London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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MADDOKS Benjamin, (so signed), of Boughton Monchelsey, co. Kent esq, bachelor, 26, and Dorothy GLASCOCK, spinster, 19, daughter of Sir William, GLASCOCK, of Wormley, Herts, knight, who consents – at Wormley aforesaid, 25 May 1664.


MANDY Henry, gent, of Sundrish co. Kent, widower, 33, and Mary MANDY of same, spinster, 22, her parents consent. – at Stepney. 20 Aug 1700.


MANIFORD John, of Stone, Kent, esq, widower, about 50, and Jane MANING, of St Andrew, Holborn, widow, about 30 – at St James, Clerkenwell. 29 May 1669.


MANNING Robert, gent, of St Mary, Cray, Kent, bachelor, 22, and Kath WATSON, of St Bride, London, spinster, 23, consent of her father, William WATSON – at St Faith. 13 Oct 1646.


MANNINGHEIM Richard, (Mannyngheim), clerk of East Malling, Kent, bachelor, 28, and Bridget BLACKWELL, of Broxborne, Herts,  spinster, 23, consent of her mother, Jane BLACKWELL – at St Faith. 21 Dec 1636.


MAPLESDEN Edward, of Marden, Kent, gent, widower, about 66, and Mrs Elizabeth STEVENS, of same, widow, about, 50 – at Kemsing, co Kent. 27 Nov 1667.


MAPLESDEN George, (Mapplesdon), of Marden, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Katherine HORSMONDEN of Goodhurst, said county, spinster, about 21, consent of father, John HORSMONDEN esq, alleged by Anthony HORSMONDEN, of St Dunstan in the West, gent – at St Saviour, Southwark. 10 Aug 1667.


MAPLESDEN John, of the City of Rochester, gent, widower, about 27, and Jane COBBAM, of same, widow, about 25 – at St Dunstan in the West, St Catherine Creechurch, or St Botolph, Aldgate, London. 13 Feb 1666/7.


MAPLISDEN Edward, of Marden co. Kent, gent, bachelor, aged 24, and Mrs Philadelphia COSTON of Perivale, co. Middlesex, spinster, about 20, daughter of Simon COSTON, of same, gent, (who alleges) – at St Gregory, London. 1 June 1665.


MAPLISDEN Jarvis, (sic subs), of Stroud, Kent, bachelor, about 22 and Mrs Frances MORELAND of same, spinster, about 18, consent of father, Christopher MORELAND, of same, esq – at Addington or Shorne co. Kent. 16 Nov 1665.


MARBURIE Eusebey, gent, of St James, Garlick Hithe, bachelor, 30 and Frances QUARELLS, of Cotford, Kent, spinster, 17, consent of her father, _____ QUARELLS, of same, gent, attested by Charles MARBURIE, of Deptford, Kent, gent – at St Peters, Paul’s Wharf, or St James, Clerkenwell. 25 April 1636.


MARKELEY John, and Elizabeth OWTREDE, gent, of Tunbridge, in the diocese of Rochester. 31 Dec 1513.


MARKLEY William, of Mirwood, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 21 and upwards and Sarah CRUMPE, spinster, 21 and upwards, daughter of Andrew CRUMPE, late of same, yeoman, deceased, with consent of her mother, Margery CRUMPE, of same, widow – at St Martin, Ludgate, or St Andrew, Holborn. 1 March 1632/3.


MARSH Henry, of Kinstone, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 23, and Mrs Lea ADY, of Barham said county, spinster, about 25, at own disposal – at Barham, Denton, or Kinstone, Kent, alleged by John MARSH, of Kinstone, gent, father of said Henry. 13 May 1665.


MARSH Thomas, of Woolwich, Kent, bachelor, 28 and Mrs Margaret SWIVEINGTON, of same, spinster, 28 – at St Benet, Gracechurch. 22 July 1697.


MARSHALL Roger, of London, yeoman, and Margaret GODDESBIE, of St Sepulchre, London, spinster, daughter of Robert GODDESBIE, of Rye co. Kent, yeoman – at ST Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex. 8 Oct 1596.


MARSHALL Thomas, of St Margaret, Westminster, gent, widower, about 40, and Sarah HARINGDEN, of Elsford, Kent, spinster, 30, at own dispose – at St Magnus the Martyr or St Gregory, London. 9 July 1666.


MARSHAM John, of Cuxton co. Kent, esq, widower, and Hester SAYER, of Boucer’s Hall co. Essex, spinster, 22, daughter of Sir George SAYER, late of same, deceased, with her mothers consent – at St George, Southwark co. Surrey, St Andrew Undershaft, or St Catherine Creechurch, London. 13 March 1675.


MARTHAM Stephen, of Cranbrook, Kent, gent bachelor, 26, and Ellen BABBINGTON, of same, spinster, about 26, her parents dead – at Cranbrook or Frittenden co. Kent. 15 May 1648.


MARTIN John, (Marten), of the City of London, barber, and Jane GOADE of Hampton, Middlesex, daughter of Thomas GOADE, late of St Botolph, in co. Kent, gent, deceased – at St Bennet, Gracechurch, London. 23 June 1614.


MARTIN William, (Marten), of Northfleet, co Kent, blacksmith, and Anne PAINTER, spinster, daughter of Roger PAINTER, late of Gravesend co. Kent, deceased. – at Stepney, Middlesex. 29 Dec 1619.


MASCOLL John, gent, of New Romney, co. Kent, bachelor, 25, and Mrs Margaret SHEPHERD, of St Alphage, London, spinster, 22, consent of their parents – at St Alphage. 31 May 1697.


MASEY Edward, gent, of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 24, and Anne GODDEN of Oltam, Kent, spinster, 21, consent of father, Walter GODDEN, of same, gent. – at St Martin in the Fields. 8 Dec 1641.


MASON Henry, of Christchurch, London, citizen and leatherseller, bachelor, about 23, and Mrs Martha TRICE, of St Gregory, London, spinster, about 19, consent of father, Mr Thomas TRICE, one of the proctors of  the Arches court of Canterbury – at St Mary, Woolchurch, London. 10 Aug 1666.


MASTER Edward, esq, son and heir apparent, of Sir Edward MASTER, knight, bachelor, about 20, and Ann NOWER, daughter of John NOWER, of Ashford co. Kent, esq, spinster, 20, consent of both fathers – at St Andrew, Undershaft. 16 Sept 1662.


MASTER James, of Yokes, in the parish of Mereworth, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Frances SALMON, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, about 19, consent of father, Peter SALMON, doctor of physic – at St Mary, Savoy, or St Martin in the Fields. 10 July 1666.


MAY George, of the City of Rochester, co. Kent, esq, widower, about 40, and ARUNDELL, of St Margaret, Westminster, widow, about 25 – at St Dunstan in the West. 14 Feb 1666/7.


MAY Thomas, of Pashley, Sussex, esq, bachelor, (___), and Elizabeth COURTHOPP, of Horsmonden co. Kent, her fathers consent – at Horsmonden aforesaid. 10 July 1671.


MEDLEY John, of Looth co. Kent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Mary TURNER, of same, spinster, about 23, and at own dispose – at Tunbridge, said county. 16 Oct 1672.


MELLEFONT James, at St Anne, Westminster, gent, bachelor, 35, and Mary WRIGHT of Ashford co. Kent, widow – at St Lawrence. Jewry, London or …… 29 Nov 1693.


MERCHANT John. Anthony BENN, of Starmyer (?), co. Cumberland, alleges a marriage between John MERCHANT, of Cranbrook, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Frances BENN, sister of said Anthony, of St Clement Danes, spinster, 30, both her parents consent – at Lincolns Inn Chapel. 1 July 1696.


MEREDITH Henry, esq, of Leeds, Kent, bachelor, 30 and Mrs Mary ATWOOD, of St Andrew, Holborn, spinster, 25, her father dead – at St Paul’s, Cathedral. 11 May 1709.


MEREST James, of St Margaret, Westminster, gent, 40 and upwards, and Frances JOHNSON, of St Andrew, Holborn, spinster, 30 and upwards – at St Giles, Cripplegate, London or Greenwich co. Kent. 2 July 1725.


MIDDLETON Robert, of Buckstead, Sussex, clerk, bachelor, about 29, and Mary GILBERT of Conden, co. Kent, spinster, about 16, consent of mother, Sibilla KNIGHT alias GILBERT, of same – at Lingfield co. Surrey, or Hartfield co. Sussex. 27 April 1661.


MIDDLETON Thomas, of St Olave, Hart Street, London, esq, widower, about 60, and Elizabeth JEKYL of Deptford, Kent, widow, about 38 – at Clapham co. Surrey. 3 Sept 1670.


MILBOURNE James, of St Mary, Savoy, gent, bachelor, about 23, and Margaret BULBROOKE, of same, spinster, about 24, and at her own dispose – at St Marybone, St Martin in the Fields, Lutham, Kent. 2 June 1668.


MILLER Sir Humphrey, bart, of West Peckham, co. Kent, bachelor, 28, and Mary BURLACE, spinster, 18, daughter of Sir John BURLACE, (i.e. Borlase), bart, of Bockner, co. Bucks, who consents – at Medmenham, or Little Marlow co. Bucks. 15 Feb 1633/4.


MILLER Nicholas, of Wrotham, Kent, esq, bachelor, about 28 and Mary POLHILL of Riverhead, parish of Sevenoaks, said county, spinster, about 16, consent of mother, Jane POLHILL, widow – at Chevening, or Sevenoaks, Kent. 10 May 1666.


MILLS Alexander, vicar of St Clement, Sandwich, Kent, widower, and Dame Margaret TUFTON, alias TREDENHAM, of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, widow – at St James, Garlick Hithe, London or …..  12 Aug 1701. 


MILLS John, (Milles), of Leigh co. Kent, yeoman, son of Thomas MILLES, yeoman, aged 26, and Joanna HASELDEN, of same, widow, aged 30 and upwards, the consent of their friends, attested by Edward MILLES, of Tudlie co. Kent, tanner, brother of said John – at St Margaret, Westminster. 17 Sep 1601.


MILLS Robert, (Milles), of Petham, Kent, clerk, bachelor, 35 and Mary WAKEHAM, of Ashford, said county, spinster, about 30 – at Petham, Waltham or Crondall co. Kent. 20 Sept 1648.


MONINGES Thomas, of the City of Canterbury, co. Kent, esq and Mary HALES, spinster of the City of London, daughter of Charles HALES, of said City of Canterbury, esq, gen lic. 22 May 1595.


MOORE Sir George, knight and bart, of St Andrew, Holborn, widower, about 35, and Mrs Frances SANFORD, of Bobbins co. Kent, spinster, about 21, consent of mother, Mrs Elizabeth SANFORD, widow – at St Andrew, Holborn. 22 April 1671.


MORPHETT Thomas, of Tenterden, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Anne CURTIS, of same, widow, about 28 – at St Matthew, Friday Street, London. 8 June 1665.


MOSELEY John, of Woolledge, Kent, gent, bachelor, 34, and Anne NURSE, of Dartford, Kent, 40, widow of Francis NURSE – at Stone, Wilmington or Dartford co. Kent. 28 June 1648.


MOTT William, of Rochester, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mrs Elizabeth ALMOND, of same, spinster, about 19, her father’s consent – at Ludsdon co. Kent. 29 Sept 1673.


MOULD William, of London, merchant, bachelor, 30 and Alice HESTER, spinster, 18, daughter of William HESTER, of Lee co. Kent, who consents – at Lasom, Lee, or Greenwich, Kent. 18 May 1686.


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