Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - O


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area
Oak-Rhind Bernard 3 Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Oakden Mrs L 176 Northdown road Cliftonville
Oakenfold Geo 96 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Obrien Hy Wm The Nook Albion road Cliftonville
O'Callaghan Miss H 15 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Odell Leonard Wendy Nash Court gardens  
Odell R G Cliff Edge Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Odland Einar 1 Pembroke avenue Westbrook
Offord Miss 91 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
Offord Percy R 26 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Oke Edgar F 40 Helena avenue  
O'Kelly Mrs Redroof Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Okoski Mrs V 2 Westbrook cottages Westbrook
Older William 11 Miltton square  
Older William Charles 73 Tivoli road  
Oldfield Miss D 2 Beach houses Royal Crescent Westbrook
Oliver Jas 4 Hartsdown mansions Hartsdown road Westbrook
Olley Mrs 86 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Olliff Miss 4 Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Ollive Mrs 13 Ulster road  
Oran Jn Edwd 203 College road  
Orchin Albt Edwd 25 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Orchin Ernest A 2 Nash road  
Orgles Mrs 115 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Orman Mrs 17 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Orwin Fredk Wm Timaru Garrard avenue Westbrook
Osborn Arth 9 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Osborn Edwin Stanley Cosgrove Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Osborn Fredk 46 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Osborn Fredk Geo 13 Upper Grove  
Osborn Herbt Doone Westfield rd Westonville
Osborn Jn A Omega House New Street  
Osborn Mrs 11 Westfield rd Westonville
Osborne Alex 55 Grosvenor place  
Osborne Chas 124 Eaton road  
Osborne Humphrey 41 Clifton road Cliftonville
Osborne Mrs J 97 Grosvenor place  
Osbourne   10 Richmond avenue Cliftonville
O'Sullivan Mrs E L 23 Rancorn road Westbrook
Ougham Mrs 14 Connaught road  
Ougham Fredk C 14 Holly lane Northdown
Outhwaite Mrs 5 Mutrix road Westbrook
Ovenden Arth Leslie 3 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Ovenden Chas Wm 25 Thanet road  
Ovenden Frank Leslie Midway Orchard road Westbrook
Ovenden Hedley 1 The Limes Canterbury road Westbrook
Ovenden Herbert Wm 34 Grange road  
Ovenden Herbert William 2 Clifton road  
Ovenden Mrs 7 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Ovenden Mrs S E Moira Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Ovenden Stanley Fras The Lodge Park road Dane pk
Ovenden Stephen Fras 7 Invicta road Cliftonville
Ovenden Wm Hy 11 College road  
Ovenden Wm Hy 57 Ramsgate road  
Ovens Wm 1 Barn crescent Westbrook
Overton Arth Fredk 56 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Overton Jn H 9 Walpole raoad  
Overton Mrs 43 Durban road  
Overy Miss 11 Flint row  
Owen Charles Langley (MA, MB, B Ch cantab) Tregony Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Owen Edwd H Windermere Fitzmary avenue Westbrook
Owen Gerald Seaton 17 Arlington gardens  
Owen Mrs 55 Durban road  
Owen Mrs 5 Ulster road  
Owen Mrs 37 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Owen Mrs E J 32 St Peters road  
Owen Wm 264A Northdown road Cliftonville
Owens Eugene Chas 40 Kent road  
Ownsworth Hy Geo 6 Garden row  

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