Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936


commercial directory - L


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Lacey Alfd Geo apartments 21 Fort Road Margate
Lacey Alfd Geo motor engineer Fort Road Margate
Ladd Rt boarding house 4 Upper Grove Margate
Ladd Robert boot repairer 2 Church Square Margate
Ladies National Club (group 2) Mrs Holt, organiser   4 Beresford Gardens Cliftonville
Laird Jas H sign writer 161 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lake Helen Mrs boarding house 63 Ethelbert Road Cliftonville
Laker Herbt Chas boarding house 24 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Laleham Preparatory School for Boys (Fras M Stanley, BA, headmaster)   Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lallem R Mrs boarding house 52 Thanet Road Margate
Lally Elsie Mrs boarding house 16 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Lane Annie & Mabel Misses lodging house 14 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Lane, Gentry & Co Ltd publishers 1 Fort Arcade Margate
Lang Edith Mrs boarding house 13 Station Road Westbrook
Langston Rt general dealer 5B Church Square Margate
Lansdown E Mrs lodging house 11 Love Lane Margate
Larking Herbt Rt public house Good Intent, 32 Bath Road Cliftonville
Larkins Eliza Jane Miss dressmaker 12 Milton Square Margate
Larkins Rt Hy lodging house 16 Charlotte Place Margate
Larsen Oscar N Marlborough Hotel 8 Royal Crescent Westbrook
Lash Annie Mrs boarding house 8 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Lashmar Mrs apartments 19 Fort Crescent Cliftonville
Last Jesse & Co Ltd brick makers (reg office, Percy Gore, sec) 102 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Last R G printer 21 Belgrave Road Margate
Law Wm Albt boarding house 15A Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lawes T & Son furniture dealers 1 & 7 Mill Lane Margate
Lawes Edith Mrs New Inn 16 New Street Margate
Lawes Treen clothier 13 Mill Lane & Chuchfield Place Margate
Lawes V Miss fish shop 11 Mill Lane Margate
Lawn Ernest Herbert boarding house Stanmore, Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Lawn Sidney Leonard boarding house 6 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Lawrence Emily Mrs greengrocer 18 Cowper Road Margate
Lawrence Geo cycle agent 1 Trinity Hill & 35 King Street Margate
Lawrence Hy F electrical engineer 37 Alexandra Road Margate
Lawrences Stores (Mrs B M Lawrence, proprietress) grocers 16 St Johns Road Margate
Leadbetter Alfred Henry boarding house 18 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Lee & Walter photographers 10B Charlotte Place Margate
Lee Chas Wm solicitor & commissioner for oaths 8 Cecil Square Margate
Lee Chas Wm solicitor & commissioner for oaths 70 Harold Road Margate
Lee Elizabeth Miss boarding house 22 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Lee Percvl station master Margate West Station (southern Railway) Station yard & East Margate station (southern railway) Ramsgate Road Margate
Lees W R butcher 139 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Leeson Geo W lodging house 14 Belgrave Road Margate
Lefovitch Gad private hotel 27, 28 & 29 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Legg Sidney Superintendent of Dane Park Dane Park Margate
Legge Dorothy Miss dressmaker 40 Clifton Road Cliftonville
Legge Frank P lodging house 13 Belgrave Road Margate
Lenton Regnld A mfrs agent 16 Hastings Avenue, Dane Park Margate
Lesley art needlework 294 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Leslie Millicent Miss   Harold Hall Private Hotel, Harold Road Cliftonville
Letley Jn boarding house 23 Belgrave Road Margate
Levesque Edith & Ada Misses boarding house 30 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Levett Edwin E private hotel 17 Dalby Square Cliftonville
Levett Percy (LRIBA, AMISE) architect & surveyor 1 Arthur Road Margate
Levett Percy (LRIBA, AMISE) architect & surveyor 36 Cliftonville Avenue Cliftonville
Levy & Franks Ltd   Hoy Hotel, The Parade Margate
Levy & Franks Ltd   Hotel Imperial, High Street & 1 Marine Drive Margate
Levy Bert kosher butcher 104 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lewins Boarding House   36 Gordon Road Cliftonville
Lewis & Taylor jewellers 51 High Street Margate
Lewis A Mrs boarding house 29 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Lewis Mary E Mrs boarding house 36 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Lewry John D secondhand furniture dealer Dane Road Cliftonville
Licence Harry Percy boarding house 5 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Lidwell Mrs boarding house 12 & 14 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Lilley E Mrs dressmaker 10 Neptune Square Margate
Lilley G A Mrs boarding house 6 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Lilliott Edwd Alfd greengrocer 20 Dane Hill Margate
Lindsey & Co carpet warehouse 178 High Street Margate
Lindsey & Co milliners 182 High Street Margate
Lindsey & Co drapers 184 High Street Margate
Ling G H Mrs boarding house 71 Lower Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lingwood Private Hotel (S F Martin, proprietor)   3 & 4 Royal Esplanade Westbrook
Linington Edmnd S farmer Dent de Lion Farm, Dent de Lion Road Garlinge
Lipton Ltd tea merchants 13 Queen Street & 69, 71 & 73 High Street Margate
Little Norman Harold insurance agent 26 Wellis Gardens Westbrook
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society ( H F Cocking, Thanet manager)   231 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Liverton Regnld billiard hall 2 Rancorn Road Westbrook
Livingston I Miss girls school 89 Westbrook Avenue Westbrook
Llewellyn Len G private tutor 3 Cliff Mansions Margate
Llewellyn Len G private tutor 5 Cliffe Terrace Cliftonville
Lloyds Bank Ltd (Margate Branch) Chas W Hensman, manager King Street Margate
Lloyds Bank Ltd (Margate Branch) Chas W Hensman, manager 75 Canterbury Road Westbrook
Lloyds Bank Ltd (Margate Branch) J L Davis, manager 218 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lobb M Mrs boarding house 10 Hatfeild Road Westbrook
Lock C confectioner 40 Fort Road Margate
Lock Harry Guy public house The Wellington, 1 Duke Street Margate
Lock Louisa Mrs boarding house 43 Edgar Road Cliftonville
Lockley C R Mrs boarding house 12 & 13 Dalby Square Cliftonville
London Central Meat Co Limited   91 High Street Margate
London Outfitters Ltd outfitters 126 High Street Margate
Longhis Café (Luois Longhi, proprietor)   35 Marine Terrace Margate
Longshaw Edward Macauley boarding house 22 Ethelbert Crescent Cliftonville
Longstaff E Mrs boarding house 3 First Avenue Cliftonville
Longstaff E jun sheet metal worker 68 Northdown Road Cliftonville
Longstaff E jun sheet metal worker warehouse, 42 Athelstan Road Cliftonville
Lovejoy Amy Miss boarding house 5 Trinity Square Margate
Lovely E J & Son picture frame makers 116A High Street Margate
Loverseed H J   Ye Old Charles Hotel, Northdown Road Cliftonville
Lovesey Mary Mrs boarding house 37 Norfolk Road Cliftonville
Lovett Christphr Wm lodging house 40 Dane Road Cliftonville
Lowgates Nursing Home (Misses Rodgers & Dodd)   9 - 11 Barnes Avenue Westbrook
Lowman Alfred private hotel 7 First Avenue Cliftonville
Lucas Thomas lodging house 17 Pleasant Place, The Fort Cliftonville
Ludbrook Hy Geo shopkeeper 38 Eaton Road Margate
Lunn Herbert Chas grocer 70 Tivoli Road Margate
Lunnon & McLaren Misses apartments 33 Surrey Road Cliftonville
Lyall Geo engineer to Royal School for Deaf & Dumb Children The Lodge, Victoria Road Margate
Lynch Arth Jn lodging house 68 Victoria Road Margate
Lyndhurst Private Hotel (Capt A E Williams, OBE, proprietor)   9 & 10 Lyndhurst Avenue Cliftonville
Lyons & Co Ltd caterers 16 Marine Drive Margate
Lyons & Co Ltd bakery St Peters Footpath Margate
Lyons & Co Ltd café 42 High Street Margate
Lyons & Co Ltd garage Addiscombe Road Margate
Lyons Alfd gowns 26 High Street Margate

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