Kelly's 1903 Directory of Kent  - Isle of Thanet extracts      private residents M to O

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Town
Maas Henry 2 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Macalister Mrs 11 Northdown road Margate
Macarthy Miss 7 Harold road Westgate on Sea
McCarthy Major Henry Holtham Kildare Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
McCarthy Justin Ashleydene Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
McCarthy Mrs F E Harold-Dean Harold road Westgate on Sea
McClaskey Michael Rathmullan Ellington road Ramsgate
McClean Rev Donald Elba Albion road Ramsgate
McClement Mrs 5 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
McClure Mrs J 4 Arthur road Margate
McCormick John 35 Thanet road Margate
McCoy Mrs 105 West Cliff road Ramsgate
McCully Miss 10 Warwick road Margate
Macdonald Rev J Aidan St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Macdonald John  A The Norland Reading Street, St Peters Broadstairs
McDonnel Mrs 19 Canterbury road Margate
McEvoy Miss 8 Royal crescent Ramsgate
McGildowny Miss 23 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
McGowan Miss 7 Norfolk road Margate
McIver Charles Haine cottage Haine Street, St Lawrence Extra Ramsgate
Mackie Mrs 32 Albert road Ramsgate
Macklin Mrs 57 Norfolk road Margate
McKnight Edmund 13 Hawley square Margate
McLean H Kingsgate St Peters Broadstairs
Maclean Mrs 4 Mount Albion road Ramsgate
McMasters W Park house Ellington road Ramsgate
Macnally Charles Edward Victoria cottage Garden terrace Broadstairs
McNamara Walter Henry The Hut   Birchington
MacNeill Mrs Melford house, 14 Clarendon road Margate
Maddox Miss 2 St Mildreds villas St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Mahood Mrs Fairholme South Eastern road Ramsgate
Major Miss 6 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Malins John Brown 8 Eaton road Margate
Mallian Mrs Ivydene Hatfield road Ramsgate
Malpas Misses 56 Trinity square Margate
Manisty H Douglaston Queens road Ramsgate
Manktelow Thomas Clarendon house John Street Broadstairs
Manning Mrs 7 Codrington villas Ramsgate
Mansell Mrs Victoria house The Elms Ramsgate
Manser Herbert 61 Beatrice road Margate
Mant Miss 4 Harold road Margate
Manton Mrs 13 Percy road Broadstairs
Maple Charles 11 Harold road Westgate on Sea
Maples Capt H Stirling Crescent road Ramsgate
Marks Harry Hananel (JP)   Callis Court, St Peters Broadstairs
Marks Robert Hy 12 Percy road Broadstairs
Marriott R 18 Eaton road Margate
Marsh Jsph 8 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Marshall Albert 20 Westbrook road Margate
Marshall Benjamin 8 Ethelbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Martin Charles Arthur Undercliff Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Martin Ernest Wykeham South Eastern road Ramsgate
Martin Frank 10 Poplar road Ramsgate
Martin Mrs 3 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Martin Mrs 6? Garfield terrace Grove road Ramsgate
Martin Thomas Herbert 10 & 11 Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Martin William Woodgate Homewood Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Martley Percy Argyle house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Maryon Miss 1 St Albans villas The Elms Ramsgate
Mascall Miss St Lawrence House Grange road Ramsgate
Mascall William Oakfield Newington road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Mason Henry 116 Canterbury road Margate
Mason Mrs 64 Godwin road Margate
Masters Charles 43 Albert road Ramsgate
Masters J K S 3 Belmont terrace Broadstairs
Mather Mrs 15 Beatrice road Margate
Mathews William M 1 Chapel place Ramsgate
Matson Chas W 130 Canterbury road Margate
Matthews C E Ingoldsby   Birchington
Matthews F 17 Westbrook road Margate
Matthews John 27 Thanet road Ramsgate
Matthews Miss 42 Godwin road Margate
Matthews Mrs Aspendon Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Maughan Cyril 7 Northdown avenue Margate
Maul Hy Ravensmere Albion road Ramsgate
Maxted Alfred Newlands grange St Lawrence Ramsgate
Maxted Miss Bellevue Prospect place Broadstairs
Maxted R G Elmstone house High street Ramsgate
May Emanuel (MD) 3 Pierremont villas Queens road Broadstairs
May John T East Horndon Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
May Miss 20 Ramsgate road Margate
May Thomas 5 Augusta road Ramsgate
May W 2 Plaskett terrace Southwood road Ramsgate
Mayhew Miss The Haven Grove road Ramsgate
Mead Frederic George Belmont house Belmont road Broadstairs
Mead Thomas John 37 Grosvenor place Margate
Medcalf Mrs 1 Harborough villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Medlock Mrs 11 Clarendon road Margate
Mercer Wm J 12 Marine terrace Margate
Merrikin Edmund 61 Thanet road Ramsgate
Meskinnon William 30 Thanet road Margate
Meyer Herman Kent lodge Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Meynell Mrs 20 Vale square Ramsgate
Meyrick Mrs 39 Tivoli road Margate
Miall Miss 59 Norfolk road Margate
Middlecote Alfred Brunswick house Prospect place Broadstairs
Miers Mrs Etheldane Sea road Westgate on Sea
Miles Frederick 1 Ethelbert square Westgate on Sea
Miles Percy Preston house Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Miles T Motcombe Crescent road Ramsgate
Miles William 68 Harold road Margate
Millais Lady St Austell Wilkie road Birchington
Millard W D Roslin Ellington road Ramsgate
Miller Alphonso 30 Osborne road Broadstairs
Miller Charles Thomas 5 Ellington terrace Ellington road Ramsgate
Miller J Leopold house Nelson place Broadstairs
Miller Jethro Caroline cottage Crow hill Broadstairs
Miller Miss 1 Rose villas Hereson road Ramsgate
Miller Mrs 29 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Miller Mrs 14 Ethelbert road Margate
Miller Thomas 7 Hart terrace, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Miller W J 57 Thanet road Ramsgate
Miller Walter Edward 8 Essex road Westgate on Sea
Millgate Charles 36 Beatrice road Margate
Millgate Mrs 1 Laburnham villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Millis Percy Augusten 8 Albion terrace Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Mills Rev Francis Thomas Shapley (MA) Rectory Albion street Broadstairs
Mills Arthur R 31 Beatrice road Margate
Mills Edwin 1 Addington square Margate
Mills Henry Arthur Woodbine cottage St Peters road Broadstairs
Mills J 3 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Mills Mrs 23 Addington road Margate
Milne John Vine Streete Court Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Milward George Charles Warwick house Ellington road Ramsgate
Milward Miss 9 Hatfield road Margate
Minet Miss The Haven Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Minett Miss 1 Beaufort villas Picton road Ramsgate
Minter Mrs 25 York street Margate
Minter William 11 Godwin road Margate
Mirams Augustus Sowell lodge St Peters Broadstairs
Mitchell Fredk M 1 Cecil square Margate
Mitchell Thomas (RN) Dent de Leon villa Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Mitchell Walter 24 Beatrice road Margate
Mitchelmore Harry Morgan Kenwyn Codrington road Ramsgate
Mitchison Mrs Onslow villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Mockett S 16 Canterbury road Margate
Moggridge Arthur 11 St Pauls road Margate
Molineux Rev Arthur Ellison (MA) The Vicarage Minster Ramsgate
Mollan Rev Francis Bettesworth (BA) Park villas   Birchington
Montefiore Sir Joseph Sebag (JP) East Cliff lodge   Ramsgate
Monti Rev Father Joseph Oswald St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Moody Ernest Edward 19 Osborne road Broadstairs
Moon Edward Gibson High Beach Victoria parade Broadstairs
Moor Benjamin L 3 Grange villas Tivoli road Margate
Moorat Frank Cecil Marion villa St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Moore Alfred 26 Ramsgate road Margate
Moore Charles Sunnyside Church road Birchington
Moore Mrs Llanadern   Birchington
Moorhouse J Chester Eastcote Wrotham crescent Broadstairs
More Mrs Finlaric Epple terrace Birchington
Morgan Edward Henry George 1 Cedar villas Picton road Ramsgate
Morgan G Blacker Warley house Union crescent Margate
Morgan William 1 Chilton villlas Richmond avenue Margate
Morley Mrs 3 Cuthbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Morressy Miss 7 Approach road Margate
Morris Charles (MA) South Esatern college Hollicondane Ramsgate
Morris Ivan A Mascotte Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Morris Martin Walter Dart villa Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Morris Miss Saxon lodge Minster road Westgate on Sea
Morris Mrs 82 Norfolk road Margate
Morris Mrs 5 St Pauls road Margate
Morse Jas J Sunnyside Duncan road Ramsgate
Mortimer Mrs A D 39 Crescent road Ramsgate
Moses Wm Hy 73 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Mote William Henry 100 Thanet road Ramsgate
Mott Mrs 5 Athelstan road Margate
Mount George Hardwick St Peters road Broadstairs
Muirhead Mrs 14 Spencer square Ramsgate
Mullenger Mrs 1 St Marys villas The Elms Ramsgate
Mummell John Gothurst South Eastern road Ramsgate
Muncey Miss St Margarets Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Munday Jas Chetwynd villa Southwood road Ramsgate
Munns Charles Walt 8 Crescent road Margate
Munns James M 2 Garfield road Margate
Munns Thomas H 73 Canterbury road Margate
Munt Miss Humara Gladstone road Broadstairs
Murdoch Miss 10 St Pauls road Margate
Murphy Mrs 17 Adiscombe road Margate
Murray Col. Patrick Grove end Grange road Ramsgate
Murray Harry 9 Helena avenue Margate
Murrell Mrs Seapoint   Birchington
Murton Mrs 71 Crescent road Ramsgate
Muscat Mrs 10 West Cliff terrace Mansions Pegwell road Ramsgate
Mutter Mrs 22 Gordon road Margate
Muxlow Miss Carlton house Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Mylne Rev Townshend  Webb The Vicarage Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Nash Arthur The Lodge The Elms Ramsgate
Nash John Cornelius 4 Herman villas Picton road Ramsgate
Neal Joseph St Ethildredas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Neales T H 83 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Neame Harry Clarence White house Margate road Birchington
Neame Mrs Evergreen house Margate road Birchington
Neame W W   Alpha road Birchington
Neers Mrs 3 Sion hill Ramsgate
Nelson George Cheriton Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Nettleton Rev J 15 Hawley square Margate
Nevill T G 3 Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Newby E jun. 6 Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Newby Edward J Victoria house Queens road Ramsgate
Newby George 56 Hardres street Ramsgate
Newby Miss 2 Trentham villas The Elms Ramsgate
Newby Mrs 43 Ethelbert road Margate
Newby William Monckton house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Newcome Mrs 8 Northdown avenue Margate
Newing Edward 35 Beatrice road Margate
Newling Benjamin 7 Arthur road Margate
Newling J Brockley dene Vere road Broadstairs
Newlyn H C 172 High street Ramsgate
Newman Chas H 14 Northdown avenue Margate
Newton Miss 95 Crescent road Ramsgate
Newton W Minerva house Southwood road Ramsgate
Nichol? Frank Edward (MB) 1 Ethelbert terrace Margate
Nicholas John Gordon house, 53 Grange road Ramsgate
Nicholas John 53 Grange road Ramsgate
Nicholls Mrs 50 Warwick road Margate
Nicholson Lothian D Prospect cottage The Parade Broadstairs
Nicholson Miss 4 Suffolk terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Nicholson Mrs The Leasows St Peters road Broadstairs
Nixon F Mascotte Crescent road Ramsgate
Noakes Mrs 18 Clarendon road Margate
Nobes Walter Fernleigh Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Noble Miss Myrtle villa Edith road Ramsgate
Noel Percy 34 Warwick road Margate
Nops Francis Southampton villa The Elms Ramsgate
Norman Mrs 42 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Norris Edward Richmond house Street Court road Westgate on Sea
Norris Richard 19 Addington street Ramsgate
Norris W 2 Gothic villas Codrington road Ramsgate
North Hon F H Bradstow Crow hill Broadstairs
North Mrs Malvern house Albion road Ramsgate
Northover A G 15 Eastern esplanade Margate
Northover H Rosemont Dickens road Broadstairs
Norton Rev Reginald George (BA) 52 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Nott William 19 Albert road Ramsgate
Nutting Miss 16 Beatrice road Margate
Nye Mrs Glencairn Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
O'Blein J 5 Nelson crescent Ramsgate
O'Brian Denis 21 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
O'Brien Denis 5 Essex road Westgate on Sea
Ody William 19 Osborne road Broadstairs
Offen Geo Thos 27 Wilsons road Ramsgate
Offen Robrt Jn Portlight Poplar road Ramsgate
Offley William Cornelius Stanmore house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Ofield C Crescent villa Crescent road Ramsgate
Ofield George Frederick Meadow lodge Southwood road Ramsgate
Ogden Mrs 25 Fort road Margate
O'Hagan Henry Rossetti bungalow   Birchington
Olby Alfred 5 Albion terrace Ramsgate
Olby Henry 4 Albion terrace Ramsgate
Oldaker Mrs Rock lodge Stone road Broadstairs
Oldrey Henry Baker 56 Sweyn road Margate
Olliver E J 86 Eaton road Margate
Olliver John 57 Eaton road Margate
Onwhyn Miss 10 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Orchard Miss 22 Osborne road Broadstairs
Orchard Mrs Lynton Wrotham road Broadstairs
Orchin Ernest 20 Beatrice road Margate
O'Reilly Nicholas S 9 Royal crescent Ramsgate
Orfeur F W Greenlea Ellington road Ramsgate
Ormonde H Godwinstowe Western esplanade Broadstairs
Osborne Alex Ernest 89 Victoria road Margate
Osborne Miss 14 Garfield road Margate
Osbourn Mrs 2 Victoria terrace Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Osmond Mrs 7 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Ost Mrs 3 Blenheim terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Oulds John 43 Vale road Ramsgate
Ovenden Mrs 9 Addington street Ramsgate
Ovenden W St Martins villa Picton road Ramsgate
Ovenden William Henry Leasingham villa The Avenue Margate
Overton James 41 Albert road Ramsgate
Owen Chas L C Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Canterbury road Margate
Owen George 6 Queens road Ramsgate
Owen Mrs Fairlight Stone road Broadstairs
Owen Mrs 94 Norfolk road Margate
Oxley Mrs 9? Oxford street Margate

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