Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - W


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Wade Chas Hy 34 Salmestone road  
Wade Mrs 1 College road  
Waghorn Jsph Dawn George V avenue  
Wagner Mrs 31 Hengist avenue  
Wailling Jn Prescott Burlington gardens Westonville
Wain Fredk 4 Empire terrace College road  
Wainwright Thos Hy 17 Canterbury road Westbrook
Waite Douglas Ash Mount Lower Northdown road  
Wake Fredk Winifred House St James Park road Westbrook
Wakefield Edmnd N 22 St Peters road  
Wakefield Miss Florence 6 West Cliff road  
Wakeham Fredk 158 Canterbury road Westbrook
Wakely Alec 13 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Wakeling Geo Hy 35 Buckingham road  
Wakeham Alfd Regnld Roseneath Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Waldby Sydney 88 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Waldron Rt 65 Approach road Cliftonville
Wale Edwd Wm 119 High street Garlinge
Wales Miss 45 Northdown road Cliftonville
Wales Mrs 3 Ramsgate road  
Walker Cecil Jn The Haven Argyle avenue Westbrook
Walker Donald 19B Thanet road  
Walker Edmund Woodruffe 21 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
Walker Ernest W 18 Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Walker Fred A Uffington Old Green road Northdown
Walker Fredk 45 Addington road  
Walker George Henry 7 Walpole road  
Walker H Mark 47 St Peters road  
Walker Henry 1 Beach houses Royal crescent Westbrook
Walker Mrs Mergui Foreland avenue Northdown
Walker Mrs 127 Milton road  
Walker Mrs 128 Ramsgate road  
Walker Mrs 33 Salmestone road  
Walker Mrs 16 St Mildreds road Cliftonville
Walker Mrs H Lucerne George V avenue  
Walker Raymond B E 30 Invicta road Cliftonville
Walker Rt 3 Lynton Court Mansions Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Walker Wm 30 Marlowe road  
Walker William 59 Tivoli road  
Walker Wm Hy 5 Addington street  
Walkling Fredk Norman villa Alfred road Cliftonville
Wall Harry Upalong Palm Bay avenue Cliftonville
Wallace John 4 Chandos villas Nash Court road  
Waller Mrs 30 Byron road  
Wallis Benj Jn Holmcroft George V avenue  
Wallis Frank Roland 3 Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Wallis Misses 1A Prices avenue Cliftonville
Wallis Mrs Peveril Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Wallis Thos 16 Thanet road  
Wallis Wm G 31 Addiscombe gardens  
Walrock Saml 6 & 7 York mansions The Parade  
Walsh Wm Claremont Mutrix road Westbrook
Walsham Edwin 10 Vicarage crescent Ramsgate road  
Walsham Wm 42 Tivoli road  
Walter Ernest S 20 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Walter Fredk F Lindale George V avenue  
Walters Frederick C 21 Poets corner  
Walters Horace E 225 College road  
Walters Mrs 49 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Walters Philip Jn Redlands The Ridgeway  
Walters Wm 16 Princes crescent  
Walton Jn 34 Dane Hill row  
Walton Miss 1 Booth place  
Walton Mrs (LLA) 9, 10 & 11 Dalby square Cliftonville
Wambeek Wm Geo Bermuda Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Wanstall Geo Hy 39 Marlborough road  
Wanstall Herbt R 20 Birds avenue Garlinge
Wanstall Lewis Jas 215 Northdown road Cliftonville
Wanstall Oliver Jn 27 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wanstall Percy Nugent 123 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Warbey Mrs Ada St Austell Foreland avenue Northdown
Ward Albt W 1 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Ward Arth 55 Eaton road  
Ward Arth Gibbs 3 Marlowe road  
Ward Herbt 43 Trinity square  
Ward Jesse 5 West Cliff road Westbrook
Ward Jn Edwd 16 Church square  
Ward Miss M M 5 Beach houses Royal crescent Westbrook
Ward Mrs 203 Northdown road Cliftonville
Ward Mrs I M Greencliffe Gresham avenue Westbrook
Ward Mrs L Holme lodge Beresford gardens Cliftonville
Warder Jsph Wm 54 Warwick road Cliftonville
Ware Arthur F 5 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Ware Wm Thos 54 Ramsgate road  
Waring Albt Edwd 22 Clifton road Cliftonville
Waring Arth 93 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Waring Charles 67 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Waring Llewellyn 42 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Warner Frederick 189 High street  
Warner Frederick W 15 Marlborough road  
Warner Geo Raymond 18 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Warner Wm 1 Mayfair George V avenue  
Warren Albt 37 Hertford road Cliftonville
Warren Albt Arth 8 Hertford road Cliftonville
Warren Alfd 33 Beatrice road  
Warren Alfd 7 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Warren Alfd 27 Glebe road Garlinge
Warren Alfred 73 Rancorn road Westbrook
Warren Charles David 6 St Johns road  
Warren George 3 Addington road  
Warren Jas Hy 87 Ramsgate road  
Warren Leslie 6 Marlborough road  
Warren Stephen John 10 Milton square  
Warren Wm 45 Grange road  
Washford Mrs E 2 Arnold road  
Washford Wm 64 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Washington Mrs Eliza 105 Ramsgate road  
Waterer Clarence 35 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Waterhouse Rev Fras Aelred (OSB), Roman Catholic The Presbytery, 23 Victoria road  
Waters Frederick Zeila farm High street Garlinge
Waters Frederick Marshall Northdene Crow Hill road Garlinge
Waters Herbert 106 Canterbury road Westbrook
Waters Jn 15 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Waters Misses Sandling Canterbury road Westbrook
Waters W Percy 2 St James mansions Northdown road Cliftonville
Watkins Frank 36 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Watson Albt 6 Walpole road  
Watson Alex 35 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Watson Chas St Annes Gloucester avenue Cliftonville
Watson Danl Percy 28 Waverley road Westbrook
Watson Fredk 120 Grosvenor place  
Watson Fredk Hy 45 Arlington gardens  
Watson Fredk Horatio 20 Selborne road  
Watson Geo Rusk Turnbull 19 Godwin road Cliftonville
Watson Harold 19 Selborne road  
Watson Hy Edwd 33 Kent road  
Watson Henry Arthur The Bungalow Nash Court road  
Watson Jn 36 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Watson Jn Normanby Nash Court gardens  
Watson Jn 24 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Watson Lionel 8 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
Watson Mrs 113 Milton road  
Watson Mrs 51 Westfield rd Westonville
Watson Mrs E 16 Hawley street  
Watson Mrs E M 21 St Peters road  
Watson Wm 44 Ethelbert road Cliftonville
Watt Arth Jn (MB, B Ch) Drumduan Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Watts Alfd Wm 25 St Peters road  
Watts harry 11 Kent road  
Watts Herbt Becmead Wentworth avenue Westbrook
Watts Mrs M S Osmington Wentworth avenue Westbrook
Weatherly Mrs 8 Arlington gardens  
Weaver Mrs J 64 Tivoli road  
Webb C W H 23 Thanet road  
Webb Geo Albt 11 Approach road Cliftonville
Webb Edwd Percvl 31 Church street  
Webb Mrs E M 35 Richmond avenue Cliftonville
Webb Mrs Katherine 36 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Webb Mrs R A 158 Ramsgate road  
Webb Thos Evelith Holly gardens Northdown
Webb Thomas George Adgioake Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Webb Wltr Fredk 14 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Weber Jn Geo 64 Harold road Cliftonville
Webster Hy Gervase 16 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Webster Percy L 4 Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Webster Wm 9 Mutrix road Westbrook
Webzell Chas Rt 3 Railway terrace All Saints road  
Webzell Rt 26 Westfield rd Westonville
Webzell Thos Geo 16 Dane Hill row  
Weekes Mrs 31 Beatrice road  
Weetman Wifred 113 High street Garlinge
Weifberg Philip Littledean Old Green road Northdown
Weight Chas E 2 Chandos villas Nash Court road  
Weight Chas Wm 52 Tivoli road  
Weight Jn Dawn Drapers avenue  
Welby Geo Frank Douglas 15 Meadow road Westbrook
Welby John 30 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Welfare Jn Otley George V avenue  
Welford Mrs E 55 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Wellard Alfd Browning 12 Ulster road  
Wellard John T 11 Clifton road Cliftonville
Wellard Mrs 28 Tivoli road  
Weller Chas Jn 35 Hertford road Cliftonville
Weller Chas W 45 Helena avenue  
Weller Eric Geo Westlyn Gresham avenue Westbrook
Weller Frank Wm 103 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Weller Jn 8 Gladstone road  
Wellerman Mrs 1 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Wellington Mrs E R Rookstone, Empire terrace College road  
Wellman Frank T J 160 High street  
Wellman Mrs 53 Buckingham road  
Wellman Percy H 87 College road  
Wellon Mrs Erdiston Addiscombe road  
Wells Arth Jn 3 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Wells Edwd 60 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Wells Edwd M 7 Glencoe road  
Wells Fras 16 Glencoe road  
Wells Fras Sladden 11 Salmestone road  
Wells Fred 25 Fort road  
Wells Geo 4 Bayleys cottages Merlin cottages  
Wells Henry James 21 Dane Hill row  
Wells Jn A 14 Church street  
Wells Jn Ainsley 2 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Wells Leslie Jn 2 Manston road  
Wells Mrs 12 Grange road  
Wells Mrs E 40 Trinity square  
Wells Sladden W Drapers Almshouses lodge St Peters road  
Wells Thos 12 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Welsh Miss F 15 Princes crescent  
Welsh Sidney 83 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Wenham Frank George 11 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
Wenham George 31 Grove gardens Westbrook
Wenham Miss 79 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wenham Misses 83 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Wernham Rt 22 Kent road  
Wesley John 33 Rancorn road Westbrook
West Arth Wm 19 Dane road Cliftonville
West Geo Hy David Villa Crow Hill road Garlinge
West Hy 30 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
West Hy Christphr 13 Trinity square  
WEst Hy Geo A At Last Nash road  
West John 48 Milton road  
West Jn Benj Briar cottage St Peters road  
West Jn Hy 75 Glencoe road Dane pk
West Leonard 10 Glebe road Garlinge
West Mrs E 6 Cliff terrace Cliftonville
West Mrs G H 28 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
West Walter 8 Grange road  
Westall Jsph Hy 15 Buckingham road  
Westbrook Miss 80 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Weston Arth 24 Westcliff gardens Westbrook
Weston Fras Geo Teswick house Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Weston Fredk 29 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Westbrook Miss Bethaton Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Weston Miss A E Hallside St Pauls road Cliftonville
Weston Rt Wesclifred Ramsgate road  
Weston Wm J Sandown Millmead avenue Northdown
Wetherly Miss 15 Garfield road Westbrook
Whale Jas Ernest 1Burleigh cottages Holly lane Northdown
Whatley Alfred W Sunnydene Nash Court road  
Wheal Charles 3 Danesmead terrace  
Wheal Mrs 39 Hawley square  
Wheal Mrs 95 & 97 King street  
Wheelband Albt Edwd 24 Arthur road Cliftonville
Wheeler Alfd 35 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Wheeler Edgar 24 Beatrice road  
Wheeler Jn Wm 11 Cecil street  
Wheeler Leonard Bostock Wayside Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Wheeley Chas 8 Garfield road Westbrook
Whensley Charles 26 Tivoli road  
Whicheloe Jn J Etheljohn George V avenue  
Whiffin Mrs F 28 Glencoe road Dane pk
Whipp Wm Jsph 17 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Whitaker Mrs 60 Sweyn road Cliftonville
White A George School house Victoria road  
White Albt Victor 57 Tivoli road  
White Alfred Thomas 42 Salmestone road  
White Arth 30 Buckingham road  
White Arth Beverley 27 Kent road  
White Chas 17 Sussex avenue  
White Edwd Chas 22 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
White Ernest 23 Salmestone road  
White Ernest Albt 3 Dane Hill row  
White Ernest H 11 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
White Frank 64 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
White Frederick Stanley 13 Sussex avenue  
White Frederick Wm 3 St Dunstans road  
White Harold E Rolvahead Waverley road Westbrook
White Harry 99 College road  
White Harry C Penkridge George V avenue  
White Hy Beit el Abyat Foreland avenue Northdown
White Hy A 13 Milton road  
White Hy Rt Chas 48 Marlowe road  
White Herbt 1 Warwick chambers Warwick road Cliftonville
White Jn Oliphant 19 Northdown way  
White Miss 37 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
White Mrs 17 Garfield road Westbrook
White Mrs 14 Grotto gardens Cliftonville
White Mrs 39 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
White Mrs Flora 76 Eaton road  
White Mrs J 4 St Pauls road Cliftonville
White Mrs M M Waltona George V avenue  
White Percvl 153 High street Garlinge
White Regnld 2 College road  
White Sidney Jas 45 College road  
White Thos Mutlow 43 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
White Wm Fredk 44 Marlowe road  
White Wm Hy Mid-Trees Old Green road Northdown
Whitehead Chas H 101 Grosvenor place  
Whitehead Edward Robt 21 Clifton street  
Whitehead Francis Jordan 35 Grange road  
Whitehead Frank Jn The Lodge College road  
Whitehead Hy C 18 Gladstone road  
Whitehead Herbert Jas 79 Grange road  
Whitehead Jas Hy 22 Addiscombe gardens  
Whitehead Mrs 35 Byron road  
Whitehead Mrs 77 Glencoe road Dane pk
Whitehead Mrs 5 Randolph square  
Whitehead Mrs E Kalon Laleham road Cliftonville
Whitehead Mrs L L 33 Glencoe road Dane pk
Whitehead Mrs S 22 Dane road Cliftonville
Whitehead Percy 21 St Peters footpath  
Whitehead Thomas 23 Fort road  
Whitehead Thos 13 Invicta road Cliftonville
Whitehead William 29 Marlborough road  
Whiteley Mrs 56 Sweyn road Cliftonville
Whiteman Jas 11 Upper Grove  
Whitenstall Albt Hy The Moorings Argyle gardens Westbrook
Whitling Alfd 27 Connaught road  
Whitling Cyril 29 Glebe road Garlinge
Whitmarsh Jsph 6 Brewery hill  
Whitmore Mrs D 34 Thanet road  
Whitnall Geo 3 Albert road Westbrook
Whitnall Walter E T 72 Grange road  
Whittemore Miss 14 Grange road  
Whittington Mrs 18 Grosvenor place  
Whittle Wltr Nu-Rock Westfield rd Westonville
Whitton Lawrence 69 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Whybourn Mrs 42 Addington street  
Wickham Sidney Chas 14 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Wickings Misses 8 Waverley road Westbrook
Wicks Chas 18 Trinity square  
Wicks Edward 33 Thanet road  
Wicks Fredk 13 Caxton road Garlinge
Wicks Michael 79 Trinity square  
Widgery Mrs 5 Westcliff gardens Westbrook
Wiggins Alan Kingsley 1 Dalby square Cliftonville
Wigley Horace 5 Caroline square  
Wilcox Alec Edwd M 5 Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Wild Ernest Wonersh Foreland avenue Northdown
Wiles Albt E 42 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Wiles Albt Edward 37 Milton road  
Wiles Ernest W Kentmead Millmead road Cliftonville
Wiles Miss M 1 Cecil square  
Wilkie Jas 19 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
Wilkins Guy C 1 Mutrix road Westbrook
Wilkinson Albt Gordon Hillview Alfred road Cliftonville
Wilkinson Geo Frank 24 Connaught road  
Wilkinson Major Alfd 61 Glencoe road Dane pk
Wilkinson Miss 25 Westfield rd Westonville
Wilkinson Mrs 45 Madeira road Cliftonville
Wilkinson Mrs A M 27 Eaton road  
Wilkinson Robert 93 Milton road  
Willcocks Mrs 14 Lyndhurst avenue Cliftonville
Willcocks Mrs 51 Warwick road Cliftonville
Willcox Leslie 5 Omer avenue Cliftonville
Willett Albt F 73 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Willett Charles 3 Randolph square  
Willett Isaac Stephen 8 Dane Hill row  
Williams Arth 31 Grotto road  
Williams Arth Abel Pentland Hartsdown road Westbrook
Williams Cyril Victor 3 Durban road  
Williams Edwd 117 Milton road  
Williams Edwd Wm 1 Church road  
Williams Emlyn Verlyn Garrard avenue Westbrook
Williams Fredk A 58 High street Garlinge
Williams Geo R W 12 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Williams Harry Rt 27 Rancorn road Westbrook
Williams Hy 74 Grosvenor place  
Williams Jn Hy 37 Addiscombe gardens  
Williams Jn Rd Grafton Nash Court road  
Williams Miss E L Benison George V avenue  
Williams Misses G & B 235A Northdown road Cliftonville
Williams Mrs E 223 College road  
Williams Mrs L E 12 Westonville avenue Westbrook
Williams R E Havard 29 Warwick road Cliftonville
Williams Ross 4 Warwick road Cliftonville
Williams Thos E 4 Addiscombe gardens  
Williams Wm 22 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Williamson Chas Herbt St Margarets Omer avenue Cliftonville
Williamson Jas 30 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Williamson Mrs 33 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Williamson Walt 18 Northdown way  
Williamson Walt 24 Rancorn road Westbrook
Willis Fredk Wm Seaview Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Willis John 1 Garden row  
Willis Wm Jas Bletsol Garrard avenue Westbrook
Willows Alfd Fernleigh George V avenue  
Wills Miss Esther 20 Westcliff gardens Westbrook
Wilmot Chas Rd Lanehurst Holly lane Northdown
Wilmshurst Alfd Ernest Victor 17 Glebe road Garlinge
Wilson Capt Jn Hy 17 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Wilson A R Island house Omer avenue Cliftonville
Wilson Albt 145 Northdown road Cliftonville
Wilson Albt Edwd 30 Glebe road Garlinge
Wilson Arth G 4 Arundel road Cliftonville
Wilson Chas 18 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Wilson Donald Jack Albion bungalow Albion road Cliftonville
Wilson Frederick 4 New Cross street  
Wilson George E 6 Church Street cottages  
Wilson Hy Geo Braeside Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Wilson John 37 Grotto road  
Wilson Jn 36 Milton road  
Wilson Miss 3 Godwin cottages Godwin road Cliftonville
Wilson Miss 21 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wilson Miss Emily E 8 Dane Hill  
Wilson Mrs 37 Byron road  
Wilson Mrs 31 St Peters road  
Wilson Mrs 150 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Wilson Mrs J 15 Albert terrace  
Wilson Robert 84 Hastings avenue  
Wilson Robert 16 Milton road  
Wilson Ronald Norman 1 Godwin cottages Godwin road Cliftonville
Wilson Thomas 187 High street  
Wilson Thos Fredk 57 Connaught road  
Wilson Walter Frederick Dallington Richmond avenue  
Wilson Wm 99 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Wilson Arth 15 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wiltshire Mrs 30 & 37 Gordon road Cliftonville
Winch Albt Fredk 26 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Winch Cecil F 47 Byron road  
Winch Chas Edwd 56 Ramsgate road  
Winch George Charles 19 Poets corner  
Winder Mrs 20 Addington square  
Wing Thos Cornerwyse Canterbury road Westbrook
Wing Thos jun. 11 Meadow road Westbrook
Wingfield Flight-Lieut Cecil P (RAF) Highgate Gresham avenue Westbrook
Wingfield Chas 28 Addington square  
Winnan Steven Jn 15 Rancorn road Westbrook
Winter Mrs 50 Dane road Cliftonville
Winter Mrs N A 60 Grosvenor place  
Wintle Mrs 27 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Wisdom Alex Pattison 28 St Peters footpath  
Wisdom Hy Wltr 20 Buckingham road  
Wise Geo Roseglen Maynard avenue Westbrook
Wise Jsph Edwd Winnipeg Nash road  
Wiseman Mrs Maidwell cottage Pleasant place, The Fort Cliftonville
Wiseman Wm 32 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Witherden Jsph H 73 All Saints road  
Withers Miss 96 Canterbury road Westbrook
Withers Mrs F Arley lodge Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Withers Wm Jn Elmcote Fitzmary avenue Westbrook
Witt Miss Mabel Farringdon Millmead avenue Northdown
Wolfe Andrew Jsph Rivington Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Wood Albt Edwd Linden Lea Argyle avenue Westbrook
Wood Alfd 38 Approach road Cliftonville
Wood Alfd Benj Downside Northdown road Cliftonville
Wood Bertie Wm 3 Twenties cottages Shottendane road  
Wood Chas 2 Garlinge Farm cottages Canterbury road Westbrook
Wood Chas H The Cottage Albert road Westbrook
Wood Edwd Jas 18 Cecil square  
Wood Ernest A 68 High street Garlinge
Wood Frank 2 Twenties cottages Shottendane road  
Wood Herbt 177 High street  
Wood Irving Jn 59 Selborne road  
Wood Joseph Albert 53 Durban road  
Wood Miss 78 Northdown road Cliftonville
Wood Mrs 1 Warwick road Cliftonville
Wood Mrs 20 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Wood Percy H 4 Waverley road Westbrook
Wood Rd Hy 22 Westfield rd Westonville
Wood Sybert Fowey Orchard road Westbrook
Wood Thos Danl (JP) 43 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Wood Wltr Geo 5A Clarendon road Cliftonville
Wood Wm E G Rowanway Holly lane Northdown
Wood Wm Rt 119 Dane road Cliftonville
Woodage Lionel 18 Helena avenue  
Woodbridge Geo St Ives Garrard avenue Westbrook
Woodcock Horace St Leonards Argyle avenue Westbrook
Wooderson Edwd Edwyn St James Park road Westbrook
Woodgate Geo 18 Hertford road Cliftonville
Woodhall Mrs 204 High street  
Woodham Chas Arth Mar-Beth Argyle avenue Westbrook
Woodham Jn Chas 67 All Saints road  
Woodham Jn Chas 111 Ramsgate road  
Woodhams Spencer 15 Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Woodhouse Hubert Allen 11 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Woodland Harry 44 Grange road  
Woodland Sidney Herbt Nemora Boleyn avenue Westbrook
Woodrow Wm Geo Durand St James Park road Westbrook
Woodruff Arth Cumberland 75 Arlington gardens  
Woodruff Chas Stephen 44 St Peters road  
Woodruff David Winthorp The Hollies Helena avenue  
Woods Rev Peter (Methodist) 7 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Alfd 20 West Cliff road Westbrook
Woodward Courtney Richard 53 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Edwd C 20 Glebe road Garlinge
Woodward Ernest Sidney 108 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Woodward George R 91 Milton road  
Woodward Harold Leonard 7 Park place  
Woodward Jas Chas D 8 Mill lane  
Woodward Jsph 74 Glencoe road Dane pk
Woodward Leonard 31 Oxford street  
Woodward Leonard 110 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Leonard 12 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Leslie A 97 Grosvenor place  
Woodward Miss Gertrude 57 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Mrs 22 Church square  
Woodward Mrs 39 Hawley square  
Woodward Mrs 14 Selborne road  
Woodward Mrs A M Veronica St James Park road Westbrook
Woodward Mrs E 32 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Mrs H The Unique Maisonette Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Woodward Percy Henry 19 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Woodward Richard 31 Marlborough road  
Woodward Sylvan 44 Ramsgate road  
Woodward Thos Jn 109 High street Garlinge
Woodward Wm 155 High street  
Woodward Wm Alfd 46 Victoria road  
Wooldridge Miss 4 Poets corner  
Woolf Jsph Rubydene Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Woolgar George Walter 25 Oxford street  
Woolgar Mrs E 19 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
Woollett Elmer Barrington 253 Northdown road Cliftonville
Woollett Mrs 3 Dane Hill grove  
Woolley Mrs 89 Glencoe road Dane pk
Woolls Fredk The Bungalow Albion road Cliftonville
Woolls Mrs 63 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Woolton John Samuel 20 Clifton road Cliftonville
Woolven Jn C 10 Hertford road Cliftonville
Wootton Alfred 13 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Wootton Edward 1 New Cross street  
Wootton Fredk Nelson Cheynes Holly lane Northdown
Worley Mrs E L 4 Lyndhurst avenue Cliftonville
Worssell J Milton 87 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
Wort Albt H 32 Invicta road Cliftonville
Worth Misses 17 Westonville avenue Westbrook
Worth Mrs 14 Arnold road  
Wortham Mrs M 11 Westbrook gardens Westbrook
Worthington Mrs 21 Northdown way  
Wotton Saml 47 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Wragg Hy Ernest Southlands Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Wraight Geo S 11 Grotto gardens Cliftonville
Wraight Hy 40 Selborne road  
Wraight Horace Sandbourn Garrard avenue  
Wraight James Doris Villa Victoria road  
Wraight John 13 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wraight Mrs 23 Poets corner  
Wraight Mrs 19 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Wraight Wallace Burleigh Burlington gardens Westonville
Wraight Wm Edwd Geo 23 Church street  
Wrangham Miss Rosemount Foreland avenue Northdown
Wray Rev W R Spalding (MA) curate in charge of St Augustines 151 Dane road Cliftonville
Wray Mrs L A 37 Madeira road Cliftonville
Wren Frank W Bettywyn Burlington gardens Westonville
Wren Wltr Hy 8 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Wright Edwin Dane Rise Wilderness hill Cliftonville
Wright Frank 16 College road  
Wright J B Tudor cottage Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Wright Jack Redlyn Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Wright John 24 Sussex avenue  
Wright Jn E 11 Addiscombe road  
Wright Jn Edwin 1 Dixons Court  
Wright Jn Rodney 41 Marlowe road  
Wright Miss Lagoon Omer avenue Cliftonville
Wright Mrs A 2 Grove gardens Westbrook
Wright William Arthur 2 Dane Park road  
Writer Thos 30 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
Wyatt Gilbt Hy Beverley Westfield rd Westonville
Wyatt Mrs E Jessamine George V avenue  
Wyatt Mrs 14 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Wynne Albt Midhurst Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Wynne Mrs M (MB) 47 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Wynne Wilfrid E C (BA, MB, B.Ch, FRCSI) 47 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Wys Arth Martell 62 Tivoli road  
Wys Victor John 58 Buckingham road  
Wyse Victor S 79 Hastings avenue Dane pk

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