London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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WAFERER Myrth, of Winchester, DD, about 40, and Mrs Elizabeth WROTH, of Blenden Hall in the parish of Bexley, co. Kent, spinster, about 28, and at own disposal. – at Bexley or Bromley co. Kent. 31 Oct 1667.


WAGER Charles, of the City of Rochester, bachelor, 32, and Prudence GOODSON, spinster, 32, daughter of William GOODSON, of Ratcliffe, Middlesex, gent, who consents – at St Gregory or St Mary Aldermary, London. 29 Jan 1662/3.


WAITH Robert, of Deptford, Kent, gent, widower, about 36, and Elizabeth LOWE, of Greenwich, said county, spinster, about 23, consent of father, Timothy LOWE, of same, esq – at St George, Botolph Lane, London, or St Peter Cornhill. 25 Feb 1660/1.


WAKEFIELD Thomas, gent, and Elizabeth WHITE, spinster, daughter of ____ WHITE, clerk, rector of Blakesborne, co. Kent – at St Alphage, London. 1 Oct 1622.


WALKER John, of the City of London, coachmaker and Temperance BASSINGTHWAITE, spinster, daughter of John BASSINGTHWAITE, perpetual vicar of Darent co Kent – at Westham co. Essex. 1 July 1617.


WALLYS Richard, clerk, and Anne HAPENNYE, spinster of the City of London, daughter of John HAPENNYE, of Bromley co. Kent, baker gen lic. 8 April 1591.


WALROND Edward, of St Dunstan in the West, London, gent, widower, and Mary REEVES of Greenwich, Kent, widow – at Greenwich, aforesaid or …… 27 Jan 1698/9.


WALSINGHAM Humphrey, gent, of Staple Inn, bachelor, 30, and Hester APPLEFORD, of Deptford Kent, widow, 40 – at St Mary Staynings. 15 Feb 1639/40.


WALTER Abraham, of Cranbrook, Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Mary KING, of Uddymore co. Sussex, spinster, about 23, and at own dispose – at Uddymore or Brede co. Sussex. 24 Sept 1675.


WALTER Isaac, of Cranbrook, co. Kent, bachelor, 25, and Anne PETTY, of Otford, said county, spinster, 22, with consent of her father, George PETTY, of same, gent – at Chekfield, Halsted, or Otfeild, co Kent. 15 May 1696.


WALTER Richard, of St Margaret Cliff, co. Kent, gent, widower, 45, and Mary BEADLE, of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, widow, 40 – at   St Clement Danes or….  26 April 1696/7.


WANDESFORD William, of St Gregory, London, merchant tayler, bachelor, 26, and Rebecca READ, of East Barnett, Herts, spinster, 17, daughter of Wilson READ, late of the City of Canterbury, gent, deceased, she at the disposal of Thomas HENNAGE, of East Barnett, esq, who consents – at East Barnett, aforesaid. 16 July 1632.


WARD Daniel, of Biddingden, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 32, and Mary WEDDING of Tenterden, said county, widow, about 34 – at Kennarton, alias Kennardnigton or Ebony said county. 18 Nov 1668.


WARD John, clerk, of Hadleigh Castle, Essex, bachelor, 26, and Alice EDMONDS, of Olkham co. Kent, spinster, 24, consent of her father, Nicholas EDMONDS – at St Leonard, Foster Lane. 24 May 1636.


WARDEGAR George, of the City of Rochester, gent, and Mary SMITH, of St Martin le Grand, spinster – at St Leonard, Foster Lane. 7 June 1608.


WARREN Robert, of Charlton, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Dorothy ASTON, of same, widow, 30 – at St Martin in the Fields. 4 March 1702/3.


WARTER John, of the Inner Temple, London, gent, bachelor, 40, and Jane WORRELL, of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, 26, - at Christchurch, London. 15 Nov 1687.


WATTS Thomas, and Elizabeth GYBBYNS, of Benenden, diocese of Canterbury. 2 Dec 1547.


WEALD John (Weelde), and Audrey KEYMER, of London, spinster, daughter of Roger KEYMER, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent, gen lic. 18 April 1597.


WEBB Bennington, gent, of St Dunstan in the West, bachelor, 28 and Frances FOUCH, of same, spinster, 19, daughter of  George FOUCH, gent, who consents, alleged by Francis WEBB, clerk, vicar of Upchurch, co. Kent – at St Dunstan in the West. 22 June 1627.


WEBB St John, of St Martin Westminster, esq, 32, and Anne STANLEY, of St Margaret in Rochester, Kent, widow, 26 – at All Hallows Staining. 4 Feb 1694/5.


WEBSTER Joshua, of Norton Folgate, Middlesex, bachelor, 24, and Mary FARRAR, of the City of Canterbury, gent, who consents – at St Andrew, Holborn, St Botolph Aldgate, or St James Dukes Place, London. 29 Feb 1667/8.


WELDING Robert, of Hackney, Middlesex, gent, widower, about 54, and Katherine KNIGHTLY, of Gravesend, Kent, widow, about 46 – at Hackney or Newington  Middlesex. 17 March 1661/2.


WELBELOVYD John, of Feltham, and Johanna FARR, of Ashford – at Ashford. 31 Jan 1527/8.


WELLS William, of the City of London, yeoman, and Alice HAMOND, spinster, of same, daughter of John  HAMOND, late of the Isle of Sheppey, co. Kent, husbandman, deceased, gen lic.  21 Nov 1587.


WENTWORTH Ruisshe, of the Inner Temple, esq, bachelor, 28, and Susanna ADY, of Provendor, co. Kent, spinster, 24, her parents dead – at Osspringe co. Kent or ….. 20 March 1679/80.


WENTWORTH Samuel, of Dover, co.  Kent, esq, bachelor, about 23, and Phoebe MOYLE, of Boughton, said county, spinster, about 22, daughter of Robert MOYLE, late of same, esq, deceased, at her own disposal – at St Saviour, Southwark. 24 May 1647.


WESTHROPE George, of Westham, Essex, bachelor, 29, and Sarah AMHIRST, of East Farley, Kent, spinster, about 19, her parents dead, and she at own disposal – at East Farley, Alsford or Langley co. Kent. 14 May 1681.


WESTON John, of London, gent, and Sarah MARTEN of same, widow of ____ MARTEN, late of Chepsted, Kent, gent, gen lic. 5 Feb 1591/2.


WESTROWE Thomas, esq, of Mersham, Kent, bachelor, above 22, and Anne CAPELL, of Morden, Surrey, spinster, about 21, daughter of Sir Henry CAPELL, knight, deceased, consent of her mother, Dame Dorothy CAPELL – at St Martin in the Fields, or chapel of Covent Garden. 16 July 1639.


WHALLEY Stanhope, of Norton co. Leicester, gent, bachelor, 26, and Elizabeth HIDE, of same, spinster, 21, her parents dead – at Sundridge or the chapel of Bow Place, co. Kent. 13 June 1664.


WHARTON Oliver, of St Botolph, Aldgate, butcher, and Elizabeth BAKER, spinster, of Whitechapel, daughter of William BAKER of Dover co. Kent, butcher – at St Botolph, Aldgate. 29 Feb 1583/4.


WHEELER Charles, gent, of Charing, Kent, bachelor, 26, and Anne HUTCHEN, of same, spinster, 24 – at All Hallows, Honey Lane. 3 May 1644.


WHEELER Thomas, of St Bennet, Gracechurch, London, leatherseller, bachelor, 28, and Juda LEGAY, spinster, 18, daughter of Priscilla HAYES (rightly Grizella HOTHAM), alias LEGAY, of same, who consents – at Bromley, Kent or …… 24 July 1678.


WHETENHALL Thomas, of Peckham co. Kent, bachelor, 25, and Elizabeth BUTLER, of St Dunstan in the West, London, 21 and upwards, her parents dead – at Grays Inn chapel. 15 June 1697.


WHIFFIN John, yeoman, and Elizabeth CHAPMAN, of London, widow of Brian CHAPMAN, late of Westram co. Kent, yeoman, gen lic.  2 Sept 1594.


WHITE Daniel, of Vintner near Maidstone, Kent, esq, widower, and Jane CUMBERLAND, spinster, 22, daughter of Francis CUMBERLAND, of St Margaret Westminster, haberdasher, who alleges – at St George, Southwark, co. Surrey.  23 Sept 1679.


WHITEHEAD James, of St Martin in the Fields, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Anne PADGE, of same, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Mary CUSUMES alias PADGE, of Deptford, Kent, widow – at parish church or chapel of Marybone, Middlesex. 7 May 1668.


WHITFEILD John, of the City of Canterbury, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Rebecca JAQUIS, of St George Southwark, spinster, about 18, consent of her parents – at St Botolph, Aldgate, London.  2 Feb 1666/7.


WHITEFELD Robert and Agnes BROWNEGE of Gravesend, diocese of Rochester, widow. 4 Dec 1544.


WHITTFEILDE Thomas, of the Inner Temple, gent, and Mildred-Fortune MANNINGE, spinster, of the City of London, daughter of Henry MANNINGE, esq, of Greenwich, Kent. – at St Magnus, London. 10 Jan 1584/5.


WHITINGE Robert, of Beddington co. Surrey, gent, bachelor, 36, and Jane COLE, Sevenoaks, Kent, widow of one COLE, late of said parish, innkeeper, aged about 42, alleged by Robert CHRISTMAS, of London, gent – to marry at Sevenoaks aforesaid. 19 Oct 1632.


WHITNALL Thomas, (Whytnell), and Dorothy FANE, of the diocese of Rochester. 27 April 1547.


WICHERLEY Edward (Witcherley), of St Mildred in the Poultry, London, draper, and Lettice SKINNER, of St Peter le Poor, London, spinster, daughter of John SKINNER, late of Gravesend, co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at Stepney co. Middlesex.  16 Dec 1618.


WIFFIN Thomas, (Wyffin), yeoman, and Alice MORRANT, of London, widow of Robert MORRANT, late of Brasted, Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic.  23 May 1597.


WILDE John, of Charlton co. Kent, bachelor, and Alice MANN, of St Martin le Grand, widow – at St Leonard, in said precinct.16 April 1627.


WILKINSON John, of St Giles, Cripplegate, London, girdler, bachelor, and Mary RUTTER, spinster, daughter of Valentine RUTTER, late of Sistey co. Kent, husbandman, deceased – at All Hallows the Less, Thames Street, London. 9 Dec 1619.


WILKINSON John, of the Inner Temple, esq, bachelor, 35, son and heir apparent of Richard WILKINSON, of Kenham co. Kent, esq, and Mary ADYE, of Barham co. Kent, spinster, 30, her parents dead – at Barham, Denton, or Wotton co. Kent.  30 June 1677.


WILLARDE Edmund, yeoman, and Juliana BURREDGE, both of Hadlow co. Kent. 20 Oct 1567.


WILLIAMS Sir Edward, knight, bachelor, about 17, son of Sir Thomas WILLIAMS, of Elham, Kent, bart, who alleges and Mrs Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of Bentley Hall of co. Stafford, spinster, about 13, consent of mother, Dame Abigail WILLIAMS, alias LANE, ux. Thomas LANE esq; alleged by Sir Thomas WILLIAMS – at Wolverhampton co. Stafford. 9 July 1675.


WILLIAMS Sir John, knight, of Elham, co. Kent, bachelor, about 20, and Mrs Mary POWELL, of Fulham, Middlesex, spinster, about 13, consent of her father, Sir William POWELL of same, bart; alleged by Sir John WILLIAMS, of Elham aforesaid, knight and bart – at Fulham, aforesaid.  8 Feb 1674/5.


WILLIAMS Samuel, of Moulton St Michael, co. Norfolk, clerk, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Mary BEALE, of Biddenham Kent, spinster, about 24, and at own dispose – at Maidstone Kent. 24 April 1674.


WILSHIRE Francis, of Greenwich, Kent esq, widower, about 35, and Mrs Anne JENNINGS, of St Peter le Poor, London, spinster, about 20, her parents dead, and she executrix of her fathers will – at Greenwich, Kent. 14 Feb 1675/6.


WILSON Christopher, cordwayner, and Edith CHESTER, widow, of the City of London, relict of Peter CHESTER, late of Maidstone, Kent, cordwainer, gen lic. 17 Oct 1587.


WILSON Daniel, rector of All Saints, Wainfleet, co. Lincoln, bachelor, 26, and Elizabeth RANDLAND, of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, 22, her mothers consent, father dead – at ……. 28 July 1677.


WILSON Nathaniel, of Kings North co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 24, and Elizabeth HOLDEN of St Mary, Aldermanbury, London, widow, about 40 – at St Matthew, Friday Street or St Bennet Gracechurch. 30 June 1663.


WILSON Thomas, of Chatham, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 39, and Mrs Jane BECKFORD, of St Botolph, Aldgate, London, spinster, about 23, consent of her father, Richard BECKFORD, of same, esq – at St Dunstan in the West or Chapel of the Rolls, London. 1 Feb 1667/8.


WILSON Thomas, of St Mary, Abchurch, London, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth PETTIT, spinster, 24, daughter of Paul PETTIT, of Dover co. Kent, gent, who consents – at All Hallows, Staining, London. 6 April 1686.


WINBERY Christopher, of St Dunstan in the East, London, merchant, bachelor, 30, and Dorothy WENTWORTH, of All Hallows, Staining, London, spinster, 21, her parents dead – at St Dunstan aforesaid or Charlton co. Kent. 4 Oct 1679.


WINTERTON Robert, blacksmith, and Mary BATEMAN, daughter of George BATEMAN, of Broughton Olave co. Kent,  yeoman – at St Bartholomew the Great. London. 4 Dec 1626.


WISEMAN Mark, (Wyseman), of St Mary Cray co. Kent, esq, widower, 35, and Mrs Elizabeth FOWLE ? of Southfleet, Kent, spinster, 21, at own disposal.  –at Hartley co. Kent. 12 Nov 1647.


WITHEY Robert, of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth GUY, of Stroud co. Kent, about 18, daughter of John GUY jun, of same, gent, who consents – at St Mary Savoy, Middlesex. 10 Feb 1689/90.


WOOD Edmund, of Linsted  co. Kent, bachelor, and Elizabeth DITTEN, of St Martin Orgar, London, widow – at St Peters, Paul’s Wharf, London.7 Aug 1661.


WOOD John, of St Michael, Queenhithe, London, gent, and Sarah LITTLEBOY, of same, widow of John LITTLEBOY, late of Rochester, shoemaker – at St Michael, Queenhithe, aforesaid. 10 March 1603/4.


WOODD John, gent, of West Farley, Kent, bachelor, 34, and Lizbonah (sic), CARPENTER, widow, 40 – at St Faith, or St Clement, Eastcheap. 28 Sept 1641.


WOOD Richard, of St Giles, Cripplegate, citizen and grocer, widower, about 29, and Mrs Elizabeth WALTER, of St Dunstan in the West, spinster, about 21, consent of father, William WALTER, of Raynham, Kent, clerk – at St James, Clerkenwell, or St Bartholomew the Great. 10 Nov 1673.


WOOD Richard, of Dartford, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Margaret TOOKE, of same, spinster, about 19, with consent of her parents – at Wilmington, or Sutton at Hone, co. Kent. 24 June 1678.


WOOD Thomas, yeoman, and Susan HANDE, now of the City of London, spinster, daughter of John HANDE, of Greenwich, co. Kent – at St Leonard, Shoreditch. 29 July 1592.


WOOD Thomas, of Alesford, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Parnell CASTLEDEN, spinster, 22, daughter of Thomas CASTLEDEN, of same, gent, who consents – at St Mildred in the Poultry, London.  16 Sept 1662.


WOOD Thomas, of Waterham, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 28, and Mrs Elizabeth DEANE, of same, spinster, about 18, consent of father, Thomas DEANE of same, yeoman – at St Mary, Woolnoth, London. 14 May 1666.


WOOD William, and Margaret PYE of the diocese of Canterbury.  16 Jan 1544/5.


WOODGATE Fortunatus, gent, of Penshurst, Kent, bachelor, 18, his parents, deceased, and Elizabeth NEVILL, of same, spinster, about 22, consent of father, Francis NEVILL – at St Faith. 6 July 1644.


WOODGATE Henry, of Penshurst, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Martha TWORLE, of Loughton, Sussex, spinster, about 28, and at own dispose – at East Hoadley, Sussex. 27 Dec 1670.


WOODROFFE Geoffrey, of the City of London, weaver and Margaret SMITHE, spinster of same, daughter of _____ SMITHE, late of Cobham, Kent, labouring man, deceased – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 19 March 1584/5.


WOODWARD Edmund, of St Hellen, London, gent, widower, about 37, and Mrs Mary GLASBROOKE, of St Andrew Undershaft, spinster, about 26, at own dispose – at Greenwich co. Kent. 7 April 1677.


WOODWARDE Humphrey, of St Christopher le Stocks, London, merchant taylor, and Margaret PYPLER, of same, widow of ___ PYPLER, late of Lewsham co. Kent, cooper – at St Christopher le Stocks, aforesaid. 10 Feb 1591/2.


WOODYEARE George, of Bully Hill near Rochester, Kent, widower, 30, and Martha HASDON, spinster 21, daughter of George HASDON, of Gravesend, said county, gent, who consents – at St Peter le Poor, or St Dionis Backchurch, London.  27 Sept 1660.


WOODYEARE William, of Thorn co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 21, and Sarah GREENHILL, of St Olave, Hart Street, London, spinster, 16, daughter of Henry GREENHILL, gent, whose consent is attested by Dorothy GREENHILL, mother of said Sarah – at St Martin, Ludgate, London.  17 Dec 1689.


WORLIDGE Robert, of Trosley, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26,  and Mrs Elizabeth MARSH, of same, widow, about 30 – at St Mary, Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 22 Aug 1678.


WORRALL Richard, clerk, and Abigail AUSTIN, spinster, daughter of Richard AUSTIN, of co. Kent, gent – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 16 Dec 1624.


WORTH William, of St Michael, Cornhill, London, widower, and Elizabeth DALLING, spinster, 26, daughter of Samuel DALLING, of Westram, Kent, gent, who consents – at St Martin, Orgar, London. 5 June 1672.


WOTTON William, of Addington, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mary TREVELYAN, of St Mary Savoy, Middlesex, widow, about 23 – at St Clement Danes.  25 Feb 1670/1.


WREIGHT Henry, of Feversham, Kent, gent, widower, about 40, and Mary HUSSEE, of Egerton, said county, about 21, consent of father Henry HUSSEE, of same, esq, who alleges – at St George or St Saviour, Southwark co. Surrey or St Mary Savoy, Middlesex. 26 Aug 1668.


WRIGHT John, husbandman, and Alice BAXTER, spinster, daughter of Richard BAXTER, late of Northbrowne, co Kent, deceased – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, London. 11 Jan 1618/9.


WRIGHT Lawrence, of St George , Botolph Lane, London, gent, widower, about 32, and Rebecca SWAN, of Chatham, Kent, spinster, about 21, her fathers consent – at any parish church  in City of Rochester co. Kent. 22 Dec 1674.


WROUGHTON Thomas, esq, of Sarum co. Wilts, 40, and Lettice SNELGAR, of Becknam Court, co. Kent, spinster, 31, daughter of Sir Henry SNELGAR, knight, who consents – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 21 Sept 1629.


WYATT Edwin, of Horton Kirby, Kent, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Frances CRISPE, of the Isle of Tennett, said county, spinster, about 20, her fathers consent – at St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street. 15 Feb 1664/5.


WYATT Henry, (Wiat), gent, of Grays Inn, bachelor, 22, son of George WIAT, esq, of Boxley, Kent, and Catherine FINCH, of St Andrew Holborn, spinster, 26, daughter of Sir Henry FINCH, knight, of Serjeants Inn, Fleet Street, who consents – at St Andrew Wardrobe. 8 Dec1618.


WYBORNE John, of Deptford, Kent, gent, bachelor, and Catherine MORECOCK, of same, widow – at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. 13 April 1672.


WYKES Richard, of Horsmonden, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Mary WEST, Croydon, Surrey, spinster, about 20, her fathers consent – at Strutham, in Surrey, Addington in Kent, Sandersted, in Surrey. 14 June 1675.


WYMARK Ellis, and Florence KEMPE, of diocese of Canterbury. 9 Feb 1546/7.


WYMONDSOLDE William, of the City of London, bachelor, 23, son of Edward WYMONDSOLDE, of Southwell, Notts, gent, who consents, and Magdalen ALINGTON, of St Botolph, Aldersgate, maiden, 20, consent of her father, John ALINGTON of Levesham, co. Kent, gent – at St Botolph, Aldersgate, aforesaid. 1 April 1608.


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