Kelly's 1903 Directory of Kent  - Isle of Thanet extracts      private residents A to C

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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Town
Abigail John Danesboro' Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Abram Miss 13 Wilsons road Ramsgate
Abram Mrs 2 Heather villas Dundonald road Ramsgate
Ackery Misses Ellmhyrst The Grove Westgate on Sea
Acock John R A Luxor Cannon road Ramsgate
Acock Thos Dunluce Crescent road Ramsgate
Acquier Mrs 15 Royal road Ramsgate
Adams G T 59 Ramsgate road Margate
Adams H I Clifton villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Adams J W Florence cottage High street Ramsgate
Adams Jn Florence cottage High street Ramsgate
Adams John William St Mildred Grange road Ramsgate
Adams Josiah 1 Beatrice villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Adams Miss Arduli Southwood road Ramsgate
Adams Miss 27 Thanet road Margate
Adams Mrs 44 Edgar road Margate
Adcock Capt Redlands Eastern esplanade Broadstairs
Addis H W 98 Eaton road Margate
Admans Walter 28 Clifton street Margate
Aiyar Mrs 43 Beatrice road Margate
Akhurst Geo H 114 Canterbury road Margate
Akhurst Mrs Bramerton Crescent road Ramsgate
Alberge Harry 9 Upper Approach road Margate
Aldam Mrs Malvern house Albion road Ramsgate
Alder Charles 14 Alexandra road Margate
Alderton C E 35 Harbour street Broadstairs
Alexander Mrs 3 & 4 Devonshire terrace Broadstairs
Alexander Mrs St Fillans The Elms Ramsgate
Alexander Samuel Fordoun St Peters road Broadstairs
Allan Geo T 14 Broad street Ramsgate
Allardyce Mrs The Anchorage Ellington road Ramsgate
Allen Rev Wm H 26 Dalby square Margate
Allen John T 29 Spencer square Ramsgate
Allen Miss 25 Westbrook road Margate
Allen Mrs Oakley villa Ellington road Ramsgate
Allen Percival B (MA) 1 & 2 Sussex gardens Westgate on Sea
Allen William Dane Park House Dane Park road Ramsgate
Allfree Rev Francis Ralph (MA) The Vicarage St NicholaS Birchington
Allnutt Mrs 22 Dalby square Margate
Allnutt Edwin Frere Inglewood St Lawrence Ramsgate
Aloof Abraham 4 Paragon Ramsgate
Amos Alfred 80 Victoria road Margate
Amyot Thomas 14 Dalby square Margate
Anderieux John S Fletland house The Elms Ramsgate
Anderson C 38 Spencer square Ramsgate
Anderson James 6 Clarendon road Margate
Anderson Miss Bonhill South Eastern road Ramsgate
Anderson Misses 18 Dalby square Margate
Anderson Mrs Felicite Crescent road Ramsgate
Anderson R Darlington Crescent road Ramsgate
Andrews Alfred Walter 8 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Andrews Mrs 51 Godwin road Margate
Andrews Thomas Belmont Southwood road Ramsgate
Andrews William George 2 Upper grove Margate
Anscombe Frederick 3 Florence terrace Albert road Ramsgate
Antill Mrs 88 Dane road Margate
Apps Miss 19 Willsons road Ramsgate
Argue J Clyde villa Southwood road Ramsgate
Armit Mrs St Winnold Minster road Westgate on Sea
Armitage Hy B 2 Kent terrace Ramsgate
Armstrong Francis 19 Norfolk road Margate
Armstrong Miss 37 Albert road Ramsgate
Armstrong Wm Henry 12 Stanley road Margate
Armytage Mrs 14 Vale square Ramsgate
Arnett Mrs Percy   Crescent road Ramsgate
Arnold James Roseneath Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Arnold Mrs 176 High street Ramsgate
Arnold Samuel Carnelley (MB, CM) Durlock hall Minster Ramsgate
Ashbee G Milton Duncan road Ramsgate
Ashby Mrs 16 Northdown avenue Margate
Asdown Miss 1 Heather villas Ramsgate
Ashley Charles Hitchin Kingsgate house St Peters Broadstairs
Ashley Miss 1 Leicester terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Ashmole Frank 5 Osborne road Broadstairs
Ashworth H L 43 Edgar road Margate
Ashworth Mrs 9 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Aslett Frederick 1 St Johns villas Victoria avenue Westgate on Sea
Asquith William 10 Ethelbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Astley Miss 6 Stanley road Margate
Atkins Frederick Kinston Poplar road Ramsgate
Atkins Miss 1 Wilton villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Atkinson George 6 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Attridge George Everton Albion road Ramsgate
Attrill Miss The Eyrie Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Ancott Jas Wm 2 Norfolk road Margate
Austen Edgar 5 Queens road Ramsgate
Austen Mrs 1 Hope villas High street Ramsgate
Austen Mrs 102 Norfolk road Margate
Ayres Mrs St Heliers Crescent road Ramsgate
Back Rev Guy Seymour (MA) The Vicarage Westbrook Margate
Bacon Mrs Oxford house St Peters road Broadstairs
Baggallay Miss Elmhurst Truro road Ramsgate
Bailey Benjamin Rosecourt Gladstone road Broadstairs
Bailey Miss 15 Albert road Ramsgate
Bailey Mrs 4 Leicester terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Bailey W E Harold cottage James street Ramsgate
Bailey-King Francis Henry (LDS, ROS Eng) 24 Cecil square Margate
Bailey-King Hyde The Limes Hawley street Margate
Baily Mrs 20 Grosvenor place Margate
Baines Mrs 41 Norfolk road Margate
Baines Walter 5 Cannonbury road Ramsgate
Bake Ernest Orrell 40 Spencer square Ramsgate
Baker Capt Charles 3 Dagmar villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Baker Benjamin 21 Clifton street Margate
Baker Frederick 2 Noir Mont villas Southwood road Ramsgate
Baker Henry M A 16 Dalby square Margate
Baker Miss 6 Churchfield place Margate
Baker Miss 80 Trinity square Margate
Baker Mrs 14 Beatrice road Margate
Baker W Clydesdale Grove road Ramsgate
Bakewell William Park dale St Peters road Broadstairs
Balch Edwin 9 Clarendon gardens Ramsgate
Baldwin Levy H David villa Crow hill Garlinge
Baldwin Mrs 19 Royal road Ramsgate
Baldwin William J 26 Beatrice road Margate
Ball W Maisonette Kingsgate Broadstairs
Ballard Miss 2 Belmont terrace Broadstairs
Balson Thomas David 4 Grange villas Tivoli road Margate
Bamber Col. H W 19 Beatrice road Margate
Bamber Miss Shewfield Crescent road Ramsgate
Bancroft Sir Squire 4 Cuthbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Banks Mrs Eastcot Victoria road Ramsgate
Banks Mrs 7 Pleasant place Margate
Banks W L 2 Prospect road Birchington
Bannister Isaac 85 Crescent road Ramsgate
Banting W Thanet lodge Crow hill Broadstairs
Banwell Edward Fern lodge South Eastern road Ramsgate
Banyard Miss Ivydene   Birchington
Baranowski C F (MA) 33 Harold road Margate
Barber Mrs H J Charlton lodge St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Barber Richard 10 St Peters road Margate
Barlow Robert Orlebar High street, St Peters Broadstairs
Barnes A T 5 Albany road Duncan road Ramsgate
Barnes Miss Red cottage Stone road Broadstairs
Barnes-Austin Richard Cedrichurst Cedric road Westgate on Sea
Barnett Edward de Lacy Villa Vita Kingsgate Broadstairs
Barnett Joseph 7 Albion terrace Mount Albion road Ramsgate
Barnett-Smith F 30 Warwick road Margate
Barrett Mrs 43 York street Broadstairs
Barrett W 76 Sweyn road Margate
Barrett Walter Nippon Margate road Ramsgate
Barrows C Lincoln villa Grange road Ramsgate
Barry Miss 14 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Bartholomew G 20 Harold road Margate
Bartholomew P 18 Harold road Margate
Bartlett Miss Hampden house St Peters road Broadstairs
Bartlett P C 2 Hazelwood Crescent road Ramsgate
Barton Mrs 2 Aberdeen villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Barton Mrs 31 Cliftonville avenue Margate
Bartram Mrs 16 Westbrook gardens Margate
Bartrop Rev Alfred T 1 Norfolk villas High street Broadstairs
Bartrum Misses Valetta house The Vale Broadstairs
Bascombe Miss 2 Wellington terrace Picton road Ramsgate
Bass James 94 Thanet road Ramsgate
Basset Mrs 3 Addington square Margate
Bassett Mrs 37 Edgar road Margate
Batchelor Mrs Falkenstein Albert road Ramsgate
Bate Lieut-Col Abraham W Cullingworth Bairds Hill, St Peters Broadstairs
Bateman Capt Clement The Limes Crescent road Ramsgate
Bateman George 16 Eaton road Margate
Bates Miss 8 Norfolk road Margate
Batley Henry G 6 Godwin road Margate
Batten William 1 East Cliff villas Rectory road ?? Broadstairs
Battiscombe Miss   Albion road Birchington
Battrick Mrs St Kilda Crescent road Ramsgate
Bawcombe William 17 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Bax James 10 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Bax Miss Beatrice villa Edith road Ramsgate
Baxter Edwin 40 Athelstan road Margate
Bayly John South bank Frog hill Margate
Bayne H W St Elmo Dundonald street Ramsgate
Beachcroft Miss 6 Warwick road Margate
Beal Mrs 46 Hawley square Margate
Beall Miss 9 York terrace Ramsgate
Bean Richard 2 Mount Pleasant villas Margate road Ramsgate
Bean Rutley 1 Mount Pleasant villas Margate road Ramsgate
Bear A Bay view Chilton, Pegwell Bay Ramsgate
Bear Frederick B 1 Guildford lawn Ramsgate
Bear Richard 15 Albion place Ramsgate
Bear Richard C 15 Albion place Ramsgate
Bear Walt M 5 Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Beardsworth Misses 4 Ethelbert square Westgate on Sea
Beasley H Winnifred Crescent road Ramsgate
Beck Mrs 22 Warwick road Margate
Beckett Mrs 4 Ethelbert terrace Vale road Ramsgate
Beckett William John 10 Beatrice road Margate
Beckingham Mrs 13 Osborne road Broadstairs
Bedford J Leominster Ellington road Ramsgate
Bedford Wilstonholme Eversley High street, Minster Ramsgate
Beecham Wm Hy 25 Prices avenue Margate
Beechey Mrs 10 Ethelbert terrace Margate
Beeching Miss Lansdowne Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Beedell Miss 3 Clarendon road Margate
Beer Joseph C Folkestone villa Dundonald road Ramsgate
Beerling Mrs 6 Thanet road Margate
Beetham G 1 Inverness terrace The Vale Broadstairs
Beetles Dover 15 Prices avenue Margate
Beever Mrs Penestone house High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Belasco Rev George S Temple cottage Hereson Ramsgate
Bell David Somerville Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Bell David Somerville Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Bell Henry 61 Grosvenor place Margate
Bell Miss Corndale Queens road Broadstairs
Bell Thomas 37 Spencer square Ramsgate
Bell W A Lyndhurst Callis Court road, St Peters Broadstairs
Bellerby Edward Johnson (Mus Bac) Ravensworth Lower Northdown road Margate
Belsey E I 1Ventnor villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Bennett Arthur Mandeville house Granville road Broadstairs
Bennett Thos Hy 96 Norfolk road Margate
Bent H Dawlish house Picton road Ramsgate
Bentley Edward John 2 Thyra villas High Street Ramsgate
Bentley Miss 31 Albert road Ramsgate
Bentley Mrs 78 Norfolk road Margate
Bentwicke H Carmel court   Birchington
Berenger Jn G 14 Sea View terrace Margate
Berg Right Rev Abbot F Thomas St Augustines Abbey Grange road Ramsgate
Bergin Rev John Marmaduke Albert house The Elms Ramsgate
Bermudez F de Zea Benavente Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Berridge Miss 22 Oxford street Margate
Berry Christopher 40 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Berry George 73 Thanet road Ramsgate
Berry James 14 Clifton gardens Margate
Berry J Wellesley Gladstone road Broadstairs
Berry John Bourne 14 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Berry Miss 78 Trinity square Margate
Berry Mrs 55 Vale road Ramsgate
Berwick W 32 Beatrice road Margate
Betts Charles N 40 Warwick road Margate
Betts W J Mayfair Crescent road Ramsgate
Bevan Mrs Tower Bungalow   Birchington
Beverley Mrs 4 Hawley square Margate
Bevis Jas Wm 2 Grove villas Grange road Ramsgate
Biddle Henry George 6 Chandos place Victoria parade Broadstairs
Biddle Mrs Wing lodge St Peters road Broadstairs
Bigg Mrs Rushbourne Truro road Ramsgate
Billinge Mrs 10 Garfield road Margate
Billinghurst Ellis Jn 7 Arundel road Margate
Billingsley Mrs 50 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Bing Harry 2 Esat Cliff villas Rectory road Broadstairs
Bingo John 17 Augusta road Ramsgate
Binks Rev Ewart Sunnyside Roxburgh road Westgate on Sea
Birch Rev Charles (MA) Cliff side Sea road Westgate on Sea
Birch Mrs T 9 Adiscombe road Margate
Birch S The Vinery Minster Ramsgate
Bird Thomas 20 Hawley square Margate
Birket Thomas Rose bank Minster Ramsgate
Bishop Alfred 3 Clifton street Margate
Bishop Frederick 83 Canterbury road Margate
Bishop George 2 Inverness terrace The Vale Broadstairs
Bishop Mrs 5 Chartham terrace St Augustins road Ramsgate
Black Henry A 11 Rancorn road Margate
Blackburn George Henry Valdora Prospect place Broadstairs
Blackburn John Grove side Grove road Ramsgate
Blackburn Mrs Collingwood Rectory road Broadstairs
Blackburn Wm 18 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Blackett Miss 6 Harold road Margate
Blair John 10 Crescent road Margate
Blake Miss 66 Norfolk road Margate
Blake Mrs Sandown villa Codrington road Ramsgate
Blanche Edgar 4 Richborough road, Streete Westgate on Sea
Blandford Rev Thomas Copmanhurst The Grove Westgate on Sea
Blandford Arthur H (BA) Westgate college The Grove Westgate on Sea
Bleek Mrs Osburga house The Vale Broadstairs
Bligh Edwin 8 Ellington Ramsgate
Blinko J Eversley Ellington road Ramsgate
Blinko Mrs 4 Blenheim terrace Crescent road Ramsgate
Blomfield E A (LDS Eng) 88 Northdown road Margate
Blore Mrs 21 Lewis's avenue Margate
Blount Rev Walter C 4 & 6 Clifton terrace Margate
Blower G F 5 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Bloxsidge J Turville Grosvenor hill Margate
Bloy Rev C 1 Prospect place Birchington
Blumburg Alfred 6 West Cliff terrace Pegwell road Ramsgate
Bobby Chas F 23 Thanet road Margate
Bobby Frederick James Bridgewater villa Addington road Margate
Bobell Mrs 28 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Boddy John 6 Prospect terrace Ramsgate
Bolding John J Wilton Croft High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Boncey Mrs 16 Helena avenue Margate
Bone Alfred 29 Helena avenue Margate
Bonham Albert Charles 1 Collingwood terrace Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Bonhote Mrs Homefield Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Bonny S Brooklyn lodge Albion road Margate
Boodle Rev Alfred Trelawny (BA) 14 Chapel place Ramsgate
Boone William Alfred 1 Trentham villas The Elms Ramsgate
Booth Lancelot Northdown manor   Margate
Boothby Miss 31 St Peters road Margate
Borg Ernest 18 Beatrice road Margate
Borton R E Stuart lodge Edith road Ramsgate
Bostock Robert C Reddgel Grove road Ramsgate
Boulanger Fras I 45 Grosvenor place Margate
Boulter Mrs 2 Melbourne villas Grange road Ramsgate
Boulton Mrs The Coves High street, St Peters Broadstairs
Boulton Mrs Woodlands Ellington Park road Ramsgate
Bourdillon Rev Frank Wright Durleigh dene Crescent road Ramsgate
Bourdon Miss 2 Osborne road Broadstairs
Bourke Gen The Hon John Joslin 2 Florence terrace Albert road Ramsgate
Bourne Mrs 6 St Johns street Margate
Bowchier Wm Hy 41 Helena avenue Margate
Bowden Charles Appleshaw St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Bowden Reginald Treacher (MD) Rochford house Grove road Ramsgate
Bower Mrs Corby Crescent road Ramsgate
Bowley Charles William 2 Sidney villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Bowman Thomas 52 Edgar road Margate
Boyce T Northgate Stone road Broadstairs
Boyes Stephen 10 Eaton road Margate
Boys Miss 4 Eaton road Margate
Boys Toke H 18 St Johns road Margate
Boyton Wm J 11 Prospect terrace Ramsgate
Brabner Mrs 74 Eaton road Margate
Bradfield Arthur Frederick 2 Rothsay villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Bradford I Grove villa The Elms Ramsgate
Bradford Walter 12 Clifton terrace Margate
Bradley Rev William H (MA) Chapel hill lodge Chapel hill Margate
Bradley Miss 34 Prices avenue Margate
Bradshaw Thomas 12 Victoria parade Ramsgate
Bradshaw-Isherwood Percy Arthur 1 Grosvenor villas Grange road Ramsgate
Braginton Wm   Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Braithwaite Miss St Placids St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Bramall Walter Rosecourt Gladstone road Broadstairs
Brannan James 27 Godwin road Margate
Brannan Mrs 7 Hatfeild road Margate
Brass John H Norlands St Mildreds road Westgate on Sea
Brassett Mrs 8 Vale road Ramsgate
Bray William 128 Canterbury road Margate
Brees Ellis 16 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Breman Mrs 5 Queen Bertha terrace Queen Bertha road Ramsgate
Brett Edwin Charles 6 Nelson crescent Ramsgate
Brett Miss 18 Warwick road Margate
Bretton Edwin 39 Addington road Margate
Briant Mrs Hatfield house St Peters road Broadstairs
Bridge Miss 48 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Bridges Frederick 100 Canterbury road Margate
Briers Benjamin 109 Crescent road Ramsgate
Brigg Rev B 55 Grosvenor place Margate
Briggs Beaumond 7 Clarendon gardens Ramsgate
Bright Edward St Margarets South Eastern road Ramsgate
Brightman Frederick Aspley house St Peters road Broadstairs
Brine Rev Algernon Lindesay (MA) 57 Grosvenor place Margate
Bristed Mrs 35 St Peters road Margate
Bristow Henry 1 Ellington terrace Ellington road Ramsgate
Bristow Stephen 6 Vale road Ramsgate
Brittain George William Lindeville Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Brittain Mrs 16 Albert terrace Margate
Britton H W Thyra house High street Ramsgate
Broadbridge Mrs Petaluma Poplar road Ramsgate
Brocklebank Miss 13 Stanley road Margate
Brockman George Addington lodge Addington road Margate
Brockway Wm Hy The Croft   Broadstairs
Bromage Thomas M 14 Warwick road Margate
Brook Miss 101 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Brook Misses 14 Ramsgate road Margate
Brooke Edward 11 Cecil street Margate
Brookes Clifford James (JP) Convent Kingsgate Broadstairs
Brooks J H Stirlings The Elms Ramsgate
Brooks Robert W Ellesmere Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Brooks W J 1 Ethelbert terrace Vale road Ramsgate
Broughton Miss India house Hawley street Margate
Brown Rev W J Watcombe Grove road Ramsgate
Brown A Warwick 5 Prices avenue Margate
Brown O P 14 Arthur road Margate
Brown O H Athlone Ellington road Ramsgate
Brown Edward 7 Princes terrace Queens road Westgate on Sea
Brown E Ripple Vale Rectory road Broadstairs
Brown Frank 22 Ramsgate road Margate
Brown G F 106 Northdown road Margate
Brown J 2 Newland villas Margate road Ramsgate
Brown J 41 Tivoli road Margate
Brown John F 22 Clifton terrace Margate
Brown Mrs 9 Beach houses Margate
Brown Mrs 56 Norfolk road Margate
Brown Mrs 39 St Peters road Margate
Brown Mrs 11 Union crescent Margate
Brown Wm Jas 29 Beatrice road Margate
Browne E Highlands Manston Ramsgate
Brucke Mrs Forest house Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Brufton Miss 29 Norfolk road Margate
Brunger C 9 Westbury road Westgate on Sea
Bruton Mrs 16 Norfolk road Margate
Bryant G V   Albion road Ramsgate
Bryen Thomas Francis 19 Westbury road Westgate on Sea
Buck Mrs Fircroft Stone road Broadstairs
Buck Mrs 8 Rose hill Ramsgate
Buckley Miss 12 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Buckmaster Rev John North (BA) Augustine villa West Cliff road Ramsgate
Buckmaster Miss 46 Royal road Ramsgate
Buddell Mrs 2 Cavendish villas Cavendish street Ramsgate
Budgen Edward T 23 Alexandra road Margate
Bulgin Miss Kenthurst Wrotham road Broadstairs
Bull Rev Henry Arthur (MA) Wellington house Rowena road Westgate on Sea
Bull Miss 18 Eastern esplanade Margate
Bull William Hammett Collins Rathin villa Ellington road Ramsgate
Bundock Miss Holmsdale South Eastern road Ramsgate
Bunyer Alfd Chas 17 Canterbury road Margate
Burbridge Henry 5 & 7 Chester road Westgate on Sea
Burchell H Hazel cottage St Peters road Broadstairs
Burcombe Miss 4 Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Burden Miss The Haven Hereson road Ramsgate
Burge George Kelsey Dent de Lion Garlinge Westgate on Sea
Burge Gerard R Ingleton Sea road Westgate on Sea
Burgess Thomas 21 Westbury road Westgate on Sea
Burgess William The Limes The Vale Broadstairs
Burks Jas J 36 Canterbury road Margate
Burleigh Charles Shirley Cuthbert road Westgate on Sea
Burleigh Mrs 20 Upper Approach road Margate
Burleton Mrs 48 Warwick road Margate
Burmingham Thomas 1 Grange villas Tivoli road Margate
Burnand Sir Francis C 18 Royal crescent Ramsgate
Burnett Inspector General Thomas Smith (RN) Luton house Wrotham crescent Broadstairs
Burren James 14 St Peters road Margate
Burrows B Avenue house Avenue road Ramsgate
Burrows Saml Edwd 9 Athelstan road Margate
Burstal Mrs 17 Vale square Ramsgate
Burt Rev A Winebald St Augustines Ramsgate
Burt Rev J Winebald St Augustines Ramsgate
Burt Miss 1 Dane John villas Grange road Ramsgate
Burton Mrs 2 Guildford villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Burton Mrs Northwood court Northwood Ramsgate
Burton T C Albion villa Minster Ramsgate
Burvill W T Bath house Eldon place Broadstairs
Bush Miss 9 Stanley road Margate
Bushill Frederick George Harefield South Eastern road Ramsgate
Bushell William Saunders The Hollies Wilderness hill Margate
Buss Edward Wissenden South Eastern road Ramsgate
Buss Frank Cleve court Monkton Ramsgate
Butler F 14 La Belle Alliance square Ramsgate
Butler Miss 2 Sherlock villas Grange road Ramsgate
Button Mrs The Cedars Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Byng Mrs Rockleigh Street Court road Westgate on Sea
Byron Lady 39 Norfolk road Margate
Cadby Miss 5 Percy road Broadstairs
Cadby Mrs 23 Hawley square Margate
Call W S Pembroke Grosvenor hill Margate
Campbell Major General John George 31 Willsons road Ramsgate
Campbell Hugh 2 Beach houses Margate
Campbell John Seymour (MA) Doon House Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Campbell Miss 1 Daisy villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Campbell Mrs 6 Beach houses Margate
Campion Mrs 3 Endcliffe gardens First avenue Margate
Camus A Rene West Clyffe Western Esplanade Broadstairs
Candy Philip James Raymead Gladstone road Broadstairs
Capes Mrs 87 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Capman T J Penhurst Crescent road Ramsgate
Capper Thomas Henry Oliphant Ravenscourt Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Cardinal Miss Pembridge villa Picton road Ramsgate
Cardwardine Harry 2 Albion bungalows Albion road Margate
Cardy Miss Kingsley Wrotham road Broadstairs
Carlin Mrs Bellavista Queens road Broadstairs
Carnon Geo B 22 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Caro Miss 7 Thanet road Ramsgate
Carpenter Edward 5 Granvill gdn Truro road Ramsgate
Carpenter Miss 35 Dane Hill row Margate
Carpenter Mrs 14 St Pauls road Margate
Carr Copley J Oakhill The Elms Ramsgate
Carr Mrs Amra Hatfield road Ramsgate
Carr Mrs C   High street, Minster Ramsgate
Carroway Misses 37 Hawley square Margate
Carruthers Mrs 22 Edgar road Margate
Carter Rev J W 7 Belmont road Broadstairs
Carter Rev James William 18 La Belle Alliance Square Ramsgate
Carter Miss Gloddeth Grove road Ramsgate
Carter Miss 1 Sussex villas St Peters road Broadstairs
Carter Misses Dunham villa Hereson road Ramsgate
Carter W H Dunkeld Queens road Broadstairs
Carver Mrs 21 Beatrice road Margate
Case Major F M 25 Spencer square Ramsgate
Cassity Mrs Joseph Lamont Roskeven St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Castle Rev J T 28 Osborne road Broadstairs
Castle Arthur Charingbold villa St Peters road Broadstairs
Castle David Primrose cottage Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Castle Mrs 2 Malvern villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Castle R J St Stephens Crescent road Ramsgate
Caswell Miss Elcot St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Cattella Mrs 2 Wilton villas Codrington road Ramsgate
Cattermole C 41 St Peters road Margate
Cavey A 15 Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Chamberlain Mrs 49 Bellevue road Ramsgate
Chambers Elijah 2 Laburnum villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Chambers Robert 10 Albert road Ramsgate
Champion Mrs 31 Helena avenue Margate
Champneys Frank 22 Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Chancellor Miss 42 Hawley square Margate
Chandler Geo T 110 Canterbury road Margate
Chandler Henry Parry (MRCS) 79 Canterbury road Margate
Chandler Richard Chapel Hill house   Margate
Chandler T 4 Hazelwood Crescent road Ramsgate
Chandler Thomas 37 Thanet road Ramsgate
Chaning- Pearce Joseph (MD, FGS) 4 Victoria parade Ramsgate
Chapman George 6 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Chapman George W 46 Edgar road Margate
Chapman Henry James The Firs Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Chapman John 44 Gladstone road Broadstairs
Chapman J W Cransama Ellington Ramsgate
Chapman Miss Purbeck house Grange road Ramsgate
Chapman Miss Granville lodge Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Chapman Misses Villette Stone road Broadstairs
Chapman Mrs 23 Beatrice road Margate
Chapman Mrs 75 Crescent road Ramsgate
Chapman Mrs Rutland villa St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Chapman Mrs 98 Thanet road Ramsgate
Chapman Mrs 7 Willsons road Ramsgate
Chappelow J S Hope villa Ethel road Broadstairs
Chapple John Ivyside Sea road Westgate on Sea
Charles Miss 68 Norfolk road Margate
Charles Mrs 12 Vale road Ramsgate
Charles Mrs Woodbridge Canterbury road Westgate on Sea
Charmer Mrs 3 Clydesdale villas Picton road Ramsgate
Chase John The Elms Minster Ramsgate
Chase Miss Abbotsford Hollicondane road Ramsgate
Chayney T S The Dene Cannon road Ramsgate
Cheesman H Sheriffs court Minster Ramsgate
Cheesman Jas Robt 39 Helena avenue Margate
Cheesman Mrs St Dubric The Grove Westgate on Sea
Cheshire T 20 Royal road Ramsgate
Cheswright Mrs 17 Westbrook gardens Margate
Chidley Mrs Constantia Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Child Mrs 11 Northdown avenue Margate
Chittenden Geo Scobell (MA) Kidbrook Westgate Bay avenue Westgate on Sea
Chotzler Rev Joseph (PhD) 9 Montefiore college, Hereson Ramsgate
Church Amos 21 Vale road Ramsgate
Church Mrs Ayleston villa Dundonald road Ramsgate
Churchill Rev William Henry (MA) Stone house   Broadstairs
Cladish Charles P Sycamore house St Nicholas Birchington
Claeys Rev Austin (Catholic) St Augustines West Cliff Ramsgate
Clare Mrs Oxford lodge The Elms Ramsgate
Claris Miss 38 Vale road Ramsgate
Clark Ezra 20 Union crescent Margate
Clark J W The Anchorage   Birchington
Clark Miss 34 Addington street Margate
Clark Miss 78 Harold road Margate
Clark Miss Tugela Southwood road Ramsgate
Clark Mrs 2 Ellington villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Clark Mrs 21 Mutiny street Ramsgate
Clark Mrs R 8 Clarendon road Margate
Clarke Rev Frederick   Ceasar Parr Close ?? Westgate on Sea
Clarke Albert Venetia Belmont road Broadstairs
Clarke Bernard 75 Northdown road Margate
Clarke Henry 106 Eaton road Margate
Clarke Miss Rosa cottage St Peters Broadstairs
Clarke Miss 52 Trinity square Margate
Clarke Miss Waverley lodge St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Clarke Mrs 4 Granville marina Ramsgate
Clarke Mrs 98 Norfolk road Margate
Clarke Wm J 104 Canterbury road Margate
Clarkson Rita 47 Beatrice road Margate
Clayson Stephen 11 Cliff terrace Margate
Cleary Mrs 14 Eastern esplanade Margate
Clegg James Heywood 22 Beatrice road Margate
Clements Frederick James Loch Leven Grange road Ramsgate
Clendon John 95 West Cliff road Ramsgate
Cleveland Mrs Lynton Stone road Broadstairs
Clifton Philip I Beaconsfield villas Margate road Ramsgate
Clinch Mrs Alton Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Clinton Mrs 35 Prices avenue Margate
Clough Robert 1 Alexandra road Margate
Cloutte Arthur H Hamilton house The Grove Westgate on Sea
Clutton J H 6 Granville gardens Truro road Ramsgate
Cobb Anthony B 80 Dalby square Margate
Cobb F M Bank House, 23 King street Margate
Cobb F Marsden Thorne house Thorne, Minster Ramsgate
Cobb Miss Woodstock Stone road Broadstairs
Cobb Misses 11 Marine terrace Margate
Cockburn E The Croft Ellington road Ramsgate
Cockburn G Oak villa The Elms Ramsgate
Cockle Charles Moss Truro lodge Wellington crescent Ramsgate
Cocks Robert B 1 Devonshire terrace Broadstairs
Coggan Miss 3 Arthur road Margate
Cogill J Agra house Ellington road Ramsgate
Colborne Mrs Edith lodge Edith road Ramsgate
Cole F C Faversham villa Southwood road Ramsgate
Colegrave Mrs T Manby Ellingham St Clements road Westgate on Sea
Coleman J 5 Hazelwood Crescent road Ramsgate
Coleman Joseph 18 St Peters road Margate
Coleman W 1 Dagmar villas Ellington road Ramsgate
Coleman William 23 Adiscombe road Margate
Coles E 36 St Peters road Margate
Coles Richard 12 Ramsgate road Margate
Collard F J Gloucester house Oscar road Broadstairs
Collard Miss 19 Spencer square Ramsgate
Collett G A Walters hall Monkton Ramsgate
Colley Mrs 24 Edgar road Margate
Collins Charles Henry The Hall St Nicholas Birchington
Collins John Leonard 2 Eddystone villas Duncan road Ramsgate
Collins Robert 15 Adiscombe road Margate
Collis Rev George (Theo Assoc KCL) St James Vicarage   Westgate on Sea
Collison Mrs 33 Northdown avenue Margate
Colman Mrs 1 Chiswick villas South Eastern road Ramsgate
Connett W G 45 Norfolk road Margate
Cook George Gilbert Springfield lodge Southwood road Ramsgate
Cook John 46 Addington street Margate
Cook Miss 2 Rodbourne villas Crescent road Ramsgate
Cook Saml B Doris Ellington road Ramsgate
Cooke Mrs The Bungalow St Mildreds road Ramsgate
Coomber Mrs 12 Godwin road Margate
Coombes Miss 6 Hatfield road Ramsgate
Coombs Walter Geo 32 Vale road Ramsgate
Cooper J   Reading Street, St Peters Broadstairs
Cooper Mrs Chalet bon air Alfred road Birchington
Cooper Richard Jas 151 High Street Ramsgate
Cope Miss Pembridge villa Picton road Ramsgate
Copeland Lieut Col Alfd J (VD, JP, FSA) 3 Victoria parade Ramsgate
Copeland W 7 Sussex avenue St Peters road Margate
Copland H 29 Rancorn road Margate
Copland R L 29 Clifton gardens Margate
Copping William St Kilda Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Corbannis J B 2 Northumberland villas Dundonald road Ramsgate
Corke Edwd Richd 44 Prices avenue Margate
Corke Miss 43 Helena avenue Margate
Cornish Mrs Greyfriars Dane road Margate
Cottew Mrs Hewkley Crescent road Ramsgate
Cotton Chas 42 Spencer square Ramsgate
Cottrell Mrs 5 Baltic villas Edith road Ramsgate
Couchman John B Crinserath South Eastern road Ramsgate
Coulter Mrs Edelweiss Southwood road Ramsgate
Court F Chase villa Dundonald road Ramsgate
Court Misses Brecon house Dundonald road Ramsgate
Courthope Miss 32 Royal road Ramsgate
Courtney Edward Moulas East Cliff House East Cliff Ramsgate
Courtney Guy (MD, MA Cantab) 28 Augusta road Ramsgate
Cousins George Orlebar 1 Minnis road Birchington
Cousins Mrs 57 Northdown road Margate
Covington Rev Canon William (MA) Porbpool   Birchington
Covney Mrs 2 Garfield terrace Ramsgate
Cowdall John 24 Hatfeild road Margate
Cowell Mrs   Northwood Ramsgate
Cowell W Grasmere Rectory road Broadstairs
Cowley Mrs 10 Percy road Broadstairs
Cox F Trelawney Wrotham road Broadstairs
Cox James 5 Queen street Ramsgate
Cox Miss Kingston Pierremont avenue Broadstairs
Cozens Albert Edward (MCP) Stanley House, 23 &24 Clarendon road Margate
Craft F W 25 Canonbury road Ramsgate
Craig Mrs Westcroft West Cliff road Broadstairs
Craigie Mrs 2 Ethelbert terrace Westgate on Sea
Craigie Mrs H C 2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12,13 & 17 Granville marina Ramsgate
Crain Mrs 1 Maitland villas Grange road Ramsgate
Crampton Robert Glenesk Duncan road Ramsgate
Crassweller Saml 34 Osborne road Broadstairs
Crawford Albert Edward (MA, LLD) Winchester house Adrian square Westgate on Sea
Crawford Miss 4 Claremont terrace St Peters road Broadstairs
Creasy Mrs 6 Northumberland villas Dundonald road Ramsgate
Creasy Robert St Johns villa Ranelagh Grove, St Peters Broadstairs
Creed Ernest 19 Adiscombe road Margate
Cressard Edward Francis Elysian Codrington road Ramsgate
Cresswell Nathaniel Engleheart (MD) Laburnham house St Peters road Broadstairs
Crick Edward 9 Lyndhurst road Ramsgate
Crickett C 12 Helena avenue Margate
Cripps Miss 9 Rancorn road Margate
Cripps Wm 17 Alexandra road Margate
Crittell John 45 Gordon road Margate
Crocker Samuel 19 Clarendon road Margate
Croft J 1 Norton villas Minster Ramsgate
Croft-Jacomb Mrs Hackness Lea road Westgate on Sea
Croisdale Mrs 137 Canterbury road Margate
Crook Walter Edward 2 Gordon grove Westgate on Sea
Croom E F Montrose Stone road Broadstairs
Crosby Rev Harry R Mayfield   Birchington
Crosoer Mrs Fernleigh Gladstone road Broadstairs
Crosoer William Harcourt house South Eastern road Ramsgate
Cross J W Bank house Harbour street Ramsgate
Crosse Rev George Thomas (MA) St Lawrence vicarage Manston road Ramsgate
Crouch John 18? Ramsgate road Margate
Crow Frederick George Parkville West Dumpton, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Crow Mrs 3 Hazelwood Crescent road Ramsgate
Cruickshank John 1 Osborne villas Margate road Ramsgate
Cruso Mrs 23 Prices avenue Margate
Cullen Leonard Ravenhusrt Street Court road Westgate on Sea
Cullen Mrs 13 Clifton gardens Margate
Culver Herbt Wm 45 Thanet road Margate
Cumber Charles 6 Westbrook terrace Margate
Curd Mrs Seapoint Western Esplanade Broadstairs
Cure Rev Walter Robert C (MA) 39 Hawley square Margate
Curling Major William Kingsdown Priory villa West Cliff road Ramsgate
Curling Stephen 26 Artillery road Ramsgate
Currie George V 15 Northdown avenue Margate
Curry Mrs Millside St Peters road Broadstairs
Curtis Miss Wrotham house Wrotham crescent Broadstairs
Cutlack N R 26 Upper Approach road Margate
Cutler S S Pentreith Grove road Ramsgate

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