London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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TALBOTT John, of Wrotham Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 26, and Susanna WELDISH, of same, widow, about 40 (sic) – at Wrotham, or Addington, Kent. 16 Feb 1662/3.


TAVENER Richard, of Crutched Friars, London, bachelor, about 26, and Rebecca JONES, of St Trinity Minories, Middlesex, widow, about 22 – at Reddrith (Rotherhithe), or Camberwell co. Surrey or Deptford in Kent. 15 May 1679.


TAYLOR Edward, clerk, of Fincheley. Middlesex, bachelor, about 26, and Jane STRETFIELD, of Hornsey, Middlesex, spinster, 21, daughter of Thomas STRETFIELD, late of Shoreham co. Kent, gent, deceased, consent of her mother, Frances STRETFIELD, alias SILLIARD, his late wife – at Harringay, alias HORNSEY, aforesaid. 16 May 1642.


TAYLOR Maximilan, of Sutton Valence co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 40, and Margaret TYNDALL, spinster, about 30, daughter of Bathshua TYNDALL, of same, widow, who consents – at Towne Sutton, East Sutton, or Langley co. Kent. 14 Nov 1670.


TAZEWELL James, of East Greenwich, Kent, esq, widower, about 50 and Mrs Elizabeth TOKEN, of Aldersgate, London, widow, about 32 – at St Botolph, Aldersgate. 20 May 1671.


TEDDEMAN Thomas, of Dover, Kent, gent, bachelor, above 27, and Mary ROBERTS, of Harbledown, Kent, spinster, 25, at her own disposal – at ST Michael, Harbledown, aforesaid or …… 26 Feb 1702/3.


TEMPLE Miles, of Dover, Kent, esq, widower, 36, and Susan CHANDLER, of St Botolph, Aldersgate, London, widow, 33 – at St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London, or Chertsey co. Surrey. 12 July 1647.


TEMSE Thomas, of Gravesend, Kent, vintner, and Joane ANWORTH, spinster – at St Mary Somerset, London. 31 July 1624.


TENCHE Hugh, of the Kings household, and Joane WILSDON, of Eltham in the diocese of Rochester. 28 June 1546.


TERNE Nathaniel, of St Botolph, Aldgate, London, gent, and Sarah HILL, spinster, daughter of Edmund HILL, late of Gillingham, co Kent, gent, deceased. – at  St Botolph, Aldgate, London. 14 Nov 1617.


THATCHER Robert, of Hollingbourne, Kent, gent, bachelor, 26, and Susan OSBORNE, of Hartlipp, said county, spinster, 20, with consent of her mother Mary OSBORNE, widow – at Hartlipp, aforesaid. 12 Dec 1650.


THOMAS Alexander, of Lamberhurst co. Sussex and Kent, gent, bachelor, about 21 and Mary OFFLEY of Lewisham, co. Kent, spinster about 23, her parents dead. – at Franfield co Sussex. 14 March 1675/6.


THOMAS Christopher, of Eriffe co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 48 and Mildred TURBIN of ye parish (sic), widow, 48 –at St Botolph, Billingsgate, or ST Peter, Paul’s Wharf, London. 7 Sept 1663


THOMAS The Right Rev John, Lord Bishop of Rochester, widower, and Dame Elizabeth YATES , of St George, Hanover Square, Middlesex, widow – at any time and place. 10 Jan 1775.


THOMAS Robert, of Middle Temple, gent, bachelor, about 29, and Mrs Anne MANDY, of Seale co. Kent, widower, about 21 – at St Andrew Holborn. 8 May 1670.


TOMSON Peter, vintner, and Thomasine NICHOLAS, of St Olave Old Jewry, London, spinster, daughter of Henry NICHOLAS of Deale co. Kent, husbandman  - at St Olave aforesaid. 12 Jan 1598/9.


THOMPSON Robert, of Sheerness, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Elizabeth NEWBY, of Whitechapel, Middlesex, spinster, about 24, and at own dispose. 28 June 1675.


THOMSON Thomas, of the City of Canterbury, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Phoebe HAMMOND, of same, spinster, about 18, consent of mother, Mrs Ann JUXON, alias HAMMOND – at St Bride, London. 29 June 1663.


THORNBURGH Giles, of St Martin, Ludgate, gent, widower, about 31, and Rebecca HURLESTONE, of Redrith (Rotherhithe), Surrey, spinster, about 19, consent of her father, Nicholas HURLESTONE, of same, esq – at Maidstone, Deckling or Boxley, co. Kent. 23 June 1662.


THOROLD Thomas, of Sandwich, Kent, bachelor, 37, and Elizabeth FOUNTAIN, of St Andrew Holborn, widow, 28 – at St Martin in the Fields. 5 May 1703.


TIDDE Thomas jun, of Deptford, Kent chirurgeon, bachelor, above 22, and Mary ELLIOTT, spinster, about 20, daughter of Mary ELLIOTT, of Bridewell, precinct of London, widow, whose consent is attested by Joseph DAMSELL, uncle of said Mary ELLIOTT, spinster –at Westminster Abbey or …….  5 Aug 1700.


TOKE John, of Great Chart co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 24, and Anne BEST, of same, spinster, 22, her parents dead – at Greta Chart or Eastwell co. Kent. 30 Sept 1663.


TOKE Nicholas jun, of Godinton, parish of Great Chart co. Kent, bachelor, 25, and Joanna TOKE, spinster, 17, daughter of TOKE of Westbeere, said county, esq, who consents – at Eastwell or Great Chart co. Kent. 26 April 1661.


TOKE Thomas, of Beere, co. Kent, esq, widower, about 32, and Elizabeth BABINGTON, of Huffam, said county, spinster. 20, and upwards, her parents dead – at Huffam, aforesaid. 5 March 1677/8.


TOKE William, gent, of Marden, Kent, and Elizabeth HILTON, of Faversham, spinster, 28 – at Trinity Minories. 18 Aug 1708.


TOLSON John, gent, of Liberty of the Rolls, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth PLUMMER, of Hollingsbourne, Kent, spinster, 21, consent of father – at St Botolph, Aldgate. 10 Nov 1702.


TOLSON Thomas, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, age 22, and Mrs Elizabeth ROBERTS, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Dame Jane ROBERTS – at St George, Canterbury, or Beakesbourne co. Kent, or St Andrew Holborn. 21 Sept 1662/3.


TOMLYN John, of Maidstone, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Anne CRAGG, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Mrs ____ CRAGG, widow – at new chapel of Westminster, or St Mary Savoy. 18 Jan 1666/7.


TOWNLEY Edmund, of the City of Hamborough, and Mrs Elizabeth GILBERT, of same city, both subjects to our sovereign lord the King of England, consent of parents or friends of both – to marry at chapel or oratory of ye company of English merchants living in said city, by Thomas GRIFFIN, minister of same, also an English subject; alleged by Godfrey LEE, one of the proctors of the Arches Court of Canterbury. 24 June 1674.


TOUNSEND Henry, of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, sealmaker, widower, and Alice KIRBY, of St John Walbrook, said city, widow of William KIRBY, late of Co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Martin in the Vintry, London. 9 Dec 1612.


TOWNSENDE Humphrey, of All Hallows, Barking, fishmonger, and Katherine, MERCER, widow, of same, relict of Humphrey MERCER, late of Hawkherst, Kent, gent, gen lic. 11 Dec 1587.


TRANSUM George of Faversham, and Johanna CROSWELLER, alias CAREW, widow, of St Stephen, Coleman Street, gen lic. 21 Sept 1571.


TRIMNELL William, of Staples Inn, gent, bachelor, 30, and Jane LOCK, of Chevening, Kent, spinster, 20, daughter of Elias LOCK, who consents – at All Hallows, Barking, London. 28 April 1688.


TRUCK John, of Linton, Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Mrs Elizabeth BUTCHER, of Staplehurst, Kent, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose, alleged by John BUTCHER, of Staplehurst, aforesaid, gent – at Staplehurst, or Martyn co. Kent. 31 Oct 1668.


TUCKER Josua, of High Bickington, Devon, clerk, widower, about 50, and Frances JOYNER, of Greenwich, Kent, widow, about 40 – at St Margaret, Westminster. 23 Nov 1660.


TUFFNELL John Charles, esq, of St Marylebone, Middlesex, bachelor, 24 and Uliana Margaret FOWELL of Bishopsbourne, Kent, spinster, 17 and upwards, but under 21, daughter of Rev John FOWELL DD, who consents – at Marylebone aforesaid. 22 April 1796.


TURKE Samuel, of Gondhurst, Kent, gent, widower, about 50, and Anne BARHAM, of St Martin le Grand, London, spinster, about 22, her parents dead – at St Olave, or St Saviour, Southwark. 20 Dec 1675.


TURNER Charles, of Kirkleathan, co. York, esq, bachelor, about 23, and Mrs Margaret CHOLMLEY, of Chipsted, Kent, spinster, about 15, her mothers consent, alleged by Sir William TURNER of London, knight – at St Martin in the Fields, St Mary Savoy, St Paul Covent Garden or St Botolph Aldersgate. 27 June 1676.


TURNOR John, of Linton co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Anne TOKE of same, spinster, 23 – at Ofham, Boughton or East Malling co. Kent.  12 June 1648.


TURNER Thomas, of St Andrew Hubbard, London, turner, and Jane WALL of St George, Botolph Lane, said city, spinster, daughter of Roger WALL, of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, shoemaker – at St George aforesaid. 17 Feb 1603/4.


TURNER Thomas, of Ileden, parish of Kingston co. Kent, esq, widower, 50, and Mrs Susanna RYVES, of Stepney, widow, 50 – at St James in the Fields. 28 Aug 1700.


TWISDEN Roger, of Bradbourne, co. Kent, esq, 27, and Margaret MARSHAM, spinster, 20, daughter of John MARSHAM, knight and bart, of Haling, said county, who consents – at St Martin in the Fields, St Andrew Holborn or Charterhouse chapel, Middlesex. 7 Dec 1667.


TWISDEN Thomas, of East Malling, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Ann MUSTERS, of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, spinster, above 21, alleged by William TWISDEN, of the Inner Temple, esq – at St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex or ….. 14 July 1701.


TWYSDEN William, of East Peckham, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 27, and Frances CROSSE, spinster, 16, daughter of Frances CROSSE, of St Swithin, London, widow, who consents – at St Swithin aforesaid, or the collegiate church of St Peter Westminster. 8 June 1665.


TWSYLTON Christopher (sic), and Anne BERE, of Ditford, diocese of Rochester. 16 July 1546.


TWISLETON George, of Grays Inn, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mrs Cicilia TWISLETON, of Dartford Kent, spinster, about 17, her fathers consent – at St Andrew Holborn or Grays Inn chapel. 30 Sept 1668.


TWISLETON John, gent, of Grays Inn, bachelor, 22, son and heir of John TWISLETON esq, of Dartford Kent, who consents and Elizabeth SKYNNER, spinster, 19, daughter of Augustine SKINNER, esq, of Tattsham Hall, said county, who consents – at St Mary Aldermanbury. 27 April 1636.


TWISLETON John, of Dartford Kent, esq, widower, 32 and Mrs Elizabeth FINNES (Fiennes), spinster, 18, daughter of Hon James FINNES, son and heir of The Right Hon William, Viscount Sea and Seale (Say and Seale), who consents – at St Magnus or St Mary Aldermanbury, London. 12 May 1649.


TYLDEN William, of Milsted, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Hannah MANBY, of Christchurch, London, spinster, about 17, consent of father, Francis MANBY – at Christchurch, London. 18 Nov 1663.


TYTE John, blacksmith, and Joanne PANNELL, of Stepney, Middlesex, widow of Richard PANNELL, late of Chatham co. Kent, shipwright – at Stepney aforesaid. 23 Aug 1609.


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