The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

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lastname initials number rank award
Abbott W E 24577 Private MM
Abel J E   2nd Lieut MC
Acott W G/640 Private MM
Adams C F   Major Serbia - Order of the White Eagle
Adams T 9637 Private DCM
Adkin S L V 5210 Corporal MM
Agar H N 206343 Corporal MM
Aiano R 265541 Sergeant MSM
Aitchison J D 205338 Sergeant DCM
Akehurst A H G/19049 Private MM
Alderman R 12712 Sergeant MM
Alderman W J   Captain DSO
Alderson E A H (CB)   Lieutenant - General KCB
Alderson Sir E A H (KCB)   Lieutenant - General France - Legion D'Honneur - Commandeur
Aldred A B G/21513 Lance Corporal MM
Aldridge A J G/11584 Sergeant MM
Aldworth T P   Captain DSO
Aldworth T P (DSO)   Captain OBE
Allchin J H G/12586 Private MM
Allen H C 7416 Sergeant MM
Allen W V 30655 Private France - Croix De Guerre
Allison E E 7316 Private DCM
Anderson H G G/31999 Private MM
Andrews C (DCM) 2679 Lance Corporal Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Andrews C (DCM) 2679 Corporal Clasp to DCM
Andrews C 2679 Lance Corporal DCM
Annesley W H   Bt-Major DSO
Annesley W H (DSO)   Bt-Major CMG
Anstruther P N (MC)   Captain DSO
Anstruther P N   Captain MC
Antill H B   Lieut MC
Apps F H L/10622 L/Corporal MM
Arnaud J N   Captain MC
Arnold R J 1148 L/Corporal MM
Arundell A H G/11129 Private MM
Ash S J L/7882 Corporal MM
Ashby F G/7850 Sergeant DCM
Attenborough F K G/30032 Sergeant MM
Attey G A   2nd Lieut MC
Attwood A B 465 Corporal MM
Austin C 2839 Sergeant MSM
Austin S 7482 Private MM
Back W J 8509 Private DCM
Bailey A W G/17539 Private MM
Bailey E G/6541 Sergeant MSM
Bainton H W E   Lieut MC
Baker G B   2nd Lieut MC
Baker J G/4646 Private MM
Baker J H G/6502 Corporal MM
Baker R P   Captain MC
Balbernie A G   Captain MC
Baldwin C G/9676 L/Corporal MM
Baldwin C F 2158 Sergeant MM
Balls W 1808 L/Sergeant MM
Bamblett C E 8588 Private MM
Banfield C F 200965 Corporal DCM
Bankes P A   2nd Lieut MC
Barber G S 2414 L/Corporal MM
Barden H 1544 Private MM
Barden G W 756 Private MM
Barnham J W J G/11243 Corporal MM
Barnham J W J G/11243 Sergeant Clasp to MM
Barnham T G/6396 L/Corporal MM
Barrow A E 8264 Private MM
Bartholomew C L/7916 L/Corporal MM
Bartholomew R   Captain MC
Barton G E 10576 Private MM
Bartrick E F G/28709 Private MM
Basham W A 15978 Private MSM
Batchelor E 25939 Private MM
Batchlor E J 29963 Private MM
Bates A J 2717 Corporal MM
Batten A E 1624 Private MM
Battye C F   Captain MC
Baughan J 12 Sergeant MM
Bax T 8840 Corporal DCM
Bazley-White R B L   Captain DSO
Bazley-White R B L (DSO)   Captain Egypt - Order of the Nile - 4th Class
Beake W H G/19027 Sgt MM
Beal R G/18421 Cpl MM
Beale J 6684 L/Corporal MM
Beattie H W   2nd Lieut MC
Beattie T G/16402 Sergeant MM
Beattie T G/16402 RSM Italy - Bronze Medal for Valour
Beckett R W 17746 Private MM
Belgrave H D   Lieut-Colonel DSO
Bellamy J J 204472 Corporal MM
Bellman J F   2nd Lieut MC
Bench F G G/17394 Corporal MM
Bengough L   Captain MC
Bennett D G/579 Sergeant MM
Bennett D G/579 Sergeant Clasp to MM
Bennett D (MM) G/579 RSM France - Medaille Militaire
Bennett T 4205 Private MM
Bensted H 202587 Private MM
Berger C C   2nd Lieut MC
Beswick W Lt-Col France - Croix De Guerre
Betts J A G/10588 Private MM
Bevan H O S/914 Private MSM
Biffin E 241961 Private MM
Bilby H S/8298 Sergeant MM
Bilby H S/8298 Sergeant MSM
Billings C G G/2411 Private MM
Binks H 18187 L/Corporal MM
Bird R 18427 Corporal MM
Bishop A F 9132 Private MM
Bishop S G 8234 Sergeant MM
Blackburn B W 240022 Sergeant MM
Blacker G 240420 L/Cpl MM
Blackford J G/10975 Sergeant MM
Blackman E M G/1194 Private MM
Blackman W J 10176 L/Corporal MM
Blandford G H 4108 Private MM
Blunt W H 7895 Corporal DCM
Bodie J A 484 Private MM
Bolton J C G/5441 L/Corporal MM
Bond H E G/8201 Corporal MM
Bond J G/30606 Private MM
Bonham-Carter C   Bt-Lieut-Colonel DSO
Bonham-Carter C (DSO)   Bt-Lieut-Colonel France - Legion D'Honneur - Officier
Bonham-Carter C (DSO)   Brig-General CMG
Bonham-Carter C (CMG, DSO)   Brig-General United States - Distinguished Service Medal
Bonner E C 9090 Private MM
Boorman A J 25888 Private MM
Booth W A 9992 L/Corporal MM
Botting G 9917 Sgt MM
Bottom G A G/20447 Corporal MM
Boulton F J G/20748 Private MM
Bowes E G/11894 Private MM
Bowes E G/11894 Private Clasp to MM
Boylan G S P 10535 L/Corporal MM
Bozman E F   Lieut MC
Bracken H   Lieut MC
Bradley J E 12153 Private MM
Bradman E 7292 CSM MM
Braggs A B 19814 Private MM
Branch G G/8687 Private MM
Branegan A G 26954 Private MM
Brazier C R 2102 L/Corporal MM
Breed S G/1632 Private MM
Breeds H 204659 Private MM
Brett D A   2nd Lieut MC
Brewis C D   Major OBE
Bridger H 17171 Private MM
Bridger H G/15513 Corporal MM
Bridger W 8725 Bandsman Russia - Medal of St George
Bridger W 8725 Bandsman DCM
Bridle J 9320 Private MM
Brittain D G/246 - see Britton
Britton D G/246 Private MM
Britton D G/246 Private Clasp to MM
Britton F 240926 Corporal MM
Broad W G 2246 Private MM
Brock R G C   Major Egypt - Order of the Nile - 4th Class
Brock R G C   Major Egypt -Military Star
Brock R G C   Major OBE
Brook D B   Lieut MC
Brooker C W 26953 Sergeant MM
Brooker M R 266799 Private MM
Brookman W H L/8488 Sergeant MM
Brooks J 120 Corporal MSM
Brooks J A G/20207 Private MM
Broomfield E R G/11616 Private MM
Broomfield G G/23087 Private MM
Broughton P W G/3734 L/Corporal MM
Brown A E G/18697 Private MM
Brown A S G/8238 Corporal MM
Brown C R 20953 L/Corporal MM
Brown E G   2nd Lieut MC
Brown E G (MC)   Lieut Clasp to MC
Brown F J 289 Private MM
Brown F J 289 Private DCM
Brown G W   Captain MBE
Brown H J 202592 Private MM
Brown H S   Major MC
Brown J W G/28718 Private MM
Brown K G 204178 Private MM
Brown R   2nd Lieut MC
Brown R (MC)   Captain Clasp to MC
Brown W H G/5266 Corporal MM
Browne S 9142 L/Corporal MM
Brydon G G/4746 Sergeant MM
Buchanan-Dunlop H D   Major DSO
Buchanan-Dunlop H D (DSO)   Bt-Lieut-Colonel CMG
Buck C J   CSM MSM
Buck G T 3713 CSM MM
Buckingham P E   2nd Lieut MC
Buckle M P Major DSO
Budgeon W 7709 Corporal DCM
Bull K R   2nd Lieut MC
Bunker H G G/28333 Private MM
Bunsell E 8438 Private DCM
Burbridge G W 18968 L/Corporal MM
Burden A E J   2nd Lieut MC
Burley S 242121 Private MM
Burnham W G/5776 Sergeant DCM
Burrows J D   Captain MBE
Burton J G/28509 Private MM
Bush H S   Bt-Colonel CMG
Bush H S (CMG)   Bt-Colonel CB
Bush H S (CMG)   Bt-Colonel Belgium - Croix de Guerre
Bush R P   T/Lieut MC
Bush W J 5603 Private MM
Bushell W K 265018 Sergeant MSM
Butcher H H G/8010 Sergeant MM
Butler J R G/973 RQMS France - Medaille D'Honneur
Buttwell J G/1421 L/Corporal MM
Bye E T 9511 Bandsman DCM
Bye E T 9511 Bandsman Russia - Medal of St George
Bygrave A 18251 Private MM
Byrne W J 205807 CSM DCM

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