Kelly's 1903 Directory of Kent  - Isle of Thanet extracts      private residents V to Z

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Town
Vaile Capt L Wm (JP) 1 Sion hill Ramsgate
Valder Misses 61 Crescent road Ramsgate
Vallens Mrs Falkland Linden road Westgate on Sea
Valon William Andrew McIntosh CE 20 Royal crescent Ramsgate
Van de Bergh Jacob 13 Lewis crescent Margate
Vanderzee Miss 3 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Vane Miss 11 Wrotham road Broadstairs
Vargas Mrs Victoria house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Vargass Miss The cottage Streete Court road Westgate on Sea
Vause Jn Edwd 106 Canterbury road Margate
Veal William Frederick Cliffeside Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Venables Mrs 3 Vale road Ramsgate
Venner Miss 131 Canterbury road Margate
Veraguth Mrs 39 Godwin road Margate
Vercoe Rev J 5 West Cliff mansions Ramsgate
Verity Heron B 26 Albert road Ramsgate
Verlander Albert Lydenburg Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Vernham S G 12 Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Vernon T Veronica & Chesnuts Graville road Broadstairs
Vian Edward 7 Augusta road Ramsgate
Vickary Mrs Carlos Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Vickers Albert 29 Oxford street Margate
Vickers Jas Kirby 36 Ramsgate road Margate
Vickery Mrs Harley villa Edith road Ramsgate
Videan George Burton 6 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Videan Miss Woodbine cottage South Eastern road Ramsgate
Vigar Alfred 1 Picton villas Picton road Ramsgate
Vincer Miss 25 Godwin road Margate
Vine Mrs Edward cottage Picton road Ramsgate
Vinten Hy Geo Elmside The Elms Ramsgate
Vinten Isaac 165 High street Ramsgate
Viviane St John Ely Ely hall St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Voeleker E W 13 Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Von-Joel Henry 4 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Vye G F Rydal house The Elms Ramsgate
Vye Geo Woodville The Elms Ramsgate
Vye Henry 10 Clarendon gardens Ramsgate
Vye Mrs 3 Cliff street Ramsgate
Vypan Arthur 14 Granville marina Ramsgate
Waight H J Faircroft Stone road Broadstairs
Wain Louis 7 Collingwood terrace Westgate on Sea
Wainman Mrs 5 Fort crescent Margate
Wainwright Mrs 18 Grosvenor place Margate
Wakeford George 53 Eaton road Margate
Wakeling Henry 12 Approach road Margate
Wales George H 55 Godwin road Margate
Wales Joseph Alpha house Ramsgate road Margate
Walford Miss Ladbroke The Elms Ramsgate
Walford Mrs St Dunstans Ramsgate road Broadstairs
Walker Adam Grove house The Square Birchington
Walker Charles George Box Tree house St Peters road Broadstairs
Walker Henry C 1 Beach houses Margate
Walker James Cambridge house Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Walker Jn 2 Norton villas Minster Ramsgate
Walker Miss 4 Queens road Ramsgate
Walker Mrs 2 Ethelbert road Birchington
Walker Mrs Madras cottage minster Ramsgate
Walker William 5 Dane John terrace Grange road Ramsgate
Wall Misses 20 Warwick road Margate
Wallace Henry 154 High street Ramsgate
Waller John Edward The Nook Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Waller Mrs 38 Harold road Margate
Wallis Henry Thomas Masterman (MA) Dent de Lion Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Wallis John 15 Percy road Broadstairs
Wallis Mrs 7 Northdown road Margate
Wallis Thomas 9 Percy road Broadstairs
Walpole Mrs 1 West Cliff road Margate
Walter Col Chas 2 Victoria gardens Broadstairs
Walter Edward 3 Arundel road Margate
Walter James Homerville South Eastern road Ramsgate
Walter Miss 83 Northdown road Margate
Walton Mrs Rosenthal West Cliff road Broadstairs
Walton Thomas The Downs Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Wann Mrs 36 Warwick road Margate
Wanostrocht Mrs Colyton Granville road Broadstairs
Wanstall Oliver 2 Chilton villas Richmond avenue Margate
Ward M 2 Upton villas Upton road Broadstairs
Ward Miss Blagdon St Peters Broadstairs
Ward Miss 42 Clifton terrace Margate
Ward Miss 31 Gordon road Margate
Ward Mrs 3 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Ward Mrs 3 Northdown road Margate
Wardell Miss Rowden villa Grange road Ramsgate
Warden Capt W 102 Thanet road Ramsgate
Wardill T J Wyvenhoe Gladstone road Broadstairs
Wardle John Youlgreave Albion road Margate
Wardle Mrs 9 Alexander road Broadstairs
Wardle Mrs 25 Sweyn road Margate
Warmington Richard 13 Ethelbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Warne Edward 3 Plemont terrace Southwood road Ramsgate
Warner Mrs 3 Surrey road Margate
Warr Charles Mount St Lawrence Grange road Ramsgate
Warre Misses Westcliff house Pegwell road Ramsgate
Warren Sir Charles KCB 10 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Warren A M Kintore villa The Elms Ramsgate
Warren Charles 12 Chandos place Victoria parade Broadstairs
Warren J Deamoolie ? Oscar road Broadstairs
Warren Mrs 5 Florry cottages Hereson road Ramsgate
Warren Mrs 67 Thanet road Ramsgate
Wastall Ernest Edward Brocklands South Eastern road Ramsgate
Wastall Mrs 15 Osborne road Broadstairs
Waterer Clarence 35 Northdown avenue Margate
Watson Arthur Glendalough Dundonald road Ramsgate
Watson Benjamin Woodbine cottage Minster road Westgate on Sea
Watson Geo Alfd 16 Trinity square Margate
Watson Mrs 25 St Peters road Margate
Watson Mrs Treveddoe Epple road Birchington
Watson Robert William 3 Victoria terrace Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Watson Wm Hy 5 Devonshire terrace Broadstairs
Watson William Thomas 2 Beaufort villas Picton road Ramsgate
Watts R Valerian Grange road Ramsgate
Watts William Woodlands St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Wayland Mrs 29 Canterbury road Margate
Webb Cholmondley 9 Canterbury road Margate
Webb Edwd 24 Augusta road Ramsgate
Webb Misses Hodeslea Crescent road Ramsgate
Webb Mrs 31 Church street Margate
Webb Mrs 2 Dantzic villas Grange road Ramsgate
Webb Mrs 14 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Webb Stammers 63 Crescent road Ramsgate
Webster Percy L 23 Dalby square Margate
Weekes D Rowena Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Weekley Mrs Bromstone house St Peters Broadstairs
Weeks G Naseby villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Weeks James George 2 Poplar road Ramsgate
Weigall Lady Rose Southwood House St Lawrence Ramsgate
Weigall Fitzroy Henry Francis Oakleigh St Peters road Broadstairs
Weigall Henry (DL, JP) Southwood House St Lawrence Ramsgate
Weigall William E G A ((JP) Southwood House St Lawrence Ramsgate
Weir Miss Portland house Vicarage street, St Peters Broadstairs
Welch Frederick H Cintra Grange road Ramsgate
Wellard Mrs Devon Picton road Ramsgate
Wells Edward 6 Clifton gardens Margate
Wells Francis (MA) Herga St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Wells Mrs 89 Ramsgate road Margate
Wesley Mrs 27 Rancorn road Margate
West Edward Westcroft Margate road Ramsgate
West Henry J Eagle lodge West Cliff road Ramsgate
West Mrs 5 Chandos square Broadstairs
Westmorland Countess 19 Royal crescent Ramsgate
Weston Henry 2 Albion terrace Ramsgate
Westrop R W 47 & 48 Hawley square Margate
Wharton Hugh 19 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
Wheatley Dennis S Springfield Hengist road Westgate on Sea
Wheeler Miss 63 Vale road Ramsgate
Wheeler Mrs 65 Canterbury road Margate
Wheeler William Inglewood Gladstone road Broadstairs
Wheeler William Walker St Clair Wrotham crescent Broadstairs
Whicher Miss 3 Clifton lawn Ramsgate
Whitaker Miss 32 St Peters road Margate
Whitcombe Miss 7 Queens gardens Broadstairs
White A W 2 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
White Edward Alexander (MA, MD) 5 Marine terrace Margate
White H The Lawn Victoria road Ramsgate
White Henry George Warwick villa Ellington road Ramsgate
White James 13 Victoria parade Ramsgate
White Mrs 41 Eaton road Margate
White Mrs 7 Queens road Ramsgate
White Septimus L 40 Athelstan road Margate
White Thomas 1 St Davids villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
White W White villa Hereson road Ramsgate
White-Thomson Rev Leonard Jauncey (MA) 12 Wellington Crescent Ramsgate
Whitehead James Briar house St Peters road Broadstairs
Whitehead Thomas T 1 The Sycamores Duncan road Ramsgate
Whiteing W F 1 Belmont road Broadstairs
Whiter Mrs Osborne villa Grange road Ramsgate
Whiting Rev John Bradford (MA) St Lukes vicarage Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Whitling C E 15 Hatfeild road Margate
Whitling E V 2 Albion place Ramsgate
Whitt Mrs Braemer Dundonald road Ramsgate
Whittenbury Chas 3 Avenue road Ramsgate
Whittingham Miss 22 Hawley square Margate
Whittinghan Mrs Ingleton Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Whitty Rev John Irwine (LLD, DCL) Alpha villa Southwood road Ramsgate
Wicke E J Rochester house Sea road Westgate on Sea
Wicke Miss 1 Blenheim villas Crescent road Ramsgate
Wickes William Robert 2 Wolseley villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Wickham F R Seapoint lodge West Cliff Broadstairs
Wickham William H Glenthorne Sea road Westgate on Sea
Wickings Miss 29 Edgar road Margate
Wicks Charles The Lodge St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Widnell Miss 21 Norfolk road Margate
Widnell Mrs 49 Norfolk road Margate
Wilcher Misses 40 Addington road Margate
Wiles Mrs 31 Thanet road Margate
Wilkin Mrs Beaconsfield Alpha road Birchington
Wilkinson Cuthbert 3 Lewis crescent Margate
Wilkinson Edward 64 Edgar road Margate
Wilkinson F Victoria lodge Hereson road Ramsgate
Wilkinson Mrs 7 Approach road Broadstairs
Wilkinson Mrs 15 Station road Margate
Wilkinson Mrs The Laurels Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Willett Francis W 1 Clarendon road Margate
Willett Fredk Wm 4 Thanet road Margate
Willett Mrs 33 St Peters road Margate
Willett Mrs The Lodge Margate road Birchington
Williams Rev Charles Lewis Christ Church vicarage Crescent road Ramsgate
Williams Charles Oakley 8 Queen Bertha terrace Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Williams Edward Graham 1 San Francis Edith road Ramsgate
Williams George A 2 Northdown avenue Margate
Williams Harry 133 Canterbury road Margate
Williams J V Newcastle Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Williams James 9 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Williams Jn Ivydene Cannon road Ramsgate
Williams Miss 9 Augusta road Ramsgate
Williams Miss Chepstow villa Picton road Ramsgate
Williams Miss 7 Prices avenue Margate
Williams Miss 11 Willsons road Ramsgate
Williams Mrs 21 Fort road Margate
Williams Mrs 2 Hengist villas Southwood road Ramsgate
Williams Mrs Marlborough villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Williams Richard Varney Avondale Ellington road Ramsgate
Williams S P Ashfield The Vale Broadstairs
Williams Thomas Seaford villa Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Willis A W Camelot Crescent road Ramsgate
Willis Walter Glasshayes Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Willmott Mrs 1 The Poplars Duncan road Ramsgate
Wills Sie William Henry bart. (DL, JP) East Court East Cliff Ramsgate
Willson George D 20 Grange road Ramsgate
Wilmot-Brooke Mrs Ferriby lodge Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Wilson  D H Rosetta Rectory road Broadstairs
Wilson Frank 2 Godwin road Margate
Wilson G Granville Grove road Ramsgate
Wilson George R Palma Brockenhurst road Ramsgate
Wilson Miss 18 Ramsgate road Margate
Wilson Miss Richborough South Eastern road Ramsgate
Wilson Mrs 1 Albany villas Albion road Birchington
Wilson Mrs Beaumaris Gladstone road Broadstairs
Wilson Mrs Grasmere Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Wilson Oliver Herbert 96 Eaton road Margate
Wilson Samuel Redgraves Carew house Codrington road Ramsgate
Wilson William 5 Avenue road Ramsgate
Wilson-Saunders Mrs 96 Thanet road Ramsgate
Wilton Mrs 5 Marlborough villas Crescent road Ramsgate
Winch E Roseleigh Dundonald road Ramsgate
Winch Miss 1 Adiscombe road Margate
Wing Albert Bridge house Station road Birchington
Winn Miss 13 York terrace Ramsgate
Winn Mrs Dawson House Ellington road Ramsgate
Winstanley Mrs 2 Dagmar villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Wire John 57 Vale road Ramsgate
Wise Herbert 34 Beatrice road Margate
Witherden Miss 128 High street Ramsgate
Withers Miss 3 Hawley square Margate
Withington James B Waveney Ellington road Ramsgate
Witts Mrs 84 Thanet road Ramsgate
Wolfers Rev Philip 5 Upper Approach road Margate
Wood Chas R 19 Nelson crescent Ramsgate
Wood Daniel 35 Spencer square Ramsgate
Wood George Exeter villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Wood James 26 Athelstan road Margate
Wood Mrs Dilkoosha house Spenser road Birchington
Wood Mrs 9 Lower Northdown avenue Margate
Wood Mrs 2 Sussex villas St Peters road Broadstairs
Woodcock William J 2 Harboro' villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Woodin William 1 Aberdeen villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Woodland Miss 32 Addington road Margate
Woodland Mrs   Vale square Ramsgate
Woodman Miss Prospect house Eldon place Broadstairs
Woodroff William 23 Vale road Ramsgate
Woodruff Cumberland H 4 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
Woodruff Mrs 44 Athelstan road Margate
Woodruffe Mrs 4 Beach avenue Birchington
Woods Rev W Duxbury (BA) 2 The Cedars Elms park Ramsgate
Woods Frank Dashwood house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Woods Mrs 4 Florence terrace Albert road Ramsgate
Woodward Wm Hy 72 Harold road Margate
Wooldridge George St Runwalds Crescent road Ramsgate
Woolley Mrs 39 Albert road Ramsgate
Woolward Capt R 4 Chapel place Ramsgate
Woore Miss Roselea Crescent road Ramsgate
Wootten Henry 29 Northdown road Margate
Wootton Alfred 67 Norfolk road Margate
Wootton Alfred jun. 58 Sweyn road Margate
Wootton Edward Staple (JP) 27 Westbrook road Margate
Wootton Francis Richard   Minster Ramsgate
Wootton Mrs Elmhurst Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Wootton Thomas 44 Warwick road Margate
Worger Miss 8 Arthur road Margate
Worrall Mrs 30 Godwin road Margate
Worsley Edward 5 Clifton lawn Ramsgate
Wortham Mrs Royston Grange road Ramsgate
Worthington Harry Edward The Sycamores Margate road Birchington
Worthington O C   High street, Minster Ramsgate
Wotton J Elmfield The Elms Ramsgate
Wotton Thomas 29 Vale square Ramsgate
Wray William Elsworth 3 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Wrench Alfred 7 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Wright Maj. Harry 16 Prices avenue Margate
Wright G 3 Rose villas Picton road Ramsgate
Wright Geo E 4 Westbrook terrace Margate
Wright Jas Deveronside Cannon road Ramsgate
Wright Mrs 14 Chapel place Ramsgate
Wright William Emerson 4 Victoria terrace Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Wyatt Sir Richard Henry (DL, JP) The Maisonette   Broadstairs
Wyborn Stephen 42 Vale road Ramsgate
Wybrow Joseph Thomas Park Holme Adiscombe road Margate
Yardley Mrs Fernleigh St Peters road Broadstairs
Yates Mrs 51 Sweyn road Margate
Yeo John James Hollybush lodge Picton road Ramsgate
Yeoman Mrs 9 Clifton gardens Margate
Young A Cameron Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Canterbury road Margate
Young Frederick 33 Grange road Ramsgate
Young George B 8 Beatrice road Margate
Young James 1 Percy road Broadstairs
Young John 43 Crescent road Ramsgate
Young Miss 2 Bellevue villas The Elms Ramsgate
Young Miss 1 Sidney villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Young Mrs Regina villa Grove road Ramsgate
Young Mrs 1 Richmond villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Young Mrs Charles Alexander 3 St Augustines road Ramsgate
Young William 28 Sweyn road Margate
Yule Charles 18 Osborne road Broadstairs
Yuly Moses Levy 3 Montefiore college Hereson Ramsgate
Ziemann Mrs 4 Cliftonville avenue Margate

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