Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - K


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area
Keates Thos Hy 1 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Keay Mrs Homelands Omer avenue Cliftonville
Keble Harman (JP) 11 Prices avenue  
Keble Mrs A 23 Grove gardens Westbrook
Keefe Mrs 1 Gardenia Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Keeler Arth Sidney 24 Walpole road  
Keeler Frederick S 30 Grange road  
Keeler Wm Arth 8 Danesmead terrace  
Keen Jn Deacon 13 Grotto gardens Cliftonville
Keene Herbt Chas West Wing Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Keeney Jas 12 Charlotte place  
Keifer Albt Wm Chas Jn 8 Marlowe road  
Keifer Mrs 25 Byron road  
Kelf Fredk Jas 101A Northdown road Cliftonville
Kelk Stanley Wm 44 Buckingham road  
Kellaway Wm 10 Buenos Ayres Westbrook
Kelly Chas Rosemount Garrard avenue Westbrook
Kelly Joseph 42 Grange road  
Kelly Miss 91 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
Kelly Patrick 90 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Kelsey Mrs 103 High street Garlinge
Kember Herbert Charles 37 Tivoli road  
Kemp Arth W 16 Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Kemp Ernest 22 Thanet road  
Kemp Harry 75 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Kemp Mariner 104 Grosvenor place  
Kemp Mrs L M 14 Glebe road Garlinge
Kemp Percy Geo 49 Ramsgate road  
Kemp Stanley Wm 2 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Kemp William Henry 53 Thanet road  
Kempton Arth J E 20 Addiscombe gardens  
Kempton Mrs 7 Railway terrace All Saints road  
Kempton Mrs 34 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Kendal Wm 39 Hertford road Cliftonville
Kendall Edwd Chas 21 Marlowe road  
Kendall Mrs 25 Tivoli road  
Kendall Stephen 71 Byron road  
Kendall Wilfred 118 Milton road  
Kendall Wm 3 Albert terrace  
Kendall Wm 37 Park place  
Keniry Rev Thos A (OSB) 4 Lynton Court Mansions Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Kennard Archbld Regnld 229 College road  
Kennard Arth 239 College road  
Kennard Bert 58 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Kennard Chas St Margarets Maynard avenue Westbrook
Kennard Jn 79 Glencoe road Dane pk
Kennard Martin 86 Northdown road Cliftonville
Kennard Mrs F 9 Bath place  
Kennard Tom 40 College road  
Kennedy Albt Kenmill Nash road  
Kennedy Cornelius 2 Frog hill  
Kennett Alex Geo R 97 College road  
Kennett Edgar Wilfred 4 Grange road  
Kennett Herbt H 55 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Kennett John Edwin 31 Salmestone road  
Kennett Leslie 6 Hengist avenue  
Kennett Miss 11 Marlborough road  
Kennett Mrs 22 Danesmead terrace  
Kennett Percy G 45 Durban road  
Kennett Percy Jas 39 Addington road  
Kennett Reuben 1 Connaught gardens  
Kennett Rd Edwd 36 College road  
Kennett Stephen Wm 16 Salmestone road  
Kennett Wm 23 Byron road  
Kennett William Thomas 4 Brewery hill  
Kent Jas 25 Dane road Cliftonville
Kentfield Miss Larkspur Foreland avenue Northdown
Kentish Jack 95 Arlington gardens  
Kentish Mrs 41 Invicta road Cliftonville
Kenyon Jas 10 Selborne road  
Kenyon Mrs 2 Zion cotts Merlin cottages  
Kerr Geo Gordon 14A St Pauls road Cliftonville
Kerr Hy N Green Shutters Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Kew Ernest George 58 Ramsgate road  
Keys Hy 21 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Kidby Mrs Roselle Addiscombe road  
Kight Misses 58 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Kightly Miss 125 Canterbury road Westbrook
Kightly Miss U V 15 Westfield rd Westonville
Killick Alfd J 2 Ethelbert road Cliftonville
Killick Edwd Ronald 15 Westbrook gardens Westbrook
Killick George 15 Poets corner  
Kimpton Mrs 20 Marlborough road  
King Alfred 99 High street  
King Frank 3 Manston road  
King Hyman Saldere Beresford gardens Cliftonville
King James Edward 65 Glencoe road  
King Miss Willingdon Argyle gardens Westbrook
King Mrs 20 Beatrice road  
King Mrs 35 Kent road  
King Mrs 9 Northdown way  
King Saml Kelvin Princes gardens Cliftonville
King Wm Illawara Argyle avenue Westbrook
Kingsdown Mrs C S Marantha, 57 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Kingsland Mrs 43 Buckingham road  
Kingsland Mrs 77 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Kingston Ernest Saml Fairview Rutland gardens Cliftonville
Kingston Fras Arth 25 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Kingston Mrs M L 16 Rancorn road Westbrook
Kinlan Peter Norman Jsph Acushla Tyson avenue Westbrook
Kinlan Peter Stephen 6 Marine gardens  
Kirby Geo 133 High street Garlinge
Kirby Gordon 50 Dane Valley road  
Kirby Mrs 34 Tivoli road  
Kirby Regnld Arth 19 Beatrice road  
Kirby Wltr E Kencot Boleyn avenue Westbrook
Kirk Capt Duncan 90 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Kirk Alfd Edwin Chilworth Orchard road Westbrook
Kirk Cecil Edward I 11 Ramsgate road  
Kirkaldy Frank A Konongo Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Kirkman Rt 29 Wellesley road Cliftonville
Kitchin Mrs 4 Westcliff gardens Westbrook
Kitching Mrs 20 Wyndham avenue Cliftonville
Kitchingham J 218 Northdown road Cliftonville
Kitto Geo 1 Nash road  
Knapman Chas Rd 12A Arundel road Cliftonville
Knapp Fras Ernest 11 Westonville avenue Westbrook
Knell Mrs Sarah 44 Approach road Cliftonville
Knight Rev James Joseph (Baptist) 37 Thanet road  
Knight Adolphus Jas Sharp Danetree Alfred road Cliftonville
Knight Albt Edwd 70 High street Garlinge
Knight Albt J 28 Invicta road Cliftonville
Knight Alfd Cyril 48 Grosvenor place  
Knight Chas Jn 95 Victoria road  
Knight Dick 38 Selborne road  
Knight Edwd W 29 St Peters footpath  
Knight Frank Edwd 21 Hertford road Cliftonville
Knight George Henry 19 Cecil square  
Knight Geo R 1 Sea View villas Northdown
Knight Harold S W 11 St Augustines avenue  
Knight Horace Wm Geo 31 Canterbury road Westbrook
Knight James 17 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Knight James H 101 Milton road  
Knight Jn T 37 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Knight Jsph Geo Ellen villa Randolph pass  
Knight Mrs 3 Frog hill  
Knight Mrs 12 Queen street  
Knight Percy 31 Princes crescent  
Knight Rd Edwd 54 Invicta road Cliftonville
Knight Sidney 27 All Saints road  
Knight Wltr Jn 71 King street  
Knight William Hy 13 Alexandra terrace  
Knighton Percvl R Danehurst Wilderness hill Cliftonville
Knighton Thos Spencer The Mill house St Peters footpath  
Knott Alfd Evadene Ramsgate road  
Knott Geo Massowah High street Garlinge
Knowler Edwd A 25 Invicta road Cliftonville
Knowles Wm 25 Kent road  
Knowling Geo Fisher 18 Low Northdown road Cliftonville
Kotchinsky Ivan 41 Grove gardens Westbrook

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