Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - B


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area
Babington Maj Jas Wm Herbt (MD, CH.B) 24 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Babington Mrs Joan (MB, BS Lond) 25 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Back Chas Arthur Northcote Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Back Herbt W 71 Arlington gardens  
Backhouse Norman 36 Marlowe road  
Bacon Maj Wm Fredk 13 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Bacon Mrs 4 Grotto hill  
Badcock Wm Hy 106 Grosvenor place  
Baddeley Mrs Woodberry George V avenue  
Baddeley Mrs A 61 Approach road Cliftonville
Badger Jas 6 Poets corner  
Baggott Mrs 212 High street  
Baigent Jas 44 Hertford road Cliftonville
Baigent Mrs 20 Marlowe road  
Bailess Mrs 22 Vicarage cres Ramsgate road  
Bailey Maj Wm Alfd Templecourt Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Bailey Chas 7 St Augustines avenue  
Bailey Fredk Edwd 25 Marlowe road  
Bailey Mrs 8 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Bailey Mrs Surbiton Nash Court gardens  
Bailey Stephen 30 Salmestone road  
Bailey Thomas Dent de Lion Cottages Dent de Lion road Garlinge
Baines Misses Moorlands Omer avenue Cliftonville
Baines Mrs E 22 Dane Park road  
Baird Wm 6 Westbrook road Westbrook
Baker Alfd E 6 Low Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Baker Arth C Ramadie Bridge road  
Baker Cyril C T 25 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Baker Edwd H 9 Arthur road Cliftonville
Baker Ernest J 83 Rancorn road Westbrook
Baker Ernest V 57 Trinity square  
Baker Frank 8 Lenham gardens Garlinge
Baker Fredk Chas 124 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Baker Fredk Wm 61 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Baker Harry 72 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Baker Jas 1 Godwin bungalows Godwin road Cliftonville
Baker Jas Gilbt 1 Fairfield mans Fifth avenue Cliftonville
Baker Jas H 31 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Baker Jas Wm 2 Harlow cotts Park lane  
Baker Jn 3 Nash road  
Baker Jsph 7 Lyndhurst avenue Cliftonville
Baker Jsph 7 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Baker Mrs 9 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Baker Mrs 12A Marine terrace  
Baker Norman Thos 33 Connaught road  
Baker Robert Freame 9 Grotto hill  
Baker Stewart C Lansdowne Garrard avenue Westbrook
Baker Wltr Epsley 13 Mill lane  
Baker Wm Benj 42 Milton road  
Baker Wm Hy 32 Milton road  
Baker Wm Jn 18 Dane hill  
Balchin Cyril A 10 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Balcombe Ernest Robt 43 Milton road  
Baldock Mrs Emily J 42 Grotto road  
Baldry Charles 19 Dane Hill row  
Baldwin Levi H Claremont Crow Hill road Garlinge
Baldwin Mrs A 11B Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Baldwin Owen 12 Glebe road Garlinge
Baldwin William J 26 Beatrice road  
Ball Percy Charles 74 Byron road  
Ball Selby Romany Hartsdown road Westbrook
Ballam Mrs A R 88 Eaton road  
Ballard Chas 21 Garfield road Westbrook
Ballard Geo 7 Connaught road  
Bamber Mrs Emily 17 Meadow road Westbrook
Bamblett Mrs E 33 Alexandra road  
Bamford Horace 30 Sussex avenue  
Bamford Wm 31 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Banford Wm 8 Love lane  
Bangham Arth 18 Westcliff gardens Westbrook
Banister Arth S 7 & 8 Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Banks David Wltr 21 Dane Park road  
Banks Herbert 9 St Johns road  
Banks Mrs Whinbrae Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Banner Geo Ernest 20 Westfield road Westonville
Barber Bertie Geo 61 All Saints road  
Barber Christphr Wm Geo 46 Madeira road Cliftonville
Barber Lewis 48 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Barber Mrs The Bungalow Hertford road Cliftonville
Barden Jn 6 Empire ter College road  
Barden Stanley W Ashburnham Mutrix road Westbrook
Barker Fredk Wm 33 Westonville avenue Westbrook
Barker Mrs Bains-Kloof Old Green road Northdown
Barker Mrs 17 Church square  
Barker Mrs Ethel Ruffit Holly lane Northdown
Barker Wm H D 71 Glencoe road Dane Park
Barlow Jn Lomond Princes gardens Cliftonville
Barnes Alfd Hy 21 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Barnes Alfd Jn 96 Eaton road  
Barnes Clifford Instow Tyson avenue Westbrook
Barnes Fredk Eythorne George V avenue  
Barnes Fredk 8 Vicarage cres Ramsgate road  
Barnes Jack 17 Connaught gardens  
Barnes Jn Ernest Felday Fitzmary avenue Westbrook
Barnes Mrs E C Kelvedon Fitzmary avenue Westbrook
Barnes Rd 45 (flat 1) Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Barnett Louis 90 Eaton road  
Barnett Victor Pendell Broadley road  
Barnstable Miss 7 Churchfield place  
Barratt Miss 3 Stanley road Cliftonville
Barrett Arth Rt 22 Arthur road Cliftonville
Barrett Mrs C J The Yett Northdown way  
Barrett Mrs E 11 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Barrett Mrs E 65A Grosvenor place  
Barrett Mrs R Kiligarth Orchard road Westbrook
Barrett Raphael Hill-Side Laleham road Cliftonville
Barrington Stanley 8 The Ridgeway  
Barron Ernest L 2 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Barron Mrs M O Bagamoyo Northdown road Cliftonville
Barron Sidney Avondale cott Avondale place  
Barrow Chas Fredk 36 Westfield road Westonville
Barry Mrs M 134 Canterbury road Westbrook
Barry-Cannan Chas 10 Pembroke avenue Westbrook
Bartholomew Chas Alfd 3 Connaught gardens  
Bartholomew Miss C E 20 Harold road Cliftonville
Bartholomew Miss J 18 Harold road Cliftonville
Barthram Jn Wm 73 College road  
Bartlett Alfd 142 High street Garlinge
Bartlett Geo 37 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Bartlett Mrs 85 Rancorn road Westbrook
Bartlett Mrs F 37 Brockley road  
Barton Fredk L P Melrose Waverley road Westbrook
Barton Hubert E 6 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Barton Mrs 104 & 106 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Barton Mrs A 7 Danesmead terrace Cliftonville
Barton Richard George Leonard 2 Buckingham cottages Buckingham road  
Barwell Edwin A 67 Arlington gardens  
Baseden Wm 13 Lyndhurst avenue Cliftonville
Bass George 28 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Bass Regnld 2 Waverley road Westbrook
Bass Wltr Hy 30 Clifton street Cliftonville
Bass William Joseph 22 Brockley road  
Basset Mrs 1 Beaucroft mans Canterbury road Westbrook
Bassett Albert 17 Thanet road  
Bassett Alfd E 35 Birds avenue Garlinge
Bassett Cecil Arth 11 Cecil street  
Bassett Lewis Victor 39 Tivoli road  
Basson Frank 24 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Batchan Mrs 18 Dane Park road  
Bate Hy Chas 81 Glencoe road Dane pk
Bates A W Sealands Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Bates Bertram 52 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Bates Joseph C 29 Addiscombe road  
Bates Miss 8 Warwick road Cliftonville
Bates Mrs 4 Covells row  
Bathurst Harry Chas 15 All Saints road  
Batley Albt Edwd 75 Milton road  
Batten Albt 65 Westfield road Westonville
Batterbee Stanley Arth The Limit Nash road  
Batterby Gerald Arth 9 Crescent road Westbrook
Battersby Fredk Gibson 10 Helena avenue  
Batterson Jn David 39 Grove gardens Westbrook
Bax Edward 5 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Bax Ernest 14 Brockley road  
Bayly Jn 25 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Bayly Miss 8 Royal York mans The Parade  
Bayly Sidney 22 Pleasant pl The Fort Cliftonville
Beak Mrs 35 Princes crescent  
Beale Miss 41 Tivoli road  
Beale Mrs Beulah lodge Laleham road Cliftonville
Beaney Edwd Chas 13 Waverley road Westbrook
Beaney Ernest 12 Salmestone rise College road  
Beaney Geo Edwd 43 Thanet road  
Beard Albt Edwd 4 Kent road  
Beard Thos S W 190 High street  
Beasley Jn Alex Pendennis Holly lane Northdown
Beastall Capt Fredk Clear View Northdown road Cliftonville
Beaumont Charles R 29 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Beaumont Misses 43 Approach road Cliftonville
Beckley George William 3 Dane Park villas Park lane  
Beckman Mrs Sunny Lea Princes gardens Cliftonville
Beddoe Capt Chas Wm (RNR) 17 The Parade  
Bedington Wm Harold 16 Cliff terrace Cliftonville
Beeching Charles 24 Dane Park road Cliftonville
Beeching Chas Wm 17 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Beechey Benj Mon Repos George V avenue  
Beedell Miss 17 Madeira road Cliftonville
Beeham Regnld Crawford ho Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Beer Edmund Thos Bertha cott Crow Hill road Garlinge
Beer Frank Frenly Nash Court road  
Beer Rt Elstow Laleham road Cliftonville
Beerling Leonard 109 Milton road  
Beerling Mrs 34 Buckingham road  
Beerling Mrs 10 Thanet road  
Beerling Mrs C A 20 St Mildreds road Cliftonville
Beerling Mrs K 8 Thanet road  
Beerling Mrs K E 40 Madeira road Cliftonville
Beerling Percvl T 60 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Beerling Stanley 36 Helena avenue  
Beerling Wltr Ethelbert 32 Hawley square  
Beerling Wm Alan 66 Milton road  
Beesley George 17 Caxton road Garlinge
Beeson Sidney Filton Maynard avenue Westbrook
Behenna Mrs V A 4 Albert mans Albert terrace  
Belcher Albt 35 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Belfield Sidney 4 Sidney place  
Bell Hy Rt Una ho Crow Hill road Garlinge
Bell Mrs A Littledene Waverley road Westbrook
Bellchambers Fredk 99 Dane road Cliftonville
Bellier Mrs C R 81 Milton road  
Bellingham Jn Wm 70 Connaught road  
Bellingham Mrs 28 Princes crescent  
Belsham Kenneth 195 College road  
Bemrose Geo 42 Hawley square  
Bence Ernest Hy Fairway Orchard road  
Bendall Misses 13 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Benefield Edwd Geo 13 College road  
Benefield Henry 5 Buckingham road  
Benefield Leonard E 24 Salmestone road  
Benefield Mrs Esther 123 Canterbury road Westbrook
Benham Dennis Hy 45 (flat 2) Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Benham Eric Lemo cott St Peters footpath  
Benham Geo Saml Alfred villa Alfred road Cliftonville
Benjamin Miss Cherry Trees Orchard road Westbrook
Benjamin Mrs 26 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Bennell Chas Fredk 49 Marlborough road  
Bennell William 47 Grange road  
Bennet Miss   Palm Bay avenue Cliftonville
Bennett   Bareilly Beresford gardens Cliftonville
Bennett Arth G 1 Ellington avenue Garlinge
Bennett Fredk Wm Singleton va Wentworth avenue Westbrook
Bennett Leslie G 59 Glencoe road Dane pk
Bennett Mrs 7 Canterbury road Westbrook
Bennett Mrs Esther 45 Rancorn road Westbrook
Bennett Thos Wm 10 Grange road  
Bensley Edwd 18 Sussex avenue  
Benson Mrs 69 Approach road Cliftonville
Benwell Miss H 33 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Beresford Clifford Guyscliffe Foreland avenue Northdown
Beresford Mrs Kenwyn Holly lane Northdown
Beresford Thos Fairfield Foreland avenue Northdown
Bergg Bertram Thos Rookery Nook Argyle avenue Westbrook
Bernau Mrs 12 Vicarage place  
Berry Fredk H 56 King street  
Berry Wm Dingle Dell Wentworth avenue Westbrook
Berry Wm 62 Park place  
Berrycloth Mrs E 9 Durban road  
Best Mrs 38 Thanet road  
Bethel Alfd 21 St Johns road  
Bettles Mrs 2 Northdown road Cliftonville
Betts Chas 20 Lyndhurst avenue Cliftonville
Betts Mrs 40 Warwick road Cliftonville
Bevan Geo Glastonbury Argyle avenue Westbrook
Biddle Chas 16A Zion place Cliftonville
Biddle Frederick 38 Hastings avenue  
Biddle Wilfred E Pine Lodge Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Biffen Wm E 27 Invicta road Cliftonville
Bigg Mrs 109 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Biggs Rev Harry 6 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Biggs Mrs 59 All Saints road  
Bignold Sydney Turville Foreland avenue Northdown
Billinghurst Ellis Jn 14 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Billinghurst Montague Ellis 4 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Billinghurst Ralph Edwd 47 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Billington Harold Kelsey George V avenue  
Bing Alfd Louis The Cottage Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Bing Frank 6 Waverley road Westbrook
Bing Harold Louis Breakers Foreland avenue Northdown
Bing Sidney Wm The Cabin St James Park road Westbrook
Binns Mrs 12 The Ridgeway  
Birch Chas 1 Laurel villas Nash Court road  
Bird Cyril Alfd 3 Hartsdown mans Hartsdown road Westbrook
Bird Edwd G 75 Canterbury road Westbrook
Bird Edwd Jas 83 Glencoe road Dane pk
Bird Hy Fredk 2 Empire ter College road  
Bird Mrs 12 Grotto gardens  
Bird Mrs 25 Park place  
Bird Rt S Rosetta Nash Court gardens  
Bird Wltr E 15 Salmestone road  
Bird Wm Edwin Breaklyn St James Park road Westbrook
Birdsall Mrs 31 Addington road  
Birkbeck Thos Albt 95 College road  
Bishop Albert Edward 9 Byron road  
Bishop Alfd Chas 23 Connaught gardens  
Bishop Arth Jas Wardlow Millmead road Cliftonville
Bishop Edwd Chas 10 Godwin road Cliftonville
Bishop Edws Ernest 6 Charles square  
Bishop Edwd Jn Pembleton Drapers avenue  
Bishop Frank 9 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Bishop Fredk 17 Harold road Cliftonville
Bishop Hy 81 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Bishop Jas 21 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Bishop Jn Thos R Littlecot Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Bishop Mrs 21 Beatrice road  
Bishop Mrs 54 Grange road  
Bishop Mrs A J 31 Brockley road  
Bshop Nelson 14 Ramsgate road  
Bishop Walter Nelson 10 Byron road  
Bishop Wm 2 Lausanne ter St Johns road  
Bishop Wm Jas 14 Gladstone road  
Blackburn Misses 28 Edgar road Cliftonville
Blackburn Percy Victor 16 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
Blackford Eslow Edwd 19 Hertford road Cliftonville
Blackford Mrs 24 Kent road  
Blackie Mrs 156 Northdown road Cliftonville
Blackman Miss Jessie Vesinet Waverley road Westbrook
Blackman Mrs Esther Sea View House Crow Hill road Westgate
Blackman Sidney Jas 34 Connaught road  
Blackmore Fredk 48 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Blackwater Hy Glendale Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Blake Harold 6 Talbot road Cliftonville
Blake Walt M 3 Laleham road Cliftonville
Blakeley Albt Edwd 26 New street  
Blakemore Thos 11 Talbot road Cliftonville
Blakeney Mrs 25 Milton road  
Blakeney Mrs Jane 26 Belgrave road  
Blakeney Thos Edwd St Albans Waverley road Westbrook
Bland Mrs 5 Arthur road Cliftonville
Blaskett Nelson Rt 7 St Johns road  
Blencowe Henry 13 Glebe road Garlinge
Bligh Frank V 28 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bliss Hy Norman 41 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Blows Mrs 5 Pleasant pl The Fort Cliftonville
Bloxham Bertie N 116 Byron road  
Blumson Geo Jas 38 Connaught road  
Blunkell Hy 43 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Blunkell Jas 38 Kent road  
Blunt Thos Arth Alveston Gresham avenue Westbrook
Boby Mrs Flora Dene Foreland avenue Northdown
Bodley Harry Fraser 10 Dane Park road  
Boileau Eugene 25A High street  
Boland Jn 12 Grotto road  
Bolitho Mrs 127 Ramsgate road  
Bolling Mrs Heiter Blick Waverley road Westbrook
Bolton Mrs 36 Crow Hill road Garlinge
Bolton Philip Percvl 57 Westfield road Westonville
Bond Mrs 31 Gordon road Cliftonville
Bond Mrs C 9 Arundel road Cliftonville
Bondfield Miss 33 St Peters road  
Bone Wm 3 Alma place  
Bone-Knell Alfd Wm 44 Milton road  
Bone-Knell Geo Ernest 13 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Boneknell Onslow Alfred 5 Byron road  
Bones Horace Hy Sherren Shottendane road  
Bonner Mrs 28 Church street  
Booker Hy Edwd St Donatts Alfred road Cliftonville
Boorman Wm Hy Haydncourt Leslie avenue Garlinge
Bootes Wm Albt 34 Beatrice road  
Booth herbt Hy 21 Grotto road Cliftonville
Booth W Leicester cott Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Boreham Maj G H Northdown close Old Green Road Northdown
Borg Malcolm 38 Princes gardens Cliftonville
Borritt Ernest Hy 1 Victoria ter Crow Hill road Westgate
Borroughs Mrs 231 College road  
Boswell Miss 25 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Bottome Miss G 19 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Bottomley Herbt W Claydon Nash Court road  
Boughton Geo H 28 St Peters road  
Boulanger Dudley Bretaye Princes gardens Cliftonville
Boulden Ernest C 28 Marlowe road  
Boulden Henry 51 Marlborough road  
Boulden Mrs 81 Dane road Cliftonville
Boulden Mrs 5 St Peters footpath  
Boulden Thos W 16 Poets corner  
Boulting Miss 16 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Boulting Mrs J E 49 Rancorn road Westbrook
Boulton Wm E N C 25 Brockley road  
Bourne Albt Hy Jn 13 Connaught gardens  
Bourne Thos 101 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bourne Wm 16 Bentleys place  
Bovington Wm David 60 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Bowden Frank A 56 Selbourne road  
Bowers Mrs 154 High street Garlinge
Bowlby Rev Alfd E 35 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Bowles Alfd Jn Lauranne Argyle avenue Westbrook
Bowley Mrs 7 Addington street  
Bowman Rev Hy J E (curate St John The Baptist) 5 Arlington gardens  
Bowman Harold 9 Lenham gardens Garlinge
Boyce Fredk 4B Clarendon road Cliftonville
Boyce Mrs 64 Hastings avenue  
Boyd Gerald Donovan 8 Pembroke avenue Westbrook
Boyd Rt F 36 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Boyes Mrs St davids Old Green Road Northdown
Brackenborough Arth Rt 8 Clifton place  
Brackenborough Hy Albt 36 Selborne road  
Brackenborough Thos 18 Hastings avenue  
Bradford Edwd Jas 58 Tivoli road  
Bradford Ernest J L Avaondale Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Bradley Edwin John (MC, MA, MD camb) Moira, 5 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Bradley Jn 7&8 Wellington gardens  
Bradley Jsph Dayntree cott Godwin road Cliftonville
Bradley Miss 9 Northdown road Cliftonville
Bradley Mrs 10 Milton road  
Bradley Mrs 36 Warwick road Cliftonville
Bradley Mrs Jennie 10 Love lane  
Bradley Wltr 8 Salmestone road  
Bradley Wm 12 Churchfield place  
Bradshaw Jn 75 Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Braggs Wm Albt 6 Addington street  
Braham Louis 18 St Pauls road Cliftonville
Braithwaite Edwd Allington Orchard road Westbrook
Brandon Miss 73 Approach road Cliftonville
Brannon Mrs 13 Warwick road  
Branson Wm Jas 15 Addiscombe gardens  
Brant Mrs S J Waveney Gresham avenue Westbrook
Brass Mrs C C Cupar Ho Orchard road Westbrook
Bratt Miss E Craigside Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Bray Geo E Hazelmere Hartsdown road Westbrook
Bray Wm 61 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Brazier Arth McNaughton 80 Invicta road Cliftonville
Brazier Cyril 22 Poets corner  
Brazier George Edwd 1 Buckingham road  
Brazier Jn 52 Grange road  
Brazier Miss 27 Warwick road Cliftonville
Brazier Mrs 16 Cowper road  
Breed Morgan A 32 Madeira road Cliftonville
Brenchley Albt 51 All Saints road  
Brenchley Mrs 148 High street Garlinge
Breslin Jsph 4 Lenham gardens Garlinge
Brett Geo Ernest 1 Marlborough road  
Brett L E 22 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Brett Mrs 3 Bath place  
Brett Mrs 73 High street  
Brett Mrs 45 Victoria road  
Brewer Arth Jn 36 Wellesley road  
Brewer Miss Mary 23 Dane Hill Row  
Brewer Misses 25 Richmomd avenue Cliftonville
Brewster Mrs 31 Pleasant pl The Fort Cliftonville
Brice Albt Edwd 5 Milton road  
Brice Alfd Leonard 9 Dane Hill row  
Brice George 40 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Brice Herbt Wm 29 Brockley road  
Brice Walter William 11 Gladstone road  
Bridge Herbt E Kismet bungalow Addiscombe road  
Bridgeman Jn 1 Buckingham cotts Buckingham road  
Bridges Geo A 9 Garden row  
Bridges Horace F 4 Nash road  
Bridgland Fredk I 48 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Briet Andre L (BS) 62 Glencoe road  
Brigden Geo Benj Baranjo George V avenue  
Briggs W 11 Pembroke avenue Westbrook
Bright Cecil Jn 52 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bright Thos 5 Sidney place  
Brighurst Frank R 12 Tivoli road  
Brighurst Mrs H J 15 Tivoli road  
Brilliant Leopold 30 Kent road  
Brinkler Harry Geo 9 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Brisley Stanley J Elaine Nash Court road  
Brisley W James 58 Connaught road  
Bristow Albt Victor 5 Glebe road Garlinge
Bristow Arth K Ronaldene Old Green Road Northdown
Bristow Frank Thos T 2 Victoria cottages  
Bristow Mrs 106 Milton road  
Bristow Robert 1 Meeting court  
Brittain Alfd 50 Selborne road  
Britton Rev Wm (BA, BD) St Pauls Vicarage Northdown road Cliftonville
Broad Wm Vine cott Godwin road Cliftonville
Brocklehurst Geo L (MD) Wayside St Peters road  
Brockman Abraham 78 Eaton road  
Brockman Alfd Hy W 11 Manston road  
Brockman Alfd Jas Mevans Argyle avenue Westbrook
Brockman Frank 15 Richmond avenue Cliftonville
Brockman Fredk 62 Eaton road  
Brockman George Addington lodge Addington road  
Brockman Henry 5 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Brockman Leonard C 85 Grosvenor place  
Brockman Robert 25 Poets corner  
Brocksopp Miss 14 Clarendon road Cliftonville
Brockwell Mrs 7 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
Brodie Fredk Leo 26 Fort crescent Cliftonville
Bromfield Mrs 5 Westonville  avenue Westbrook
Bromley Arth Chambers 30 Grotto gardens  
Bromley Jn Wm 27 Waverley road Westbrook
Bromley Rt 47 Marlowe road  
Bromley Wm 7 Grotto gardens Cliftonville
Brook Edwd Jn 40 Birds avenue Garlinge
Brook George 4 Victoria terrace Crow Hill road Westgate
Brook Miss Leaholm George V avenue  
Brooke Misses 25 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
Brooking Alfd Ernest 8 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Brooking Geo Fredk Kintail Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Brookman Ernest 9 Grotto road  
Brookman Hy Thos 30 College road  
Brooke Jas Chas 106 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Brooks Jn Oakfield Holly lane Northdown
Brooks Mrs B 4 Cliffe avenue Westbrook
Brooman Jsph Hy 3 Setterfield road  
Brophy Miss 48 Approach road Cliftonville
Broughton Eric Glaric Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Brown Albt 4 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Brown Alex 12 St Peters road  
Brown Alex Warwick (MB, CM, Dsc, MA) 9 Lower Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Brown Alfd E 20 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Brown Archbld Hunter 108 Milton road  
Brown Arth Rt The Nook Hengist avenue  
Brown Chas 42 Harold road Cliftonville
Brown Chas Herbt 27 Addiscombe gardens  
Brown Clifford Fredk 23 Setterfield road  
Brown Cyril 9 Milton square  
Brown Daniel 44 Salmestone road  
Brown Edward Alex 30 Princes crescent  
Brown Ernest Jas Faringdon Nash Court gardens  
Brown Geo 17 Addington road  
Brown George 70 Hastings avenue  
Brown George 7 Milton square  
Brown George 4 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Brown Geo M Greengates Royal esplanade Westbrook
Brown Horace 33 Victoria road  
Brown Jas 245 College road  
Brown Jn Searl 28 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Brown John Thomas 8 Marlborough road  
Brown Jn Wm 12 West Cliff road Westbrook
Brown Kenneth Geo 37 Durban road  
Brown Leslie 67 Hastings avenue Dane Park
Brown Miss 100 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Brown Miss C E 36 Connaught road  
Brown Mrs 3 Beach Houses Royal crescent Westbrook
Brown Mrs 7 Edward Villas Millmead road Cliftonville
Brown Mrs 5 Trafalgar place  
Brown Mrs Caroline 6 Addington square  
Brown Mrs Caroline 6 Lausanne road  
Brown Mrs Frank 10 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Brown Mrs M 6 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Brown Mrs M B A Fern Lea Villa Alfred road Cliftonville
Brown Rd Wm 93 Byron road  
Brown Ronald Geo 23 Selborne road  
Brown Sidney 49 St Peters road  
Brown Thomas 28 Buckingham road  
Brown Thos 17 Selborne road  
Brown Wltr Edwd 3 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Brown Walt Wm 13 Selborne road  
Brown William 12 Church street  
Brown William 29 Grotto gardens  
Brown Wm 91A High street  
Brown Wm Alfd Orchard cott Orchard road Westbrook
Brown William Amos 6 Upper grove  
Brown Wm Herbt 17 Marlowe road  
Browne Arthur T 32 Northdown way  
Browne Miss Guest ho Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Browne Mrs Beatrice Guest ho Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Browning Eldon Wm 40 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Browning Miss 44 Tivoli road  
Browning Miss 20A The Parade  
Browning Mrs 24 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Bruce E Ellice 85 Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Bruce Geo Wm 33 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Bruford Frank 111 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Brumby Alfd G Cap d'Aguilar Gloucester avenue Cliftonville
Brumme Fredk 11 St Peters road  
Brundle Edwd P Beulah Orchard road  
Brunt Frank Baldwin 76 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bryan Herbt Wm 59 Northdown road Cliftonville
Bryant Edward James 34 Madeira road Cliftonville
Bryant Geo L 45 Invicta road Cliftonville
Bryant Rt A Eastnor Foreland avenue Northdown
Bryson Mrs 11 College road  
Bubb Rt Kentmere Brooke avenue Garlinge
Buchan Hubert M 64 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Buck Fras Chas 52 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Buck Geo 2 West Cliff road Westbrook
Buckby Mrs G W 1 Talbot road Cliftonville
Buckel Rt Edwd 42 Ethelbert road Cliftonville
Buckingham Geo Fredk 38 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Buckland Donovan Cyril 6 Hengist avenue  
Buckle Harry 43 Northdown road Cliftonville
Buckle Wm Albt Raglan George V avenue  
Buckman Chas 37 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Buckman Fredk 28 Oxford street  
Buckman Harry Victor Elsmere Burlington gardens Westonville
Budden Mrs 39 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Buddington Fredk Thos Flofred Garnard avenue Westbrook
Buddington Gilbt 15 Waverley road Westbrook
Buddington Henry Wm 5 Holiday square  
Buddle Alfd Harold villa Victoria road  
Buddle Edwd Wm 67 Canterbury road Westbrook
Buddy Stanley Wm 5 Setterfield road  
Budge Chas Loen Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Budge Harold Greenways Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Budge Mrs 7 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Budge Mrs 153 Dane road Cliftonville
Bugden Edward Tomlin 128 Canterbury road Westbrook
Bugden jn 32 Grotto road  
Bugden Miss F 29 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Bugg Jn 70 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bull Hy 8 Selborne road  
Bullen Wltr Alfd 18 Connaught gardens  
Bullock Fredk Thos 22 Connaught gardens  
Bullock Geo 57 Eaton road  
Bullock Mrs 74 Eaton road  
Bullock Sidney R 46 Grange road  
Bullock Thos 24 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Bullworthy Edwd 97 Victoria road  
Bulmer Hy Wm 29 Milton road  
Bunn William Robert (JP) 83 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Bunting Edwd 61 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Bunting Rd Fredk Down lodge Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Bunyan Ernest 5 Beatrice road  
Burchett Frank 26 Helena avenue  
Burchett Jas Flat 4, The Homestead, 19 St Peters road  
Burden Frank 19 Thanet road  
Burden Hy Edwd Ormonde St James Park road Westbrook
Burdett Mrs 16 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Burgess Alfd E 12 Marlowe road  
Burgess Chas Edwd Ropsley Rise Nash Court gardens  
Burgess E J The Beeches Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Burgess Miss 33 Durban road  
Burgess Mrs 86 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Burgess Mrs 94 High street Garlinge
Burgess Mrs Charlotte 17 Clifton gardens Cliftonville
Burgess Rt C S 38 Invicta road Cliftonville
Burke Jn 5 Market place  
Burke Mrs G W 85 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Burkett Wm 67 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Burley George Edward 2 Westbrook road Westbrook
Burling Robt 45 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Burlton Chas Oakleigh Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Burnier Edmund E (MD) 40 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Burningham Thos 28 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Burrard Mrs M A Millbrook St James Park road Westbrook
Burrough Sydney 12 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Burrows Cecil 9 College road  
Burrows J W 180 Northdown road Cliftonville
Burrows John S 69 Grange road  
Burrows Miss E 23 Addington road  
Burton Benj 14 Leslie avenue Garlinge
Burton Edwd Rt 34 Westfield road Westonville
Burton Fredk 35 College road  
Burton Jn 12 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Burton Leonard Rt 29 Clifton road Cliftonville
Burton William 5 Clifton road Cliftonville
Burton Wm 6 Marlowe road  
Busby Bert 9 Market street  
Busby Wm Geo Shirley Ramsgate road  
Bushby Miss Ethel Monatra Mutrix road Westbrook
Bushell A E Eastways Canterbury road Westbrook
Bushell Chas Hy 39 Addiscombe gardens  
Bushell Cyril Edwd 6 Meadow road Westbrook
Bushell Fredk 12 Buckingham road  
Bushell Miss 7 Bath place  
Bushell Miss 63 Tivoli road  
Bushell Mrs 9 Flint row  
Bushell Mrs H 10 Clifton road Cliftonville
Bushell Mrs L E 55 Connaught road  
Bushell Thomas 21 College road  
Bushell William 9 Clifton road Cliftonville
Buss Frank 25 King street  
Buss Mordaunt 18 Grove gardens Westbrook
Bussey Charles William 18 Grange road  
Bussey Frederick 10 Buckingham road  
Bussey Jsph Meader 22 Selborne road  
Bussey Leonard 2 Church Street cottages  
Bussey Mrs 2 Connaught gardens  
Bussley Wm Geo Millcroft St James Park road Westbrook
Butcher Charles Dent de Lion cottages Dent de Lion road Garlinge
Butcher Chas 76 Grange road  
Butcher Chas Thos 73 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Butcher Miss M 25 Warwick road Cliftonville
Butler Mrs 10 Bath place  
Butler Mrs K 43 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Butler Mrs 8 Westbrook road Westbrook
Butler Mrs E 86 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Butler Wm Geo Norbury Westfield road Westonville
Butters Miss 20 Arlington gardens  
Buttifant Cecil Herbt 11 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Butts Ernest 1 Albert mans Albert terrace  
Byers Mrs Norman 33 Richmond avenue Cliftonville
Byrne Mrs 51 Byron road  
Byrne Wm Hy 19 Invicta road Cliftonville
Bywater Fred Clairmarais Omer avenue Cliftonville

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