Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - L


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Last Name First Name No or house Road Area
Lacey Albt Hilbert Hartsdown road Westbrook
Lacey Leonard A Queenlen Hartsdown road Westbrook
Lacey Miss L M 29 Westfield rd Westonville
Ladd Arthur 11 Victoria road  
Ladd Hy Chas 1 Glencoe road Dane pk
Ladd Hy Stephen 5 Osborne terrace  
Ladd Stephen 3 Caroline cottages  
Ladd Wm Geo 12 Addiscombe gardens  
Lade Herbt H 13 Buckingham road  
Lain Jn T 2 Glebe road Garlinge
Laing Frank C 7 Arlington gardens  
Lake Fred 2 Thanet road  
Lake W Walton 5 Lynton Court mansions Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Laker Ernest Gad 22 Union crescent  
Laker Hy Chas 24 Thanet road  
Laker Jn F 33 Dane road Cliftonville
Laker Mrs M A 1 Clifton road Cliftonville
Lamacraft Dennis Tom S 62 Dane Valley road Cliftonville
Lamb Jn Bradbury Sanpan St James Park road Westbrook
Lamb Sidney 5 Sussex avenue  
Lamb Wltr 60 Connaught road  
Lambert Alexander 26 Marlborough road  
Lambert Frank L 21 Addiscombe gardens  
Lambert Jsph 17 Crescent road Westbrook
Lamberton Alfd Chas 66 Glencoe road Dane pk
Lamberton Mrs 2 Churchfield cottages  
Lambourne Thos F L 55 All Saints road  
Laming Giles 22 Buckingham road  
Lamkin Wm Fredk 87 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Lamont Miss 278A Northdown road Cliftonville
Lancaster Jn T 28 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Lanceley Miss Essex Lodge Gloucester avenue Cliftonville
Lancer Brian flat 1, 10 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Lanchbery Percy F 10 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Lander Mrs N 56 Trinity square  
Lane Albt Edwd 9 New Cross street  
Lane Fredk Kingsford 62 Grosvenor place  
Lane Fredk Wm Brownlea Garrard avenue  
Lane Fredk Wm sen 9 Charles square  
Lane Herbt Thos Bel Air Clarence avenue Cliftonville
Lane Herbt Thos East Neuk Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Lane John Caleb 13 Addiscombe gardens  
Lang Bert 4 Albert terrace  
Langeleir Edwd Chas Court lodge Gloucester avenue Cliftonville
Langley Percy T G Keira Argyle avenue Westbrook
Langston Albert V 4 Byron road  
Langston Alfred Charles 4 Dorset place  
Langston edwd Wm 4 Hertford road Cliftonville
Langston Jsph C 103 Dane road Cliftonville
Langston Mrs M A 2 Byron road  
Langston Robert 54 Byron road  
Langston Sydney Harold Jas 18 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Langston Wltr L Barkway Omer avenue Cliftonville
Lansdown Mrs M 3 Garden row  
Laraman Horace James 4 Walpole road  
Larkins Albt Edwd 76 Milton road  
Larkins Lewis George 31 Poets corner  
Larkins Mrs 10 Alexandra terrace  
Larkins Mrs 11 Milton road  
Larkins Mrs 11 St Johns road  
Larkins Mrs A J 12 Milton square  
Larkins Robert 89 Milton road  
Larkins Ronald 108 Byron road  
Larkins Walter 10 Setterfield road  
Larkins Walter Leslie 66 Byron road  
Larner Mrs 1 Stanley road Cliftonville
Lascelles Jn Geo Zampa Audley avenue Westbrook
Lashmar Mrs 14 Buckingham road  
Lashmar Wltr Rd 55 Buckingham road  
Laslett Chas Fredk (flat 3) The Homestead, 19 St Peters road  
Laslett Frederick 71 Milton road  
Laslett Miss F 43 Hawley square  
Last Jesse 110 Ramsgate road  
Last Mrs 77 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Latcham Bertram 30 Eaton road  
Latchford Mrs J 18 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
La Trobe Frank Bay Mead Northdown way  
Laughton Wm Southbourne Waverley road Westbrook
Laurence Fredk Hartsdown cottages Hartsdown road Westbrook
Laurence Wm St Annes Argyle avenue Westbrook
Laurent Miss Y 29 Park place  
Lavender Mrs 40 Zion place Cliftonville
Laver Wm S 43 Westfield rd Westonville
Laverty Saml 71 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Law Alfd 12 Connaught gardens  
Law Miss 15 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Lawes Fredk 40 Glencoe road Dane pk
Lawes Herbt Geo T 5 Mill lane  
Lawler Miss M Windsor George V avenue  
Lawler Mrs M 44 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Lawrence Alfred 19 Setterfield road  
Lawrence Arthur 3 Salmestone rise College road  
Lawrence Boyce Dairy cottage   Northdown
Lawrence Cecil R 10 Addiscombe gardens  
Lawrence Charles 11 Bentleys place  
Lawrence David 5 Dalby road Cliftonville
Lawrence Edwd J H 144 High street Garlinge
Lawrence Edwd Wm 6 Lenham gardens Garlinge
Lawrence George 5 Grotto hill  
Lawrence George 18 Setterfield road  
Lawrence Geo 76 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Lawrence Henry Charles 28 Thanet road  
Lawrence Leslie C 135 High street Garlinge
Lawrence Miss 19 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Lawrence Miss 31 Zion place Cliftonville
Lawrence Miss G The Thatch Cottage   Northdown
Lawrence Mrs 14 Alexandra road  
Lawrence Mrs 21 Gladstone road  
Lawrence Mrs 32 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Lawrence Mrs 126 Ramsgate road  
Lawrence Nelson V Rocklyn Argyle avenue Westbrook
Lawrence Sidney George 11 Caxton road Garlinge
Lawrence Wltr Corden 4 Low Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Lawrence Wm A 33 Grotto gardens Cliftonville
Lawrence William Alfred 92 Glencoe road  
Lawrence Wm Hy 73 Dane road Cliftonville
Laws Bernard Jn 4 Charlotte place  
Lawson Mrs Babbacombe Laleham road Cliftonville
Laxton Albt Edwd Quambi Millmead road Cliftonville
Laxton Edwd Bromhead, 41 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Layfield Wm G 27 Westbrook road Westbrook
Lazarus Mrs 5 Ethelbert crescent  
Leach Mrs J Westmead Hartsdown road Westbrook
Leacock Miss 10 St Mildreds road Cliftonville
Leadbetter Alfd Hy 50 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Leadbetter Stephen 1 Osborne terrace  
Leaity Leonard H Trefusis Argyle avenue Westbrook
Leaver Leslie Alfd Innisfree Hartsdown road Westbrook
Lee Basil 146 Northdown road Cliftonville
Lee Ernest Jn 18 Caxton road Garlinge
Lee Miss O W 16 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Lee Percvl 70 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Lee Temple Chas 151 Ramsgate road  
Leeds Albert 13 Empire terrace College road  
Leeson Frederick George 1 Chandos villas Nash Court road  
Leeson Miss 27 Addington road  
Legg Sidney Wetwang Holly lane Northdown
Legge Mrs 40 Clifton road Cliftonville
Legon Mrs 99 High street Garlinge
Lejeune Arth sen. 48 Harold road Cliftonville
Lejeune Arth C jun. Oberon Orchard road Westbrook
Lemar Mrs 4 Alma place  
Lemar William James Longport villa Addiscombe road  
Lenton Mrs L J 16 Hastings avenue  
Leo Chas Jas 17 Poets corner  
Leppard Alfd A 49 Dane road Cliftonville
Leppard Owen P 30 Dane road Cliftonville
Le Rossignol Chas Rozel Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Lester Thos 6 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Letley Mrs 19 Clifton road Cliftonville
Letley Wltr Benj 207 College road  
Letley Wm Geo 18 Westfield rd Westonville
Lever Chas 104 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Levermore Alfd Jas 71 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Levett Arth 10 Danesmead terrace  
Levy Edgar Max Serena Northdown road Cliftonville
Levy Lionel L 27 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Levy Maurice Orthes Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Levy Mrs 8 Crawford gardens Cliftonville
Levy William 38 College road  
Lewis Ernest William 40 Salmestone road  
Lewis Frederick 38 Tivoli road  
Lewis Hy Lynden 119 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Lewis J Stuart Shalimar Beresford gardens Cliftonville
Lewis Miss 37 Surrey road Cliftonville
Lewis Mrs The Norlands Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Lewis Mrs 248A Northdown road Cliftonville
Licrice Mrs Walton lodge George V avenue  
Lidwell Harry 13 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Lidwell Mrs A W 23 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Light Regnld Fras 27 Grove gardens Westbrook
Lightwing Aubrey 2 Hertford road Cliftonville
Lilley Ben 15 Ellington avenue Garlinge
Lilley Edwd Thos 2 Glebe gardens Garlinge
Lilley Frederick A 144 Canterbury road Westbrook
Lilley Jas 10 Neptune square  
Lilley Wm Alex Boughton Nash Court gardens  
Lilliot Louis Langton The Ridgeway  
Line Harry Jas Edwd 30 Beatrice road  
Liniker Mrs Poplar cottage Holly lane Northdown
Link Mrs 1 St Augustines avenue  
Link Mrs Sunnyside Northdown road Cliftonville
Linkin Hy Wm 26 Birds avenue Garlinge
Linkins Geo Fredk 9 Birds avenue Garlinge
Linkins William John 53 Tivoli road  
Lion Guy O 9 Whyndham avenue Cliftonville
Lister Miss M 8A Prices avenue Cliftonville
Littell Mrs 41 Gordon road Cliftonville
Little Mrs E 26 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Little Mrs L G Tresham Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Little Mrs Rose 48 Birds avenue Garlinge
Little Wltr Walmar Orchard road Westbrook
Littlewood Hy Jn Rd 51 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Livermore Mrs E 8 Ulster road  
Livick Ernest Wm 5 Durban road  
Llewellyn Len G 3 Cliff mansions Cliff terrace Cliftonville
Lloyd Arth Jn 16 Marlborough road  
Lloyd Edwd Louis Neville lodge Lonsdale avenue Cliftonville
Lloyd Harry Loxley Maynard avenue Westbrook
Lloyd Rd T Westcote George V avenue  
Lock Mrs N A 5 Crescent road Westbrook
Locke Edwd Irving Allendale Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Locke Miss 11 Grange road  
Locker C F 18 St Johns road  
Lockley Fredk E Morley Holly lane Northdown
Lockwood Mrs 1 Lynton Court mansions Eastern esplanade Cliftonville
Loder Chas Hubert 6 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Lofthouse Wm Homestead Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Logan Frank 25 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Long Edwd Jas 147 Ramsgate road  
Long Mrs A Spence house Argyle avenue Westbrook
Longbottom Herbt Ernest 274 Northdown road Cliftonville
Longhi Louis Peter J 2 Albert terrace  
Longhurst Aldd 22 Zion place Cliftonville
Longshaw Mrs J 3 Addiscombe road  
Lord Harry 78 Invicta road Cliftonville
Lord Regnld Harry South cottage Hartsdown road Westbrook
Love Frank William 63 Grange road  
Love Henry William 26 Church square  
Love Victor Jn 14 Princes crescent  
Loveday Arth Ernest 8 Grove gardens Westbrook
Lovejoy Mrs 21 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Lovely Hy Jn 116A High street  
Lovett Alfd Percy Ridgeway Nash Court gardens  
Lovett Mrs St Neots St James Park road Westbrook
Lovett Thos Arth 2 Milton road  
Lovett Thos Wltr 11 Glebe road Garlinge
Lowe Danl 2 Cricketts cottages Church Alley  
Lowe Mrs C E 167 Dane road Cliftonville
Lucas Chas Osmunda Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Lucas James 36 Salmestone road  
Lucas Jn Pierre Pelham Northdown road Cliftonville
Lucas-James Wm Edwd 44 Harold road Cliftonville
Luck Alfd Fredk 10 Barn crescent  
Luck Fredk Ernest 13 Madeira road Cliftonville
Luck Miss 121A Northdown road Cliftonville
Luckhurst Mrs 4 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Luckhurst Thos E Northways Millmead road Cliftonville
Lucklow Saml 108 Grosvenor place  
Lunn Mrs E H 71 Tivoli road  
Lupton Miss 7 Pleasant place, The Fort Cliftonville
Lurcock Mrs A 26 Grotto road  
Luscombe Thos Fredk 14 Dane road Cliftonville
Luxton Geo Albt 23 St Augustines avenue  
Lynch Jack Edwd 9 Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Lyne Mrs 103 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Lyon Mrs St Annes St James Park road Westbrook
Lythgoe Mrs Thanet cottage Godwin road Cliftonville
Lytton Mrs 31 Norfolk road Cliftonville

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