London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869




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EARNING Anthony, of London, merchant, bachelor, about 36, and Susanna MANNING, spinster, about 21, daughter of Thomas MANNING esq, who consents – at Westerham or Brasted, Kent. 12 Aug 1661.


EATON Adrian, gent, and Margaret BALLSER, of London, spinster, daughter of John BALLSER, of Maidstone co. Kent, deceased – at St Mary, Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London. 23 April 1597.


EATON William, of Ashford, Kent, gent, bachelor, 27 and Anne BAILY, od same, spinster, 18, with consent of their parents and friends – at St Mary Somerset, London. 14 Feb 1675/6.


ECCLESTON Robert, of Lincolns Inn, Middlesex, bachelor, 20 and Isabella CASTELL of East Greenwich, Kent, widow, 30 – at All Hallows, Barking, London or Deptford, Kent. 9 March 1666/7.


EDMED John, of St Magnus, London, cutler and Sarah LARKYN, of St Helen, London, spinster, daughter of William LARKYN, late of Maidstone, co Kent, mercer, deceased – at St Helen, aforesaid.  25 Jan 1618/9.


EDOLPH Charles, of Bexley, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 36 and Mary MALCUT, of same, spinster, about 30, at her own disposal – at Crayford or Deptford  co. Kent. 16 April 1663.


EDWARDS Richard (Edwardes), yeoman and Agnes FLETCHER, of London, spinster, daughter of John FLETCHER, of Sutton in le Hole, co. Kent, husbandman, gen lic. 17 March 1591/2.


EGLESTONE Giles, grocer, of St Michael, Cornhill, bachelor, 27, son of Clement EGLESTONE of Brasted co. Kent, yeoman, who consents and Joice CARLETON, of St Bartholomew by the Exchange, London, maiden, 31, daughter of Edward CARLETON. Late of Clandon, Surrey, gent, deceased, consent of her brother Erasmus CARLETON, of St Bartholomew, aforesaid, silkman – at St Bartholomew, aforesaid. 26 May 1612.


ELCOCK George, of Barham, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Rosamond ADY, of same, spinster, about 20, her mothers consent – at Athorne, Kinson or Barham co. Kent – 6 June 1670.


ELFRED George, of Hoo, Sussex, gent, bachelor, about 25 and  Mrs Hester FREBODY, of Benenden, Kent, spinster, about 19, consent of mother, Mrs Sicilly FREBODY, widow – at Benenden, Kent, aforesaid. 3 Oct 1667.


ELLERKER Francis, of St Ethelburgh, London, gent, bachelor, about 27, and Mrs Jane AYNSCOMBE, of Leeds Abbey co. Kent, spinster, about 21, her mothers consent – at Leeds co. Kent. 27 Sept 1667.


ELLIOTT Paul (Eliot), of Braintree, Essex, doctor in physic, bachelor, about 37, and Judith ORME, of Eltham, Kent, spinster, about 25, and at own dispose – at Chislehurst, Kent. 28 July 1666.


ELLIS John (Ellys), of Bromley, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Susanna MOSIER, spinster, 27, of St Benet Fink, London, at her own disposal – at   St Benet Fink, St Thomas the Apostle, or St Anthony, now called the French Church in London. 18 Feb 1664/5.


ELLIS Josia (Elles), of Mariworth, Kent, gent, widower, 33 and Elizabeth CATLET, of same, spinster, 26 – at Packham, Alesford, or Offham said county. 1 Feb  1648/9.


ELMER John and Eline CORNELL, widow of the diocese of Rochester. 21 June 1547.


EMERSON Robert, sailor, and Rebecca YEOMANS, spinster of London, daughter of John YEOMANS, late of Greenwich co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Andrew Hubbard, London. 22 Feb 1591/2.


ENGLISH William of Denton, Kent, gent, widower, 27, and Annie HUTSFORD, of Boxley, said county, spinster, 21, daughter of Mathew HUTSFORD, who consents – at Chaulk, said county. 30 March 1649.


ERNLE Edward, of Ashlington, Wilts, esq, bachelor,  about 20, his fathers consent, and Mrs Anne ASH,   of Halsted, Kent, spinster, about 16, consent of mother, Mrs Elizabeth ASH – at Hackney, Middlesex.25 June 1670.


ESTCOT Daniel, (sic subs), BD and Archdeacon of Exeter, bachelor, about 37 and Mrs Mary MASTER of Langdon Abbey, Kent, spinster, about 27, at own dispose – at St Martin in the Fields co. Middlesex. 26 Feb 1665/6.


EVANS James, of St Dunstan, City of Canterbury, gent, widower, about 36 and Dorothy WODER of Wicke co. Dorset, widow,  about 36 – at St Martin in the Fields co. Middlesex. 19 April 1679.


EVANS William and Margery BYRDE, spinster, of City of London, daughter of Thomas BYRDE, of Eltham co. Kent, yeoman – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 20 July 1586.


EVE Henry DD, of Linsted, Kent, widower, 45, and Martha ROBINSON, of Walthamstow, Essex, spinster, 30, at her own disposal – at Walthamstow or Low Lawton co. Essex. 24 June 1663.



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