The Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Captain R Brown


Captain R BROWN, Queens Own Royal West Kent Regiment.

AWARDS: MC, Clasp to MC

London Gazette 3rd June 1916.

War Office, 3rd June, 1916.

His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the under mentioned rewards for Distinguished Service in the Field, dated 3rd June, 1916: 

Awarded the Military Cross. - No. 7421 S./M. Robert Brown, Royal West Kent Regiment.

London Gazette 9th October 1917.

War Office, 9th October, 1917. REGULAR FORCES. .

The under mentioned Warrant and N.C.O.'s to be 2nd Lieutenants for service in the Field: 

INFANTRY. - Royal West Kent Regiment. - Serjt.-Major Robert Brown, M..C. 16th September 1917.

London Gazette 24th December 1917.

2nd Lieutenant R. Brown, M.C., to be Adjutant, and to be acting Captain (with pay and allowances as Lieutenant) whilst so employed, vice Major H. A. Waring.  - 2nd November 1917.

London Gazette 15th October 1918.

His Majesty the KING has been graciously pleased to approve of the following awards to the under mentioned Officers and Warrant Officers in recognition of their gallantry and devotion to duty in the Field:


2nd Lieutenant (Acting Captain) Robert Brown, MC., Royal West Kent Regiment.

For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. During an important engagement, when his battalion headquarters were being heavily shelled and there were many casualties, he showed a fine example of coolness and gallantry as he moved about directing the removal of the wounded to places which offered more protection. On two occasions he went forward under heavy fire to check the battalion advanced dump, bringing back valuable information as to the situation on each occasion. His courage and devotion to duty were a conspicuous example during the whole action.

M.C. Gazetted 3rd June 1916.

London Gazette 8th January 1919.

Royal West Kent Regiment - 2nd Lieut. (acting Captain and Adjutant)  R. Brown, M.C., to be acting Major whilst serving, as

Major on Head -Quarters. of a Battalion. 28th October 1918.

London Gazette 3rd April 1919.

The under mentioned 2nd Lieutenants to be Lieutenants:

Royal West Kent Regiment - R Brown, MC. 16th March 1919.

London Gazette 24th September 1919.

Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant (acting Major) R Brown, MC. retires on retained pay, 25th September 1919, and is granted the rank of Major.

London Gazette 27th September 1919.

Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant R Brown, MC. relinquishes the acting rank of Captain on ceasing to be employed as Adjutant. 13th August 1919.

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