London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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BAGNALL Henry, of Appledore co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 29, and Anne ARCHLEY of same, widow, 30 – at St Bride London or ……. 21 July 1702.


BAKER Nicholas, of Clifford’s Inn, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Elizabeth TURNER of City of Canterbury, spinster about 24, her fathers consent – at Dartford co. Kent 19 Jan 1676/7


BAKER Richard, of Penshus, co Kent, warrener and Elizabeth SURREN of co. Essex, spinster – at St Martin in the Vintry. London 12 Feb 1617/8.


BAKER Robert, of Staples Inn, London, gent, and Margaret SARE of the City of London, daughter of Thomas SARE of Norton co. Kent, gent, gen lic – 16 May 1591.


BAKER Stephen, of Stepney, Middlesex, bachelor, 23 and Mary FISHMAN, of same,  spinster, 24, daughter of John FISHMAN of Deptford co. Kent , gent, who consents – at Stepney or St Paul, Shadwell Middlesex 13 Oct 1679.


BAKER William, of the Isle of Graine, co. Kent, carpenter, bachelor, about 29, and Martha BINSKIN of the same, spinster about 22, consent of parents – at the Church in the said Island, x W BAKER’s mark, 3 Nov 1668.


BANKE John, woollendraper, and Mercy FISHER of London, spinster, daughter of Alexandra FISHER late of Detling co. Kent, gent, deceased, gen lic , 28 April 1596.


BARGRAVE Thomas, gent, of Eastrey, Kent, bachelor, 26, and Honora ESTCOTT of St Dunstan in the West, spinster, 20, consent of mother Alice ESTCOTT, widow, testified by “Ludowick” Wemis, (sic subs), DD – at St Bartholomew the Less or St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street. 3 Aug 1647.


BARKER Edmund, of Greenwich, co Kent, sailor, and Mary PAGE, of same, spinster – at St Andrew Hubbard, London. 6 Feb 1661/2.


BARKER William, of St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex, esq, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth DIXON, of Tunbridge of co. Kent, spinster, 23 at her own disposal – at Maidstone, Kent or St Gregory or St Bennet, Pauls Wharf, London. 12 Jan 1663/4.


BARNHAM Francis, of Boughton Mountchelsey, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, about 30,  and Mrs Anne SHURLEY of Willington, Sussex, widow – at Palmer co. Sussex alleged by Robert BARNHAM of St Mary, Savoy, gent. 19 Sep 1667.


BARNHAM Martin, (Barneham), of Hallingbury, Kent, gent and “Unam” ISLEY of  St Margaret, Westminster, spinster – at St Leonard, Foster Lane. 15 Dec 1607.


BARNHAM Sir Robert bart,  of  Boughton Mountchelsey, co. Kent, widower, 47, and Hannah LOWFIELD, of St Dionis, Blackchurch, London, widow, 38 – at All Hallows in the Wall or St James, Dukes Place, London. 18 Aug 1663.


BARRELL John, gent, of St John without Folgate, London, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth SWINGFIELD, of All Hallows, Barking, maiden, 22, daughter of Stephen SWINGFIELD of Peckham, Kent, gent, whose consent is attested by his son Rowland SWINGFIELD at St Michael, Crooked Lane, fishmonger – at All Hallows, Barking. 28 Sep 1602.


BARRETT Paul, of the City of Canterbury, esq, widower and Katherine  HURLESTON of Redrith co. Surrey, widow, aged 20 – at St Botolph, Aldgate or St James, Dukes Place, London. 15 Dec 1673.


BARTLETT George, merchant and Elizabeth BURROUGHE of same spinster, daughter of Stephen BURROUGHE late of Chatham co. Kent, mariner, deceased – at Stepney, Middlesex. 5 March 1603/4


BARTON Thomas, of Milton, alias Midleton, Kent, gent, widower and Elizabeth GARLAND, of same , widow – at St Saviour, Southwark, co Surrey or ….. 23 June 1680.


BASTION Daniel, waterman, and Thomazine HANFEILDE,  of London, widow of Henry HANFEILDE, late of Gravesend, waterman – at St George, Botolph Lane, London. 12 Jan 1591/2.


BATHURST Edward (Bathhurst), gent, of Lincolns Inn, about 21, son and heir of Randolph BATHHURST, of Harton Kirby co. Kent, esq, who consents and Mrs Frances WYSEMAN of Rivenhall, Essex, spinster, about 17, daughter of Sir Thomas WYSEMAN the elder of same, knight, who consents – at Great St Bartholomew, London. 2 Nov 1624.


BATHURST Lancelot, of Wilmington, Kent, gent, widower and Anne GAMON of St Mary le Strand, alias Savoy, Middlesex, spinster, 27, daughter of Richard GAMON of same who consents – at St Mary, Savoy, aforesaid. 14 July 1669.


BATT Henry (Batte), yeoman and Johanna NEALE, of London, spinster, daughter of ____ NEALE of co. Kent, husbandman, gen lic. 30 June 1598.


BAXTER Edward, of Lee co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 24 and Mrs Mercy DELL of St Giles, Cripplegate, spinster about 18, her mothers consent – at St Mary le Bow, London. 11 Dec 1676.


BAYFORD John (Bayforde),  of All Hallows, Steyning, leatherseller, and Katherine HARPER, spinster, daughter of ____ HARPER, of ….. co. Kent, gent, deceased – at All Hallows, aforesaid. 17 Feb 1584/5.


BAYNARD Adiell of Barklowe(?), co. Cambridge D.D. widower, about 45, and Damaris SMYTH of Greenwich Kent, spinster, about 24, consent of father William SMYTH of same, gent – at St Dionis, Backchurch. 31 Oct 1660.


BAYNES John, of Inner Temple, esq, bachelor, about 26 and Mrs Lucy LEE of South Fleet, co. Kent, spinster about 16, consent of her father, John WARNER alias LEE, DD – at St Giles in the Fields. 5 Feb 1675/6.


BAYTUN of Spye Park, co. Wilts, esq, bachelor, 21, and the Right Hon Lady Anne WILMOT, of St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex, 18, her parents dead and she at the  disposing of the Countess Dowager of Rochester her grandmother and guardian who consents – at Adderbury co. Oxon. or ……. 21 July 1685.


BEACON William (in margin Becon), of Sevenoaks Kent, yeoman and Katherine HUNTER  of St Margaret, Westminster, widow – at St Margaret, Westminster. 23 Jan 1620/1.


BEALE Sir John bart., of Maidstone, Kent, widower, 35 and Jane GUKE, spinster, 17, daughter of Richard DUKE, of same esq,  who consents – at St Clement Danes, Middlesex or St Gregory, London. 9 May 1662.


BEALE John,  of Maidstone, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Margaret BEALE of Loose, said county, spinster, about 25 and at her own disposal – at Loose, Langley, Boughton or Monchelsea (sic), said county. 18 June 1672.


BEAUCHAMP Stephen (Beauchampe), of Orpington, Kent, brickmaker and Heather HOTHER of St Margaret, Westminster, widow  - at St Margaret, Westminster. 6 Dec 1621.


BELL John, gent of Eaton, Bucks, bachelor, 30, son of  Matthew BELL, of same, gent, who consents and Joane OLIVER, spinster, 17, daughter of  William OLIVER of ….. co. Kent, deceased about nine years since, consent of Robert TOMPSON of St Bennet, St Paul’s Wharf, citizen and dyer and of Joane OLIVER, alias TOMPSON, mother of said Joane – at St Bennet, aforesaid. 28 Oct 1622.


BENSKIN Francis, of St Dunstan in the West, London, esq, widower and Frances JAMES,  of ….. co. Kent, widow – at any church or chapel in the diocese of London. 9 June 1664.


BENSON Edward, of St Giles, Cripplegate, citizen and merchant taylor, bachelor, about 24, and Anne TITCHBOURNE of Dover Kent, spinster, about 21. her fathers consent – at St Giles, Cripplegate. 10 Aug 1669.


BETTENHAM Henry, of Pluckley co. Kent, gent, bachelor, aged 24, and Elizabeth TUCKE, of Hotfield co. Kent, aged about 30, widow of one TUCKE,  of same, gent – at Hotfield or Pluckley aforesaid. 7 Dec 1632.


BETTS John, gent, of Chartris, Isle of Ely co. Cambridge, bachelor, 44 and Katherine TRIPP late of Kapham co, Kent and now of the diocese of London. Widow, 24 – at St Stephen, Coleman st, London. 9 Sept 1626.


BEWLY (Bewlye) Thomas and Agnes SOWTHOWSON, of diocese of Canterbury. 15 Apr 1547.


BICKLEY John of St Michael, Cornhill, upholder, bachelor, about 24 and Gertrude BERESFORD of Sevenoaks, Kent, spinster, about 20, consent of father Tristram BERESFORD of same, gent – at Sevenoaks aforesaid. 22 Sept 1663.


BIDDULPH Michael of Greenwich co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 24 and Mary WHITLEY, spinster, 20, daughter of Colonel Roger WHITLEY of St Helen, London, who consents – at St Helen, aforesaid. 30 Dec 1678.


BIRKBECK Henry, gent of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 24, and Jane HADLOW, spinster, 22, her parents dead – at St Alban, Wood Street. 18 Nov 1641.


BISHOP George (Bishopp), of Staple Inn, London, gent, widower, about 37 and Mrs Mary BESBEECH, of Gowdhurst, Kent, widow, about 32 – at Gowdhurst or Benenden co. Kent. 11 Dec 1671.


BLACKMAN Thomas, yeoman, and Joanna LESTCOTT, of London, spinster, daughter of John LESSCOTT late of Sheffield co. Kent, husbandman, deceased, gen lic. 25 June 1593.


BLAKE Isaac, of Stroud co. Kent, gent, bachelor, aged 28 and Elizabeth PENNISTON  of Finsbury said county, widow, about 27 – at St Dunstan in the East or …. 8 June 1678.


BLECHYNDEN Thomas one of the prebendaries of Christchurch, Canterbury, bachelor, 42,  and Margaret ALDERSEY of St Catherine Coleman, spinster, 18, daughter of Samuel ALDERSEY, merchant, deceased, consent of her mother in law, Margaret ALDERSEY – at St Faith, or St Leonard, Foster Lane, attested by Richard BLECHYNDEN of St Gregory, silkman. 4 Dec 1635.


BLEWETT James, husbandman, and Katherine LAWSON, of the City of London, spinster, daughter of William LAWSON, late of Lewisham, co. Kent, husbandman, deceased, gen lic. 13 Feb 1590/1.


BLOUNT Thomas, of Writlewarsh (sic), Kent, gent, widower, 28 and Anne GROSVENOR, spinster, 22, daughter of Edward GROSVENOR, of St Anne’s, Blackfriars, esq, who consents – at St Gregory or St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, London. 3 Dec 1661.


BLUNDELL Sir George, knight, of Cardington, Beds, widower, 38, and Elizabeth YARDLEY, spinster, 18, daughter of Christopher YARDLEY of East Greenwich, Kent, merchant, who consents – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch or St Dionis, Backchurch. 16 May 1661.


BLYTHE John, gent, of Stepney, bachelor, 25 and Margaret TICKERIDGE of Deptford, Kent, spinster, 18, her father dead, consent of her mother, Susan TICKERIDGE alias BLYTHE – at St Botolph, Aldersgate. 15 Sep 1643.


BOATE Benjamin, of Deptford, Kent, widower about 50, and Rebecca HAINES, of St Michael, Queenhithe, widow, about 50 – at St George, Botolph Lane, London. 1 April 1661.


BODENHAM Philip of Orpington co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 26 and Mrs Mary POLEY of Shoreham, said county, spinster, about 18, her fathers consent – at Little Peckham, said county. 5 June 1674.


BOEMOND Nicholas, of Harrisham, Kent, gent, bachelor, 29, and Susan BARRON, spinster, 27, daughter of Robert BARRON, late of Boughton, Kent, gent, deceased, with the consent of her mother, Susan BARRON of same, widow – to marry at St Olave, Southwark or St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, (the date is 11 Oct but evidently error for 21). 21 Oct 1632.


BOLGRAVE John, of the City of London, carpenter and Alice ADAMES of same, spinster, daughter of John ADAMES late of Strowde co. Kent, deceased, gen lic. 19 Feb 1587/8.


BOND John, of Sunderitch co. Kent, esq, widower, and Winifred BUGGINS, of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, widow – at St Clement aforesaid or ….. 7 Aug 1693.


BOOTH Charles, of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, widower, and Elizabeth MAPLESDEN, spinster, 22, daughter of George MAPLESDEN, of Marden co. Kent,  who consents – at St Olave, Southwark, co. Surrey or St Bennet, Gracechurch  or St Dunstan in the East, London. 25 Nov 1689.


BORASTON George, clerk, rector of Hever, Kent, bachelor,  about 29, and Elizabeth SLOWMAN, of same, spinster, about 24, her parents dead – at St James, Dukes Place, London. 4 May 1663.


BOSSE Richard, of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 28, and Mrs Amy RYE,  of Aylesbury, Bucks, spinster, about 23, mothers consent – at St Mary Axe, London. 15 May 1665.


BOSVILE Francis, of Beckenham, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30 and Mary BERNARD of same, widow, about 26 – at St Olave or St George, Southwark. 4 Oct 1661.


BOSVILE Lennard (Bosevile) (sic subs),  of Bradbourne, Sevenoaks, Kent, esq, bachelor, about 30 and Dame Jane FOWLER of Ash, in the said county, widow, about 25 – at Ash, aforesaid. 13 Jan 1668/9.


BOSVILE Thomas, of Littlemore, Aynsford parish, Aynsford, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, about 20, son of Thomas BOSVILE, late of same, knight, deceased and Elizabeth WIAT, of Horton Kirby, of the said county, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Dame Margaret WIAT, widow, attested by Edwin WIAT esq – at St Gregory or St Dunstan in the West, London. 5 Nov 1660.


BOSVILE William, of Bradbone, co. Kent, bachelor, 26 and Jane HOBSON of Eltham, said county, spinster, 20, daughter of Clement HOBSON, of same, clerk, who consents – at St Saviour Southwark or …….. 17 Feb 1695/6.


BOTSFORD Edward, of Staple Inn, gent, bachelor, about 21, and Margaret ROBERTS of Maidstone Bowers co. Kent, spinster, about 21, her fathers consent, alleged by Susanna BOTSFORD, wife of Edward BOTSFORD of St Andrew, Holborn, carpenter – at Maidstone Bowers aforesaid. 3 Oct 1666.


BOUGHTON Edward, of Bilton co. Warwick, bachelor, 18, and Abigail BOUGHTON, spinster, 18, daughter of William BOUGHTON of Hill Morton said co. Kent, who consents – at St Dunstan in the West, London or St Giles in the Fields or St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex. 1 May 1678.


BOUGHTON John, of St Mary, Woolnoth, London, bachelor, 26, and Grace BUGGIN of same, spinster, 20, her parents dead, with consent of her brothers, John BUGGIN of North Cray, co. Kent, esq, and Butler BUGGIN of New Inn, London, gent – at St Mary, Woolnoth, St Peter le Poor, or St Olave, Hart Street, London. 4 March 1675/6.


BOWLE George, gent, of Chislehurst co. Kent, bachelor, 28,  and Abigail BOOTH, of St Leonard, Shoreditch, spinster, 18, daughter of William BOOTH, merchant, deceased, consent of Court of Orphans, London – at St Magnus or Stepney. 16 July 1639.


BOYLSTON Thomas of St Botolph, Aldgate, citizen and goldsmith, bachelor about 23, and Mrs Ellinon DAM of St Dunstan in the West, spinster, about 17, consent of father, George DAM, of Rochester Kent, gent – at St Botolph, Aldgate or …… 31 July 1666.


BOYS John, of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Jane PRICE, of Rochester co. Kent, widow, about 22, with consent of  her father Sir Richard HEAD of same, bart – at All Hallows in the Wall or …… 28 March1679.


BOYS Samuel, of Hawkhurst, Kent, gent, bachelor, 26 and Philadelphia PARKER about 17, daughter of Sir Thomas PARKER, knight, who consents - at Willington, Jevington or West Deane, co. Sussex. 10 Jan 1648/9.


BOYS William, of Hawkhurst, Kent, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Elizabeth SHIRLEY, of Preston co. Sussex 20 and upwards, her fathers consent – at St Leonard, Shoreditch. 10 March 1666/7.


BRADBURY John, (Bradburye), waterman and Mary CLERKE, widow of St Bride, Fleet Street, relict of Thomas CLERKE, of Wigh co. Kent, butcher  - at All Hallows, Barking. 27 April 1585.


BRADLEY Thomas, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Elizabeth HOLLAND, of All Hallows, Stayning, London, spinster, about 23, her fathers consent at All Hallows, Stayning aforesaid. 23 Jan 1670/1.


BRAEMES Walter, of Dover Kent, esq, bachelor, about 28, and Mary JACOB, spinster, about 20, consent of father, Sir John JACOB, knight – at Bromley, Middlesex, alleged by John Adrian, of London, merchant.13 May 1663.


BREACH Francis, of St Bartholomew Exchange, London, citizen and merchant taylor, bachelor, 27, and Elizabeth TILGHMAN, of St Stephen, Coleman Street, spinster, 19, daughter of Francis TILGHMAN of Sandwich, Kent, gent, who consents – at St Faith. 2 Feb 1641/2.


BREAMES Walter (he seems to sign Bruems), of City of Canterbury, esq, bachelor, about 36 and Sybil BUTTS of St Margaret, Westminster, widow, about 30 – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 6 May 1662.


BREWER Richard of Ditton, Kent, gent, widower, about 32, and Mrs Mary SELBY of St Margaret in the City of Rochester, widow, about 40 – at All Hallows, Barking. 8 Nov 1666.


BREWER Thomas, of West Farley, Kent, esq, widower, about 50, and Mrs Anne KILBURNE, of Hawkhurst, said county, spinster, about 27 and at her disposal at Hawkhurst aforesaid. 17 May 1678.


BRIDGLAND John of Maresfield, co. Sussex, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Anne KNIGHT, of Cowden co. Kent, spinster, about 25, with her fathers consent – at Ockfield co. Sussex. 17 May 1679.


BRIGDEN Thomas, of Mereworth co. Kent, yeoman, and Dorothy HARVEY, spinster – at St Andrew Hubbard, London. 28 Oct 1623.


BRISTALL Robert, of Milton near Gravesend, co. Kent, gent, and Elizabeth GREENE of Wapping, Middlesex, spinster, about 21, her mothers consent – at Wapping or Milton aforesaid. 25 May 1669.


BROAD William, of the City of Rochester, co. Kent, bachelor, 21, son of Ann BROAD of same, widow, and Mary MABB, spinster, 18, daughter of John MABB, of same esq, with consent of their parents – at St Peters, St Paul’s Wharf, London. 31 Aug 1663.


BROADNAX Robert, junior, of Godmersham, about 30 and Elizabeth RICHARDS, of Goodneston co. Kent, spinster, 24, alleged by Gabriel RICHARDS, of Goodneston, gent – at Challocke, Goodneston or Preston said county. 20 Feb 1648/9.


BROCKBANK Robert, (Brockbanke), of Bromley, St Leonards, butcher, and Mary BRASIER, widow of Thomas BRASIER, late of Tunbridge co. Kent – at Stepney, co. Middlesex or St Magnus, London. 24 Apr 1626.


BROCKETT Thomas, of Eatonbridge Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30 and Elizabeth SEYLIARD, spinster, about 20, daughter of Thomas SEYLIARD of Eatonbridge, aforesaid esq, who consents. – at Eatonbridge, aforesaid. 10 Dec 1632.


BROMLEY Alban, of St Michael, Basishaw, London, and Ellen MUSGRAVE, of London, widow of Cuthbert MUSGRAVE late of Greenwich co. Kent, barber-surgeon, gen lic. – 6 Sep 1596.


BROMLEY Thomas, (Bromleye), of St Benet, Gracechurch, London, ironmonger, and Margaret TILLMAN, spinster of St Lawrence, Old Jewry, daughter of _____ TILLMAN, late of Faversham, Kent, gent, deceased, gen lic. 13 Dec 1591.


BROOKE Abraham, of St Trinity Minories, chirugeon, bachelor, 20, son of Thomas BROOKE, late of Dartford co. Kent, merchant, deceased, consent of his mother, Alice BROOKE, alias GOULDSMITH, of same and Anne SKINNER, of the Minories aforesaid, spinster, 18, daughter of Ralph SKINNER, late of same, gent, deceased, consent of her mother, Hellen SKINNER of the same, widow. – at St Mary, Islington. 1 June 1631.


BROOKE Thomas, of Borne co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Aleby HOPE, spinster, 24, daughter of one HOPE, of Dover, Kent, who consents – at St Peter, Paul’s Wharf, London. 21 Nov 1632.


BROOKER Henry, of Foots Cray, co. Kent, bachelor, 30, and Hannah TANNER, of St Margaret, Westminster, spinster, 21 and upwards, at her own disposal – at St Margaret, aforesaid. 1 Feb 1705/6.


BROUNCKER Christopher of Portsmouth co. Southampton, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Catherine GILBOURNE of Shoreham, Kent, spinster, about 18, consent of father Henry GILBOURNE of same, esq – at Newington Butts, Surrey, St Mary, Savoy, or St Giles in the Fields. 7 Nov 1670.


BROWNE Anthony, of Woolwich, Kent, widower and Audrey CLARKE, of St Margaret, Westminster, widow. 16 July 1674.


BROWNE Bartholomew, of St Sepulchre, London, bachelor, 25 and Jane HEYMAN, spinster, 24, daughter of Peter HEYMAN, of Wye co. Kent esq, who consents – at Wye, aforesaid or …… 17 Jan 1682/3.


BROWNE George of Spelmanden co Kent, gent, about 20, consent of his father John BROWNE, and Anne DOBELL, of Streete co. Sussex, spinster, about 19, daughter of Walter DOBELL, of same, esq, who consents. – at Streete, aforesaid or ….. 3 Dec 1647.


BROWNE Thomas, of Barking, Essex, yeoman and Elizabeth RUNDELL, spinster, daughter of Edward RUNDELL of Northfleet co. Kent, yeoman – at St Andrew, Holborn, London – 29 Nov 1623.


BRUCE Richard (Bruse), of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, widower, 38 and Mary FLETCHER of East Malling co. Kent, spinster, 19, daughter of James FLETCHER, of same, gent, who consents. – at St Bride, London, or St Mary, Savoy, Middlesex. 13 Oct 1663.


BUCKERIDGE Nicholas, of Bradwell, Essex, clerk, bachelor, 30, and Hellena AMHURST, spinster, 22, daughter of Nicholas AMHURST, of East Farley, co Kent, gent, who consents. – at East Farley or Langley co. Kent. 2 June 1679.


BUCKLANDE John, yeoman, and Elizabeth WARE, widow, now of the City of London, relict of William WARE, late of Chedingstone, Kent, yeoman. – at St Antholin, London. 25 March 1586.


BUCKNALL Samuel, of Bromley, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 28, and Anne FISHER of the City of Rochester, spinster, about 21, with consent of her mother, Mrs Anne FISHER, widow – at St Nicholas, in Rochester aforesaid. 25 June 1679.


BULL Josias, of North Cray, Kent, gent, bachelor, 24, and Anne YATES, spinster, 21 and upwards, daughter of Robert YATES, late of Bardsmere Green in said county, clerk, M.A. deceased and her mother also – at St Botolph, Billingsgate, London or Newington, Middlesex. 19 Feb 1632/3.


BULL Richard, of Hertford, Herts, gent, bachelor, about 25 and Mrs Mary PIERREPONT, of Riverhead, in the parish of Sevenoaks, Kent, spinster, about 21, her mothers consent – at St Andrew, Holborn. 28 Nov 1668. 


BULLEN Henry, husbandman, and Margaret SKINNER widow of Thomas SKINNER, late of Hartley co. Kent, husbandman, deceased – at St Mary Abchurch, London. 8 Aug 1621.


BUNCE James, of Greenwich, Kent, esq, about 28 and Dorothy HUGESSON, spinster, 17, consent of father, Sir William HUGESSON, knight of Lingsted co. Kent – at Lingsted O Henden, or Newton co. Kent. 4 Dec 1661.


BUNCHE William, sailor, and Millicent EDMUNDS, spinster of diocese of London, daughter of ____ EDMUNDS of Rochester co. Kent, sailor – at Stepney, Middlesex. 17 Sep 1596.


BURBAGE Edmund, yeoman, and Mildred OKINGFOULDE now of City of London, spinster, daughter of John OKINGFOLDE of Farnham co. Kent, yeoman, gen lic. 16 Jan 1588/9.


BURNHAM William, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, 29, and Margaret CROMPTON, spinster, 20, with consent of her father, of co. Hereford, gent – at St James, Clerkenwell or ……….. co. Middlesex. 2 May 1633.


BURRELL Lancelot, of Lambeth, Surrey, gent, widower, about 43, and Anne TILLSEY  of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, about 30, at own disposal. – at Deptford, Strand, alias West Greenwich. 8 Jan 1661/2.


BURTON John, of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Rebecca CRANMORE, of St Swithin, London Stone, spinster, 25 – at St Leonard, Shoreditch. 28 Jan 1723/4.


BURTON Thomas, husbandman and Elizabeth KETTLE, spinster, daughter of ____ KETTLE, late of Crayford, co. Kent, husbandman, deceased. –at St Andrew, Holborn, London. 11 Jan 1615/6.


BURTON Sir Thomas bart, of Stockerston co. Leicester, bachelor, 23 and Anne CLUTTERBUCK, spinster, 21, daughter of Sir Thomas CLUTTERBUCK, knight of Greenwich, Kent, who consents – at St Saviour, Southwark, St Clement Danes, or Fulham, Middlesex. 26 June 1680.


BUTCHER William, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor,  about 27 and Mrs Elizabeth HOLDING, of Cranbrooke co. Kent, widow, about 25, alleged by John BUTCHER, of Staplehurst co. Kent, esq – at Farningham, Wrotham, Cranbrooke, Staplehurst co. Kent. 12 Oct 1668.


BUTLER Henry, of Nawley co. Dorset, esq, bachelor, 25 and Mary PARKHURST of East Lanham, Kent, spinster, 22, daughter of Sir William PARKHURST, of same, knight, who consents – at Little St Bartholomew, London. 23 Feb 1647.


BUTLER John, of Horsleydown, in the parish of St Olave, Southwark co. Surrey, and Frances INMAN, spinster, daughter of William INMAN of Stoake co. Kent – at St Peter, Paul’s Wharf or Trinity, Minories, London. 13 June 1661.


BUTLER Peter, of St Andrew, Holborn, gent, bachelor, 25, and Afra BARHAM, spinster, 24, daughter of Robert BARHAM late of Boughton Mounchelsea, co. Kent, gent, deceased, with consent of her mother, Susan BARHAM of same, widow - at St Peter, Paul’s Wharf, London. 20 May 1633.


BUTLER Samuel, of Brenchley co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26 and Mrs Mary DALTON, of Fulborne co. Cambridge, spinster, about 23, her parents dead – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London. 12 Feb 1673/4.


BUTTON John, and Anne BROWNE, spinster of the diocese of London, daughter of _______ BROWNE, late of Rochester co. Kent, tailor, deceased – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch, London. 18 Sept 1596.


BYNG William (Bing), of Linton, co. Kent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Mary BIRSHETT of West Farleigh, said county, spinster, about 21, her mothers consent – at West Farleigh, Goudhurst or Marden co. Kent. 12 Feb 1668/9.



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