London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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LAKE Edward, rector of Norton co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 28, and Mrs Margaret CLARE, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, about 27, and at own dispose – in chapel of St James, co. Middlesex. 12 Feb 1669/70.


LAKE Hugh of Goodhurst co, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Martha BAYLEY of same, spinster, about 19, daughter of Thomas BAYLEY, of same, clothier, who alleges – at Goodhurst, Hersemonden or Hawkhurst in said county. 23 Feb 1665/6.


LAKE Thomas, of Tunbridge, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mary LEGATT, of same, spinster, about 25, her parents dead – at St Augustine, nigh, Pauls Gate, London. 13 July 1663.


LAMBE Christopher, of Egerton co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth LAMBE, of same, widow, who consents – at Kingsworth, Savington or Willsborough co. Kent. 13 Feb 1667/8.


LAMBARD William, of Sevenoaks, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Magdalen HUMPHREYS, of same, spinster, about 25, and at own dispose – at Sevenoaks aforesaid.  31 March 1670.


LAMBERT Thomas and Jane POST, of Wrotham, in the peculiar jurisdiction of Christchurch, Canterbury. 10 Feb 1546/7.


LANCASTER Matthew, of the Inner Temple, bachelor, 24, and Hester FORTTRYE, of Northfleet, Kent, spinster, 20, daughter of Dame Mary PITFIELD, of same, widow, who consents – at Northfleet, Gravesend or Milton, Kent. 16 Oct 1686.


LANGHAM William of Wallgrave, co. Northampton, esq, widower, about 40, and Martha POLHILL, of ______ co. Kent, widow, about 26 – at Great St Helen, London. 9 July 1666.


LANGLEY William, of Milton co. Kent, esq, bachelor, about 22, and Mrs Isabella GRIFFITH, of same, spinster, about 17, consent of her father, Sir John GRIFFITH, of same, knight – at Longfield or Milton co. Kent. 16 Sept 1667.


LANGTON Joseph, of Newton Saintlow, co. Somerset, esq, bachelor, 25 and Frances BORLASE, spinster, 20, daughter of Sir John BORLASE, bart of Bockmer co. Bucks, who consents – at Little Peckham, co. Kent. 15 Feb 1667/8.


LARGE John, of Rotherfield, Sussex, clerk, widower, about 70, and Elizabeth COUCH of Horsmonden, Kent, spinster, about 22, consent of father, ____ COUCH, clerk – at St Martin, or St Giles in the Fields, or St Clement Danes. 3 Oct 1668.


LARKIN William, of St Margaret, near the City of Rochester, gent, bachelor, 26 and Jane BEDELL, spinster, 22, her father late of Mouldsworth, co. Huntingdon, gent, deceased. – at St Lawrence, Jewry. 5 Feb 1632/3.


LATTON John. William LATTON esq, alleges marriage of his son, John LATTON, bachelor, 24 and Katherine HAMON, of Brasted, Kent, spinster, 22, daughter of Sir Thomas HAMON, knight, who consents – at St Bennet, Gracechurch, London. 17 May 1621.


LECHE John of Maidstone, Kent, esq, 23, and Elizabeth DUKE, spinster, about 25, daughter of Richard DUKE, of same, esq, who consents. – at All Hallows, Barking, London or …… 10 Dec 1680.


LEE George, of Lincolns Inn, gent, bachelor, 24, and Cicelia  GOODWIN, spinster, 21, daughter of Robert GOODWIN, of Ashurst co. Kent, esq, who consents. – at St Clement Danes, or St Dunstan in the West, London. 16 Dec 1662.


LEIGH John, esq, of St Botolph, Aldersgate, bachelor, 17, and upwards, his father dead, consent of his guardian, Sir Robert BEDINGFELD, knight and Mrs Elizabeth   LENNARD, daughter of Sir Stephen LENNARD, of West Wickham, Kent, bart, spinster, 17, her fathers consent attested by her brother, Samuel LENNARD esq.  – at St Botolph, Aldersgate. 2 Feb 1699/1700.


LEE Michael, of St George, Southwark, gent, widower, about 34, and Elizabeth TOWSE, of St Saviour, Southwark, widow, about 32 – at Greenwich, Kent, or Craydon or St George, Southwark, co. Surrey. 24 July 1663.


LEE Moses, of Biddenden, Kent, clerk, bachelor, 50, and Elizabeth ROGERS of same, widow, 30 – at Maidstone, Kent. 27 Aug 1661.


LEA Nathaniel, of Woolwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Mrs Joyce CARPENTER, of same, spinster, 20, with consent of Mr James CARPENTER, her father – at Lee or Charlton, co. Kent. 19 Jan 1684/5.


LEE Richard, of the City of Rochester, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 21, and Elizabeth HEATH of Margretting, co Essex, spinster, about 18, consent of her guardian – at St Clement Danes. 11 Nov 1674.


LEIGH Robert, of Cranbrooke, Kent, bachelor, 20, and Mary BAKER, spinster, about 23, daughter of Thomas BAKER, of Framfield, Sussex, gent, who consents – at Framfield aforesaid or Hawkhurst, Kent. 20 May 1669.


LEEDS Charles, of Biddenden, Kent, gent, bachelor, 25 and Sarah TAYLOR, of Hankhurst, said county, spinster, about 20, and at her own disposal – to marry at Rovenden, co. Kent. 10 Jan 1647/8.


LEGGE Robert, esq, treasurer of the kings navy, of West Greenwich, of Deptford Strand, diocese of Rochester, and Edith COLLAWAYE – at St Mildred, London. 18 Nov 1547.


LEGG Thomas jun, of St Martin, Outwich, merchant, bachelor, about 29, and Mrs Elizabeth HILTON, of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, spinster, about 19, consent of her father, Mr William HILTON – at Camberwell, Surrey or Lutham, Kent. 24 June 1672.


LEGOE Francis, of Beckinhgam, Kent, gent, about 40, and Mrs Anne KING, of Snowhill, London, widow, about 40 – at St Michael, Cornhill. 26 Feb 1676/7.


LEMING William, gent, of Horsley, Essex, bachelor, 22 and Ellen ROLT, of Bromley, Middlesex, spinster, 18, consent of father, Robert ROLT, esq, of St Margaret, Kent. – at St Leonard, Bromley, Middlesex. 30 June 1645.


LETHIEULLIER John esq, of Sutton at Hone, co. Kent, bachelor, 30, and Mary BUTLER, of St Bennet, Pauls Wharf, widow – at Guildhall chapel, London. 9 Sept 1740.


LEVENTHORPE Stafford, of Shephall, Herts, clerk, widower, and Barbara FLEXMORE, of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster, 24, at her own disposal – at St Margaret Patterns, London or Charlton co. Kent. 21 July 1662.


LEVER Samuel, of All Hallows, Barking, merchant, bachelor, about 30, and Anne GRATWICKE, of Bromley, Kent, about 20, consent of father, Richard GRATWICKE, of same, gent – at Hayse, or Chislett co. Kent or St Catherine Creechurch, London. 19 June 1663.


LEVETT William, of Hastings, Sussex, gent, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth KILBURNE, of Hawkhurst, Kent, spinster, 18, with consent of her father, Richard KILBURNE – at Saleherst or Bodsham co. Sussex or Rolvenden co. Kent. 5 May 1648.


LEWIS Edmond, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, bachelor, 28, and Margaret BASKETT, spinster, about 18, her parents dead, with consent of her brother in law, Roger PAYNE of Otterden co. Kent, gent – at St Martin or St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. 9 May 1671.


LEWIS John, of Dartford co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, above 21, and Catherine VILLIERS, of St Margaret, Westminster, spinster, above 21 – at in the collegiate church of St Peter, Westminster. 26 Oct 1747.


LISTER Matthew, of All Hallows, Barking, esq, bachelor, about 40, and Sarah SPARK, of Tottenham, High Cross, co. Middlesex, spinster, about 22, and at own dispose – at St George, Southwark, St Catharine Creechurch, London or Deptford, Kent. 1 May 1668.


LITTLETON Edward, of Pillaton, Staffordshire, esq, bachelor, about 19, his fathers consent, and Mrs Susanne BIDDULPH, of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, about 19, her fathers consent – at Greenwich aforesaid. 16 Jan 1670/71.


LLOYD Evan, of Grays Inn, Middlesex, gent, bachelor, 30 and Elizabeth MAXEY, of Hayes co. Kent, widow – at St Mary, Savoy, or Martin in the Fields, Middlesex. 30 Oct 1677.


LORD Thomas, esq, of St Martin in the Fields, widower, 32, and Mary ROBINSON, of Gravesend, Kent, spinster, 18, daughter, of John ROBINSON esq, of same who consents – at St Swithin, London. 30 July 1633.


LOTON John, of Deptford, Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 24 and Damaris BUCKENHAM, of same, widow, about 22 – at Greenwich, Kent, or St Margaret, New Fish Street, London. 16 June 1662.


LOVEGROAVE John, vintner, bachelor and Agnes WHITMILL, spinster, daughter of John WHITMILL, of Wickham co. Kent – at Little All Hallows, Thames Street, London. 17 Aug 1621.


LOVELACE Edward, of Wormley, Herts, gent, bachelor, about 40, and Mary MARSH of East Peckham, Kent, spinster, about 25, at own disposal – at All Hallows in the Wall, London. 17 May 1671.


LOWE Robert, of Stepney, Middlesex, sailor, bachelor, and Prudence GEERE, of St Sepulchre, London, spinster, daughter of ______ GEERE, late of Frinbury co. Kent, husbandman, deceased. – at St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 13 Dec 1614.


LOWEMAN Christopher, of St George, Southwark, widower, and Deborah TASH, of Iver co. Bucks, spinster, 30, at her disposal – at Greenwich co. Kent or…… 17 April 1689.


LOWTHER John, of Spittle co. Westmoreland, esq, widower, about 39, and Mrs Mary WITHINGS, of Eltham, Kent, spinster, aged 22, consent of mother, _____ WITHINGS, widow – at Cheswicke, Middlesex. 25 Feb 1666/7.


LUSHINGTON Stephen, of Sittingbourne, Kent, gent, bachelor, 23, and Catherine GODFREY, of Norton, said county, spinster, 23, with consent of her father Benjamin GODFREY, esq – at Woodford Essex or ….. 2 Nov 1669.


LYFELD Thomas, and Frances BRAYE, of the diocese of Canterbury. 8 Feb 1546/7.


LYNCH John, of Staple co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 30, and Sarah HEAD, spinster, 19, daughter of Dame Sarah BARRET, alias HEAD, who consents – at St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex or …….. 12 July 1688.



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