Kelly's 1903 Directory of Kent  - Isle of Thanet extracts      private residents J to L

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Town
Jackson Frederick York Gate House Harbour street Broadstairs
Jackson Mrs 57 Ethelbert road Margate
Jacobs James S Sydney villa Gladstone road Broadstairs
Jacobs Mrs 21 Godwin road Margate
Jacobson Julius 33 Albert road Ramsgate
Jaffray Miss 19 Hatfield road Margate
James Rev John St Augustines Edgar road Margate
James Edward 12 Alexandra road Broadstairs
James William John R Silverdale Gladstone road Broadstairs
Jamieson Mrs Clovelly Granville road Broadstairs
Janes Mrs 64 Norfolk road Margate
Jaquet Miss 1 Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Jardine Alfred K (RAM) Fairview Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Jarman Capt S (RNR) 24 Paragon Ramsgate
Jarman Mrs 42 Dane Hill road Margate
Jarratt H Penrhyn lodge Picton road Ramsgate
Jarrett William Joseph Hatton house Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Jarvis Mrs 27 Fort crescent Margate
Jackson Miss 5 York terrace Ramsgate
Jefferis Mrs 11 Alexandra road Broadstairs
Jell Miss 9 Ethelbert gardens Margate
Jenkins Arth Fredk 1 Arundel road Margate
Jenkins Francis Rosedale Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Jennings Miss 14 Second avenue Margate
Jennings Mrs 1 Elm Park villas The Elms Ramsgate
Jennings Mrs Nevern Grove road Ramsgate
Jennings William 3 Chapel place Ramsgate
Jerrard Mrs 13 Wrotham road Broadstairs
Jewell Ferderick George Ferndale Chilton, Pegwell Bay Ramsgate
Jewhurst R 8 Approach road Margate
Joad Mrs 125 High street Ramsgate
Johncock P Wharncliffe Rectory road Broadstairs
Johnson Admrtal George The Gables Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Johnson Alfred Edgar 47 Helena avenue Margate
Johnson A H Farnley Gladstone road Broadstairs
Johnson H Prospect hill house Crow hill Broadstairs
Johnson H Albion lodge Cottage road Ramsgate
Johnson John William Denne (JP) Sarre court Sarre Birchington
Johnson Moore Mitcham Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Johnson Mrs Norfolk villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Johnson Mrs 2 Paragon cottages Crow hill Broadstairs
Johnson Mrs 6 Victoria terrace Victoria road Westgate on Sea
Johnson William Kingsdown Albion road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Johnson William 11 Theodore terrace Margate road Ramsgate
Johnston Rev Robert Edwin (MA) The Vicarage Vicarage street, St Peters Broadstairs
Johnston Mrs 58 Harold road Margate
Johnstone Mrs Sunnycote St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Jolliffe Miss 12 Clarendon road Margate
Jones Col Arth F 8 Grosvenor place Margate
Jones Col Lewis (JP) 4 Collingwood terrace Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Jones Rev Edward William Taylor (BA) Herne house Eastern esplanade Margate
Jones Rev William Taylor (BA, LCP) Herne house Eastern esplanade Margate
Jones Henry George Taylor ((BA) Herne house Eastern esplanade Margate
Jones L G Littlecot West Cliff Broadstairs
Jones Miss 1,2 & 3Godwin bungalows Godwin road Margate
Jones Miss Grove villa Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Jones Miss 8 Spencer square Ramsgate
Jones Misses 37 Helena avenue Margate
Jones Mrs 1 Granville gardens Truro road Ramsgate
Jones Thos 22 Upper Approach road Margate
Jones Wm Krasnoe Crescent road Ramsgate
Jope Wm S Blenheim cottage Minster Ramsgate
Joseph Delissa North Sea bungalow   Birchington
Joy George Fairleigh Linden road Westgate on Sea
Joy Mrs 21 Grange road Ramsgate
Judge Mrs 26 Godwin road Margate
Jukes Miss   Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Jupp Charles 20 Osborne road Broadstairs
Jupp Miss 46 Sweyn road Margate
Kay Hy Kingsgate St Peters Broadstairs
Kearton Miss 1 Clifton lawn Ramsgate
Keble Harman 11 Prices avenue Margate
Keeble Mrs 5 Endcliffe gardens First avenue Margate
Keefe Mrs 6 Cedar villas Picton road Ramsgate
Keel William 29 Belmont road Ramsgate
Keeley W Harewood Crescent road Ramsgate
Kelly John Belgravia Warwick road Margate
Kelly Miss 69 Crescent road Ramsgate
Kelly Miss 4 Elms Park terrace The Elms Ramsgate
Kelsey Miss 14 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Kelson Mrs 3 Alfred road Birchington
Kemp Charles Northbourne Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Kemp Mrs Robertson 11 Belmont road Broadstairs
Kemp Roberts K 100 Eaton road Margate
Kendall John 3 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Kendall Joseph Montague house Minnis road Birchington
Kennard Charles Northumberland house Dundonald road Ramsgate
Kennard Miss 83 Addington street Ramsgate
Kennedy G G St Davids Stone road Broadstairs
Kennedy George 3 Sussex gardens Westgate on Sea
Kennedy John 17 Spencer square Ramsgate
Kennett John (JP) North Dene Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Kennett Mrs Myrtle cottage Freemans road, Minster Ramsgate
Kennett Mrs 4 St Johns street Margate
Kennion Mrs 15 Edgar road Margate
Kenrick Cyril (MA) Herga St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Kent Chas H 104 Northdown road Margate
Kent Mrs 33 Lewis's avenue Margate
Kevis J F 8 Ramsgate road Margate
Keyte G Ingleside South Eastern road Ramsgate
Killick Rev Richard Henry (MA) 11 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Kimber Miss Shottendane house Shottendane Margate
Kinahan Vice-Admiral Richard George The Mill house St Peters road Broadstairs
King Frederick B 10 Approach road Margate
King Mathew Robert 1 Rosebery villas Grange road Ramsgate
King Mrs   St Peters Park road Broadstairs
King Mrs 2 Albert road Margate
King Mrs 23 Norfolk road Margate
King Mrs 12 Osborne road Broadstairs
King Mrs St Leonards The Elms Ramsgate
King-Cochram Frank Clevedon Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Kingdon Rev William Henry (AKC)   Rectory road Broadstairs
Kingdon Herbert Napier (MA) The Briary Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Kingsford Mrs 2 Denmark villas St Peters road Broadstairs
Kingsford Stanley 2 Victoria parade Ramsgate
Kingsland A Avonside Poplar road Ramsgate
Kingsland Alfred William Knockholt Grange road Ramsgate
Kingsland Thomas 45 Vale road Ramsgate
Kingston A R 51 Connaught road Margate
Kinton Henry 3 Wellington terrace Picton road Ramsgate
Kirby Francis J Scotney South Eastern road Ramsgate
Kirkman Misses 19 Ethelbert crescent Margate
Kitchin Ashworth 1 Chartham terrace St Augustins Ramsgate
Kitto Mrs 24 Warwick road Margate
Kloeren Rev Altried St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Knibbs Mrs 63 Thanet road Ramsgate
Knight E D Elmhurst Ellington road Ramsgate
Knight Mrs 26 Albion place Ramsgate
Knight Mrs 11 Arundel road Margate
Knight Mrs 3 Frog hill Margate
Knocker Charles 2 East Cliff Broadstairs
Knott Henry Myrtle house Church street Birchington
Knott Mrs 6 Arthur terrace Ellington road Ramsgate
Knowles Charles Coorabelle Sea road Westgate on Sea
Knowles Mrs 7 Belgrave villas Eaton road Margate
Knowles Mrs Gordon lodge Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Knowles Walter Thomas Comberton Sea road Westgate on Sea
Kroenig Rev Charles Simeon Brae side Margate road Ramsgate
Kruse Miss The Retreat The Elms Ramsgate
Lacey Jsph Fredk 12 Oxford street Margate
Lacy Mrs 25 Vale square Ramsgate
Laidlow Mrs Sterndale Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Laird Richard C E 13 Sweyn road Margate
Lake George Delamere Ellington road Ramsgate
Lake Mrs 120 Canterbury road Margate
Lake W Radfield St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Lamb Edward   Minster Ramsgate
Lamb Mrs 6 Baltic villas Edith road Ramsgate
Lambert Mrs Abyla Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Lance Mrs Holmsdale Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Lanchbery Mrs J 3 & 4 Gordon grove Westgate on Sea
Lanchester Misses 11 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Lane Miss Highdown Rectory road Broadstairs
Lane Mrs 46 Ethelbert road Margate
Lanfear A H Churston Grove road Ramsgate
Lang Mrs Eldermere Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Langham H B Carlsruhe St Peters Broadstairs
Langley Rev Edwin (MA) 124 High street Ramsgate
Langley John 162 High street Ramsgate
Langley Miss Loraine Grange road Ramsgate
Langley Misses 35 Athelstan road Margate
Langridge Miss 53 Vale road Ramsgate
Langstaff William Henry 3 Harborough villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Large Fredk C 4 Osborne road Broadstairs
Larkin Frederick 9 St Peters road Margate
Lascelles William 11 Osborne road Broadstairs
Laslett Misses 2 The Sycamores Duncan road Ramsgate
Laslett Thomas Prospect hill cottage Crow hill Broadstairs
Lasslett Mrs 3 Maitland villas Grange road Ramsgate
Last Mrs 53 Grosvenor place Margate
Latham Albert (MICE) 8 Beach houses Margate
La Trobe Mrs Windyhaugh St Peters road Margate
Laurence George 4 Princes terrace Queens road Westgate on Sea
Laurence Mrs 4 Tudor villas St Peters road Broadstairs
Lavender Mrs 81 Crescent road Ramsgate
Laver F K Redcliff Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Lawford Mrs 27 Norfolk road Margate
Lawrence A Venice villa Ellington Ramsgate
Lawrence Thomas Glen Almond Queens road Broadstairs
Lawrence William   Chapel hill Margate
Laws Mrs 19 Vale road Ramsgate
Lawson Mrs 1 Victor villas Edith road Ramsgate
Laying Mrs Paragon lodge Stone road Broadstairs
Lednor Richard Thomas Hawthorn villa Willsons road Ramsgate
Lee B   Cliftonville avenue Margate
Lee Mrs 27 Beatrice road Margate
Lee Walter 3 Poplar road Ramsgate
Lee W J Bathurst Codrington road Ramsgate
Leetham Herbert Thanet College St Peters footpath Margate
Leetham Wm 18 Upper Approach road Margate
Legge Mrs Upnor house Vale road Ramsgate
Le Gros Mrs Chinnery Sea Lawn Westgate on Sea
Leifchild Miss 10 Albion place Ramsgate
Leigh Miss Ellesmere St Peters road Broadstairs
Leigh Mrs Glencairn Stone road Broadstairs
Leigh Mrs 11 Stanley road Margate
Leighlye Mrs 178 High street Ramsgate
Leitch Mrs Lyle house Crescent road Ramsgate
Leslie Oscar Dun Esk Granville road Broadstairs
Lester Mrs 6 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Levett Arthur R 47 Sweyn road Margate
Levett Edwin 36 Prices avenue Margate
Levey M 1 Vasconia villas High street Ramsgate
Levy Emanuel 12 Arthur road Margate
Levy Louis B 50 Edgar road Margate
Levy Misses 1 Florry cottages Hereson road Ramsgate
Lewin Miss 1 Ethelred road Westgate on Sea
Lewin Mrs 35 Grange road Ramsgate
Lewis Rev Gerrard (MA) St Pauls Vicarage Alexandra road Margate
Lewis Herbert 12 Eaton road Margate
Lewis Jacob 8 Eastern esplanade Margate
Lewis Leach W Sacketts Hill house St Peters Broadstairs
Lewis Miss 22 Fort crescent Margate
Lewis Mrs 14 West Cliff terrace mansions Pegwell road Ramsgate
Lewis Saml 21 Addington road Margate
Lewis W Leach Margate College Hawley street Margate
Leyton Mrs Laurel villa Minster road Westgate on Sea
Lilly Mrs 8 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Lincoln J S 7 Dover terrace Grange road Ramsgate
Lindgton Stephen 6 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Lindsay Rev J (MA) 102 Canterbury road Margate
Linnell Wm Hy 8 Grosvenor villas Margate
Lister Miss C Invermay Southwood road Ramsgate
Litt Mrs 2 Clydesdale villas Picton road Ramsgate
Little Mrs 21 Helena avenue Margate
Littlecott Mrs 1 West Cliff avenue Broadstairs
Lloyd Rev David 17 Dalby square Margate
Lloyd Henry John (MA) Shirburn villa South Eastern road Ramsgate
Lloyd Mrs A H 15 Lewis's avenue Margate
Locke Miss 15 Vale square Ramsgate
Lockwood Alfred Goodwin Beaumaris Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Loewensten?en Alfd 10 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Lohmann Berkeley Rotherwood Southwood road Ramsgate
Long Mrs 1 Langdale villas Crescent road Ramsgate
Longfield L 1 Thyra villas High street Ramsgate
Loraine Jules Brussels house Vale square Ramsgate
Lord Gerard 17 Albert road Ramsgate
Loutit Capt Sinclair 2 Chartham terrace St Augustins road Ramsgate
Loveless A South lodge The Vale Broadstairs
Lovely Wm Chas 12 St Peters road Margate
Lovett Charles Walter 15 Harold road Westgate on Sea
Lovett Richard Henry St Marys Mount Victoria road Margate
Lovewell-Smith Mrs 39 Atherstan road Margate
Low William Anderson 6 Sussex gardens Westgate on Sea
Lowndes Mrs Stone Cross Ellington Park road Ramsgate
Loxley Mrs Eden House Vale square Ramsgate
Lucas A E Milford Poplar road Ramsgate
Lucas Miss 17 Effingham street Ramsgate
Luck Edward 6 Essex road Westgate on Sea
Lukyn Mrs Sunnyside Albion road Birchington
Lumbus Mrs 10 Royal road Ramsgate
Lumsden Miss 41 Harold road Margate
Lushington Mrs Sebert house Cuthbert road Westgate on Sea
Lye Cmdr George Arthur Gore Street house Monkton Ramsgate
Lynam Arth C 18 Spencer square Ramsgate
Lynch W 8 Bath place Margate
Lyon Lieut Charles (RN) Park house   Birchington
Lyon Miss 12 Hardres street Ramsgate
Lysaght F P 6 Wellington crescent Ramsgate

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