London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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JACKSON George, of Sheerness, Kent, gent, widower, about 40, and Elizabeth SAMPSON, of Minster, Isle of Sheppey, said county, widow, about 38 – at parish church in ye Island of Graine, said county or St Mary, Savoy, Middlesex. 5 July 1667.


JACKSON Henry, of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, vintner, and Bridget DARBYSHEARE, of the City of London, spinster, daughter of ______ DARBYSHEARE, late of Gravesend, Kent, innholder, deceased, gen lic. 7 Sept 1588.


JACKSON Stephen jun, of St Catherine Coleman, London, merchant, bachelor, about 23, and Mrs Rachael WATSON, of same, spinster, about 23, consent of father, Thomas WATSON, one of the Aldermen of the town of Barwicke – at Greenwich, Kent. 29 June 1671.


JACOB Abraham, (Jacobb), of All Hallows the Less, London, gent, and Mary ROGERS of said city, spinster, daughter of Francis ROGERS, of Dartford co. Kent, gent, gen lic. 27 Jan 1591/2.


JAGGARD John, gent, of London, bachelor, 34, and Anne CHAPMAN, of St Sepulchre, maiden, 30, daughter of William CHAPMAN of Chislehurst, Kent, yeoman, deceased, twenty nine years ago – at Great St Bartholomew. 29 Aug 1609.


JAMES Demetrius, esq, of Ightham Kent, bachelor, about 31, and Ann BATE of St Botolph, Aldersgate, spinster, about 18, consent of father, George BATE, of same, doctor of physic – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, or St Peters, Paul’s Wharf. 23 Feb 1660/1.


JAMES William, of Ogsham co. Kent, bachelor, 30 and Mrs Anne WINDHAM, of St Andrew, Holborn, London, spinster, 20, with consent of her mother, the Lady Elizabeth WINDHAM – at St Andrew, Holborn, aforesaid or …… 21 June 1697.


JARRETT William, of St Martin Le Grand, yeoman and Alice FREEMAN, of Erith co. Kent, widow – at St Leonard, Foster Lane. 20 Oct 1608.


JEFFERY Francis, (Jeoffery), of Davington, Kent, gent, widower, 44 and Anne WREITH, of Feversham, said county, spinster, 30, her parents dead – at St Mary, Bothaw, London or Deptford, Kent. 17 May 1662.


JEFFREYS William, (Jefferyes), of Deptford, co. Kent, bachelor, about 25, and Elizabeth HOLDING, spinster, about 18, with consent of her father, Mr HOLDING, minister of Deptford – at Deptford aforesaid, or Redderith (Rotherhithe), co. Surrey. 10 June 1678.


JELFE John, gunner and Elizabeth HAYNES, widow of Robert HAYNES, late of Rochester co. Kent – at St Magnus, London. 9 May 1626.


JEMMETT Richard, (Jemet) of Edenbridge co. Kent, gent, widower, about 70, and Margaret BETTENHAM, of same, widow, about 65 – at Edenbridge, aforesaid. 28 April 1664.


JEMMETT Robert, (Jemett), Eatonbridge, Kent, gent, bachelor, 23, and Timothy NEWMAN, of East Grimstead, Sussex, spinster, 23, consent of her mother, Anne NEWMAN, widow – at Eatonbridge or East Grinsted aforesaid. 30 March 1648.


JEMMETT William, of Stepney, Middlesex, gent, bachelor, about 19, and Mary BROWNE of the City of Canterbury, spinster, about 14, consent of guardian, her parents dead, alleged by Warham JEMMETT of Stepney, gent – at St Paul or Christchurch in Canterbury aforesaid.23 Oct 1668.


JENIFER _____, “Daniel of St Thomas JENIFER” (so signed), of St Magnus, London, widower, 26 and Frances JENIFER, of Deptford, Kent, spinster, 20, with her mothers consent, her father dead – at Deptford aforesaid or …...  22 Jan 1697/8.


JENKIN Henry, (Jenkyn), of St Peter, in Thanet, co Kent, gent, widower, 35, and Anne CULMER of Deale, widow about 30 – at St Andrew in Canterbury, or Milton, near Sittingbourne co. Kent.20 March 1649/50.


JENKIN Robert, (Jenken), of Godmersham co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 30 and Catherine KNIGHT, of same, spinster, about 20, her fathers consent – at Godmersham, Wye, Chatham, or St Mildred in Canterbury co. Kent. 8 April 1669.


JENNER Thomas, of St Dunstan in the West, London, gent, bachelor, 22 and Elizabeth BIRKHEAD, spinster, 17, daughter of Nicholas BIRKHEAD, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, goldsmith, who consents – at Petersham co. Surrey or Greenwich co. Kent. 7 July 1690.


JENNINGS Matthew, (Jenings), of Alington co Kent, yeoman, widower, and Elizabeth HEATHE, of same, spinster, daughter of ______ HEATHE, late of City of Rochester, said county, husbandman, deceased – at St George, Botolph Lane. 9 March 1611/2.


JOHNSON John, gent, of Chigwell, Essex, widower, 41 and Martha ADY, of Sittingbourne, Kent, widow, 43 – at Stepney, or St Faith, London. 5 Nov 1647.


JOHNSON Ralph, (Jonson), of Raynham, Kent, and Thomasine COPPENGER, of All Saints, Rochester. 22 Sept 1544.


JOHNSON Thomas, of Fordwitch, Kent, gent, widower, about 40, and Sarah FEAKE of St Saviour, Southwark, widow, about 35 – at St Mary, Woolnoth, London. 27 Feb 1665/6.


JONES David, of the City of London, yeoman, and Anne KYRTLAND, widow, of Greenwich, Kent, relict of Henry KIRTLAND, late of same, yeoman, - at St Mary Somerset.28 June 1586.


JONES Michael, sailor, and Jane SCREVEN, spinster, of the City of London, daighter of  ______ SCRIVEN, of Rochester co. Kent, sailor – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 6 July 1586.


JONES Thomas, of St Bartholomew the Great, London, merchant taylor, and Christian HATCHER of same, widow of Richard HATCHER, late of Greenwich co. Kent – at ST Bartholomew aforesaid. 25 July 1610.


JONES Thomas, of Hartley co. Kent, clerk, MA, bachelor, and Elizabeth GODWYNN, spinster, 28 daughter of John GODWYNN, of Milton, Kent, innholder, who consents – at St Peter, Cornhill. 11 March 1632/3.


JONES William, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth ROBINSON of Gravesend, Kent, widow, 27 – at St Margaret Patterns, London.11 Sep 1661.


JONES William, of the liberty of the Rolls, Middlesex, gent, bachelor, 21 and upwards, and Mrs Diana BOWYER, spinster, 16 upwards, the consent of her mother, Mrs Rebecca BOWYER, of Greenwich, co.  Kent, widow, attested by Thomas BOWYER, son of the said Rebecca and brother of the said Diana – at Greenwich aforesaid. 17 Feb 1698/9.


JOWLES Henry of Chatham, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Rebecca ALLEYN, of same, spinster, about 18, consent of her father, John ALLEYN, of same, gent – at St Bride, St Ann, Blackfriars, or St Martin in the Fields. 13 Aug 1662.


JOYNER Thomas, husbandman, and Elizabeth HUMFRYE, spinster, now of the City of London, daughter of William HUMFRYE, late of Beddersdon, co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Andrew Hubbard. 20 Jan 1585/6.


JUICE John, of St Leonard, Eastcheap, London, bachelor, 26, and Sarah HINTON of St Gregory, London, spinster, 19, her parents dead, with consent of her guardian, Peter BARRETT, one of the Proctors of the Arches Court of Canterbury, who alleges – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 6 Dec 1686.


JUXON Thomas, of St Mary, Aldermanbury, merchant, bachelor, about 35, and Elizabeth FOOTE, at same, spinster, about 18, consent of father, Samuel FOOTE, of same, merchant – at Greenwich, Kent or Hammersmith or Clerkenwell co. Middlesex. 26 Sept 1661.



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