Ramsgate 1895 Directory - S




























Last Name Initials Occupation No or house Road Area District
Sackett Mrs   10,Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Sackett G   5 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Sackett R E writer & grainer 7 George Street   Ramsgate
Sackett J   7 Bristol Place   Ramsgate
Sackett J       Northwood Ramsgate
Sackett J   4 Paradise   Ramsgate
Sackett H D plumber & painter 14 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Sackett H plumber, painter & builder 86 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Sackett G H   10 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Sackett F C   3 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Sackett F C   8 Granville Road   Ramsgate
Sackett F painter, grainer & decorator 143 High Street   Ramsgate
Sackett F   Eastview Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Sackett D       Northwood Ramsgate
Sackett B   Chilton Farm House   Chilton Ramsgate
Sackett A G painter, plumber &c. 14 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Sackett A D stone mason   Broad Street   Ramsgate
Sackett H D painter & house decorator 23 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Saddleton J   52 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Sadler Miss E M   1, Birch Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Saffery R sailmaker   Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Saffrey R T   5 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Sale Miss dressmaker 11 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Sale G J   11 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Salisbury E   41 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Salmon Miss   54 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Salmon C H boot maker 29 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Salmon J W   Eunice Villa Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Salmon Mrs     Dane Park   Ramsgate
Salton A   The Hawthorns South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Salton W   6, Claremont Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Sam J   9 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Sampson Miss   1, Heather Villas Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Sams J   17, Alexander Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Samuels Mrs   5 East Cliff Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Sandbrook W R   9 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Sanders M butcher 11 High Street   Ramsgate
Sanders M butcher 1, The Quadrant Grange Road   Ramsgate
Sanders Mrs   27 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Sanders Misses   7 Royal Crescent   Ramsgate
Sanders J   2 Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Sanders F   42 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Sanders E   19 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Sanderson Mrs   8 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Sandford J P   3 Cavendish Place   Ramsgate
Sandford Miss   33 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Sandford-Moore T professor of music Elmhurst Mount Albion Road   Ramsgate
Sandom A   1, Leeds Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Sandom W boot & shoe maker 7, 9 High Street   Ramsgate
Sandom E   6 Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Sandom Mrs   11 Hatfield Terrace   Ramsgate
Sandwell W   26 Percy Road   Ramsgate
Sandwell W   60 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Sandy W   52 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Sandy T S   15 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Sangster Mrs   Gordon Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Sankey P commssioner for oaths, solicitor, notary & agent Pelican Life 12 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Sankey P   1 Chatham Place   Ramsgate
Sankey Mrs   4,Pleasant Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Sankey Miss   Britannia Terrace, Frankforth House, 43 Grange Road   Ramsgate
Santy Major   8 Newington Terrace St Lawrence Ramsgate
Saunders W (DDS, LDSI) dentist 7 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Saunders Mrs Wilson   6 Albion Terrace   Ramsgate
Saunders C   Albert House Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Saunders W   3,Memel Cottages, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Saunders C J H     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Saunders W     Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Saunders H   2,Greenfield Cottages Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Saunders J   Cambrian Cottage Grange Road   Ramsgate
Saunders R E   15 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Saunders E   173 King Street   Ramsgate
Savage J   50 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Savage J T   Sydney House   East Cliff Ramsgate
Savage A   11,Theodore Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Sawyer Mrs   1 Chartham Terrace   Ramsgate
Saxby W   23 Chatham Street   Ramsgate
Saxby E G   23 Camden Road   Ramsgate
Saxton M   19 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Sayer W   1,Alma Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Sayer Mrs   Lord of the Manor     Ramsgate
Sayer J general shop 61 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Sayer G   Lord of the Manor     Ramsgate
Sayer G   1, Rose Cottages Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Scamp G C   Conyngham Restaurant   Pegwell Ramsgate
Scarisbrick Mrs   2, Hope Villas High Street   Ramsgate
Scarlett J W secretary- Trade Protection Society 36 High Street   Ramsgate
Scarlett & Co valuers, auctioneers & estate agents 36 High Street   Ramsgate
Scarlett J W   30 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Scarlett J   4,Myrtle Terrace Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Schewzik Rev   8, 9, Montefiore College Hereson   Ramsgate
Schooling F K   5 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Schudt Miss Supt - Young Womens Christian Ass 119 High Street   Ramsgate
Schweim H C   Tennyson, 19 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Scoates Mrs   St Georges House Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Scoates F J   74 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Scott C J (MA) Granville High School for Boys Mount Albion House Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Scott Mrs   2,Rose Villas Picton Road   Ramsgate
Scott A T (LDS) dental surgeon 68 High Street   Ramsgate
Scott C W (MC, BM) physician & surgeon 163 High Street   Ramsgate
Scott C J   1, Arklow Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Scott J W   Nethercourt Lodge   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Scott Mrs matron - Rob Roy Home, RSA, Holiday Home   Margate Road   Ramsgate
Scott T   17 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Scott T   1,Ballure South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Scott Mrs   Argyle House South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Scott White A H (Bsc, CA)   St Georges College High Street   Ramsgate
Scruby H   29 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Seaman W J   62 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Seaton Mrs   Panna Cottage, 17 Queen Bertha Road   Ramsgate
Segallais Mrs   19, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Seitzema C   2, Serene Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Selby W   4 Margate Road   Ramsgate
Self Mrs   9 Nelson Crescent   Ramsgate
Sellers Mrs   2 Paragon   Ramsgate
Sellman G   11 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Setterfield T   2, Rose Villas Hereson   Ramsgate
Setterfield W   20 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield W   1,Rose Cottages Mays Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield W   9 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield Mrs   6, Hart Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield J   9 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Setterfield A paperhanger & house decorator 12 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Setterfield C   47 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield C   9 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Setterfield C   5 Newington Terrace St Lawrence Ramsgate
Setterfield G   3 Vine Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Setterfield G     Highfield Villas, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Setterfield G       St Lawrence Ramsgate
Setterfield R   30 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield J   4, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield T   35 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Setterfield J   38 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield J   3,Whites Cottages Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Setterfield J   4 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Setterfield Mrs midwife 4, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Setterfield Mrs   Jasmine Cottage   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Setterfield S     Sacketts Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Setterfield H   Rose Inn   St Lawrence Ramsgate
Seve E   2, Arklow Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Seymour C   10, Royal Crescent Stables Priory Road   Ramsgate
Seymour Mrs   5 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Shandel Rev Herman   Hill House Hereson   Ramsgate
Shannon Mrs dining rooms 5 King Street   Ramsgate
Sharp Rev W   10 Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Sharp Capt   11, The Harbinger Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Sharp Mrs   24 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Sharp W   8, St Agnes Arklow Square    Ramsgate
Sharpe & Webb Misses ladies school Cedar House, 154 High Street   Ramsgate
Sharpson W Prudential Agent 2, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Sharpson     10 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Shaw J   2, Sherlock Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Shaw A P   Alexandra Cottage Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Shaw J   3,Gordon Terrace Rodney Street   Ramsgate
Shaw J E   Sherwood Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Shaw Miss   14 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Shaxted T corn & flour merchant 4A, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Shaxted T grocer &c. 4, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Sheen R   3 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Shelvey J M     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Shelvey T   Volunteer Inn Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Shephard R general stores 39 Brunswick Street   Ramsgate
Shepherd Mrs   Ascot Villa Ellington   Ramsgate
Shepherd Miss   14 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Shepherd Mrs   Northdene Dane Park   Ramsgate
Shepherd Neame Co brewery offices & stores   Townley Street   Ramsgate
Shepherd W H   Codrington Villa Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Shepherd W   15,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Shepherdson Miss   8 Prospect Terrace   Ramsgate
Sheppard F baker 21 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Sheppy W   Mayfield Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Sherrard S   8 Montague Road   Ramsgate
Sherratt E   5 West Cliff Mansion   Ramsgate
Sherred W   Nelson Lodge     Ramsgate
Sherrin J   3, Codrington Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Shersbey G general shop Ashburnham Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Shersby W   11,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Shersby Mrs   Dundonald House     Ramsgate
Shersby J   Artesian Cottage Union Street   Ramsgate
Shickle E Sergt Maj 1st Cinque Ports Eastern Division, RA Drill Shed, 172 High Street   Ramsgate
Shippey W   Mayfield Dundonald Road   Ramsgate
Shoard E   1 Flora Road   Ramsgate
Shone Mrs   2,Rothesay Villas South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Shonk R H   137 King Street   Ramsgate
Shonk Mrs   16 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Short Miss   25 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Shoults F C   10 Granville Road   Ramsgate
Shrimpton Mrs   10 Kent Terrace   Ramsgate
Sibellas C   5 Arklow Square   Ramsgate
Sidders Miss   St Catherines Villa The Elms   Ramsgate
Sidmouth G   7 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Siehle Mrs   2 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Silver & Son   Thanet Mill   Northwood Ramsgate
Silverlock G   3,Lilian Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Silvester R   6 Church Road   Ramsgate
Simmers Rev G (MA)   Aberdeen House Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Simmons T gasfitter &c. 46 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Simmons F R   Merrefield Lodge Grange Road   Ramsgate
Simmons J   8, Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Simmons Mrs   1,Montefiore Cottages Montague Road   Ramsgate
Simpson J fruiterer 4, Leeds Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Simpson D coal merchant & carrier 169 King Street   Ramsgate
Simpson J   24 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Simpson R B   22 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Simpson W T   1,Newlands Villas Margate Road   Ramsgate
Simpson D G   Cliffside Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Simson J   3, Cecil Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Simson J Kent Weekly News 23 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Sinclair H   4,Waltham Cottages Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Sinclair H   3 Chapel Terrace, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Sinclair W W   Dover House Margate Road   Ramsgate
Singer A confectioner 4 High Street   Ramsgate
Sisley H B florist & fruiterer 18 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Sisley F   4, Harrison Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Sissons Miss matron The Rest, 21 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Sissons Miss matron The Rest Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Skeats T     Albion Mews   Ramsgate
Skeats T   30 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Skellett Misses fancy bazaar & china house, post office 96 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Skelton Mrs   43 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Skillett Mrs   3, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Skinner T   9 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Skinner Geo watchmaker & jeweller 10 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Skitt G W china & glass rooms 8 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Sladden H   2, Arklow Terrace Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Sladden H   2, Providence Villas Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Slader Mrs boarding house 30 Spencer Square   Ramsgate
Slater Mrs   3, Dover Terrace Grange Road   Ramsgate
Slaven R   17 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Slee G   2 Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Slingsby H   5,Seig Terrace Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Small Mrs   22 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Small & Elphick dressmakers 15 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Small J carrier 22 Albion Place   Ramsgate
Smallfield N   6,Seig Terrace Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Smallfield T   Oak Villa Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Smart E   5 Paradise   Ramsgate
Smith W   22 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Smith W   21 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   20 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   St Michaels Lodge Edith Road   Ramsgate
Smith R     Vicarage Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Smith R A   24 Artillery Road   Ramsgate
Smith R J   St Winifrids, 1 Queen Bertha Road   Ramsgate
Smith S lath & firewood merchant 4 Alpha Road   Ramsgate
Smith T tailor 114 High Street   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   12 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Smith W   6 Montague Road   Ramsgate
Smith W G   13 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Smith W   14 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Smith W   18 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Smith W   2,Shanklin Villas Winstanley Crescent   Ramsgate
Smith Rev D   St Augustines Monastery St Augustine's Road   Ramsgate
Smith W   7, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Smith H   4 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Smith G   103 King Street   Ramsgate
Smith F W   Church Place, 29 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Smith E baker & general shop Melrose House - 7, 8 Lorne Road   Ramsgate
Smith E Harmer Miss ladies school Tennyson House Albion Road   Ramsgate
Smith E   Maycroft Ellington   Ramsgate
Smith E carpenter 95 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Smith B G   17 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Smith T B   Belmont House High Street   Ramsgate
Smith G   79 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Smith G R   3 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Smith G   33 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs   3 Lyndhurst Road   Ramsgate
Smith G M   49 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Smith G M oil & Italian warehouseman 6, 8 King Street   Ramsgate
Smith I   Dunmore St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Smith H       Pegwell Bay Ramsgate
Smith H   25 George Street   Ramsgate
Smith H com.boatman 6,Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Smith G   62 Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Smith H L   5 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Smith J G   2,Melrose Cottages Hertford Street   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs E stationer 3, The Quadrant Grange Road   Ramsgate
Smith Mrs E   11 Paradise   Ramsgate
Smith Miss   5 Woodford Avenue   Ramsgate
Smith Miss   3, Dagmar Cottages Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Smith Miss   7 Abbots Hill   Ramsgate
Smith M   1,Terrace Cottages Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Smith A   8, Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Smith M   3, Hereson Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Smith J W Yard foreman, Town Yard 3 Broad Street   Ramsgate
Smith J   Finsbury Cottage, 44 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Smith J   61 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Smith J   8, Alfred Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Smith J   52 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Smith J   8 Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Smith J   12, Boundary Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Smith A dyer, shirt & collar dresser 9 York Street   Ramsgate
Smithers J V   32 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Smithers A   3,St Pauls Cottages King Street   Ramsgate
Smithers A   20 Leopold Street   Ramsgate
Smithyman W   Sea View St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Smythe Mrs   3,Ballure South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Snee Mrs   1, Torrington Villas West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Snee G H   Parkside Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Snelling Mrs   17 Church Road   Ramsgate
Snelling F   1,Shakespeare Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Snelling G   26 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Snoad W tailor 14 Cumberland Road   Ramsgate
Snow F   22 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Snowden Mrs   13 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Snowden T   Lincoln Villa Grange Road   Ramsgate
Snowden Mrs W   Avondale Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Snowden N W   Grove Cottage     Ramsgate
Soames Miss   1, Elms Villas The Elms   Ramsgate
Soames Miss dressmaker 129 High Street   Ramsgate
Soares Mrs   17 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Sobey J J boot maker 27 York Street   Ramsgate
Softley R   48 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Sole J   2 Nethercourt Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Sole J   6 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Solly Miss laundress 2,Tritschs Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Solly A   2, North Pole Cottages Hereson   Ramsgate
Solly T   27 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Solly R   37 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Solly R   3 Leopold Road   Ramsgate
Solly W   24 Hibernia Street   Ramsgate
Solly P   Auckland Villa South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Solly J   37 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Solly J   1,Prospect Villas Thanet Road   Ramsgate
Solly J   5 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Solly H W   4 Anns Road   Ramsgate
Solly H   15, Frederick Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Solly G   43 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Solly F J   23 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Solly W   9 Cavendish Street   Ramsgate
Solly E   2 Central Road   Ramsgate
Solly A   15, Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Solly F greengrocer, baker & dairyman 16 Camden Road   Ramsgate
Solomon Misses boarding house 5 Victoria Parade   Ramsgate
Solomons M   28 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Sooby T H   Westacre St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Southee T E   29 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Southee A P (ACP) West Cliff School Mount Edgecombe St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Southee Mrs   5 Ellington   Ramsgate
Southee Miss   29 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Southern Mrs   6 Claremont Gardens, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Southern W   2,Prospect Terrace Shaftesbury Street   Ramsgate
Southey C   21 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Southwell Lady   Rostrevor House Grange Road   Ramsgate
Southwell Lady   Rostrevor House West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Spackman J   Prospect Villa, 5 Theodore Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Spain R     Vicarage Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Spain Mrs   39 Townley Street   Ramsgate
Spain E A   23 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Spain F   28 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Spain F     Newington Terrace St Lawrence Ramsgate
Spain G   43 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Spain H   2 Hill Brow Road   Ramsgate
Spain H     Newington Villas St Lawrence Ramsgate
Spain H   46 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Spain W   10 Church Road   Ramsgate
Spain J     Newington Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Spain Mrs   3, Chantry Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Spain Mrs laundress 9 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Spain T H carver, gilder, artists colourman & picture framer 73 High Street   Ramsgate
Spain H   62 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Spalding Col   Kelvin House     Ramsgate
Spalding W   Kelvin House Albion Road   Ramsgate
Sparkes Mrs   28 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Sparkes J L   38 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Sparkes & Emery solicitors, commissioners for oaths &c. 1 Harbour Street   Ramsgate
Sparks S   10 Cross Street   Ramsgate
Spayne G   4 Granville Road   Ramsgate
Spellman J   4 Cross Street   Ramsgate
Spellman W   St James Cottage Cross Street   Ramsgate
Spellman T   Cluns Cottages Cross Street   Ramsgate
Spencer T cork, capsule, label & bottle merchant 155 High Street   Ramsgate
Spencer C E   Winifred Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Spice W P sailmaker 20 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Spicer H   Seafield Cottages Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Spicer Miss   23,Jubilee Terrace Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Spicer     4 Gertrude Terrace   Ramsgate
Spillett T   Acantium South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Spindler Mrs   Hamswell House,17 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Spittle H   10 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Sponder J   5 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Sponder J   17 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Spong C   16 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Spratling L The T Mart, grocer & provision merchant 84 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Spratling J   2, Albany Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Spratling T grocer, agent for London & Lancashire 45, 47 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Spratling A T butcher 46 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Spratling T provision stores   Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Spratt C   44 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Spratt J   41 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Springett Mrs   31 Vale Road   Ramsgate
Springett O   2,Seafield Cottages Grosvenor Road   Ramsgate
Springett W H K   91 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Springford Bros family drapers & costumiers 49, 51 High Street   Ramsgate
Squair J manager - Ramsgate Co-Operative Society 33, 35 York Street   Ramsgate
Squair J   1, Hazelwood Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Squires H   2, Roseberry Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Stace W   136 King Street   Ramsgate
Standing Mrs   24 Rodney Street   Ramsgate
Standing T   107 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Stanley W agent 1 Shah Place   Ramsgate
Stanley     14 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Stannard J   12 Woodford Avenue   Ramsgate
Stanner J   White Hall Farm Margate Road   Ramsgate
Stanner J     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Stanner J E   17 Broad Street   Ramsgate
Stead R J   25 Monkton Place   Ramsgate
Stead W S painter, glazier & house decorator 23 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Stead W agent Prudential 11 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Stead W E   69 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Stead T W   Belle-Vue av Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Stead Miss   35 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Stead G W   7 Belvidere Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Stead E H   7,King Harman Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Stead E G   2, Belmont Villas Ellington Park Road   Ramsgate
Stead C painter & decorator 21 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Stead T   31 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Steadman G   6, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Stebbing Miss   St Georges House     Ramsgate
Steed J plasterer 2, Francis Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Steed E coal dealer 2 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Steed E coal stores 1, Finsbury Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Steed J D builder &c. 3 Irchester Street   Ramsgate
Steed J D builder & house decorator   Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Steed J   Buckley Cottage Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Steed J W   136 High Street   Ramsgate
Steed J   42 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Steed M dairy 1 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Steel Mrs   Victoria Terrace, 9 Vale Square   Ramsgate
Steer T   18 Guildford Lawn   Ramsgate
Stephens J R   2, Leicester Terrace Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Stevens H   Alexandra Arms, 79 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Stevens D   10, Watchman Terrace Bloomsbury Road   Ramsgate
Stevens H     Granville Road   Ramsgate
Stevens Mrs   Vine Cottage, 3 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Stevens W   3 Thanet Cottages, Buckstone Road Northwood Ramsgate
Stevens     7 Bellevue Road   Ramsgate
Stevens A   3 Hern Hill Villas, Chapel Road St Lawrence Ramsgate
Stevenson Mrs   8 Leopold Road   Ramsgate
Stevenson R   17 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Steward J   3 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Stewart     24 Castle Road   Ramsgate
Stewart G   15 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Stickings Rev C M   Westcroft Margate Road   Ramsgate
Stiles Miss   21 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Stiles A D   Edithmead Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Stirrups G   26 Finsbury Road   Ramsgate
Stock A   18 Princes Street   Ramsgate
Stock R   15 Camden Square   Ramsgate
Stock J   10 Liverpool Lawn   Ramsgate
Stock J   11 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Stock Miss   Tenby Cottage, 167 High Street   Ramsgate
Stock G R   19 James Street   Ramsgate
Stock R   15 Adelaide Gardens   Ramsgate
Stock R builder West View House Albert Street   Ramsgate
Stock W T   Wykeham South Eastern Road   Ramsgate
Stock B   Rising Sun, 2 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Stock Miss J   2, Codrington Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Stockbridge Mrs   26 Wellington Crescent   Ramsgate
Stockbridge J     Vicarage Cottages St Lawrence Ramsgate
Stockbridge Miss   11 Royal Crescent   Ramsgate
Stockley Mrs   9,South Eastern Terrace Margate Road   Ramsgate
Stockley J   2B Ellington   Ramsgate
Stockley W   8 Bristol Place   Ramsgate
Stokes J   9 La Belle Alliance Square   Ramsgate
Stokes       High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Stokes Miss   8, Frederick Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Stokes Miss milliner, costume & mantle maker 3 High Street   Ramsgate
Stokes P   29 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Stokes R   18 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Stokes W collector to Ramsgate Corporation Melanchton Villa, 162 High Street   Ramsgate
Stokes G dressmaker 8, Frederick Cottages Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Stokes J   4 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood Ramsgate
Stone & Strevens   8, 33 Military Road   Ramsgate
Stone W J baker & confectioner 9, Montefiore Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Stone W grocer & provision merchant & Post Office 6,King Harman Terrace Southwood Road   Ramsgate
Stone W   5 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Stone J   Lyndale Ellington   Ramsgate
Stops Mrs   3 Field Terrace Chilton Ramsgate
Strange Mrs   St Albans     Ramsgate
Street Miss   8 Alexandra Road   Ramsgate
Strevens R   22 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Strevens Mrs   2, Cumberland Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Strevens H jun   23 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Strevens H sen   25 Albert Street   Ramsgate
Strevens G confectioner 156 King Street   Ramsgate
Strevens R   13 Sussex Street   Ramsgate
Stroud P T   Cobden Villas, 8 Willsons Road   Ramsgate
Stroud     6 Union Street   Ramsgate
Stroud D   15 Trinity Place   Ramsgate
Stroud F   83 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Stroud G K   6 Bethesda Street   Ramsgate
Stroud G   129 Hardres Street   Ramsgate
Stroud J   8 Church Road   Ramsgate
Stroud Mrs   5,Pleasant Villas Victoria Road   Ramsgate
Stroud W H   25 Meeting Street   Ramsgate
Stroud T E   32 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Strover J   29 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Stubbles G   13 Cross Street   Ramsgate
Stubbs Miss   3, Blenheim Terrace Crescent Road   Ramsgate
Stupples E   14 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Stupples J G   9 Bristol Place   Ramsgate
Stupples G   43 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Sturges E   6 Cavendish Place   Ramsgate
Stutter Mrs     Dumpton Grove   Ramsgate
Styan T G   2 Chapel Place   Ramsgate
Styan T G (MD, MA Camb) Medical Officer Health 55 Queen Street   Ramsgate
Style R   St Brelades Ellington Road   Ramsgate
Styles J   21 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Such Mrs   Belmont House, 13 Augusta Road   Ramsgate
Sudds J   1, Florence Terrace Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Sullivan Mrs   18 Canonbury Road   Ramsgate
Sullivan J   8, Frederick Place Hereson   Ramsgate
Sullivan Rev B   St Augustines College Grange Road   Ramsgate
Sullivan F   Model Cottage Albert Street   Ramsgate
Summerford J S   Dane John Villa, 3 Dane John Villas Grange Road   Ramsgate
Summers A   15 Alma Road   Ramsgate
Summers E   17 Belmont Street   Ramsgate
Summers H   55 Addington Street   Ramsgate
Summers H shipwright 22, 29 Military Road   Ramsgate
Summers J exchange & mart 112 High Street   Ramsgate
Summers J furniture dealer & com. Agent Shaftesbury House Broad Street   Ramsgate
Summers Mrs   108 High Street   Ramsgate
Sutherland Mrs   6 Royal Road   Ramsgate
Sutton & Goodchild general printers 12 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Sutton W   1, Eddystone Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Sutton W   16 Turner Street   Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs   4 Union Street   Ramsgate
Sutton C   2 York Terrace   Ramsgate
Sutton F bootmaker 2,Paragon Cottages Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Sutton W   175 King Street   Ramsgate
Sutton F   West Cliff Tavern Townley Street   Ramsgate
Sutton H   73 Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Sutton S A   12 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Sutton E   Catherine Cottages Paragon Place   Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs     High Street St Lawrence Ramsgate
Sutton E H   North Pole Inn Hereson Hereson Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs   8, Boundary Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Sutton M E   12 West Cliff Road   Ramsgate
Sutton H   12, Elgar Place Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Sutton A S   9, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Sutton A J   24 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Sutton A R   25 Effingham Street   Ramsgate
Sutton A   2 Staffordshire Street   Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs   16 Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Sutton R shipping & genearl smith 28 York Street   Ramsgate
Sutton Mrs dressmaker 24 Denmark Road   Ramsgate
Sutton G   29 Central Road   Ramsgate
Swain H   2, Alfred Villas Belmont Road   Ramsgate
Swain W   Roseneath St Mildreds Road   Ramsgate
Swan Mrs   2, Hawthorne Villas Codrington Road   Ramsgate
Swanson Rev C sub prefect St Augustines College Grange Road   Ramsgate
Sweetman E J   41, Oxford Terrace Boundary Road   Ramsgate
Swift A D   Anglesea House Plains of Waterloo   Ramsgate
Swiney E hairdresser 20 High Street   Ramsgate
Sykes G   Bengal Villa High Street   Ramsgate
Symons E   8, Syndale Place Avenue Road   Ramsgate
Symons Mrs   5, Albany Villas Duncan Road   Ramsgate
Syrett E   The Lawn Victoria Road   Ramsgate

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