Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


private residents - R


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Raby Geo 2 Addington square  
Rainer Chas 15 Godwin road Cliftonville
Raines Algernon 6 Buckingham road  
Rains Wm Geo 36 Thanet road  
Ralph John 8 Setterfield road  
Ralph Jn Edwd 15 Hertford road Cliftonville
Ralph Jsph 24 Glencoe road Dane pk
Ralph Kenrick Wm 5 Fort Mount  
Ralph Rd The Cleavers Maynard avenue Westbrook
Ralph Stephen 43 Marlowe road  
Ralph Wm Chas 23 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Ralph Wm E 31 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Ralph Wm H 14 Milton road  
Ralphs Albt Fredk Magilda The Ridgeway  
Ramsay Allan Balnagowan Northumberland avenue Cliftonville
Ramsden Frederick John 1 Hilda villas Ramsgate road  
Ramsey Jas H Weedon Mutrix road Westbrook
Randall Henry Alfred 7 Salmestone Rise College road  
Randall Thos 31 Crow Hill road Garlinge
Randall Wm V A 8 Flint row  
Randell Herbt H 16 Arnold road  
Randell Mrs St Johns cottage Arnold road  
Randell Sidney 12 Dane Park road  
Ransford Miss D M Braydene Avenue gardens Cliftonville
Ranson Jsph 4 Danesmead terrace Cliftonville
Ranson Wm Billingham White lodge Laleham road Cliftonville
Rapson Edwd E 1 West Cliff road Westbrook
Rapson Mrs A 78 Canterbury road Westbrook
Rapson Mrs Robert 24 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Rapson Sherwood 39 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Rasdill Mrs 69 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Rattray Jn Newlands Dalmeny avenue Northdown
Ray Jn 24 High street  
Rayner Elijah 1 Glebe gardens Garlinge
Rayner Misses 4 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Rayner Mrs 28 Byron road  
Rayner Mrs Rose 4 & 5 Union crescent  
Rayner Sidney 18 Vicarage place  
Raynor Miss Holly lodge Holly lane Northdown
Read Arthur Frederick 10 Glencoe road  
Read Edwd Jas 42 Buckingham road  
Read Geo Wm 3 Oxford street  
Read Herbt V 2 Laleham road Cliftonville
Read Jas 74 High street Garlinge
Read Miss F S 13 Victoria road  
Read Mrs 12 Milton road  
Read Mrs 132 Ramsgate road  
Read Mrs Hy 38 Westfield rd Westonville
Read Mrs J Elm cottage Crow Hill road Garlinge
Read Thos 14 Paradise street  
Read Wm Bamford 13 Clifton gardens Cliftonville
Reader Herbt 21 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Reading Frank 89 Dane road Cliftonville
Reason Geo Lynn Burlington gardens Westonville
Redfern Rd 10 Westbrook road Westbrook
Redford Sidney 55 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Redgrave Mrs M 84 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Redley Jas G 101 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Redman Alfd Stemp 67 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Redman Misses Waltham cottage Hartsdown road Westbrook
Redman Raymond Stuart Redlands Bowes avenue Westbrook
Redman Wm C 156 Canterbury road Westbrook
Redrup Misses Magella St James Park road Westbrook
Redshaw William jun 41 Grotto road  
Redshaw Willie sen 31 Clifton street Cliftonville
Redwood Jas 171 High street Garlinge
Redwood Stanley Debron Burlington gardens Westonville
Redwood Stephen 41 Salmestone road  
Reed Mrs 5 Ellington avenue Garlinge
Reeder Mrs A 16 Clifton gardens Cliftonville
Rees Arthur 22 Walpole road  
Rees Fredk Chas Lingfield Northdown road Cliftonville
Reeve William Booth (MBE, JP) 140 Canterbury road Westbrook
Reeves Cecil Chas 74 Tivoli road  
Reeves Chas 29 Thanet road  
Reeves Christphr 10 Church street  
Reeves Frank H 34 Hertford road Cliftonville
Reeves Frederick James 6 Sidney place  
Reeves Geo 43 Grange road  
Reeves Herbt 71 High street Garlinge
Reeves Rt 3 Drapers cottages St Peters road  
Reeves Wm Edwd 39 Warwick road Cliftonville
Regan Frank Dawn Westfield rd Westonville
Regan Mrs 35 Dane Hill  
Regan Wm 16 Canterbury road Westbrook
Regan William Albert 77 Connaught road  
Reid Bertram Ernest San Remo Tyson avenue Westbrook
Reid Isaac 38 Ramsgate road  
Reid Miss E B 49 Arlington gardens  
Reid Mrs Emily H 100 Grosvenor place  
Reiffer Chas H 19 Hatfeild road Westbrook
Relf Geo 19 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Relf Reuben 41 Milton road  
Relph Walt Thompson 42 Selborne road  
Renz Wm Edwd Arth 19 Church street  
Revell Frank Stanley villa The Avenue  
Revell Hy Chas 96 High street Garlinge
Reynell Mrs White Leas Northdown way  
Reynolds Alfd 113 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Reynolds Eric C Edythe St Peters road  
Reynolds Jsph 9 Barn crescent Westbrook
Reynolds Walt 14 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Rhodes E Weir 16 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Rhodes William 25 Upper Grove  
Riach Jas Ernest 64 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Rice Fredk J 4 Connaught road  
Richards Alfd J 27 College road  
Richards Arth E 32 Princes crescent  
Richards Chas Alex F 22 Arlington gardens  
Richards Ernest 9 Alexandra terrace  
Richards Fredk Chas 8 Carroways place  
Richards James 8 St Johns street  
Richards Jsph 44 Norfolk road Cliftonville
Richards Mrs 7 Garden row  
Richards Mrs Mentona Northdown road Cliftonville
Richards Mrs 8 Milton square  
Richards Mrs M C Mentona Northdown road Cliftonville
Richardson Fredk 7 Hengist avenue Cliftonville
Richardson Harry 4 Station road Westbrook
Richardson Jas 18 Glebe road Garlinge
Richardson Mrs Lyndhurst Wentworth avenue Westbrook
Richardson Wltr 63 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Riches Fredk W 30 Crow Hill road Garlinge
Richfield Edwin 4 Marlowe road  
Richmond Chas Rt 1 Manston road  
Rickon Wm Hy 98 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Rickon Wm Regnld 100 Hastings avenue Dane pk
Rickord Mrs Port-y-Chee Leicester avenue Cliftonville
Rickwood Miss 4 Clifton gardens Cliftonville
Ridgers Laurence Batten 23 Westfield rd Westonville
Ridley Wm T 14 Arlington gardens  
Ridsdale Ernest 154 Northdown road Cliftonville
Ridsdale Harold 57 Approach road Cliftonville
Rigden Edwin Wallace 5 St Peters road  
Rigden Geo W 7 Westbrook cottages Westbrook
Rigden Geo Wm 119 Victoria avenue Cliftonville
Rigden Hubert Greenhill Omer avenue Cliftonville
Rigden Wm A 40 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Rigden Wm Edwd Iverne Argyle avenue Westbrook
Riley Edwd 41 Dane Hill row  
Riley Geo Wm Jn 68 Byron road  
Riley Mrs 100 Milton road  
Riley Patrick Albt 45 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Riley Wm 33 Hertford road Cliftonville
Rillie Mervyn Jas 59 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Rimington Mrs Silverdale George V avenue  
Ring Harold Seymour Seymour George V avenue  
Ripley Arthur 2 Oxford street  
Rishworth John Midgley 33 Cornwall gardens Cliftonville
Rising Ernest Edwd 11 Hertford road Cliftonville
Ritchie Hubert 27 Westonville avenue Westbrook
Ritchie Mrs 5 Bullers Court  
Rivers Mrs M Manor lodge Gloucester avenue Cliftonville
Roach Harry C 15 West Cliff road Westbrook
Robb Mrs 34 Dane road Cliftonville
Robbins Albt Edwd 47 Milton road  
Roberts Alfd Shaftesbury 20 Paradise street  
Roberts Geo E 30 Connaught gardens  
Roberts Gilbt Bridge house Bridge road  
Roberts Harold Geo 72 Tivoli road  
Roberts Hy 9 Sweyn road Cliftonville
Roberts Lionel Hy Boxley George V avenue  
Roberts Miss 21 Approach road Cliftonville
Roberts Miss 37 Athelstan road Cliftonville
Roberts Miss 7 Carroways place  
Roberts Miss M H L 3 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Roberts Misses 1 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Roberts Norman H 3 (flat A) Duke street  
Roberts Norman Wm 24 Grove gardens Westbrook
Roberts Rt Houghton 94 Eaton road  
Roberts Sydney Herbt 57 Arlington gardens  
Roberts Thomas Henry 18 Westbrook road Westbrook
Robertson Stanley Marshall 10 Cecil street  
Robertson Stuart (MC, MB, B.Ch) 27 Sweyn road Cliftonville
Robertson-Hicks Miss Stella Maris   Palm Bay gardens Cliftonville
Robins Christphr Frank A 5 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Robins Mrs 10 Ethelbert gardens Cliftonville
Robins Mrs 47 Glencoe road Dane pk
Robinson Alex 1 Edwards place  
Robinson Arthur Hedley Denfield Laleham road Cliftonville
Robinson Chas E 31A Richmond avenue Cliftonville
Robinson Chas F 12A Grotto hill  
Robinson Edwd A 23 Glebe road Garlinge
Robinson Frederick Geo 53 Glencoe road  
Robinson Henry 205 High street  
Robinson Jn Thelma Millmead road Cliftonville
Robinson Jn Wm 34 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Robinson Miss The Red Bungalow Palm Bay gardens Cliftonville
Robinson Miss A 124 Grosvenor place  
Robinson Miss Marjorie E 11 Northdown avenue Cliftonville
Robinson Mrs 80 Milton road  
Robinson Thos Chas Winchester Garrard avenue Westbrook
Rochester Alec B 138 Grosvenor place  
Rodgers Miss 9-11 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Rodgers Mrs 5 Brooke avenue Garlinge
Rodney Mrs 4 Northdown way  
Rodwell Douglas 15 Kent road  
Rodwell Sydney Leonard Phylsyjo Nash Court gardens  
Roger Thos Jn 13 Danesmead terrace Cliftonville
Rogers Albt Hy 1 Dane Park villas Park lane Dane pk
Rogers Edwd Rt 10 Cliff terrace  
Rogers Frank 10 New Street  
Rogers Fredk W 36 Kent road  
Rogers Jas E 29 Salmestone road  
Rogers Jn 2 Belgrave cottages  
Rogers Miss 20 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Rogers Miss 16 Prices avenue Cliftonville
Rogers Mrs 34 Fitzroy avenue Cliftonville
Rogers Mrs 24 Park place  
Rogers Sidney C The Corner house Laleham road Cliftonville
Rogers Thos 8 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Rogers Wltr Rt 38 Byron road  
Rolfe Alfd H 20 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Rolfe Edwd Chas 24 Eaton road  
Rolfe Edward Grant 34 Brockley road  
Rolfe Geo 3 Grange road  
Rolfe Leonard 11 Oxford street  
Rolfe Miss 12 Barnes avenue Westbrook
Rook Mrs 44 Clifton street Cliftonville
Roos Mrs M V The Wee house Foreland avenue Northdown
Roots Mrs 30 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Rootsey Wm Alfd Milslade Nash Court gardens  
Roper Edwd Wm 5 Garfield road Westbrook
Roper Fredk Allen 28 Selborne road  
Roscoe Mrs 11 Bridge road Westbrook
Rose Fredk 16 Eaton road  
Rose Miss C 10 Warwick road Cliftonville
Rose Mrs G 3 Wellis gardens Westbrook
Ross Geo 19 Marlborough road  
Ross Mrs M 36 Grosvenor place  
Ross Wm D 7 Charlotte place  
Rossall Mrs Ellen 17 Grotto road  
Roth Mrs K St Annes Maynard avenue Westbrook
Rothwell Geo Wm Chez Nous Waverley road Westbrook
Rothwell Hy J 12 Connaught road  
Rothwell Miss 193 High street  
Roughton Alfd Thos Dormer cottage Rutland gardens Cliftonville
Round Harold Stoneyfields Gresham avenue Westbrook
Rouse Mrs 31 Windsor avenue Cliftonville
Roussell Mrs N 26 Connaught road  
Row Wm Geo 2 Helena avenue  
Rowcliffe Harold Badruddin Maynard avenue Westbrook
Rowe Albert Edward 3 College road  
Rowe Albert Ernest 1 Vicarage place  
Rowe Alfd 37 Selborne road  
Rowe Fredk 9 Elmcroft villas Canterbury road Westbrook
Rowe Frederick 102 Milton road  
Rowe Horace Henry 3 Milton square  
Rowe Leslie Wltr Mirtage Leslie avenue Garlinge
Rowe M H 25 Surrey road Cliftonville
Rowe Miss 30 All Saints avenue Westbrook
Rowe Miss 74 Milton road  
Rowe Miss E G 17 Westbrook avenue Westbrook
Rowe Mrs 41 Ethelbert road Cliftonville
Rowe Mrs 24 St Peters road  
Rowe Mrs A 6 Alma place  
Rowe Mrs A Hyldajean George V avenue  
Rowe Mrs A E 7 St Peters road  
Rowe Saml 17 Hertford road Cliftonville
Rowe Wm Hy Thos Hartsdown cottages Hartsdown road Westbrook
Rowlinson John Leonard 1 Connaught road  
Royle Rt Geo 39 Devonshire gardens Cliftonville
Ruback Jacob Jsph 32 Old Crossing road Westbrook
Rudd Carlton B Hartsdown lodge Hartsdown road Westbrook
Rudderforth Mrs 15 Sweyn road Cliftonville
Rudland Harry 34 College road  
Ruff Mrs 52 Cliftonville avenue Cliftonville
Rumsey Chas A The Laurels Northdown road Cliftonville
Rusholme Misses 120 Canterbury road Westbrook
Rusholme Thos Albt Wyverstone Maynard avenue Westbrook
Rusholme William Hy 37 Connaught road  
Rushworth Frank 11 Arundel road Cliftonville
Russell   63 King street  
Russell Alfred William 106 Byron road  
Russell Arth 5 Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Russell Frederick 35 Durban road  
Russell Geo C 21 Birds avenue Garlinge
Russell Hy Geo St James Garrard avenue Westbrook
Russell Horace 129 High street Garlinge
Russell Horace Jas The Havens Garrard avenue Westbrook
Russell Jn Tetuan Orchard road Westbrook
Russell Miss L 41 Warwick road Cliftonville
Russell Mrs 77 Lower Northdown road Cliftonville
Russell Mrs 29 Rancorn road Westbrook
Russell Mrs A 38 Tivoli Park avenue Westbrook
Russell Rd Otford Jacyntha Burlington gardens Westonville
Russell Wm 170 High street Garlinge
Ruthven Hy The Cottage College road  
Ryan Bernard Wilfred 174 High street  
Ryan Louis Paul 13 Upper Dane road Cliftonville
Ryde Miss 29 Arlington gardens Cliftonville
Rye Mrs 9 Vicarage place  
Ryland Mrs M Holdenhurst Avenue gardens Cliftonville

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