London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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FANE Sir Henry, knight of the bath, bachelor, about 18, consent of his mother, Mrs Dorothy MAY, and his guardian, The Right Hon Rachel Countess Dowager of Bath, and Mrs Elizabeth SOUTHCOTT of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster about 17, consent of her mother, Mrs Katherine BAKER alias SOUTHCOTT – at East Greenwich, aforesaid. 28 April 1668.


FARNABY Francis, of Sevenoaks, Kent, gent, widower, about 32, and Mrs Judith NICHOLL of St James, Clerkenwell, spinster, aged 20, consent of mother, Elizabeth NICHOLL, widow. –at St Bartholomew the Less, or St Lawrence, Jewry. 26 Jan 1662/3.


FARRANT Jeffrey, of Cudham co. Kent, yeoman, and Mary LOTT, of St Margaret, Westminster, spinster  - at St Leonard, Foster Lane, London.  23 July 1608.


FARRANT Thomas, of Coudham, co. Kent, widower, and Susanna BEECHER, of same, widow – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch, London. 26 Feb 1661/2


FAUKENOR John, (Fawkenor), of Deptford, Kent, bachelor, 20 and upwards, natural son of Edward FAWKENOR, of same, gent, who alleges and Ann BUCKLEY, spinster,  20, daughter of one BUCKLEY, late of the Isle Anglesea, knight, deceased, she at her own disposal – at St Bennet, Pauls Wharf, or St Margaret, Lothbury, London. 16 Jan 1632/3.


FAUNCE Robert, of St Margaret, near Rochester, co. Kent, widower, 28 and Elizabeth HEAD, of the City of Rochester, spinster, 19, daughter of Richard HEAD, of same, gent, who consents – at St Leonard, Eastcheap, London. 29 Sept 1662.


FAUNCE Robert, of St Margaret, near Rochester, co. Kent, widower, and Elizabeth DUKE, spinster, 20, daughter of George DUKE of Cossington in the parish of Aylesford, said county, esq, who consents – at St Dunstan in the West, or St Andrew, Holborn, London or Aylesford aforesaid or Dartford co. Kent. 14 July 1666.


FAUNTE Robert, of St Margaret, near the City of Rochester,  Kent, gent , bachelor, about 25, and Elizabeth HALKE of the City of Canterbury, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, _____ OWER alias HALKE, of same – at St Alphage, or St Andrew in the City of Canterbury or St Gregory or St Bride. 25 April 1661.


FEERBY Percivall, of St Pauls Cray, Kent, gent, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth MANIFORD, 22, daughter of John MANIFORD, of Stone co. Kent, at her own disposal – at St Gregory, London. 18 Sep 1661.


FEILD Richard, of St Sepulchre, London, grocer and Frances FISHER, of Deptford co. Kent, spinster, daughter of Thomas FISHER of same, yeoman – at St Catherine, Creechurch, London.  25 April 1618.


FELGATE Robert, of Burham, Essex, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Elizabeth WHITE, of Milton, near Gravesend, co. Kent, widow, about 26 – at St Dunstan in the East, London. 24 Oct 1668.


FERNE John, (Fearne), of Milsted, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Margaret SLAUGHTER, of same, spinster, about 20, consent of her guardian – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London. 3 June 1673.


FIDDES Thomas, of Barkway, Herts, gent, bachelor, 26, and Mary BATTLE of Eversden Parva, co. Kent, spinster, 22 – at All Saints, in Huntingdon, St Needes, co. Huntingdon, or Bourne, Cambridge. 19 July 1648.


FILMER Edward, doctor of laws, of East Sutton, co. Kent, bachelor, 30, and Archibella CLINKARD, spinster, 23, daughter of Archibald CLINKARD, of Sutton Valence, said county, esq, who consents – East Sutton or …….  29 Jan 1686/7.


FILMER Robert, of East Sutton,. Co. Kent, esq,  and Anne HEATON, of Westminster, spinster – at St Leonard, in precinct of St Martin Le Grand. 8 Aug 1618.


FINCH Colonel Heneage, of Eastwell, Kent, bachelor, 27, and Madam Anne KINGSMILL of St Martin in the Fields, , spinster, 18, at her own disposal – at chapel of St James, or St Martin in the Fields. 14 May 1684.


FISHER Thomas, of Lincolns Inn, gent, widower, and Mary HULSE, of Bethersden, Kent, widow – at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, St Andrew, Holborn, or St Mary, Magdalene, Old Fish, Street, London. 27 Feb 1687/8.


FITZJOHN Edmund, of All Hallows in the Wall, London, gent, widower, about 37, and Elizabeth TAYLOR, of St Giles, Cripplegate, widow, about 42 – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate or Greenwich, Kent . 20 Jan 1661/2.


FLETCHER Samuel, gent, of St Margaret, near Rochester, in Kent, bachelor, 27 and Katherine WHEATLEY of London, spinster, 28 – at St Faith the Virgin. 5 Feb 1639/40.


FONES William, clerk and Elizabeth JEFFERYS of London, spinster, daughter, of Lawrence   JEFFERYS of Horsmonden, Kent, clothier, gen lic. 25 June 1595.


FORD William, (Forde), husbandman, and Margaret WILLSON, widow, of the City of London, relict of Christopher WILLSON, of Lamberhurst, Kent, yeoman, gen lic. 24 April 1583.


FORTH John, citizen and alderman, of London, widower, about 43, and Mrs Albina VANE, of Westham co. Kent, spinster, about 24, and at own dispose – at Newington, Surrey. 17 April 1668.


FOTHERBY Henry, of Canterbury, Kent, gent, bachelor, 34, and Mary ANDREW, of St Andrew, Holborn, widow, about 40 – at St Bartholomew the Less. 24 March 1646/7.


FOWLER Thomas, of St Peter, Ashe, co. Kent, esq, aged 20, his father dead, with consent of his guardian, Reginald PECKHAM of same, esq, and Jane PIERS, spinster, 21, daughter of Sir Thomas PIERS of Seale, co. Kent, bart, who consents – at Seale. 3 June 1663.


FOWLER Thomas, of Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Anne COWSE, of Deptford, said county, about 24, and at her own dispose –at St Olave, Hart Street, London. 24 July 1678.


FOWNES William, of Deptford, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Elizabeth WHITTAKER, of same, spinster, about 18, her fathers consent – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 23 July 1667.


FRANCIS William, of Beakesbourne, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 31, and Mrs Hannah FRANCIS, of same, spinster, about 32, and at own dispose. – at same. 19 Sept 1676.


FRANKLIN John , (Francklyn),  of Lincolns Inn, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Frances CLARKE of Ulcombe co. Kent, spinster, about 24, and at own dispose,  at Ulcombe aforesaid, St Giles, or St Martin in the Fields, or St Dionis, Backchurch. 10 Feb 1674/5.


FREEMAN Charles, (Freman), of Gravesend, Kent, gent, 28 and Susanna WEBB, of same, spinster, 26 – at St Mary Le Bow, London or …….  18 April 1696.


FREEMAN Richard, of Greenwich, Kent, yeoman, widower, about 51, and Elizabeth EVERSEN, of St Sepulchre, London, widow, about 51 – at Greenwich, aforesaid or St Olave, Southwark. 18 Oct 1666.


FREEMAN William, (subs Freman), of Sandown Castle, co. Kent, bachelor, about 40, and Mrs Jane HUXLY, of Dornford co. Oxon, spinster, about 24, her mothers consent – at Dornford aforesaid. 8 Feb 1672/3.


FREEMAN William, (Freman), of Sandown Castell, co. Kent,  bachelor, 44, and Eleanor FITZ-JAMES, of St Giles on the Fields, Middlesex, spinster, about 26, at her own dispose – at Kensington, Middlesex. 27 Jan 1676/7. (not signed or executed).


FRENCH Edmund of Hadley, Middlesex, bachelor, 32, and Bridget ROBERTS, spinster, about 18, daughter of  Dame Bridget ROBERTS, of Glassenbury, Kent, widow, who consents – at Glassenbury chapel or Brenchley, Kent. 16 Sept 1675.


FRENCH John, of Bromley Kent, bachelor, above 22, and Mary ENGLISH, of same, maiden, about 21, with consent of Thomas ENGLISH, of St Margaret, Westminster – at Christchurch, London. 12 Sept 1700.


FRENCH Martin of Bromley, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 22, and Judith SHOYSEWELL of same, spinster, 20, daughter of Henry SHOYSEWELL, gent, of Etchingham co. Sussex, who consents – at St Peters, Paul’s Wharf, London or Beckenham, or Hayes co. Kent. 24 Oct 1663.


FRENCH Thomas of Seale co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30 and Elizabeth LEESON, of St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, widow, about 30 – at St Christopher, London, or Guildhall chapel. 17 Feb 1675/6.


FRENCH William, of Deptford co. Kent, ropemaker and Elizabeth NUTTON of Greenwich, said county, spinster – at St Swithin, London. 16 July 1661.


FRERE Henry, of Raynham, Kent, gent, and Mrs Anne MOHUN of Battersea, Surrey, spinster – at Battersea, aforesaid. 27 May 1673.


FRISSELL John, (Frizzell), of Redriffe (Rotherhithe), Kent (sic), sailor, and Alice GANY, of St Leonard, in Precinct of St Martin Le Grand, spinster – at St Leonard, aforesaid. 16 May 1617.


FROUD Thomas, gent, of Gillingham, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Frances POWELL, of St Ann, Blackfriars, spinster, 20, consent of her uncle Martin BOOTHBIE esq of Twickenham, Middlesex – at St Martin, Orgar.  10 March 1636/7.


FULLER Thomas, of Navestock co. Essex, collier and Elizabeth GOTELEY, spinster, of the City of London, daughter of Christopher GOTELEY, of Mollsh co. Kent, yeoman – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch.  19 Nov 1584.


FULMAN Thomas. William DYKE of St Margaret, Westminster, esq, alleges intended marriage of Thomas FULMAN of Pencehurst, Kent, bachelor, 26, and Dorothy DIKE, spinster, 21, daughter of the said William – at Christchurch, London. 17 July 1663.



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