London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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GAMMON Leonard, of Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 28, and Susanna MALTHUS of St Saviour, Southwark, spinster, about 27, consent of father, John MALTHUS, of same, gent – at St Christopher or St Mary, Woolchurch, London. 21 Nov 1661.


GAMMON Richard, of Aisford, Kent, gent, bachelor, 26 and Elizabeth JONES, spinster, 26, daughter of William JONES, late of St Mary, Woolnoth, London, vintner, deceased – at St Gregory, London. 24 April 1633.


GAMMON Richard of Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mary GILBERT, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, about 18, consent of her father, of same parish, gent – at St Trinity co. Middlesex. 25 Jan 1667/8.


GAMMON Richard. William MAN, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, gent, alleges the marriage of Richard GAMON, of East Greenwich, Kent, bachelor, about 16, with consent of his curator and guardian, Edward TURNER, of same and Mary KILVERT, of St Martin, aforesaid, spinster, about 16, with consent of her mother, Jane KILVERT – at Lambeth, Surrey or St Martin, aforesaid. 24 March 1667/8.


GARDINER John, of the City of Rochester, co. of Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27, and Mrs Elizabeth JACOB, of same, widow, about 27 – at St Martin in the Fields. 7 April 1669.


GARNETT William, gent, of St Dunstan in the West, bachelor, 26, and Catherine FOXHALL, of St Andrew, Holborn, spinster, 23, consent of her father, Thomas FOXHALL of Leigh co. Kent, citizen and grocer of London  - at St Sepulchre or Christchurch, London. 10 March 1637/8.


GARRETT Joseph, of Rygate, Surrey, gent, widower, about 38, and Grace WALTER, of Brasted, Kent, spinster, about 18, consent of father, Edward WALTER, of same, yeoman – at Rygate, aforesaid, Hearer co. Kent or St Gregory, London. 20 Oct 1662.


GARRETT Richard, of St Sepulchre, mercer, and Alice FRYER, spinster, of same, daughter of John FRYER, of Gravesend, Kent, baker, gen lic. 9 Sept 1587.


GARWAY Thomas, of St Bride, London, gent, bachelor, about 50, and Frances BUDGEON, spinster, about 25, daughter of Thomas BUDGEON, of Ulkham, Kent, who consents – at St Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex; St Mary, Newington, Surrey; or the cathedral church of Rochester. 7 July 1680.


GASKIN Robert, of St Dunstan in the West, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Katherine GILPIN of Sittingbourne, Kent, widow, about 30 – at St Dunstan in the West. 25 Nov 1669.


GASTRELL the Rev Francis DD, Canon of Christchurch, Oxford, bachelor, about 39, and Elizabeth MAPLETOFTT, of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, about 22, at her own disposal – at Greenwich, aforesaid or ……. 15 July 1703.


GATLANDE Henry, of London, and Joan STACIE, of same, widow of Robert STACIE, late of Wrotham, co. Kent, yeoman – St Gabriel, Fenchurch, London. 16 June 1595.


GETER Valentine, and Maria ALYN, of diocese of Canterbury. 20 Feb 1548/9.


GIFFORD Thomas, of Eynsford, Kent, bachelor, about 17, and Anne ROLT, of Dorrant, said county, spinster, about 12, her parents dead, consent of her guardian, George GIFFORD, of Eynsford, aforesaid, esq, father of the said Thomas GIFFORD  - at St Alphage, London, Eynsford, aforesaid or St Mary Le Bow, London. 21 April 1663.


GILBERT William, of Goadhurst, co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 36, and Elizabeth HEBDEN, of same, widow, about 28 – at Brenchley, co. Kent. 21 Aug 1673.


GILBORNE John, (Gilbourne), of Shoreham, Kent, bachelor, about 22, and Elizabeth SEDLEY of St Cleres in Ightham co. Kent, spinster, aged 20, consent of her father, Sir John SEDLEY, of same, Bart – at St Gregory, London. 23 Oct 1662.


GILBORNE William, of City of Rochester, gent, bachelor, about 40, and Margaret FAUNCE, of Stepney, Middlesex, widow, about 34 – at St George, Southwark, Trinity Minories, or St Olave, Southwark. 6 Feb 1668/9.


GILES John, of Rochester co. Kent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Elizabeth CHILMAN, of Eastling co. Kent, spinster, about 16, with consent of her mother, Mrs Elizabeth CHILMAN, widow – at Eastling of Duddington co Kent. 28.June 1678.


GILES Richard of Hollingborne, co. Kent, gent, widower, about 50, and Mrs Elizabeth CHILMAN, of Newnham, said county, widow, about 40, alleged by John GILES of Rochester, county Kent, gent – at Newnham or Duddington, county Kent. 28 June 1678.


GILES Thomas, (Gyles), of Selling co. Kent, widower, about 40, and Anne POPLETT, of Selinch, said county, widow, about 40 - at Raynham, Shepheardswell or Wichking county Kent. 17 May 1669.


GILLETT William, of City of London, gent and Martha BENDISHE, widow, relict of Rose BENDISHE, late of Quinborough co. Kent, merchant, gen lic. 2 Nov 1586.


GIPPS William, bachelor, 21, son of Roger GIPPS of Newington near Hide co Kent, gent and Mary CHESTON, of same, spinster, 25 and upwards, her parents dead, and she at her own disposal, with consent of said Roger GIPPS, the father. – at Norton or Newington aforesaid. 21 Nov 1660.


GODDIN Walter, (Godden), gent, of Thornham, Kent, bachelor, 28, and Jane RASELL, widow, 30 – at St Margaret, New Fish Street, London. 30 May 1639.


GODFREY Benjamin, of Bury Street in London, merchant, bachelor, about 30, and Mary PIGGOTT, spinster, 20, daughter of Baptist PIGGOTT of  Cannon Street, London, grocer, who consents, alleged by Sir Edward GODFREY, knight, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex – at Norton Lingstead, or Sittingbourne co. Kent. 3 Sept 1669.


GODFREY Cornelius, taylor, of  St Martin in the Fields, and Mary PHILLPOTT, widow, now of City of London, relict of _____  PHILLPOTT of Chart co. Kent, gen lic. 4 Sept 1589.


GODFREY Edward, of Gravesend, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, about 30 and Mrs Anne CLARKE Of Northfleet, said county, spinster, about 30, at her own dispose – at St Mildred, Poultry, London. 6 May 1679.


GODFREY Sir Thomas, knight, of Heppingten, Kent, bachelor, 32, and Hester WILDE, of the City of Canterbury, spinster, about 18, consent of mother, Lady Anne WILDE, widow, of same place – at St Andrew Undershaft, Great St Helens or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 24 Sep 1643.


GOFFE John, of Dover, Kent, gent, bachelor, 30, and Anne PERROT, spinster, about 18, daughter of Robert PERROT,  of St Mary Aldermary, London, gent, who consents – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London, . 5 Jan 1688/9.


GOLDING Henry, gent, of Gillingham , Kent, widower, 50, and Anne OSBORNE, of St Andrew, Holborn, spinster, 22, consent of her father, John OSBORNE, of the Middle Temple, esq – at St Andrew, Holborn or St Bride. 31 May 1641.


GOLDSMITH Charles, gent, of St Andrew, Holborn, bachelor, 32, and Jane HENDLEY, of St Bride, spinster, 26, daughter of Sir Thomas HENDLEY, knight, of Crainbrooke, Kent, who also consents, attested by Fromabove (sic) HENDLEY, of City of London, gent – at St Bride or St Andrew, Holborn. 16 May 1635.


GOLDSMITH Edward, of Penshurst Kent, bachelor, gent, about 30, and Elizabeth HUFGES, of same, spinster, about 26, her parents dead – at same. 12 June 1663.


GOOD Charles, of Maldon Surrey, esq, widower, about 30, and Mrs Anne BARNHAM, of Boughton, Kent, spinster, about 24, and at her own disposal – at Boughton or Chart co. Kent or St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. 21 Jan 1668/9.


GODDAY William, of St Andrew, Holborn, London, grocer, and Anne SMITH, of  St Anne and Agnes, Aldersgate, spinster, daughter of George SMITH, rector of Chelsford, co. Kent – at St Anne and Agnes, aforesaid. 8 Mar 1617.


GOODHEN Thomas. Henry GOODHEN of St Botolph, Billingsgate, London, merchant, aged about 60, alleges marriage of his son,  Thomas GOODHEN, now living with him, bachelor, about 21, and Margaret SMITH, spinster, upwards of 20, now living at Lewisham, Kent, an orphan, with consent of the Court of Orphans, London – at Lewisham, Lee or Charlton co. Kent. 18 Jun 1678.


GOPP Robert, labouring man, and John (sic) FINCHE of the City of London, widow of Richard FINCHE, late of Plumstead co Kent, laboring man, deceased, gen lic. 10 June 1588.


GORE Gerrard, of St James, Garlick  Hithe, London, esq, bachelor, about 22 and Mrs Thomazine HALES of Boughton Malherbe, Kent, spinster, about 17, consent of father, Edward HALES of same. – at B M aforesaid. 8 Feb 1674/5.


GORING Percy, of London, esq, widower and Lady Elizabeth TAYLOR, of Maidstone, Kent, widow – at Mawlyn or any other church in Kent. 23 April 1667.


GOSLING John, (Gostling), of Woldham, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Elizabeth TURNER of Maidstone, said county, spinster about 22, consent of mother, Mrs ____  TURNER alias RUTTON of Woldham, aforesaid or St Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex. 27 Feb 1674/5.


GOSSAGE John, of Plumsted Kent, gent, widower, 46 and Mrs Anne CLIFFE, of Springfield Essex, about 32 – at Springfield or Great Baddon Essex. 1 April 1669.


GOULD Thomas, of St Gregory without the Walls, of Canterbury, gent, widower, about 60, and Mary ELLIOTT, spinster, about 30, daughter of Edward ELLIOTT, of St Mary le Bow, London – at St Mary le Bow aforesaid. 2 April 1650.


GOULD William, of St Michael, Cornhill, merchant taylor, bachelor, 28, and Mrs Anne WALRON of Camberwell, Surrey, spinster, 22, with consent of her father, Mr William WALROND, of Old Fish Street Hill, London, haberdasher – at Bromley Kent or ……..  25 June 1694.


GOULDHOCKE Richard, sailor, and Elizabeth COTTMAN, spinster, of West Mersey co Essex, daughter of ____ COTTMAN of Gravesend co. Kent, husbandman, gen lic. 8 Nov 1591.


GRAINGER Thomas, (Granger), of Clement Inn, bachelor, 25 and Angelica BAKER of Maidstone, Kent, spinster, 17, daughter of Judith WITHINS alias BAKER, of St Andrew, Holborn, who consents – at West Farley, Kent, Lincolns Inn chapel or St Bride, London. 7 March 1678/9.


GRANNSDEN Henry, of Gravesend, Kent, gent and Alice HATCHER of Westminster, widow – at Parish church, of St Martin Le Grand. 12 June 1609.


GRANT Robert, of Lesourney co. Glamorgan, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Sarah SELLERS of Deptford, Kent, spinster, about 21, her parents dead – at St Andrew, Holborn. 29 Dec 1676.


GRANT Thomas, (Grawnte), gent, of St Andrew, Holborn, one of the gentlemen of Sir Christopher HATTON, knight, Lord Chancellor of England and Joanna KNIGHT, widow, of same, relict of Reginald KNIGHT late of Ashford  co. Kent, gen lic. 19 May 1587.


GREAME John, of Greenwich co. Kent, esq, and Dorothy GOLDAN,  of St Andrew, Holborn, London, spinster – at St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 1 Oct 1618.


GREENE John, (Grene), of Finchley, Middlesex, baker and Margaret APPRICE, widow of Highbury, Middlesex, relict of Richard APPICE late of Eltham Kent, tailor – at Finchley or Highgate aforesaid. 6 April 1585.


GREENE William, (Green), carpenter and Joan MILLES of Westham co. Essex, widow of Henry MYLLES late of Lewsam, co. Kent, yeoman – at Westham aforesaid. 10 May 1599.


GREENTREE Edward, (Grenetree), yeoman, and Margaret DODD, spinster of the City of London, , daughter of _____  DODD,  late of  Deptford Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic. 10 Sep 1589.


GREY Anthony, Earl of Kent, and Lady Mary LUCAS, daughter of John Lord LUCAS.24 Feb 1662/3.


GREY The Right Hon. Henry Lord RUTHYN, son and heir apparent to the Right Hon  Anthony, Earl of Kent, and Jemima CREW, daighter to the Right Hon Thomas Lord CREW.  16 April 1695.


GRIGGE William, glover and Anne GREGORYE, widow, of the City of London, relict of William GREGORYE, late of Chalton co. Kent, glover – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 26 Jan 1585/6.


GRIMES George, of Eltham, Kent, gent, widower, about 42, and Mary CHAMBERS, of same, spinster, about 24, and at own disposal – at St Nicholas, Cole Abbey, or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 31 July 1662.


GRIMSTON Samuel, of Gorhambury co. Herts, esq, widower, about 22, and Hon Anne TUFTON, spinster, about 18, second daughter of Right Hon John Earl of Thanet, consent of mother, Right Hon Countess Dowager of Thanet, widow – at St Botolph, Aldersgate or St Sepulchre, London. 12 April 1673.


GROOMBRIDGE John, of Cranbrook, co. Kent, bachelor, gent, 30, and Frances POYNTELL, of Maidstone, said county, spinster, 24, her father dead, consent of her mother, Mary POYNTELL, alleged by Daniel POYNTELL of same, gent. -  at Chislehurst, co. Kent or …………  12 May 1692.


GROOME Richard, of Twittenham, Middlesex, gent, bachelor, 24, and Dorothy ROCOBACKE, spinster, 24, daughter of Gowin ROCOBACKE, of Sevenoaks, co. Kent, gent, who consents  - at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex. 17 Dec 1632.


GROVE Roger, of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner, bachelor, 28, and Alice WYNNE, spinster, about 25, daughter of Thomas WYNNE of Coombe, co. Kent, gent, who consents – to marry at Stepney aforesaid. 18 Oct 1632.


GULSTON Edward, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, 34, and Joane TOOKEY, of New Romney, Kent, spinster, 30 – at New or Old Romney, Lidd or Dymchurch co. Kent. 12 May 1665.



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