Chapel, or St Mary, Savoy. 29 Oct 1668.


REDDICH John, of St Bride, London, citizen, haberdasher, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Margaret JEMMETT, of Skaines co. Kent, spinster, about 20, consent of her mother – at St Mary le Bow, St Lawrence Jury, or Lincolns Inn Chapel. 11 Dec 1675.


REEVE John, yeoman, and Sarah STEWARD, spinster, daughter of James STEWARD, of East Greenwich co. Kent, cook – at St Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 15 June 1625.


REEVES George, of St Augustine, London, bachelor, 26, and Anne PHIPPS, of Lee co. Kent, spinster, about 18, her parents dead, and she at the disposal of John BLAGRAVE, of Arborfield, Berks, esq, gent, who consent – at Lee, aforesaid. 21 Sept 1675.


REYNES John, of the City of London, gent, and Elizabeth WOODGATE, of same, widow of Edward WOODGATE, clothier, late of Rotham co. Kent, gen lic. 3 May 1589.


RHODES John, of Rochester, Kent, gent, and Mrs Deborah SHUTE, of same, spinster, about 25, and at own dispose – at St Mary le Bow, London. 3 Aug 1676.


RICH John, gent, of Milton, Kent, widower, 50, and Elizabeth GOODWIN, of Lambeth, Surrey, widow, 38, relict of Henry GOODWIN, fisherman, deceased about a year ago – at Fulham co. Middlesex. 12 April 1617.


RYCHARDSON Charles, of Grays Inn, esq, widower, about 42, and Jane MONINS, of Atchorne, Kent, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose – at St Giles in the Fields. 23 Aug 1675. (Signed and executed, but crossed and “vacat” in margin).


RICHARDSON Lionel, of Furnivalls Inn, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Elizabeth SOMER, of Stroud, Kent, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Mrs Mary SOMER, of same, widow – at St Dunstan in the West, London, Windsor co. Berks or at Rochester Cathedral co. Kent. 2 June 1677.


RIDLEY John, of St Mary, Islington, clerk, widower, 40, and Joane LAMBE, of same, about 40, widow of Thomas LAMBE, esq, of Maidstone, deceased – at St Bartholomew the Less. 14 June 1644.


RIDLEY John, of Clifford Inn, London, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Elizabeth BOWYER of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster, about 21, with consent of her mother, Mrs Dorothy BOWYER, of same, widow – at All Hallows in the Wall or St Catherine Creechurch, London. 17 Feb 1678/9.


RIVERS George, of Hadlow, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 25, and Mary PEASE, of Covent Garden, Middlesex, spinster, 15, daughter of Richard PEASE, of Wicken co. Northampton, esq, who consents – at Hadlow, aforesaid, Chelsea co. Middlesex or St Andrew, Holborn, London.  3 Feb 1675/6.


RIVERS Sir George, bart, of Chafford co. Kent, bachelor, 24, and Dorothy BEVERSHAM, spinster, 18, with consent of her mother, Dame Dorothy, BEVERSHAM, widow – at ……… 29 Jan 1688/9.


ROBERTS Gregory, of Cliffe co. Kent, clerk, and Ursula ANTUNN, of parish of St Nicholas in diocese of Rochester – at St Leonard, in St Martin le Grand. 22 June 1613.


ROBERTS John, of Boresell, Sussex, bachelor, 22, and Bridget BOYS, spinster, 19, daughter of Samuel BOYS of Hawkhurst, Kent, esq, who consents – at Hawkhurst, aforesaid. 20 Dec 1684.


ROBERTS Thomas, gent, bachelor, 21, son of Edmund ROBERTS, of Gowthurst, co, Kent, gent, who consents, and Elizabeth TAYLER, spinster, 17, daughter of John TAYLER, of Kingsworth, co. Kent, gent, who consents – at Trinity, Minories. 21 Nov 1615.


ROBINSON George, of Barnards Inn, bachelor, 25, and Mary SEYLIARD, spinster, 21, daughter of Dame Mary, SEYLIARD, of Chiddingston, Kent, widow, who consents – at Chidingstone, aforesaid or …… 30 Oct 1680.


ROFFEY Aldriche, of Clifford’s Inn, London, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Mary GROVE, of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose – at East Greenwich, aforesaid or …… 5 Aug 1678.


ROGERS George, of Dartford, Kent, bachelor, 22, and Elizabeth FARLEY, of same, spinster, 24, her parents dead – at All Hallows, London Wall.  6 July 1710.


ROGERS John, of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Alicia DEANE, of same, spinster, 20, daughter of Anne BELL, alias DEANE, wife of William BELL, of same, gent, (who alleges), and with her consent – at Langley, Boughton Maleherbe, or Allington co. Kent. 22 Nov 1677.


ROGERS John, of St Dunstan in the West, London, widower, 40, and Margaret POLLY, of Shoreham, Kent, spinster, 26, at her own disposal, alleged by William ROGERS, Lincolns Inn, gent – at St Dunstan, aforesaid or ….. 20 July 1685.


ROGERS Robert, gent, and Margaret SEYLIARD, of London, spinster, daughter of Thomas SEYLIARD, of _____ co. Kent, gent, gen lic. 4 May 1597. 


ROGERS Thomas, gent, of the City of Westminster, bachelor, 30 and Mildred BARNE of the diocese of London, 25, widow of John BARNE, late of Woolwich co. Kent, gent, deceased. – at St Faith. 22 Feb 1630/1.


ROGERS Thomas, of Woolwich, co. Kent, bachelor, 26, and Sarah PAINE, of Shorne, said county, spinster, 17, her parents dead, with consent of Christopher SEARLE, and Jarvis MAPLESDEN, executors of the will of her father, John PAINE, deceased. – at St Saviour or St George, Southwark or Newington co. Surrey.  14 April 1692.


ROLLS Samuel, of St Thomas’s, co. Surrey, doctor in physic, widower, about 47, and Mrs Joanna BEARD, of St Sepulchre, London, widow, about 46  - at Deptford co. Kent or …….  17 Aug 1676.


ROMNEY John, (Rumney), of Sutton Valence, Kent, clerk, bachelor,  30 and Amy FILMER, of East Sutton, Kent, spinster, 27, at her own disposal – at East Sutton, aforesaid or …… (in margin she is called Mary) 25 June 1683.


ROOKE Lawrence, of Horton, Kent, gent, bachelor, 26, and Barbara HEYMAN, of Selling, said county, spinster, 20, daughter of Sir Peter HEYMAN,  knight, deceased – at St Anne, Blackfriars, or St Bartholomew the Great, London. 27 Aug 1650.


ROOKE Thomas, of St Lawrence, near Canterbury, in gent, gent, bachelor, 28, and Mrs Anne WARRELL, of Greenwich, Kent, about 22, at her own disposal – at ST Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 4 Nov 1689.


ROPER Edward, merchant taylor, of Christchurch, Newgate and Katherine COXE, of City of London, daughter of _____ COXE, of ____ co. Kent – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 1 July 1586.


ROPER Edward, of Eltham co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 25, and Katherine BUTLER, spinster, 18, daughter of Prudence BUTLER, of Amberley, co. Sussex, widow, who consents – at All Hallows, Barking, London, or St James, Clerkenwell or St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex. 8 Feb 1666/7.


ROPER The Right Hon Henry, Lord Teynham, Baron of Teynham, co. Kent, widower, and Ann BRINCKHURST, of St George, The Martyr, Middlesex, spinster, 40 – at St George, aforesaid. 27 Feb 1766.


ROWLAND John, clerk, rector of Foot Cray, co. Kent, widower, 30, and Anne HOLT, spinster, 15, daughter of George HOLT of same, deceased, her mothers consent – at St George, in Eastcheap or All Hallows the Great, London. 8 Aug 1634.


RUFFIN John, of Raynham, Kent, widower, 35, Lydia HURLSTONE, spinster, 22, daughter of Nicholas HURLSTONE, of Redrith (Rotherhithe), co. Surrey, esq, who consents – at Redrith (Rotherhithe), aforesaid or Stepney, Middlesex. 24 July 1661.


RUFFIN John jun, of Sittingborne, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 22, and Anne HILLS of Timstall, said county, spinster, 23, her parents dead – at St Mary at Hill, St Clement, Eastcheap or St Mary, Abchurch, London. 3 May 1676.


RUSSELL Robert, of Shorham, in the jurisdiction of Canterbury and Elizabeth SMETHE, of the diocese of Winchester. 5 Oct 1546.


RUTTON Mathias, of Boughton Monchelsea, co. Kent, clerk bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Elizabeth WALKER, of Loddington, in Maidstone,  co. Kent, spinster, about 21, with consent of her father, Mr Thomas WALKER – at Boughton, aforesaid or Otham, in Kent. 20 Nov 1678.


RYE John, of Sandwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27, and Carolina NORWOOD of Nash Court, said county, about 22, her mothers consent – at St Paul, Convent Garden. 14 July 1677.


RYLEY Christopher, of St Antholin, London, clothier, bachelor, and Elizabeth ABELL, spinster, daughter of Samuel ABELL, of Erith co. Kent, gent – at St Swithin, London. 1 May 1612.


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