London Marriages Licences for Kent 1521 to 1869



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HABGOOD Stephen, cordwainer and Ellen WONHELL, of London, spinster, daughter of John WONHELL, late of Greenwich co. Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Mary, Somerset, London. 16 Nov 1597.


HALES Richard, of Beckenham Kent, gent, bachelor, about 26, and Elizabeth CHURCH of Henley on Thames, co. Oxon, spinster, about 17, consent of mother, Elizabeth TOWNSEND, alias CHURCH – at Henley aforesaid, or Bissell or Grays in county aforesaid. 23 Oct 1666.


HALES Thomas, of the Inner Temple, esq, bachelor, 21 and Mary WOOD, spinster, about 14, daughter of Mary WOOD of South Mimms, Herts, (now wife of Sir Thomas INGHAM, of Goodneston, Kent, knight), who consents – at Berkesborne, Kent or the Temple Church, London. 9 June 1662.


HALEY John, of Edgware Berry, Middlesex, esq, bachelor, 35, and Mary BATES, of St Christopher, London, spinster, 18, her father dead and she at the disposal of her uncle, Mr DROBE, who consents, alleged by Joseph HALEY of the Middle Temple, esq – at St James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Greenwich co. Kent or St Christopher, London. 8 May 1683.


HALFEPENNY Andrew of Greenwich, Kent. Gent, widower, about 60, and Ann FELSTEAD, of same, widow, about 50 – at Charlton, co. Kent. 30 March 1661.


HALL Benjamin, of Sevenoaks, Kent, gent, bachelor, 24 and Jane LEWKNOR, of same, spinster, about 20, with consent of her mother, Jane LEWKNOR – at St Clement, Eastcheap, London or ……….. 27 May 1699.


HALL Henry, of Shoreham , Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27, and Mrs Anne STANSALL, of Southfleet, said county, spinster, about 26, at own disposal – at Southfleet, Langfield or Fawlkham co. Kent. 31 Jan 1666/7.


HALL Michael, and Christian HARMAN, he of the diocese of Canterbury, and of the diocese of Norwich. 3 Feb 1547/8.


HALL Nevill, of Kennington, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 22, and Mrs Philadelphia BICKLEY of Great St Bartholomew , London, spinster, about 20, her parents dead  - at All Hallows, Barking, London or Milton or Rochester co. Kent. 24 July 1663.


HALL William, of St Bride, London, baker, son of Edmond HALL, of Ashton Caynes co. Wilts, yeoman, and Dorothy ROBERTS, of St Bride, aforesaid, spinster, daughter of William ROBERTS of Seale co. Kent – at St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, London. 10 June 1605.


HALL William, gent, of Little Ilford, Essex, widower, 50, and Anne HARRINGTON, of St Botolph, Aldgate, maiden, 40, daughter of William HARRINGTON, of Dover, Kent, gent, deceased, her mother also dead – at Little Ilford, aforesaid. 29 Sept 1612.


HAMMOND Anthony, esq, of Somersham co. Huntingdon, bachelor, 25 and Jane CLARGES, of St James, Westminster, spinster, 17, with consent of her father, Sir Walter CLARGES, bart – at Tunbridge, Kent, or …….  10 Aug 1694.


HAMMOND William, of Newington co. Kent, esq,  and Mrs Elizabeth JAMES, of Reigate co. Surrey, spinster, about 30, at her own dispose – at St Edmund the King, London. 21 Jan 1678/9.


HANBURY William, of St Margaret in Rochester, Kent, malster, widower, about 39, and Amy MARSH of the City of Rochester, aforesaid, spinster, about 23, her mothers consent – at St Mary, Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London 13 Jan 1672/3.


HANCOCK Robert, of St Bride, London, woodmonger, widower, about 42, and Mary BARROW of St Dunstan in the West, widow, about 21, relict of Richard BARROW, of Canterbury, gent, deceased – at St Bride, aforesaid. 29 April 1662.


HANDLEY William, of St Botolph, Billingsgate, London, fishmonger, bachelor, 26, and Sarah SWINNERTON, spinster, 20, daughter of John SWINNERTON, of  St Stephen, Coleman Street, grocer, whose consent is attested  by Thomas SWINNERTON of Upper Hardress co Kent, clerk, MA, brother of said Sara – at St Stephen, Coleman Street. 25 Feb 1632/3.


HANNING Owen, of Riple co. Kent, esq, widower, about 55, and Mrs Katherine DAVIS of St Dunstan in the East, London, widow, about, 40 – at St Dunstan in the East. 5 May 1676.


HARDRES Thomas, of Grays Inn, esq, bachelor, 23, and Mary SHORT, spinster, about 18, daughter of Bridget SHORT of Hartlipp co. Kent. Widow, who consents – at Hartlipp, Stockbury, or Raynham  co. Kent. 6 June 1674.


HARKAR John, of the parish of Seasalve (sic), co. Kent, shipmaster, and Susan LONDON, of same.21 April 1570.


HARPER Thomas, of Deptford Kent, gent, bachelor, about 21, and Jane WILLIAMSON, of St Peter Cornhill, spinster, about 19, her fathers consent – at St Sepulchre, London. 28 Feb 1670/1.


HARRIS Sir Arthur. Sir William HARRIS, knight, of Crixeth co. Essex and Robert CRANMER of Chepsted parish of Chevening co. Kent, esq, allege marriage between Arthur HARRIS, knight of Crixeth, aforesaid, bachelor, about 22, son and heir of said Sir William HARRIS and Anne CRANMER of St Mary, Aldermanbury, London, maiden about 19, daughter of said Robert CRANMER, esq at  St Mary, Aldermanbury. 15 July 1606.


HARRYS Reginald, cardmaker, and Anne CROWTCH, of the City of London, widow of Richard CROWTCHE late of Beadendon co. Kent, weaver, deceased, gen lic. 27 June 1588.


HARRIS William of Cowden co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 27, and Margaret TICHBORNE, of same, spinster, 24, her parents dead – at St Clement Danes, or St Mary Savoy, Middlesex. 14 Jan 1668/9.


HARRISON Hugh, of Dunchurch, co, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 29, and Mrs Elizabeth RAWORTH of Dover Kent, spinster, about 22 and at her own disposal – at St Mary Savoy, or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 24 June 1672.


HARRISON John, of Chisslett Kent, bachelor, about 22, and Elizabeth ROSE, of same, spinster, about 27, and at own dispose – at Chilham or Challock, Kent. 17 May 1669.


HARTLEY Godfrey, of Tunstall co. Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Elizabeth HOLDEN, of Hawkhurst parish of Cranbrooke said county, widow, about 24 – at Cranbrooke aforesaid, alleged by Godfrey HARTLEY, of Tunstall, aforesaid. 2 Nov 1667.


HARTSHORNE Richard,  of Rye, co. Sussex, gent, bachelor, about 40, and Barbara HARDING, of same, widow – at Rye, Idenor, Plaiden alias Salcott co. Sussex or Appledore, co. Kent. 5 July 1662.


HARVEY William, doctor of physic, bachelor, 26, of St Martin, Ludgate, and Elizabeth BROWNE, maiden, 24, of St Sepulchre, daughter of Lancelot BROWNE, of same, doctor of physic, who consents – consent also of Thomas HARVEY, one of the jurats of the town of  Folston in Kent, father of said William – at St Sepulchre, Newgate. 24 Nov 1604.


HARWOOD Ralph, of St Etheburgh, London, bachelor, 33, and Martha OFFLEY, spinster, about 20, daughter of Martha OFFLEY, of Lewisham, co. Kent, widow, who consents – at Lewisham aforesaid. 7  Sep 1760.


HATCHER Nicholas, of Tunbridge, Kent, gent, bachelor, 28, and Elizabeth CLIFFORD, spinster, 24, daughter of Simon CLIFFORD of St Margaret, Westminster, gent, who consents – at the chapel of Knightsbridge, Middlesex. 13 Dec 1632.


HAYES William, of Deptford Kent, yeoman, bachelor, about 60 and Mary BILLEY, of St Margaret, Westminster, widow, about 40 – in the New Chapel of Westminster. 24 Oct 1668.


HAYES William, of Wormley, Herts, yeoman, bachelor, about 35, and Thomazine LLOWEN, of same, about 35, spinster and at own disposal, alleged by Richard MARSH, of East Peckham, Kent, clerk – at Wormley, aforesaid. 30 April 1672.


HAYWARD Edward, of Deptford, Kent, gent, widower, about 34, and Mary SPARLING, of St Olave, Southwark, widow, about 43 – at ………, alleged by John MAYER of Doctors’ Commons, gent. 2 July 1662.


HAWARD William, of St Dunstan in the West, London, cordwainer, and Judith CLAMPER, of St Bride, said city, spinster, daughter of ______ CLAMPER late of Brincheley co. Kent, clothier, deceased, gen lic. 29 July 1596.


HEAD Sir Francis, baronet, of Rochester, Kent, bachelor, 22, and Margaret SMITHSBY, spinster, 17, her father dead, with consent of  guardian, Sir Edward ABNEY, knight – at St Olave, Jewry, London or …….. 3 May 1692.


HEAD Henry, of the City of Rochester, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs Elizabeth SOMMER, of St James, Clerkenwell, spinster, about 25, consent of father, Richard SOMMER of Cliffords Inn, gent – at St James, Clerkenwell, aforesaid. 31 Oct 1666.


HEATH Robert, of the City of Rochester, gent, bachelor, 28, and Mary HEATH, spinster, 21, daughter of William, HEATH of St Martin Ludgate, London, merchant taylor, who consents – at St Martin Ludgate, aforesaid. 27 Feb  1632/3.


HEATHFIELD Joseph, of Otterden, co. Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Mary KELLIE, of Leedes, same county, spinster, about 23, and at own dispose –at Langley co. Kent. 12 Jan 1669/70.


HEDLYE John, shipwright and Agnes DAYE, of Limehouse, parish of Stepney, co. Middlesex, spinster, daughter of _____ DAYE, of _____ co. Kent, shipwright – at Stepney, aforesaid. 8 Sep 1598.


HEDWYN Robert, sailor and Margaret JOHNSON of the City of London, relict of George JOHNSON, late of Tunbridge Kent, tailor, deceased, gen lic. 16 Sept 1586.


HENDEN Sir John, knight, of Beddenden co. Kent, bachelor, about 28, and Northamptona HAWARD, spinster, about 15, daughter of Sir William HAWARD of Tandridge, Surrey, knight – at St Gregory, London or Streatham, or Tandridge, Surrey. 20 Aug 1660.


HENLEY John, (Henly), gent of _____ co. Sussex, bachelor, 26, and Priscilla FLOOD, of Otham, Kent, spinster, 21, consent of father, Thomas FLOOD, esq, of St Peters, Paul’s Wharf, or St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 9 Feb 1647/8.


HENMAN Thomas, of Clifford Inn, bachelor, 21, with consent of his father, Allen HENMAN, of Lenham co. Kent, gent and Judith ROBERTS, of St Dunstan in the West, London, spinster, 17, with consent of her mother, Elizabeth ROBERTS of same, widow – at St Bride, or Fleet chapel, London. 13 Oct 1696.


HIGGINS Baldwyn, of St Andrew, Holborn, London, esq, widower, about 30, and Dame Mary MAY, of Raymare co. Sussex, widow, about 31 – at Cathedral Church of Canterbury. 17 June 1679. (signed but not attested in margin).


HILL Peter, joyner, and Elizabeth GLOVER, spinster, daughter of Richard GLOVER, of Westwell co. Kent, yeoman,  - at All Hallows, Honey Lane, London. 7 Sept 1620.


HILL Robert, of St Gregory, London, gent, bachelor, 24 and Elizabeth GROVE, spinster, 18, daughter of James GROVE, late of London, gent, deceased, consent of her mother, wife of Thomas FLETCHER of Eltham, Kent, gent – at Bromley, or Lee co. Kent. 23 Feb 1632/3.


HILL William, gent, of Ash, Kent, widower, 24, and Elizabeth PIKE, of the City of Westminster, spinster, 19, daughter of Edmund PIKE late of Stone Goun (?) co. Gloucester, gent, deceased, consent of her uncle, Charles TUNIE (?), esq of the City of Westminster – at St Mary, Magdalene, Old Fish Street. 27 Nov 1645.


HINCKLEY Edward, of Harrietsham, Kent, gent, bachelor, 50, and Margaret BENNER, of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, widow, 50 – at St Clement Danes, or Marylebone, Middlesex. 9 Dec 1661.


HINCKLEY John, (Hincheley), of St Bennet, Paul’s Wharf, London, waterman, and Elizabeth CHARLETON of St Michael, Wood Street, said city, spinster, daughter of William CHARLETON, clerk, late of Tunbridge co. Kent, deceased. – at St Alphage, London. 11 Nov 1602.


HINDE John, of St Peter Cheap, esq, widower, about 40, and Elizabeth PLUMMER of Cranbrook, Kent, widow, about 39 – at Cranbrook, Staplehurst or Bevenden Kent, or Hastings Sussex. 14 June 1661.


HINTON Giles, of Faversham, Kent, clerk, widower, about 31, and Dorothy WHITTLEY, of St Helen, London, spinster, about 19, consent of her father, Gabriel WHITTLEY, merchant – at St Martin in the Fields, or St Margaret, Westminster. 9 June 1670.


HINTON John, of Maidstone, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 25, and Barbara CLARKE of Linton, said county, spinster, about 24, and at own disposal –at West Farley or Teston co. Kent. 20 April 1675.


HOARE David, of Deptford, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Sarah CAWDRY of Willingborough co. Northampton, spinster, about 24, consent of father, Daniel CAWDRY, of same, clerk at Wellingborough, Oundle Harald, or Great Billing co Northampton. 5 Aug 1663.


HOBSON Clement, of Eltham, Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 30, and Anne De Lawne, of Islington, Middlesex, spinster, about 23, her mothers consent  - at St George, Butolph Lane, St Dunstan in the West, or St Magnus the Martyr, London. 19 June 1673.


HODGES John, of Inner Temple, esq, bachelor, about 30, and Mrs Anne BARKHAM, of Shasted, Kent, widow, about 28 – at Newnam, Kent. 21 Dec 1671.


HODGKINS Ralph, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, 27 and Christian LUTTON, spinster, 19, daughter in law, of Bridget LUTTON, of same, widow, who consents, her parents dead – at Dionis Backchurch, London. 5 May 1664.


HOLDER John, of St Dionis Backchurch, London, merchant, bachelor, 30 and Bridget WARREN of Dartford Kent, spinster, 27, at her own disposal – at St James, Dukes Place, London. 10 June 1662.


HOLFORD Henry, of St Giles in the Fields, esq, bachelor, about 26, and Elizabeth MILLER of West Peckham, Kent, spinster, about 22, at own disposal, alleged by HOLFORD John of St Giles in the Fields, gent – at Bromley or West Peckham Kent.  25 Sept 1661.


HOLLAND Stephen, of St Botolph, Aldgate, London, bachelor 32, and Lucretia CLARKE, spinster, 22, daughter of Sir Francis CLARKE, of Ulcombe, Kent, who consents – at St Clement Danes, St Paul, Covent Garden, or Lincolns Inn chapel, Middlesex. 17 Feb 1682/3.


HOLMAN Enoch, of Marden, co. Kent, yeoman, bachelor, about 28, and Mrs Sarah CRIPPS, of same, spinster, about 25, and at own dispose – at Boughton Monnchelsey or Linton, said county. 20 Oct 1666.


HONLETRobert, of Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 30, and Katherine WALKER, of same, widow, about 40 – at same. 15 May 1666.


HONIWOOD Sir William, of Elmsteed, co.  Kent, bart, bachelor,  and _____ NEWMAN, of St Margaret, Westminster, spinster. 12 July 1765.


HORNE Samuel, esq of Brede co. Sussex, clerk, widower, about 33, and Mrs Elizabeth SAMPSON, of Maidstone, Kent, widow, about 31 – at Cranbrooke. Kent or …… 30 June 1665.


HORNER Benjamin, of Rolvenden, Kent, clerk, bachelor, about 25 and Esther STRETTON, of Tenterden, said county, spinster, about 22, her fathers consent, alleged by Samuel HORNER, at St Ann, Blackfriars, London, distiller – at Staplehurst, Linton or Offam co. Kent. 21 Aug 1673.


HOUGHTON Thomas, of Rochester co. Kent, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth LOVELACE, spinster, about 18, daughter of Christopher LOVELACE, of same, gent, who consents – at St Mary, Stayning, London or ………. 7 Sept 1698.


HOVENDEN Robert, of Cranbrook, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 27, and Rose HEELY, of Maidstone, said county, spinster, about 20, consent of father, Jervaise HEELEY, of same, gent – at Nutham co. Kent. 17 Oct 1667.


HOWARD Francis, of Boocombe co Surrey, esq, bachelor, about 30, and Philadelphia PELHAM, spinster, about 26, daughter of Sir Thomas PELHAM, knight and bart, late of Hall Land co. Sussex, deceased, with consent of his widow at Reigate, co. Surrey, Trosly co. Kent or Katisfyeild co. Sussex. 30 May 1673.


HOWARD George, of St Botolph, Bishopsgate, gent, bachelor, about 33, and Alice FURLONG, of St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, widow, about 49 – at Crayford co. Kent. 5 April 1669.


HOWE Barnaby, (How), of Greenwich, Kent, gent, bachelor, about 24, and Anne JACKSON, of same, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose – at Deptford, Greenwich or Charlton co. Kent. 23 Aug 1667.


HOY Clement, of the Middle Temple, bachelor, 23 and Rebecca DAVENPORT, of Greensted Green co. Kent, spinster, 22, at her own disposal – at St Thomas, St Saviour, or St Olave, Southwark co. Surrey. 22 Sept 1688.


HOYLE Henry, of St Dionis, Backchurch, London, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth DELAUNE, of Doddington, Kent, spinster, 22, her father dead, with consent of her mother, The Lady Anne HUGESSON of Lingford co. Kent – at Raynham co. Kent. 17 June 1661.


HUCKS John, of St Saviour, Southwark, co. Surrey, corn chandler, bachelor, about 24, and Elizabeth SWINNOCK of Maidstone, Kent, spinster, about 18, with consent of her father, Thomas SWINNOCK, of same, timber merchant – at Ashford co. Kent. 7 April 1679.


HUFFAM Richard, of St Benet Fink, London, citizen, and upholder, widower, and Mary DE LA NOY, spinster, 22, daughter of Peter DE LA NOY, of Lee co. Kent, esq, who consents – at Camberwell co. Surrey or Lee aforesaid. 15 July 1672.


HUGESSEN Sir William, (sic subs), of Norton co. Kent, widower, about 60, and Mrs Sarah PARKHURST, of Fleet Street, London, spinster, about 26, and at own dispose  - at St Dunstan in the West, or Temple Chapel London. 13 Dec 1673.


HUGHES Griffin, of East Greenwich, Kent, gent and Anne NEWELL of St Margaret, Westminster, widow. 5 Dec 1599.


HUGHES Robert, of Deptford, Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Lydia GUNMUN, spinster, 16, daughter of Christopher GUNMUN, of same, esq, who consents – at St Martin, Outwich, London or ……… 8 Dec 1684.


HULSE Richard, of Thornham, co. Kent, gent, bachelor, 25, and Clare SMITH, of same, about 36, widow of John SMITH, late of the City of Canterbury, gent – at Thornham aforesaid. 3 Jan 1632/3.


HUME John, Rector of Charlton, Kent, widower, 53 and Mary SLEE, of St Anne, Blackfriars, London, spinster, 43 - at St Andrews in the Wardrobe, London. 13 May 1661.


HUNGERFORD Matthew, of Reigate, Surrey, gent, bachelor, 24, and Sarah BROWNE, spinster, 19, daughter of Abraham BROWNE, of Charlton, co. Kent, who consents – at Stoke Newington, or Hackney, co. Middlesex. 2 Sept 1668.


HYDE Henry Lord, eldest son of Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, and Jane Leveson GOWER, spinster, daughter of Lady Jane Leveson GOWER, widow – no place named. 2 Mar 1691/2.


HYLANDE Abraham, clothier and Joyce BUTCHER, spinster, of the City of London, daughter of Thomas BUTCHER, late of Gowdhurst, co Kent, yeoman, deceased – at St Gabriel, Fenchurch. 3 Nov 1587.



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