The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

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lastname initials number rank award
Haines C W 200228 Sergeant MM
Hall A J G/17168 Private MM
Hall E T S/9277 Corporal MM
Hall F G/18026 Private MM
Hall H G/21048 Private MM
Hall H G/9615 Private MM
Hall P S   Lieut DSO
Hall W D de P   Lieut MC
Hamblin F C 3489 Sergeant DCM
Hammond A B 6348 Sergeant DCM
Hammond F W 2239 Private MM
Hannant E F S/9263 Private MM
Hannis J 24710 Private MM
Hanscombe R A G/4263 Private DCM
Harding A K   Captain MC
Hardwick H G/828 CSM MSM
Hardy A E   Captain MC
Hare F E 5997 CSM MSM
Harrigan W L/8972 Corporal MSM
Harrington W A 10447 Private MM
Harris C 10337 Corporal MM
Harris G G/4041 Corporal DCM
Harris G E 5824 Private MM
Harris H 389 RSM Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Harris H J M (MC)   Lieut Second Clasp to MC
Harris H J M (MC)   Lieut Clasp to MC
Harris H J M   2nd Lieut MC
Harris J J 8092 L/Corporal MM
Harris T J G/358 Corporal MM
Harris T J G/358 Sergeant Victoria Cross
Harris T P 18829 L/Corporal MM
Harrison C E C B   Bt-Colonel CMG
Harrison C E C B (CMG)   Bt-Colonel CBE
Hart F J 10352 Sergeant MM
Harvie E P L/7946 Sergeant MSM
Hatch G E 7725 Corporal France - Medaille Militaire
Hatch G E 7725 Corporal DCM
Hatchley G 6605 Sergeant MM
Hawkes F H 4684 Corporal MM
Hawkes J H 8130 L/Corporal DCM
Hawkins A J 19579 Private MM
Hayden G W (MM) G/12393 Sergeant Italy - Bronze Medal for Valour
Hayden G W G/12393 L/Corporal MM
Hayden G W G/12393 Sergeant Clasp to MM
Haydon S M G/11448 CQMS DCM
Hayley J D (MC) L/5614 RSM DCM
Hayley J D L/5614 CSM MC
Haynes R H G/9780 Corporal MM
Haynes T L/10114 Sergeant DCM
Hayward G S L   2nd Lieut MC
Hemmerde C E   2nd Lieut MC
Henderson G D   Lieut MC
Henderson G D (MC)   Captain DSO
Henderson-Roe C G   Captain DSO
Henderson-Roe C G (DSO)   Captain MC
Herbert H 7435 Private MM
Herbert W E 8746 Private DCM
Heritage R 8042 Private Serbia - Cross of Kara George - Silver Medal
Hester R 9270 Private MM
Hewett E V O (DSO)   Major CMG
Hewett E V O (CMG)   Major DSO
Hewett E V O (DSO   Lieut-Colonel OBE
Hewitt A S (DSO)   Major France - Croix De Guerre
Hewitt A S   Major DSO
Hewitt A S (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel OBE
Hewitt B 32114 Private
Hibbert O Y   Captain DSO
Hibbert O Y (DSO)   Major MC
Hibbett M H 8053 CSM DCM
Hibbin A V G/15325 Private MM
Hicks R E 18300 L/Corporal MM
Hickson L H   Lieut-Colonel DSO
Hickton J T 10011 Private MM
Hildyard R J T (CMG, DSO)   Bt-Lieut-Colonel Serbia - Order of the White Eagle
Hildyard R J T (DSO)   Bt-Lieut-Colonel CMG
Hildyard R J T (CMG)   Bt-Lieut-Colonel DSO
Hill A E G/376 Private MSM
Hill R B L   2nd Lieut MC
Hillyard R J 1998 Corporal DCM
Hindle G W   Captain MC
Hinds G V   Lieut MC
Hirschfield H J G/2073 Sergeant DCM
Hissep J S/168 Private MM
Hissey J S/168 Private MM
Hitchins C F   Lieut-General DSO
Hoban W L G/31164 Private MM
Hodgson C   2nd Lieut MC
Hoddinott A V 21531 L/Corporal MM
Holden V (MC)   Captain DSO
Holden V   Captain MC
Holland E S   Captain MBE
Holford F 7454 L/Corporal MM
Holland F GSSR/808 CQMS MSM
Hollands E H 18445 Sergeant MM
Hollands F G/18441 Sergeant Clasp to MM
Hollands F G/18441 Corporal MM
Hollick L H 6559 Corporal MM
Holness A T W G/8399 L/Sergeant MM
Holway W 8393 CQMS MM
Homewood E 12292 Private MM
Hood E T L/10362 Private MM
Hooker E F 203327 (2807) Drummer Serbia - Cross of Kara George - Silver Medal
Hooker H J G/67 Sergeant MM
Hooker W H G/9441 Private MM
Hooker W H G/9441 Corporal Clasp to MM
Hooker W H G/9441 Corporal DCM
Hooker W H (DCM, MM) G/9441 Corporal Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Hopwood F W 6750 Sergeant MM
Hougham B W   Captain MC
Hounslow L 17765 Private MM
Howard L W G/25982 L/Corporal MM
Howe G 8739 Private DCM
Howe G 8739 Private Russia - Medal of St George
Howe W B 7318 Private MM
Howes H E G/7802 Corporal MM
Hoyle E W 5310 L/Corporal MM
Hubble F 1562 Private MM
Hubble F 1562 L/Corporal Clasp to MM
Hudson E J   Bt-Major OBE
Hughes E G V   Captain MC
Hughes J I G/21034 L/Corporal MM
Hulford H G/8576 Sergeant MM
Hulford H (MM) G/8576 Sergeant DCM
Hunt A G 201386 Private MM
Hunt J A G/9344 Corporal MM
Hunter G M 9927 Private MM
Hyde J T 930 RSM MSM
Hylands H T (MM) L/8168 CSM DCM
Hylands H T (DCM) L/8168 CSM MM
Ifould F A G/1347 RQMS MSM
Ingles A E 15079 L/Corporal MM
Ingram C R (DSO)   Major France - Legion D'Honneur - Chevalier
Ingram C R (DSO)   Major OBE
Ingram C R   Major DSO
Isacke H (CMG)   Brig-General CSI
Isacke H   Bt-Colonel CMG
Ives C R 210387 Private MM
Ives L 12076 Private DCM
Jackson A 21003 Corporal MM
Jackson A 21003 Sergeant Clasp to MM
Jackson W G 9366 Sergeant France - Medaille Militaire
Jagger B E G   2nd Lieut MC
James C L/10857 L/Corporal DCM
Janaway F J   2nd Lieut MC
Janes H G/10701 Private MM
Jarman A J 18452 Private MM
Jarratt G   Corporal Victoria Cross
Jarrett T F 5003 Private MM
Jasper W 3667 Corporal MM
Jeffery H J 7782 Sergeant MM
Jeffery W 8111 Sergeant MM
Jeffs C J G/9924 Private MM
Jeffs S 17832 Private MM
Jenkins E   2nd Lieut MC
Jenner G 657 Corporal MM
Jenner G 657 Private DCM
Jenner G S/280 CSM MSM
Jennings L H 165 Corporal Clasp to MM
Jennings L H 165 L/Corporal MM
Jilks W 20718 Private MM
Jimenez A J   Captain MC
Joel G J   Lieut MC
Johnson F S/9108 Corporal MM
Johnson G H 7982 Private DCM
Johnson J L G/4078 Sergeant MM
Johnson T E G/11459 L/Corporal MM
Johnson W L L/5971 RQMS MSM
Johnstone B   Lieut-Colonel DSO
Jones C B M 26369 L/Corporal MM
Joyce W P 1415 Sergeant MM
Judd E J 3192 Private MM
Judge C F G/10171 CSM MC
Judge W J 15385 Private MM
Jupp F 9995 L/Sergeant MM
Kamester J G/18923 Private MM
Kay J K   Major DSO
Keattch A G/10559 Corporal MSM
Keleher W G/10471 Private DCM
Kelly M L 21536 Private MM
Kelway C 19210 L/Corporal France - Medaille Militaire
Kelway C 19210 L/Corporal MM
Kemp D A G/10268 Private MM
Kemp L G L L/8349 CSM DCM
Kemp L G L (DCM) L/8349 CSM MSM
Kennard L M Lieut MC
Kent R D   2nd Lieut MC
Kerr R   Lieut MC
Kerr R T/Capt Belgium - Croix de Guerre
Kevern W H G/18679 Private MM
Killick R N (DCM)   Lieut MC
Killick R N 178 Corporal DCM
King A 201622 Private MM
King A G 7801 Private MM
King E S G 18924 L/Corporal MM
King F L/5905 RQMS MSM
Kingston J G/15455 Private Roumania - Medaille Barbatie Si Credinta
Kingston J G/15455 Private DCM
Kirby E J 2578 Sergeant MM
Kirk F T   Major MC
Kirkbride R G 7320 Private MM
Kirkpatrick J G/17838 Private MM
Kirrage F G G/11279 Private MM
Kisby P 18036 Private MM
Kitson C E   Bt-Lieut-Colonel DSO
Knell A T 24311 Private MM
Knevett A 7519 Corporal MM
Knight B G/23668 Corporal MM
Knight C W R   Captain MC
Knox A D'e   Major Belgium - Croix De Guerre

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