London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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CACKETT Thomas, of London, blacksmith, and Mary RUMLEY, of London, spinster, daughter of John RUMLEY, late of Ockford co. Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic. 21 July 1597.


CAGE William, of Milgate in Bersted co. Kent, esq, widower, 39, and Joane CULPEPER, daughter of Sir Thomas CULPEPER, knight of Hollingbourne co. Kent, spinster, 27, whose consent is attested by Sir Cheney CULPEPPER, son of said Sir Thomas CULPEPER – at St Martin, Ludgate. 2 Dec 1637.


CAMPION William, of Comnell Parish, Gowdhurst, Kent, esq, bachelor, about 22, and Frances GLINN, spinster, about 17, consent of father, Serjeant GLINN, of St Giles in the Fields, attested by Edward CAMPION, of All Hallows in the Wall – at St Margaret, Westminster. 1 Nov 1662.


CAPELL Alexander, doctor in physic, widower, 32, and Joane HARWARD, spinster, 22, daughter of Vincent HARWARD, gent, of East Sutton, Kent, who consents – at St Bride London. 24 Aug 1619.


CARLES Edward, of City of London, yeoman, and Elizabeth BUNTINGE, of same, spinster, daughter of William BUNTINGE, of Huckinge, co. Kent, yeoman – at St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 27 Nov 1588.


CARPENTER Thomas, of Otford, Kent, gent, bachelor, 23, and Mary TOWNE of Horton Kirby, said county, spinster, 17, her parents dead, with consent of her uncle, Walter COLLINS – at Halsted, Kingsdown or Aynsford, Kent. 23 March 1646/7.


CARTER Nicholas, of St Gregory, London, merchant taylor, widower, 31 and Martha GLOVER, spinster, 30, daughter of John GLOVER, of Hyde co. Kent, yeoman, who consents – at Islington, Middlesex, or St Martin, Ludgate, London. 11 Dec 1632.


CARTER Thomas, of Kimnell co. Denbigh, esq, bachelor, 24, and Elizabeth STYLE, daughter of Sir Thomas STYLE, of Wateringbury, co. Kent, who consents – at Wateringbury, aforesaid or ………30 Sept 1678.


CARTERET Philip esq, of St Peter Le Poor, London, bachelor, 24, and Dame Jemima MONTAGU, spinster, 17, daughter of the Right Hon Earl of Sandwich, who consents – at Deptford, Kent or elsewhere in the diocese of London. 29 July 1665.


CASSE John, of Greenwich, Kent, clerk, bachelor, 25 and Elizabeth BRIGHT, of same, spinster, 23, her parents dead – at Lees co. Kent. 26 April 1676.


CASTILLON John DD, of the City of Canterbury, bachelor, about 40, and Mrs Margaret DIGGS, of Chilham Castle, Kent, spinster, about 27, her fathers consent – at St Mary Savoy, alleged by David FOORD, of London, merchant. 27 Nov 1666.


CAUSTON Peter jun, of St Mary Abchurch, London, bachelor, 31, and Rebecca HAYES, of Greenwich, Kent, spinster, 16, daughter of James HAYES, of same, esq, who consents, attested by Peter CAUSTON sen, of St Mary Abchurch, aforesaid – at Charlton, Greenwich, Eltham or Woolwich co. Kent. 4 July 1687.


CHADWELL Thomas, gent, of Greenwich, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Bridget GAUNT, of St Giles in the Fields, spinster, 23, daughter of Francis GAUNT, who consents – at St James, Dukes Place. 12 April 1632.


CHAMBERS Robert, of West Malling, Kent, gent, widower, about 26, and Anne SHISH, of Deptford, Kent, spinster, about 22, her fathers consent – at Camberwell in Surrey, or Deptford aforesaid. 27 Sept 1676.


CHAMPNEIS Henry, of Rootham, Kent, esq, bachelor, 33, and Susan CAREW, spinster, 17, daughter of Sir Francis CAREW, who consents – at Beddington, aforesaid, or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London. 18 Aug 1647.


CHAMPNYS Justinian, of Calehill, in the parish of Little Chart, Kent, bachelor, 22, and Sarah HUGHES of Canterbury, said county, spinster, 16, her parents dead, with consent of her guardian, Mr LINCH of Groves, said county, alleged by Hannah, wife of George COCKAYN, of St Andrew, Holborn, gent – at Little Chart, aforesaid or …… 9 Aug 1694.


CHANDLER Matthew, of Maidstone, Kent, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth PEACHY, spinster, 16, daughter of William PEACHY, of Cranbrook, said county, gent, who consents – at Cranbrook, Maidstone, or Staplehurst, Kent. 29 Oct 1683.


CHAPLIN John, of St Catherine, Creechurch, esq, bachelor, about 21, his fathers consent, and Mrs Elizabeth HAMBY, of Lamberhurst, Kent, spinster, about 17, consent of mother, Dame Elizabeth HAMBY, of same, widow – at Lamberhurst, aforesaid. 13 March 1677/8.


CHAPLIN William, of Stow, co. Bucks, gent, bachelor, 38, and Mary FOWLER, of St Martins in the Fields, Middlesex, spinster, 32 – at Deptford, Kent, or St Helen or St Botolph, Aldersgate Street, London. 14 April 1669.


CHAPPELL William, of Rochester, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 26, and Margaret HEELEY of same, widow – at Gillingham, Frinsbury or Stroud co Kent. 15Jan 1671/2.


CHAPPELL William, of the City of Rochester, gent, widower, about 33, and Mrs Catherine VENMAN of same, widow, about 43 – at St Nicholas in Rochester or Snadland or Frinsbury co. Kent. 24 Feb 1678/9.


CHARNLEY Thomas, of the City of York, gent, bachelor, 34, and Anne LAPLEY, of St Saviour, Southwark, co. Surrey, widow, 30 – at East Greenwich, Kent, St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex or St Nicholas, Cole Abbey, London. 9 Jan 1663/4.


CHATFIELD John, of St Martin, Ludgate, London, haberdasher, and Elizabeth JACKSON, of St Anne, Blackfriars, London, spinster, daughter of John JACKSON, clerk, vicar of Hisson co. Kent – at St Bennet, St Paul’s Wharf, London. 5 May 1619.


CHESTER Edward, of Barkway, Herts, esq. bachelor, about 18, and Judith WRIGHT, of Bexley, Kent, spinster, about 17, her parents dead, consent of guardians – at Chiselhurst, Kent. 21 Aug 1661.


CHESTER Granado, of Sydenham, Kent, widower and Elizabeth ELKINGTON, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, 21 – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 2 Dec 1749


CHESTER John, of Deptford, Kent, bachelor, 26 and Mary FEILD of same, spinster, 30 – at same. 22 April 1712.


CHESTER William, of East Greenwich, Kent, bachelor, 29, and Susanna SMITH, of same, spinster, 26 – at St Peter Le Poor, London. 31 Oct 1723.


CHIFFINCH Thomas, of Gravesend co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 24 and Mary FORTRYE, of Northfleet, said county, spinster, 32, at her own disposal – at Rochester co Kent or ……..  16 April 1692.


CHOLMELEY James, of Chesthunt, Herts, bachelor, 17, and Catherine WOODFINE, of Stepney, spinster, 17, consent of her mother, Rebecca WOODFINE, of Ratcliff cum Jackmore co. Bucks – at Greenwich, Kent. 1 Dec 1702.


CHRISTIAN Captain Edward esq, of St Martin, Ludgate, bachelor, 36, and Elizabeth MAYCOTT, of Dover, Kent, spinster, 21, her parents dead, daughter of Cavaler MAYCOTT, deceased – at St Mary, Somerset, London. 19 Jan 1626/7


CHUTE Edward esq, of Beddersden co. Kent, widower, 53, and Thomazine CRICHE, of the City of London, 52 widow of Edmund CRICHE, citizen and merchant taylor of London, deceased – at St Bride, London or St Mary, Islington. 12 Aug 1633.


CHUTE Sir George (signed Choute), of Hinxhill, co. Kent, knight and Cicely FREAKE (Freke), spinster, 18, with consent of her father Ralph FREAKE of Hannington,  co Wilts, esq – at Hannington aforesaid. 26 April 1661.


CLARKE Christopher, of St Gregory, London, esq, bachelor, 25, and Mary JERMAN, spinster, about 17, daughter of  Roger JERMAN, of the City of Canterbury, gent, who consents, as also her mother Mary JERMAN – at Faversham or elsewhere in co. Kent. 19 Aug 1674.


CLARKE Sir Francis, knight, of Ulcombe, Kent, widower, about 46,  and Mrs Elizabeth HARDY, of St Margaret, Westminster, widow – at church or chapel of Gray's Inn. 6 Dec 1670.


CLARKE Henry, of Broad Street, London, merchant, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Levina AVERY, of Whichester Street, London, spinster, about 23, at her own dispose, her parents dead – at Greenwich in Kent or Marybone in Middlesex. 3 May 1679.


CLARKE John, of Rootham, co. Kent, esq, bachelor, 24, and Margaret PIERS, spinster, 23, daughter of Sir Thomas PIERS bart, of Seale, co. Kent, who alleges – at Seale, aforesaid or any other church in co. Kent. 17 Sep 1664.


CLAYTON James, of the Wache co. Bucks, esq, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Elizabeth HOW, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, spinster, about 19, consent of father, Sir Richard Grubham HOW, of Mitchford co. Wilts, bart, alleged by Sir Thomas CLAYTON of the Wache, aforesaid, knight – at Greenwich, Kent. 1 June 1677.


CLEEVE James, of Tonge co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 32, and Elizabeth CRITTALL, of Hawkhurst, said county, spinster, 21, her father dead, and her mother consenting – at Sittingbourne, or Radmersham co. Kent. 2 Nov 1648.


CLEYTON Adam, clerk BA, and Dionis LEWYS, widow, late of the City of London, relict of ____ LEWIS of Lye co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch. 10 Feb 1585.


CLIFFORD William, of Westminster, London, and Elizabeth PETT, daughter of John PETT of Barden co. Kent, now dwelling in Westminster. 20 April 1584.


COBB Robert, of Hearne co Kent, gent, bachelor, aged 26, and Mary EWELL, of Chislett said county, widow, about 21 – at chapel or church of Lambeth Surrey. 22 April 1661.


COCK George, of East Greenwich, Kent, esq, widower, about 53, and Mrs Mary TEMPLE, of St Mary, Woolchurch, London, spinster, about 30, at her own disposal – at Bromley co. Kent. 15 April 1670


COCKAYNE William, of Greenwich, bachelor, above 22, and Mary COLE of same, spinster, 18, consent of father, Thomas COLE – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf. 20 Nov 1732.


COCKER William, of St Peter in Colchester, tailor, and Susan CARNALL, of St Sepulchre, London, daughter of Henry CARNALL, late of ….. co. Kent, tailor, deceased. – at St Sepulchre, aforesaid. 24 Aug 1598.


COCKETT John, of Dover, Kent, bachelor, about 26, and Mrs Elizabeth CHERRY, of St Giles, Cripplegate, spinster, about 17, consent of her parents, alleged by Thomas COCKETT, of St Mary, Whitechapel – at St James, Clerkenwell, or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 28 Dec 1665.


COCKETT John, rector of East Reed co. Herts, widower and Anne FLEXMER, spinster, 20, daughter of Francis FLEXMER, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent, who consents – at St Bartholomew the Great or Less, London, or St James, Clerkenwell,  Middlesex. 8 Aug 1668.


COCKMAN Thomas, rector, of Cowden, co. Kent, bachelor, 26, and Jane WEEMES, of St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, spinster, 22, with consent of her mother, her father dead – at St Giles, aforesaid. 28 Oct 1668.


CODD William, of Pelicans parish of Wateringbury, co. Kent, esq, widower, about 28, and Mary ST LEGER, spinster about 19, daughter of Sir Warham ST LEGER,  late of Ulcombe, said county, knight, deceased, with consent of her mother, Dame Mary ST LEGER, of Lenham, said county, widow – at Lenham or Ulcombe aforesaid. 27 Nov 1632.


CODD William, of Gravesend, Kent, gent, bachelor, 24 and Alice BROWNE, spinster, about 19, her parents dead, she  living with her uncle, Andrew VIVIAN, of St Andrew, Holborn, London, gent, who consents. – at St Andrew, aforesaid, or St Clement Danes, Middlesex. 21 June 1671.


COKE Thomas, of Pebmarsh, Essex, gent, bachelor, about 28, and Hannah SYMONDS, of Boxley, Kent, widow, about 28 – at Great St Helen, London or Much Waltham, Essex. 26 May 1669.


COLLARD Nicholas, “fabrum” and Margaret LISTNEY, now of London, spinster, daughter of John LISTNEY of Faccam co. Kent, yeoman, gen lic. 21 Feb 1595/6.


COLLETT John, of Westram, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27 and Livea MAUNDY, of Sundrich, spinster, said county, about 22, consent of mother, _____ MAUNDY, widow – at Rochester, Halsted or Chelsfield co. Kent. 20 may 1671.


COLLETT Thomas, of Gravesend, Kent, gent, widower, aged 42 and Elizabeth COLLINS, spinster, 26, daughter of John COLLINS, of Maidstone Kent, draper, who consents – at Allington co. Kent. 22 April 1633.


COLLINS John, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, 36, and Ann HAWES of Greenwich, co.Kent, spinster, about 19, daughter of Anne HAWES, of same,  widow, who consents – at St Paul, Covent Garden,  St Mary, Savoy or St Mary Islington, Middlesex. 14 Mar 1670/1.


COLLINS Walter, of Ashurst Kent, clerk bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth CACOTT, of Coringham, Essex, spinster, 24, at her own disposal – at St Gregory, or St Trinity in  London.  22 Oct 1662.


COLLINSON Henry, of St Martin in the Vintry, London, fruiterer, and Richardina NOKES of same, spinster, daughter of William NOKES, late of Feversham, co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Martin, aforesaid. 19 May 1619.


CONNIS John, of Bow, Stepney, mariner, widower, about 43, and Anne RUSTELL of Deptford, Kent, widow, about 42 – at All Hallows, Barking or …….  19 Feb 1661/2.


CONSTABLE Richard, of Speldhurst Kent, mercer, bachelor,  about 28, and Dorothy WARE, of Tunbridge, said county, spinster, about 19, her fathers consent – at Frant, Sussex. 8-12 Oct 1666.


COODE William, of the City of  Rochester, gent, bachelor, about 27 and Margaret GORDON, of St Giles in the Fields, spinster, about 27, and at own disposal – at St Clement Danes, or St Mary, Savoy. 11 Dec 1667/8.


COOKE Edward, of Heen parish,  West Tarring co. Sussex, gent, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth HUSSY, of Gravesend Kent, spinster, 16, consent of father, Mr Christopher HUSSY – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate. 14 Feb 1671/2.


COOKE Robert, of the City of London, founder and Emma HARTE, of St Botolph, Aldgate, spinster, daughter of ______ HARTE, of Foulstone, co. Kent, fisherman – at St Botolph, Aldgate. 15 April 1586.


COOKE Thomas and Elizabeth WHYTE of the diocese of Canterbury, widow. 27 Oct 1545.


COOPER William, yeoman, and Margaret ARMSTRONG, spinster, daughter of Edward ARMSTRONG, of Shorne co. Kent, yeoman – at Trinity Minories, London. 5 March 1621/2.


COOPER William, gent, of Maidstone Kent, bachelor, 21, parents deceased, and Elizabeth FRANCKLIN, daughter of James FRANCKLIN,  of same, esq, who consents – at St Gregory or St Faith. 11 March 1634/5.


COPWOODE Anthony (Copwodde), and Mary BETNAM, diocese of Canterbury. 25 Feb 1545/6.


CORBETT John, (Corbet), of Woolwich, Kent, clerk, bachelor, 30, and Susanna WATSON, spinster, 20, daughter of Elizabeth WATSON, of same, widow, who consents – at St Mary, Somerset, London. 13 April 1675.


CORNISH Henry, mariner, and Susan COOPER of Ratcliffe, parish of Stepney co. Middlesex, spinster, daughter of ______ COOPER, of Ashford, co. Kent, saddler – at Stepney aforesaid. 26 Feb 1596/7.


COTTERELL Sir Charles Lodwick, (Cottrell), knight of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, widower and Elizabeth CHUTE, of Chevening co Kent, spinster, 27 – at Chevening aforesaid. 9 June 1691.


COUCHMAN John, of Tooting, Surrey, gent, widower, about 50, and Elizabeth PRATT of Greenwich, widow, about 40 - at Deptford, co. Kent. 3 July 1665.


COURTHOPP John, of Cranbrooke co. Kent, clothier, widower, about 75, and Mercy TAYLOR, of Hawkhurst, Kent, widow, about 60 – at Beningden or Rounden, Kent. 10 Oct 1668.


COVELL Michael, gent, of West Wickham, Kent, bachelor, 36, and Rebecca JONES, of St Bride, widow, 25 – at St Faith. 25 Jan 1635/6.


COX Richard (Coxe), of St Martin, Outwich, London, embroiderer, and Anne ADEY of St Dunstan in the West, said city, spinster, daughter of Nicholas ADEY, late of Feversham, co Kent, deceased –at St Dunstan in the West, aforesaid. 10 April 1613.


CRADOCK Thomas, of Tong co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 28, and Mrs Henrietta GOLDING of Milton, said county, widow, about 30 – at Milton aforesaid. 13 Nov 1673.


CRAWLEY Andrew, of Lower Deptford, Kent, gent, widower, about 46, and Mrs Elizabeth SPICER, of Clifton, Dorset, maiden, about 35 – at St Bartholomew the Less or ……. 2 April 1670.


CRAYFORD William, of Abingham, Kent, bachelor 25 or 26, son of Edward CRAYFORD esq, and Cordelia NEVINSON, spinster, 22, daughter of  Sir Roger NEVINSON, knight, late of Estrey, deceased,  her mothers consent – at St Anne, Blackfriars.10 Feb 1634/5.


CRESWELL Robert, gent, of Grays Inn, bachelor, 23, son of William CRESWELL of Milton Hall, Prittlewell co. Essex, gent, who died about ten years since, and Anne GOURLEY of St Sepulchre, London, maiden, 18, daughter of John GOURLEY, gent, of Leigh co. Kent, deceased about four years ago, consent of John FORDLE, of Leigh aforesaid, gent, her father in law, and Elizabeth his wife, the mother of said Anne, attested by William JOHNSON, of Grays Inn, esq,  who married Anne, the mother of said Mr John FORDLE, and by William JOHNSON the younger, gent, son of said Mr William JOHNSON, the elder – at St James, Clerkenwell. 14 June 1607.


CRIPPS James, of Stroud, county Kent, gent, widower, about 44, and Anne GODFREY, of same, spinster, about 23, and at own governance – at Stroud, aforesaid. 19 Nov 1663.


CRIPPS John, of Maidstone, Kent, gent, widower, about 26, and Alice LONG of Bredhurst, said county, spinster, about 25, and at own disposal. – at St Peter, Cornhill, St Martin, Ironmonger Lane, or St Michael, Cornhill. 16 Dec 1662.


CRISPE Elize, (sic), son and heir of Sir Nicholas CRISPE, of the City of London, knight, bachelor, 22, and Mrs Anne STRODE, daughter of Sir George STRODE, knight, of Squerries co. Kent, spinster, 20. alleged by said Sir George STRODE – at Hammersmith. 25 Jan 1641/2.


CRISPE Thomas, (Crisp), of London, esq, about 36, and Dorothy VANE daughter of Dame ____ VANE,  of ………  , near Tunbridge Kent, widow, spinster, about 23, her mothers consent – at Tunbridge aforesaid or …….  28 Aug 1677.


CROKE John, of the diocese of London, and Dorothy TEBALD, of the diocese of Canterbury, gent. 25 July 1547.


CROMPE John, of the City of Rochester, Kent, gent, widower, about 26, and Mrs Margaret MARLOW, of same, spinster, about 20, her fathers consent – at St Vedast, Foster Lane, London. 29 Aug 1666.


CROPLEY John, of Lincolns Inn, esq, bachelor, about 34, and Mrs Martha FAUNCE, of Holloway co. Kent, spinster, about 24, and at own disposal. – at Holloway or St Margaret in the City of Rochester co. Kent. 13 April 1677.


CROPLEY Luke, of St Peter the Poor, London, gent, widower, about 35, and Mary BLAND of same, widow, about 36 – at Deptford or Charlton co. Kent, or Newington Surrey or St James Clerkenwell. 12 Sept 1668.


CROSSE John, of Greenwich, Kent, merchant, bachelor, 22, son of William CROSSE, of same, merchant, who consents, and Frances GARRARD, of East Greenwich, Kent, spinster, 18, daughter of  Sir ___ GARRARD, knight, deceased, consent of her mother, Dame ____ GARRARD, of Eltham, Kent, widow – at ST Bartholomew the Less. 25 Oct 1647.


CROWE Thomas, of Deptford, Kent, gent, widower, about 35 and Mrs Sarah HOMER, of Stepney, Middlesex, spinster, about 22, her fathers consent – at Stepney aforesaid. 18 Sep 1671.


CROXTON Walter jun, of St Mary at Hill, London, bachelor, about 23, son of Walter CROXTON sen, who alleges and Mary  MAPLISDEN, spinster, about 23, consent of father, Edward MAPLISDEN of Marden co. Kent, gent – at St Peter, Paul’s Wharf, or St Gregory, London. 30 Oct 1660.


CULLING John, of East Greenwich, Kent, esq, bachelor, about 26 and Mrs Martha PEARLE, of Whitechapel, Middlesex, spinster, about 16, consent of father, Thomas PEARLE, merchant – at St Vedast, Foster Lane, London. 6 May 1673.


CULLUM John, of St Michael, Cornhill, London, tailor, and Jane PRICE of same, spinster, daughter of Thomas PRICE, late of Reelownewyde, (sic), co. Kent, yeoman, deceased, gen lic.  10 March 1595/6.


CULPEPPER Richard, (Culpeper), gent and Jane STEEDE, Spinster of the City of London,  daughter of ____ STEEDE, late of Harrison, co. Kent, gent, deceased. 17 May 1589.


CULPEPPER Sir Thomas, (Colepepyr, sic, subs), knight of Hollingborne co.Kent, widower, about 35, and Mrs Alicia COLEPEPYR, of Aylesfore, said county, spinster, about 24, consent of mother, Dame Helen COLEPEPYR, widow – at Aylesford or Hollingbourne aforesaid. 18 Dec 1663.


CULPEPPER William, of Hollingbourn, Kent, bachelor, 40, and Mrs Elizabeth GILL, of St Martin in the Fields, spinster, 23, her father dead – at St Paul’s Cathedral. 3 June 1709.


CULVERHOUSE Richard and Margaret GATES, widow, diocese of Canterbury. 15 June 1545.


CUMMYNS Robert (sic subs), of Barking, Essex, grazier, bachelor, about 28 and Susannah DENHAM of Plumstead, Kent, spinster, about 19, her brothers consent, her father dead – at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, or Aldgate or St James, Dukes Place, London. 25 Sept 1668.


CUPPER William, clerk, and Angelletta BOUGHTON, of London, spinster, daughter of Edward BOUGHTON of Plumstead, co. Kent, gent. At St Bride, London. 27 Jan 1595/6.


CURTEIS Francis, of Maidstone, Kent, gent, widower, about 33, and Martha BEALE of same, spinster, aged 24, her mothers consent, her father dead – at All Hallows the Great, St Nicholas Cole Abbey, or St Mary Woolnoth, London. 20 May 1678.


CURTEISJohn jun, bachelor, about 20, son of John CURTEIS of Rye co. Sussex, gent, who. Alleges and Katherine DRAYTON, spinster, 19, daughter of Francis DRAYTON, of Tenterden, Kent, clerk, who consents – at Halden Ebony or Frittenden co Kent. 23 Nov 1686.


CURTIS Samuel, of Tenterden, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Martha WIGHTWICK, of same, spinster, about 18, consent of her uncle, Humphrey WIGHTWICK of Ashford, said county, her guardian, her parents dead – at Kennard Hallden, or Woodchurch, said county. 23 Nov 1672.


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