London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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ABBOTT George, of Inner Temple esq., bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Mary REYNOLDS of Lee, co Kent, widow about 30 – at church or chapel of Paddington Middlesex; Newington co. Surrey; Wye co. Kent; or St Clements Danes. 5 May 1665.


ABELL William, yeoman, and Timothea MANN, of London widow of William MANN Late of Chislest, co. Kent, yeoman, gen lic, 19 July 1597.


ABERE Robert, and Margaret NAYLER of the City of Canterbury. 11 June 1546.


ABRAHALL Gilbert of St Botolph, Aldgate, gent, bachelor about 25 and Rebecca BLACKWELL of Deptford Kent, spinster about 18, consent of mother, Rebecca BLACKWELL of same, widow – at St Swithin London. 30 May 1666.


ACWORTH John, of Woolwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27 and Sarah SPREEVER of same, widow, about 24 – at Stepney Middlesex; Dartford co. Kent;  or St George, Southwark co. Surrey. 4 March 1667/8


ADAMS Henry, of St Margaret, Westminster widower 23, and Anne KING of Tunbridge Kent, widow about 30 at Maidstone co. Kent. 5 Sept 1662.


ADAMS Thomas, of St Benet, Gracechurch, gent, bachelor, about 31 and Jane JAMES of Ightham Kent, spinster, about 20, consent of mother, Jane JAMES widow – at Ightham 28 Jan 1661/2


ADAMS William of St Antholin, London, haberdasher, bachelor about 22 and Mrs Elizabeth TURNER of Hesse  co. Kent spinster about 22 and upwards at Croydon co. Surrey. 25 Feb 1678/9


ADAMS William of Lussan, Kent, bachelor, 28 and Elizabeth HYDE,  of same spinster 28 of St Bennet, St Pauls wharf. 22 Jul 1720.


ADDISON Edward, of St Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex, gent and Margaret EDWARDS of Leeds Castle co. Kent spinster 24, with the consent of her mother Joane EDWARDS, widow ay Leeds aforesaid or …….24 Aug 1685.


ALCHORN John, of Faversham, Kent, bachelor, 23, and Anne BEVERTON, of St Catherine Cree Church, spinster 23, daughter of Simon BERVERTON citizen, and cloth worker deceased – at St Andrews Wardrobe. 25 April 1629.


ALCHORN John jun, of Boughton Munchelsea co. Kent esq., bachelor 30, and Frances COLEPEPYR, spinster about 24, daughter of Dame Helen COLEPEPYR of Aylesford, said county widow who consents – at Aylesford of Ditton co. Kent. 15 Feb 1666/7


ALCHORN Richard, (ALCHORNE) of Crowhurst Sussex esq., and Elizabeth HALL of Town Malling Kent, widow – in any church in said county 4 March 1662/3


ALEXANDER Thomas, of Penthurst co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mrs Sarah COURBRIDGE of same, widow, about 26 – at St Gregory, London. 29 April 1665.


ALLEN John (ALLEYN), of Stone co. Kent, gent, widower, 36, and Frances SOMERS, of St Margaret near Rochester said county, widow about 40 – at St Margaret, aforesaid, Wouldham,  or Stone aforesaid. 15 Dec 1648.


ALLEN William, yeoman, and Mary LARKIN, of London widow of William LARKIN late of Hetcorne co. Kent, yeoman, gen lic. 23 Oct 1595.


AMHERST Jeffery, of Bromley, co. Kent, esq, widower, and Dorothy AMHERST of Pembury, said county, spinster 40 – at Pembury or Penshurst Kent or Frant co. Sussex. 3 Feb 1686/7


AMHERST Jeffery, of Hadlow, Kent esq, bachelor, 30 and Elizabeth KNIGHTLY, spinster, 19, daughter of Sir Robert KNIGHTLY of St Olave, Hart st, London,  who consents – at St Olave aforesaid or …….. 16 April 1688.


ANDREW Edward, of City of Canterbury, gent, widower about 40, and Mrs Mary GODDIN, of West Malling in said county, about 32 , her parents dead – at St Dunstan in the West or St Bride, London. 25 Aug 1663.


ANTROBUS Richard, of the Inner Temple, gent, bachelor, 34 and Mary SEYLIARD spinster, 22, daughter of Mary SEYLIARD, alias LEE of Penshurst  co. Kent, who consents – at Penshurst or Heaver co. Kent. 20 Aug 1678.


APSLEY  Henry of Sysehurst, Sussex esq, bachelor, about 24, and Mrs Cordelia BOYS, of Hawkehurst co. Kent, spinster about 18, consent of father, Samuel BOYS, of same esq – at St Paul, Covent Garden, or St Martin co. Middlesex. 9 Jun 1676.


APSLEY John of Greenwich, Kent, bachelor, 25, and Elizabeth PRIDEAUX of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, spinster, 29, who alleges – at St Clement aforesaid, or …. 9 Jan 1696/7


ARDEN Thomas, of the City of Westminster esq., bachelor, 37, and Theodosia LONG of  Parmenton co. Kent, widow, 40 – at St Bartholmew the less, London. 10 Oct 1664.


ARTHUR Robert of Deptford co. Kent, waterman and Margaret BALLIS, of Stepney, Middlesex, spinster, daughter of Christopher BALLIS of same, blacksmith – at Stepney aforesaid. 4 April 1615.


ASHLEY Henry (ASSHELEY) esq, and Katherine BASSET, gent,  of Hever, diocese of Canterbury. 8 Dec 1547.


ASHTON Baldwin, of City of Westminster, yeoman, bachelor, 24 and Sarah CROODE,  of same spinster, 20, daughter of  John CROODE late of ……. Co. Kent, yeoman, deceased, alleged by Robert ASHTON, gent – at St Pancras. 14 Oct 1630.


ASHTON William (ASSHETON), DD, of Beckenham Kent, bachelor, 46 and Ann PEACHE of Rotherhithe co. Surrey, widow – at St Ethelburgh, London or ….. 15 May 1689.


ATHY John, of Paddington, Middlesex, gent, widower, about 56, and Mrs Mary HASLAM of St Nicholas in Rochester co. Kent, spinster, about 20, her mothers consent – at St Nicholas aforesaid. 17 Feb 1675/6.


AUCHER John DD, bachelor, about 40, and Susan PEAKE, spinster, 20, daughter of Thomas PEAKE of the City of Canterbury esq who consents – at Harbledown co. Kent, Canterbury Cathedral or All Hallows, Lombard st, London. 3 Sept 1662.


AUGUST Francis of East Greenwich Kent, gent, widower, about 36 and Mrs Mary FISHER, of same, spinster about 24, consent of mother, Mary FISHER of Chute co. Wilts – at St Martin, Ludgate or St Bennet, Gracechurch or St Leonard, Eastcheap, London. 7 Aug 1663.


AUSTEN John, of Hall Place, Bexley co. Kent, bachelor, 21, and Rose HALE, spinster, 16, daughter of Sir John HALE, knight of Stagenhoe, parish of St Paul, Walden Herts, who consents as does also Sir Robert AUSTEN bart.  father of said John – at St Bartholomew the Great or Less. London. 6 Dec 1661.


AUSTEN Robert esq. of Tenterden Kent, bachelor, 31 and Mrs Jane STRODE, of St Giles in the Fields, spinster, 24, her father dead – at St Giles in the Fields. 30 Apr 1703.


AUSTEN Samuel, of Goudhurst, Kent, bachelor, about 25 and Frances CRYER of Beningden said county, about 30, alleged by Peter COURTHOP of Goudhurst aforesaid, clothier – at Hockhurst Kent. 6 Sep 1661.


AVENELL John, of Linton Kent, gent, bachelor, about 28, and Margaret FRENCHAM of same, spinster, about 24, and at own disposal – at St Margaret, Westminster or St Martin in the Fields. 21 May 1668.


AVERY William, of Grays Inn, gent, bachelor, about 29, and Elizabeth HOTHERSALL, of Lewisham Kent, spinster, about 18, consent of her mother, Elizabeth FREEMAN, widow – at St Mary, Savoy or St Clement Danes or St Katherine near the Tower, London. 22 Feb 1667/8.


AXE William, waterman, and Debora DUDLEY of Greenwich Kent, widow, of Richard DUDLEY – at St Mary Magdalene, Milk st, London. 31 Oct 1626.


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