Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - N


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area
Nairne Cecil 61 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Nash Arthur 7 Brewery hill  
Nash Arth 27 Westfield rd Westonville
Nash David 31 Birds avenue Garlinge
Nash Leo 10 Meadow road Westbrook
Nash Wm Jas 35 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Naylar Frank Geo 51 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Nayler Miss 19 St Pauls road Cliftonville
Neal Jas 29 Westbrook road Westbrook
Neal William Charles 16 Grange road  
Neale Jn Goodall 63 Glencoe road Dane pk
Neale R F 237A Northdown road Cliftonville
Neate Fredk R 3 Barn crescent Westbrook
Neaves Herbt Wm 2 Duke street  
Neaves Isaac 53 Marlborough road  
Nelms Miss M 29 Ethelbert road Cliftonville
Nelson Miss 7 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Nelson Sidney Jn 9 Hertford road Cliftonville
Nethersole Ernest Chas 57 Invicta road Cliftonville
Nethersole Mrs 90 Byron road  
Neve Ernest Wm 27 Church street  
Neve Miss R F 19 Westfield rd Westonville
Neve Roland 8 Connaught gardens  
Nevill Percy Cliff View Audley avenue Westbrook
Newdick Miss 9 Clarendon road Cliftonville
Newell Percy 6 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Newing John William 33 Poets corner  
Newing Jn Wm R 142 Grosvenor place  
Newing Wm Harbledown Alfred road Cliftonville
Newman Arth Jas Delbridge Burlington gardens Westonville
Newman edwd Mon Repose Garrard avenue Westbrook
Newman Misses C & I 3 Arthur road Cliftonville
Newman Mrs 122 Byron road  
Newman Mrs 125 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Newman Mrs L J Clovis Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Newman Rd 9 Beach Houses Royal Crescent Westbrook
Newman Rd 4 Beach Houses Beach Crescent Westbrook
Newman Wm R 14 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Newport Mrs 34 Birds avenue Garlinge
Newton Charles 49 Milton road  
Newton James 97 Milton road  
Nicholls Mrs S M Ardmore Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Nicholls S D Hunterville Northdown road Cliftonville
Nichols Jas Wm Eroldene Maynard avenue Westbrook
Nicholson Alfred 39 Grange road  
Nicholson Wm 98 Eaton road  
Nightingale Mrs 12 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Nixley Regnld W 23 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Noakes Edwd Stuart 16 Clifton road Cliftonville
Noble Geo 75 High street Garlinge
Noble John William 50 Milton road  
Noble Mrs 84 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Noble Wm Winton Crow Hill road Garlinge
Norcombe Wm 136 Grosvenor place  
Norman Arth M 5 Addiscombe gardens  
Norman Miss 11 Westbrook road Westbrook
Norris Edwin 69 Arlington gardens  
Norris Fredk Aug 3 Nash Court road  
Norris Harold E 42 Ramsgate road  
Norris Mrs 22 College road  
Northover-Smith William 94 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Northwood Herbt 79 Grosvenor place  
Norton Misses C & I 48 Ramsgate road  
Norwood Mrs A 17 Addiscombe gardens  
Nott Albt 27 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Nower Chas Wm 36 Grange road  
Nugent Edwin 9 Victoria road  
Nutman Miss Florence 69 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Nutter Cecil Douglas 22 Gladstone road  
Nutter Mrs H 26 Setterfield road  
Nye Miss 27 Tivoli road  
Nye Wltr 3 Hill View Shottendane road  
Nye Wltr Ernest 41 Helena road  

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