The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

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lastname initials number rank award
Cahill E 5017 Private MM
Cale R H   2nd Lieutenant MC
Callaghan J P 10335 Private MM
Callow J H 240139 L/Corporal MSM
Calow J W 7076 Private MM
Cambrook H   2nd Lieutenant MC
Campbell M   Captain MBE
Camplin E 3485 Corporal MM
Cannon F A G/4256 Private MM, France - Croix De Guerre
Carey M E   2nd Lieutenant MC
Carlton S F 5678 Private MM
Carnell H 367 Sergeant MM
Carr W C G/1886 Sergeant MSM
Carrington W 13156 CSM Roumania - Medaille Barbatie Si Credinta
Carrington W 5186 RQMS MSM
Carson F T/Capt MC
Carter W 240737 Sergeant MM
Carter W G/767 Sergeant DCM
Carville F   2nd Lieutenant MC
Cater H H 265215 Sergeant MM
Catt A W   2nd Lieutenant MC
Cave W T 7691 Private MM
Chambers C 203531 Sergeant DCM
Chambers H F G/4928 L/Corporal MM
Chandler L W 292 Sergeant MM
Chapman H J 2nd Lieutenant MC
Chapman W G/1927 L/ Corporal DCM
Chapman W F 18549 L/ Corporal DCM
Chapman W F (DCM) 18549 L/Corporal Clasp to DCM
Chapman W F (DCM) 18549 L/Sergeant Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Cheel E S   2nd Lieutenant MC
Cheeseman C N 1550 Private MM
Cheeseman H L/9713 Private MM
Cherriman E H 6525 Private MM
Cherriman E H 6525 Corporal Clasp to MM
Cherriman E H (MM) 6525 Sergeant DCM
Cherrison G A 202599 Sergeant MM
Chesson T W 655 Sergeant MM
Childs H L/4957 RSM MSM
Chillery J 242131 Pte MM
Christian A R G/18364 Private MM
Christopher H 202768 Private MM
Clark H G/19234 L/Corporal MM
Clark T H L/10880 Private MM
Clarke G W G/18409 Sergeant MM
Clarke H S 24078 Corporal MSM
Clarke V S   Captain MC
Clifford W C   Captain MC
Clift H R L/7963 Private DCM
Clifton A 9178 Private MM
Clifton G G/24688 Private MM
Cobb R S   Lieutenant MC
Cobb W R   Captain MC
Cogdell A S G/2363 Private MM
Cohen Sir H B Bart   Major OBE
Coke J R   Captain Belgium - Ordre De Leopold - Chevalier
Coke J R   Captain Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Colbran G T G/18790 Private MM
Cole J G/38703 Private MM
Cole W S 18105 Private MM
Coleman A G/1201 L/ Corporal DCM
Coleman A (DCM) G/1201 Sergeant Clasp to DCM
Coleman A G/1201 Sergeant MM
Coles E 5799 Private MM
Colk C J 29663 Private MM
Collett H E L/10024 Corporal MM
Collins L R G/10538 Private MM
Colman T W 19922 Sergeant MM
Comber W D G/1515 Sergeant MM
Compson S H G/19059 Private MM
Cook A 1269 Corporal DCM
Cook A E 630 Sergeant DCM
Cook A E G/18697 Private MM
Cook A E G/873 Private MM
Cook A E G/873 Private Clasp to MM
Cook A T G/4232 L/Corporal DCM
Cook W W 24283 Corporal MM
Cooke J C (MC)   Major DSO
Cooke J C   Captain MC
Cooker F T G/6 Sergeant DCM
Coomber H T 200163 Sergeant MM
Coomber J W 280 CSM DCM
Coomber W D G/1515 Sergeant MM
Cooper C 5820 Private Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Cooper F T   2nd Lieutenant MC
Cooper F W H G/8072 L/Sergeant MM
Cooper J G/6884 CSM DCM
Cooper J (DCM) G/6884 CSM Clasp to DCM
Coppard R 2971 Private MM
Coppins F G 1987 Corporal Victoria Cross
Corbin A G/17607 Private MM
Cordingley T L/10741 Private MM
Corfe A C (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel Second Clasp to DSO
Corfe A C (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel Clasp to DSO
Corfe A C (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel France - Croix De Guerre
Corfe A C   Lieut-Colonel DSO
Cork T L/5793 Private France - Medaille Militaire
Cork T L/5793 Private DCM
Corke F   Lieutenant MC
Correll J S G/19856 CSM Clasp to MM
Correll J S G/19856 Sergeant MM
Cottenden G J 203212 Corporal MM
Coulter P A   Lieutenant MBE
Court H J G/15424 Private MM
Coward A J 6330 L/Corporal MM
Cowell J G/5723 Private DCM
Cox A 17797 Private MM
Cox H W 11136 Sergeant DCM
Cozens F G/8181 Corporal MM
Cozens F G/8181 Sergeant DCM
Cozens F   Captain MC
Cozens L 1050 CSM France - Medaille Militaire
Crabb J 29553 Private France - Croix De Guerre
Cresswell H 718 Sergeant DCM
Cronk S J 8129 CQMS MM
Cronk S J (MM) 8129 RQMS MSM
Crook E L/10799 Corporal MSM
Cross J A 204745 Private MM
Crosse C R (MVO)   Lieut-Colonel CMG
Crossley F J L/5259 CSM DCM
Crowhurst L 205833 Private MM
Cryer J B   2nd Lieut MC
Cullerne A B   2nd Lieut MC
Cutter C J 9780 Corporal MM
da Silva C   Lieutenant Portugal - Military Order of Aviz - Chevalier
Dade A E L/8132 L/Corporal MM
Dadson R C G/10708 Private MM
Daniell O J   Major Russia - Order of St Stanislas - 2nd Class
Daniels G H 24797 Sergeant DCM
Dann F L 265674 Sergeant MM
Darley R L/6078  CSM MM
Darlow J W E   Lieutenant MC
Davidson D J 333 CSM MM
Davies P M   Lieutenant - Colonel DSO
Davis B L/8505 Lance Sergeant MM
Davis B (MM) L/8505 Sergeant DCM
Davis W G 11695 Sergeant Belgium - Croix De Guerre
Dawson W H G 202602 Corporal MM
Dawson W R A   Captain DSO
Dawson W R A (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel Second Clasp to DSO
Dawson W R A (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel Third Clasp to DSO
Dawson W R A (DSO)   Lieut-Colonel Clasp to DSO
Deacon G J O G/23458 Private MM
Dean D J   Lieutenant Victoria Cross
Dean J G/18016 Private MM
Dean-Corke F S G/6980 Private MM
Degavino E 7734 L/Corporal MM
Delaney R W L/10881 Sergeant MM
Dennington E 7847 Sergeant DCM
Densham J H (MM)   2nd Lieutenant MC
Dent A 8517 Corporal MM
Dewing W 4683 Sergeant MM
Dibben H T L   2nd Lieutenant MC
Dibbs W H R G/29951 Corporal MM
Dickson E L/7167 Private MM
Dilley E 203948 L/Corporal MM
Dimmick A G 7585 L/Corporal MM
Disney-Roebuck C D   Lieut -Colonel Greece - Order of King George I
Dix H G   2nd Lieutenant MC
Doble G F (MC)   Lieut Clasp to MC
Doble G F   2nd Lieutenant MC
Dobson C 16395 L/Corporal France - Croix De Guerre
Doe G E 21076 Private MM
Doe H S   Reg. Sgt. Maj. France - Medaille Militaire
Doe H S   Lieutenant MC
Donaldson A J   2nd Lieutenant MC
Donhou F G 23321 Sergeant DCM
Donovan M 1130 Corporal MM
Donovan P L/9831 Private DCM
Doole R E 19578 Private MM
Douglas P J 9871 Corporal Clasp to MM
Douglas P J 9871 Private MM
Dove W G (MC)   Captain Clasp to MC
Dove W G   Captain MC
Down F G/10447 Private MM
Downs J G/21380 Sergeant MM
Dowsing E 645 Private MM
Drake J R 1319 Private MM
Draper S J 18411 Private Clasp to MM
Draper S J 18411 Private MM
Drumgold A   2nd Lieut DSO
Dudman E G/31017 L/Corporal MM
Duffield C A W   Lieutenant MC
Dunk W 3818 CSM DCM
Dunkerley C L   2nd Lieutenant MC
Durden H G C 274 L/Corporal MM
Dutton A C   2nd Lieutenant DFC
Dyer C R 19112 C/Sergeant MM
Dykes K   Lieutenant MC
Dykes K (MC)   Major OBE

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