Kelly's 1903 Directory of Kent  - Isle of Thanet extracts      private residents S to U

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Town
Saalfeld Alfred 16 Upper Approach road Margate
Sackett B   East Northdown Margate
Sackett Mrs 86 Dane road Margate
Sadgrove Edwin Kingswood West Cliff road Broadstairs
Salomons Rev Bernard Joshua 5 Montefiore collage Hereson Ramsgate
Salton Alexander The Hawthorns South Eastern road Ramsgate
Samman Mrs 74 Harold road Margate
Sammons Mrs The bungalow Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Sampson Henry 29 Sweyn road Margate
Sandbrook Mrs 8 Albany villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Sanders W H Marian Dundonald road Ramsgate
Sandle H J 2 Epple villas Birchington
Sandom Mrs 11 Hatfield road Ramsgate
Sandwell Mockett 21 Thanet road Ramsgate
Sangster A The Lodge St Peters road Broadstairs
Sangster Mrs Southdene St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Sankey Miss 43 Grange road Ramsgate
Sankey Wm Hy 39 Dane Hill row Margate
Saul Miss 7 Osborne road Broadstairs
Saumarez Admiral Thomas (CB) Elmina Albion road Ramsgate
Saunders Rev R 46 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Saunders Alfred William Bank Station road Westgate on Sea
Saunders Edward John The Homestead Thanet road Westgate on Sea
Saunders Geo Jas 24 Ramsgate road Margate
Saunders Henry Watson Craythorne St Mildreds road Margate
Saunders Miss 26 Vale road Ramsgate
Saunders Mrs 5 Blenheim terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Saunders Mrs The Ferns Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Saunders Mrs 13 Westbrook gardens Margate
Saunders Walter 7 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Saunderson Fras W 50 Godwin road Margate
Savage John 50 Addington street Ramsgate
Savin W 3 Essex road Westgate on Sea
Sawers J L (MD) 29 Grosvenor place Margate
Sawyer Mrs 38 Godwin road Margate
Sayer Albert Henry Westdown house Station road Birchington
Sayer John L 49 Northdown road Margate
Sayer William 33 Ramsgate road Margate
Scarisbrick Mrs 2 Hope villas High street Ramsgate
Scarlett John 35 Thanet road Ramsgate
Scarlett J W St Osyth Crescent road Ramsgate
Scatliff A W (LRCP & c) 2 Clifton terrace Margate
Schmidt W 20 Arthur road Margate
Schooling Mrs 5 Chapel place Ramsgate
Schroder Miss 1, 2 & 3 Godwin bungalows Godwin road Margate
Schulze Adolf 8 Osborne road Broadstairs
Scotcher Miss Miramar Wrotham road Broadstairs
Scott Alex Thomas 68 High street Ramsgate
Scott Chas W (MB) 102 High street Ramsgate
Scott Herbert 7 Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Scott James 4 Poplar road Ramsgate
Scott Joseph Robinson Sowell lodge St Peters Broadstairs
Scott Miss 19 Grange road Ramsgate
Scott Miss Ryde lodge St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Scott Montague 100 Norfolk road Margate
Scruby Mrs Lynton St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Seager Samuel James 1 Claremont terrace St Peters road Broadstairs
Searle Miss 2 Caroline square Margate
Searles Percy A (MA) 44 & 44 Harold road Margate
Searls George The Cottage South Eastern road Ramsgate
Seaton Frederick West Bay lodge Sea road Westgate on Sea
Secker Frederick Ingleside West Cliff road Broadstairs
Selkirk Mrs 24 Dalby square Margate
Senior Rev Benjamin Rock Corry Crescent road Ramsgate
Senior Mrs 13 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Serres Rev Henry Arthur (MA) The Vicarage   Birchington
Setterfield W Belmont Warwick road Margate
Seymour Mrs 5 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Shallard Capt Sidney D 5 Suffolk terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Shandel Rev Herman Mill house Hereson, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Shandel Misses Somerset Albion road Ramsgate
Shapcott Misses Devonhurst Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Shapland Edgar R 20 Prices avenue Margate
Sharp Edgar Fernside Crescent road Ramsgate
Sharp Mrs 35 Albert road Ramsgate
Shaw Rev Charles John Monson The Vicarage St Peters road Margate
Shaw John 18 Prices avenue Margate
Shaw Mrs 27 Albert road Ramsgate
Shaw Mrs 11 Approach road Margate
Shaxted Mrs Chalk hole   Margate
Shea S The Haven Adiscombe road Margate
Shearing Arthur G 13 St Pauls road Margate
Sheen Charles M 4 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Shepard Thomas L 88 Norfolk road Margate
Shepherd Miss 14 Vale road Ramsgate
Shepherd O 145 Canterbury road Margate
Sherratt Edward Poplar house The Elms Ramsgate
Sherrell Francis 39 Eaton road Margate
Shiel E The Hermitage Vale square Ramsgate
Sholl R 54 Sweyn road Margate
Shorland Robert Jas 8 Hatfeild road Margate
Short William Kelvin house Crow hill, Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Shrubsole Lewis 3 Harold road Westgate on Sea
Shury Mrs Henry F S Craythorne Stone road Broadstairs
Sidders Miss Kent house Margate road Birchington
Sidders Miss St Catherines villas The Elms Ramsgate
Silcott Mrs 9 Westbrook gardens Margate
Simes Mrs St Nicholas   Birchington
Simmonds Mrs Callis Court House St Peters Broadstairs
Simmons E A 33 Grosvenor place Margate
Simmons Francis R Merrefield lodge Grange road Ramsgate
Simmons Mrs 20 Helena avenue Margate
Simpson David G 10 Chapel place Ramsgate
Simpson Samuel Smith Yoakley Drapers road Margate
Sims-Cooper Mrs 7 Chandos road Broadstairs
Singer Arthur 31 Canterbury road Margate
Sisley J A 32 Dane Hill road Margate
Skelton Mrs 90 Northdown road Margate
Skey Edward Oscar 18 Arthur road Margate
Skinner Lionel Alfred 21 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Skitt George 7 Avenue road Ramsgate
Slater Mrs 13 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Salughter William Capel Whiteness St Peters Broadstairs
Slevansky Rev Lazarus J 7 Montefiore college Hereson Ramsgate
Slevin Paul (MD) Oakleigh house Margate road Birchington
Slingby Charles Codrington villa Codrington road Ramsgate
Sioan John Mathew Avenue villa Avenue road Ramsgate
Sly J E 18 Hatfield road Margate
Small A Vernon 1 Surrey road Margate
Smallbone Mrs Victory house West Cliff road Broadstairs
Smallfield Mrs 4 Garfield terrace Ramsgate
Smallfield Thomas Oak villa Codrington road Ramsgate
Smith Alexander 9 Inverness terrace The Vale Broadstairs
Smith Bridgman (FRGS) Walton house Crow hill, Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Smith Charles Dobson The Nook St Peters footpath Margate
Smith E Sutton 38 Prices avenue Margate
Smith Edward W 19 Helena avenue Margate
Smith Harry B 60 Sweyn road Margate
Smith J S 11 Adiscombe road Margate
Smith Jas Hy 15 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Smith Jas Wm 5 Addington street Margate
Smith Miss 27 Edgar road Margate
Smith Mrs 33 Beatrice road Margate
Smith Mrs   Cannonbury road Margate
Smith Mrs Dunmore St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Smith Mrs 9 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Smith Mrs The Elms Nethercourt, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Smith R East view Granville road Broadstairs
Smith R J 1 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Smith Rd A 24 Artillery road Ramsgate
Smith R H Corby Tower   Birchington
Smith Samuel Caswell Grove road Ramsgate
Smith Sidney 1 Alexandra villas St Peters road Broadstairs
Smith Thos 129 Canterbury road Margate
Smith W 1 Clydesdale villas Picton road Ramsgate
Smith William H 26 Ethelbert crescent Margate
Smith William T 8 Poplar road Ramsgate
Smithyman Mrs 2 Beatrice villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Snee Mrs 1 Torrington villas West Cliff road Ramsgate
Snell Mrs Cliff cottage West Cliff road Broadstairs
Snoad Geo W 17 Osborne road Broadstairs
Snow Mrs 5 Belmont road Broadstairs
Snow Mrs W H 98 Canterbury road Margate
Snowden Rev Harcourt Charles Vaux (MA) Hildersham house St Peters Broadstairs
Snowden Miss 13 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Snowden Mrs 7 Poplar road Ramsgate
Snowden Thomas 27 Grange road Ramsgate
Soffe Mrs 18 Helena avenue Margate
Sokoloff Mrs 35 Helena avenue Margate
Solly George 3 Adiscombe road Margate
Solly Miss Myrtle house Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Solly Mrs The Elms Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Solly Mrs Elizabeth Myrtle house Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Solly Percy Auckland villa South Eastern road Ramsgate
Solly William Thomas The Elms Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Sooby T H Westacre St Mildreds road Ramsgate
South Wm J 12 Warwick road Margate
Southon Frederick Glencoe Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Southwell Lady Rostrevor house Grange road Ramsgate
Sowman G Myrtle house St Peters road Broadstairs
Sowter Mrs 1 Gordon grove Westgate on Sea
Sparling Herbert 9 Northdown avenue Margate
Spearpoint Andrew J 7 Richborough road, Streete Westgate on Sea
Spearpoint Joshua Kimberley Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Spencer C G Wingfield Grove road Ramsgate
Spicer George John 2 Albert terrace Margate
Spillett Miss 98 Northdown road Margate
Spillett Thomas Somerset lodge South Eastern road Ramsgate
Spink Mrs 4 Albany villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Sprague Miss St Johns villa St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Spratling J 2 Albany villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Spratt Thomas Retreat villa Monkton road, Minster Ramsgate
Spreck Miss St Margarets Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Springett Miss 53 Beatrice road Margate
Springfield S Castlenan The Vale Broadstairs
Sprules Mrs 2 Hawley square Margate
Squire Walter 7 Ethelbert gardens Margate
Squires Henry 2 Rosebery villas Grange road Ramsgate
Stacey Charles Thomas Hill brow Crescent road Ramsgate
Stacey Robert Landsdown villa St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Stammers Henry Edward 2 Princes terrace Queens road Westgate on Sea
Stammers Misses 19 Harold road Margate
Staner George 111 High street Margate
Stanley Frederick 8 Edgar road Margate
Stannard Frank 25 Trinity square Margate
Stannard John 8 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Startin Mrs Hohelinden St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Statter Ernest Wishtown house Crow hill, Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Stead J W 2 Hazelwood Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Stead Miss 35 Effingham street Ramsgate
Stedall Alfred 6 Northdown avenue Margate
Steddy George T   Sarre Birchington
Steed James Davies 3 Irchester Street Ramsgate
Steer Thomas 18 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Steffens Miss 52 Warwick road Margate
Steger Dennis D 38 Albert road Ramsgate
Stephen Miss 63 Norfolk road Margate
Stephens John Richard 2 Leicester terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Stephens Miss 5 Churchfields place Margate
Stephens Mrs 2 Talbot road Margate
Stephens Samuel 3 Transvaal villas Edith road Ramsgate
Stevens Andrew Norris Seamens Infirmary & General Hospital, 69 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Stevens John 2 Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Stevenson Horace 2 Prospect place Broadstairs
Stevenson Thomas Vine cottage Crow hill Broadstairs
Stewart Miss Summerdene Minster road Westgate on Sea
Stickels Mrs 17 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Stiles Miss 21 Royal road Ramsgate
Stiles Rt 2 Suffolk terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Stock Benjamin Fairfield villa South Eastern road Ramsgate
Stock E A 6 Albany villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Stock Miss 167 High street Ramsgate
Stock Miss 1 Wilsons road Ramsgate
Stock Robert Myrtle cottage South Eastern road Ramsgate
Stock William Thomas 2 Elm villas The Elms Ramsgate
Stockbridge J M Minster villa Minster Ramsgate
Stockbridge Mrs 9 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Stocker Miss 17 Northdown road Margate
Stockley Henry Hadlow Stockholm Crescent road Ramsgate
Stoke Thomas Alfred 2 Richborough road, Streete Westgate on Sea
Stokes Chas Geo 49 Ramsgate road Margate
Stokes John 13 Grosvenor place Margate
Stokes Miss York villa Grange road Ramsgate
Stole C H Greenwood West Cliff road Ramsgate
Stone A Eaglescliff Station road Birchington
Stone George Empress villa South Eastern road Ramsgate
Stone Irving 4 Edward villas Station road Birchington
Stone John Lyndale Ellington Ramsgate
Storrs Rev John (MA) Glenelg Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Stovin Lucas The Mornings Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Straker Ernest 5 Lower Northdown avenue Margate
Strand Alfred 25 Beatrice road Margate
Strangways Rev Henry George 14 Chapel place Ramsgate
Street Alfred F (MA, MD) Burghfield St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Strevens George 77 Ramsgate road Margate
Strevens Mrs 9 Prospect place Broadstairs
Stroh Mrs 44 Addington street Margate
Strong G 2 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Strong J 85 Church street, St Peters Broadstairs
Stroud R T 8 Willsons road Ramsgate
Stunt Mrs 3 Ethelbert square Westgate on Sea
Styan T G (MA, MD) 2 Chapel place Ramsgate
Styles Hy Chas 16 Percy road Broadstairs
Styles John Geo 9 Osborne road Broadstairs
Styles Mrs 10 Beach houses Margate
Sullivan Rev D Benignus St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Summerfield Mrs 33 Zion place Margate
Summerford James S 3 Dane John villas Grange road Ramsgate
Summers H The Shoals The Elms Ramsgate
Summers H L Galmpton Grove road Ramsgate
Summers Miss   Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Sutcliffe Mrs Mapledene Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Sutcliffe Wm G 50 Clifton terrace Margate
Sutton Miss Whippingham Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Sutton William Netherleigh South Eastern road Ramsgate
Swain William Darroch Pennington Roseneath St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Swann Mrs 2 Hawthorn villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Swanson Rev Columba St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Swillergton Robert William Winifred villa Dundonald road Ramsgate
Swinerd J 1 Lewis villas Minster Ramsgate
Swinford D The Shrubbery Minster Ramsgate
Swinford F Minster house Minster Ramsgate
Sykes Misses Bengal villa High street Ramsgate
Sykes Mrs Fernlea Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Talbot Harry Gervase 12 Beatrice road Margate
Talfourd Mrs 84 Grosvenor place Margate
Tamplin Charles Harris 17 Paragon Ramsgate
Taniere Mrs 3 Albion place Ramsgate
Tannenbaum A 15 Westbrook gardens Margate
Tanner John 8 Godwin road Margate
Tappenden Miss 70 Eaton road Margate
Tappenden Mrs 10 St Johns street Margate
Tapsell Alfred Salisbury villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Tapsell Mrs Grosvenor house Grange road Ramsgate
Tate H 7 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Tatham Mrs The Quinton   Birchington
Taylor Charles   Minster Ramsgate
Taylor Henry 14 Albert road Ramsgate
Taylor John 33 Thanet road Margate
Taylor Miss 42 Athelstan road Margate
Taylor Miss Glenmore Elm Grove road Westgate on Sea
Taylor Miss 25 Hardres street Ramsgate
Taylor Mrs 3 Maitland villas Grange road Ramsgate
Taylor Mrs 7 Percy road Broadstairs
Taylor Mrs 2 St Marys villas The Elms Ramsgate
Taylor Mrs 7 Stanley road Margate
Taylor Mrs 40 Vale road Ramsgate
Tegarth Miss 103 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Temple C 2 Muriel villas Oscar road Broadstairs
Temple Mrs 5 Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Temple Mrs 4 West Cliff mansions Ramsgate
Terry Mrs 14 Edgar road Margate
Thearle John S Bertha cottage Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Theobald Mrs Paddock house St Peters Broadstairs
Theobalds Owen Le Mare Milton house Vale road Ramsgate
Thomas Rev John Drayton Birkdale Crescent road Ramsgate
Thomas George 1 Frog hill Margate
Thomas Miss Kingscote Stone road Broadstairs
Thomas Mrs Coquet Dale St Peters road Broadstairs
Thompson Capt Wm 10 Edgar road Margate
Thompson A 2 Rose villas Picton road Ramsgate
Thompson Arth Geo 19 Prices avenue Margate
Thompson H Eversleigh Edith road Ramsgate
Thompson Mrs Kenfield lodge Willsons road Ramsgate
Thompson Mrs St Nicholas Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Thompson Mrs The Limes Duncan road Ramsgate
Thompson Mrs Frank 4 Wellington terrace Picton road Ramsgate
Thompson O M 10 Cliftonville parade Margate
Thompson William Edward 2 Cambridge villas Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Thomson Rt (MD) 38 Sweyn road Margate
Thorne George 14 Harold road Margate
Thornton Bertram 81 Trinity square Margate
Thornton H R Stoneleigh Warwick road Margate
Thornton Henry William 5 Arthur terrace Ellington road Ramsgate
Thornton W W 1 Elm villas The Elms Ramsgate
Thorold Miss 4 Beach avenue Birchington
Thorp Mrs 1 Elms Park terrace The Elms Ramsgate
Thorp W A 3 Church hill The Vale Broadstairs
Threlford Herbt 68 Eaton road Margate
Thrift Wm Saml 9 Arthur road Margate
Thurston John 85 Grosvenor place Margate
Timbrell Mrs 6 Caroline square Margate
Tindle Charles Henry 1 Rothsay villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Tipper John Edward 4 Sunnyside villas Cemetery road Ramsgate
Todd Alfred 5 Street Court road Westgate on Sea
Todd T Rochester cottage Ellington Ramsgate
Tolhurst Charles Wycombe villa Princes crescent Margate
Tomlain Mrs 1 Bellevue villas The Elms Ramsgate
Tomkins Mrs 9 Albion terrace Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Tomlin Mrs Dane court St Peters Broadstairs
Tomlin William Hollydene Alpha road Birchington
Tomlinson John 2 Westbourne terrace South Eastern road Ramsgate
Tomson M Court stairs Pegwell road Ramsgate
Tomson William 4 Clifton lawn Ramsgate
Toole Mrs Glenmere house Minster Ramsgate
Toop Mrs 25 Vale road Ramsgate
Tootell Percy M A 34 & 35 Edgar road Margate
Torriani Mrs P N 89 Crescent road Ramsgate
Tow Mrs 5 Wellington terrace Picton road Ramsgate
Towers Edward 9 Ethelbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Towne Walt Miramar   Birchington
Townend H 36 Harold road Margate
Travis Rev J W 5a Cliftonville parade Margate
Trevelyan Mrs 31 Vale square Ramsgate
Treves Wm K 32 Dalby square Margate
Trimlestown Lord Buckhurst Edith road Ramsgate
Trimnell Herbert 43 Godwin road Margate
Tritsch Mrs 4 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Troughton Charles 2 Grosvenor villas Grange road Ramsgate
Troughton W G Corra Linn Cannon road Ramsgate
Truscott James Bartlett 2 The Poplars Duncan road Ramsgate
Tucker A W Halka St Peters road Broadstairs
Tucker George 4 Hatfield road Ramsgate
Tucker H M Fairview South Eastern road Ramsgate
Tucker Mrs Florida Grange road Ramsgate
Tucker Mrs 25 Norfolk road Margate
Tucker Mrs 9 Wrotham road Broadstairs
Tucker W Oakfield house Grange road Ramsgate
Tugwell Mrs 13 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Tulk A Crescent house Crescent road Ramsgate
Tulk Mrs Penagar Grove road Ramsgate
Tull Charles Southbridge West Cliff road Broadstairs
Tulloch Mrs 5 Beach avenue Birchington
Tully Mrs 2 Clarendon gardens Ramsgate
Tunbridge Geo 13 Northdown avenue Margate
Turnbull Mrs 2 Ballure South Eastern road Ramsgate
Turner Charles 2 Park villas St Peters Park road Broadstairs
Turner Miss 2 Dundonald villas Ramsgate
Turner Mrs 11 Beatrice road Margate
Twyford George Pevensey Codrington road Ramsgate
Twyman F H Lecarrow The Elms Ramsgate
Twyman Mrs 30 St Peters road Margate
Tyler Arthur A Ederley Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Tyler George 42 St Peters road Margate
Tyler Miss 1 Transvaal villa Edith road Ramsgate
Tyrrell F H Easton house Queen street Ramsgate
Tyzack Horace 41 Godwin road Margate
Uden Walter 43 Ramsgate road Margate
Ulyatt Mrs 25 Hawley square Margate
Umpleby Dl St Ronans Stone road Broadstairs
Upfill Mrs Kenilworth Edith road Ramsgate
Upton Mrs 14 Hatfeild road Margate
Urquhart Walter Charles Clifton villa West Cliff road Ramsgate
Urry Walter B   High street Broadstairs
Usher Mrs Henley Crescent road Ramsgate

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