St Lawrence Parish Register Extracts from 1901


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Last Name Index - P


Last Name First Name(s) Year Bapt/Marr/Burial
PACE Arthur 1955 Burial
PACE Ethel Mary 1969 Burial
PACK Barbara Marjorie 1908 Bapt
PACKER Alfred 1915 Marr
PACKHAM Rosina Beatrice 1942 Marr
PACKMAN Jayne 1971 Bapt
PACKMAN Lee James 1980 Bapt
PAGDIN Stuart James 1984 Bapt
PAGE Gladys Edith 1904 Bapt
PAGE Ethel Palmer 1904 Bapt
PAGE Harold Edmund 1907 Bapt
PAGE Anthony Charles Bevan 1910 Bapt
PAGE Edmund James 1902 Marr
PAGE Mary Ann 1902 Burial
PAGE Annie 1903 Burial
PAGE Ethel Palmer 1904 Burial
PAGE Elizabeth Sarah 1910 Burial
PAGE Stephen Robert 1915 Burial
PAGE Laura Catherine 1924 Bapt
PAGE Dennis Horace William 1925 Bapt
PAGE Beryl Lily Maria Faith 1930 Bapt
PAGE Hazel Mary Elizabeth Vera 1930 Bapt
PAGE Rita Doris 1931 Bapt
PAGE Barbara Jean 1933 Bapt
PAGE Valerie Ernestine Georgina 1933 Bapt
PAGE George Bernard Henry 1935 Bapt
PAGE Daisy Elizabeth 1906 Marr
PAGE George (Edmund) 1908 Marr
PAGE Thomas John Gardener 1915 Marr
PAGE Ernest William 1918 Marr
PAGE Susan Elizabeth 1938 Bapt
PAGE David John 1938 Bapt
PAGE Anthony Lloyd 1944 Bapt
PAGE Beatrice Ida 1922 Marr
PAGE Doris Hilda 1923 Marr
PAGE Maud Millicent 1924 Marr
PAGE Horace 1924 Marr
PAGE Cecil Maurice 1930 Marr
PAGE George Henry Thomas 1932 Marr
PAGE Elsie Lily 1933 Marr
PAGE George Ernest Piddock 1934 Marr
PAGE Stanley Hatch 1940 Marr
PAGE Harold Ernest 1945 Marr
PAGE Laura Catherine 1948 Marr
PAGE Matthew Charles 1959 Bapt
PAGE Debra Tracey 1960 Bapt
PAGE Michael William 1982 Bapt
PAGE Florence Emily 1949 Marr
PAGE Valerie Ernestine Georgina 1952 Marr
PAGE Janet 1952 Marr
PAGE Margaret Beryl 1953 Marr
PAGE Dennis Harold 1955 Marr
PAGE Barry Edward 1968 Marr
PAGE Debra Tracey 1980 Marr
PAGET Louisa Caroline Elizabeth 1924 Marr
PAIN Deborah Jean 1962 Bapt
PAINE Belinda Jacqueline 1965 Bapt
PAINE David John 1979 Marr
PAINTER Joy Violet 1901 Bapt
PAINTER Susan 1962 Bapt
PALLANT Edith Mary Annie 1913 Bapt
PALMER Freddy 1904 Bapt
PALMER Albert 1906 Bapt
PALMER Gladys Elsie 1910 Bapt
PALMER Ivy Doris 1913 Bapt
PALMER Frank John 1916 Bapt
PALMER Joan Esme 1931 Bapt
PALMER Ruth Sabina 1933 Bapt
PALMER Jessie 1917 Marr
PALMER Janet Mavis 1939 Bapt
PALMER Beryl Amelia 1940 Bapt
PALMER Raymond William 1949 Bapt
PALMER Pauline Ann 1952 Bapt
PALMER Albert Frederick 1920 Marr
PALMER Edith Clara 1924 Marr
PALMER David Stanley 1946 Marr
PALMER Sherene Amelia May 1957 Bapt
PALMER Michael Philip 1963 Bapt
PALMER Janet Ann 1964 Bapt
PALMER Helen Elaine 1967 Bapt
PALMER Hilary Dawn 1967 Bapt
PALMER Andrew James 1973 Bapt
PALMER Colin Donald King 1972 Marr
PALMER-HUDSON Alan 1969 Bapt
PALTRIDGE Colin David 1983 Bapt
PALTRIDGE Colin David 1984 Marr
PANNELL William Edward 1910 Marr
PANNELL Barbara Anne 1966 Bapt
PANNELL Tania 1966 Bapt
PANNELLE Melissa Elizabeth 1984 Bapt
PANTONY Michelle Denise 1964 Bapt
PANTONY Douglas Wayne 1965 Bapt
PANTONY Michell Denise 1965 Bapt
PAPWORTH Blair Ann 1973 Bapt
PAPWORTH Daniel Michael 1973 Bapt
PARAMOR Louisa Mary 1903 Bapt
PARAMOR Henry Allen 1904 Bapt
PARAMOR Leslie Alfred 1908 Bapt
PARAMOR Horace Burt 1910 Bapt
PARAMOR Norman Cecil 1912 Bapt
PARAMOR Thomas Francis 1914 Bapt
PARAMOR Henry Allen 1902 Marr
PARAMOR Edward 1904 Burial
PARAMOR Alfred 1905 Burial
PARAMOR Anne 1906 Burial
PARAMOR Horace Burt 1911 Burial
PARAMOR Benjamin 1914 Burial
PARAMOR Mary Ann 1914 Burial
PARAMOR Ellen 1920 Burial
PARAMOR Edmund 1920 Burial
PARAMOR John 1923 Burial
PARAMOR Frances Jessie 1909 Marr
PARAMOR Lily Rose Florence 1921 Marr
PARAMOR Louise Mary 1924 Marr
PARAMOR Henry Allan 1926 Marr
PARAMOR David James 1963 Bapt
PARAMOR Christine Laurie 1965 Bapt
PARAMOR Susan Mary 1965 Bapt
PARAMORE Neil David 1972 Bapt
PARAMORE Alison Joy 1974 Bapt
PARAMORE John 1969 Marr
PARAMORE (see PARAMOUR) David John 1974 Marr
PARAMOUR (transcribed as PARAMORE) David John 1974 Marr
PARAMOUR Reginald Alfred 1903 Bapt
PARAMOUR Herbert Charles Henry 1906 Bapt
PARAMOUR Sarah Belcher 1907 Burial
PARFECT Lewis Miles William 1902 Bapt
PARFECT William Miles 1901 Marr
PARFITT Arthur William 1946 Bapt
PARGETER Helen Evelyn 1936 Burial
PARGETER Edith 1953 Burial
PARHAM Albert James 1930 Marr
PARISH Catherine Margaret 1946 Bapt
PARISH Kenneth Richard 1948 Bapt
PARISH Wendy Jean 1949 Bapt
PARISH Christopher Robin 1951 Bapt
PARISH Susan Anne 1955 Bapt
PARISH Karen Nina 1977 Marr
PARKER Oliver James 1905 Bapt
PARKER Ronald 1907 Bapt
PARKER Donald 1909 Bapt
PARKER Minnie Harriet 1902 Marr
PARKER Mildred Irene 1901 Burial
PARKER Ronald 1907 Burial
PARKER Annie Louise 1910 Burial
PARKER Diana Maud 1915 Bapt
PARKER Arthur Ernest 1920 Bapt
PARKER Frederick William George 1920 Bapt
PARKER Irenie Violet 1924 Bapt
PARKER Eileen Frances 1933 Bapt
PARKER Lizzie 1918 Marr
PARKER John Peter 1948 Bapt
PARKER Dorothy Clara Pearn 1925 Marr
PARKER George Frank 1929 Marr
PARKER Clifford Stephen 1931 Marr
PARKER Florence May 1936 Marr
PARKER Clifford Allan 1944 Marr
PARKER John Stanley 1947 Marr
PARKER Alfred John 1947 Marr
PARKER Donald William 1967 Bapt
PARKER Barbara Ann 1967 Bapt
PARKER Maudi Bernice 1967 Bapt
PARKER Hayley Sarah 1984 Bapt
PARKER Louise Rachel 1984 Bapt
PARKER Stanley Ernest 1955 Marr
PARKER James George 1961 Marr
PARKER Jean 1962 Marr
PARKER Lynda Mary 1968 Marr
PARKER June 1968 Marr
PARKER Linda 1972 Marr
PARKER Beverley Ann 1982 Marr
PARKES Roderick Wallis 1909 Bapt
PARKHURST Lucy Frances 1918 Bapt
PARKIN Alfred Bricknell 1901 Burial
PARKIN Gartees 1920 Burial
PARKIN Jeremy 1982 Marr
PARKINSON Marjory Lilian 1927 Bapt
PARKINSON Jean Rosemary 1929 Bapt
PARKS Alice Minetta 1909 Burial
PARKS Susannah 1927 Marr
PARKS Frances Patricia 1939 Marr
PARKS Sharon Ann 1963 Bapt
PARKS Terence John 1961 Marr
PARKS Kerry Jane 1983 Marr
PARMOR Leslie Alfred 1909 Burial
PARNELL Alice Kate 1902 Marr
PARNELL Aaron Stuart 1973 Bapt
PARNELL Julie Deborah 1976 Marr
PARR Cecil Scotsan 1903 Bapt
PARRETT Neil Andrew 1962 Bapt
PARRIS Kerry Jayne 1964 Bapt
PARRISH Nancy Elizabeth 1965 Marr
PARRISH Ronald Glen 1972 Marr
PARRY Peter William 1947 Marr
PARSONS Dorothy Ellen Irene 1903 Bapt
PARSONS Bessie Kathleen 1908 Bapt
PARSONS Herbert 1901 Marr
PARSONS Beatrice Marion Louise 1902 Burial
PARSONS Sarah Elizabeth 1925 Burial
PARSONS Annie Muriel 1937 Marr
PARSONS Eric Harcourt 1945 Marr
PARSONS Anna Francesa 1977 Bapt
PARSONS David Andrew 1983 Bapt
PARSONS George Armstrong 1956 Marr
PART Jeanette Audrey 1946 Bapt
PASCOE Ian Paul 1961 Bapt
PASSEY Edward Leonard 1957 Bapt
PATEMAN Florence 1917 Burial
PATERSON John 1951 Bapt
PATFIELD Susan Carol 1959 Bapt
PATFIELD David Sydney 1961 Bapt
PATMORE Toni Ann 1984 Marr
PATRICK Ian Kirk 1970 Bapt
PATTEN George Thomas James 1902 Burial
PATTEN Alison Wendy 1965 Bapt
PATTEN David Robert 1968 Marr
PATTERSON Ivy Winifred 1902 Bapt
PATTERSON Horace Leslie 1904 Bapt
PATTERSON Percy William 1905 Bapt
PATTERSON Ernest Raymond 1907 Bapt
PATTERSON Iris May 1908 Bapt
PATTERSON Amy Violet 1910 Bapt
PATTERSON Ernest Raymond 1908 Burial
PATTERSON Frank Alfred 1915 Bapt
PATTERSON John Stuart 1948 Bapt
PATTERSON Dorothy Ella 1925 Marr
PATTERSON Peter William 1931 Marr
PATTERSON Ivy Joy 1933 Marr
PATTERSON Amy Violet 1935 Marr
PATTERSON Iris May 1936 Marr
PATTISON Margaret Alice 1916 Burial
PAUL Doris Millie 1915 Bapt
PAUL Colin Fowler 1921 Marr
PAUL Leonard 1930 Marr
PAUL Ivan 1962 Bapt
PAUL Kenneth Victor 1953 Marr
PAUL Bruce Andrew 1982 Marr
PAVEY Florence Gladys 1936 Marr
PAY Francis Albert 1901 Marr
PAY Roger Peter 1946 Bapt
PAY Susan Linda 1948 Bapt
PAY Karen Anne 1973 Bapt
PAY Peter Albert 1981 Bapt
PAY Stephen Roger 1982 Bapt
PAY John Frederick 1967 Marr
PAY Linda Ann 1982 Marr
PAYNE Percy Wilfred Edward 1904 Burial
PAYNE Florence Spencer 1939 Burial
PAYNE William Spencer 1940 Burial
PAYNE Ada Harriet McClary 1945 Burial
PAYNE Ernest Spencer 1963 Burial
PAYNE Violet Florence Mary Spencer 1920 Bapt
PAYNE George Arthur William 1921 Bapt
PAYNE Muriel Kathleen Ivy 1925 Bapt
PAYNE Frederick Anthony 1927 Bapt
PAYNE Gillian Margaret 1936 Bapt
PAYNE Robert Charles 1932 Marr
PAYNE Lawrence David 1966 Bapt
PAYNE Joanne Lisa Helen 1966 Bapt
PAYNE Neil Michael 1966 Bapt
PAYNE Martin David 1972 Bapt
PAYNE Freda Angusine 1961 Marr
PAYNE Susan Mary 1967 Marr
PEACH Rex 1947 Marr
PEACH Denise Mortwen 1955 Bapt
PEACOCK Mary Ann 1939 Bapt
PEACOCK Clive 1970 Bapt
PEACOCK Audrey Kathleen 1955 Marr
PEAKE Edward 1902 Burial
PEAL Jane 1901 Burial
PEALL Annie Louisa 1935 Burial
PEARCE Arthur William 1912 Bapt
PEARCE Derrick Victor 1926 Bapt
PEARCE John 1932 Bapt
PEARCE Marion 1936 Bapt
PEARCE Florence Margaret 1907 Marr
PEARCE George Sanders 1912 Marr
PEARCE Wilma Joan 1949 Bapt
PEARCE Albert Edwin 1925 Marr
PEARCE Doris Winifred 1947 Marr
PEARCE Andrew Charles 1980 Bapt
PEARCE Rosalind Diane 1964 Marr
PEARCE Stewart Francis 1971 Marr
PEARCE Roger Charles 1974 Marr
PEARD Peggy Blanche 1922 Bapt
PEARSON William 1904 Marr
PEARSON Mabel 1910 Marr
PEARSON Thomas Henry 1913 Marr
PEARSON Philip Crighton 1946 Marr
PEARSON Wayne Leslie Erik 1974 Bapt
PEARSON Emma Louise 1981 Bapt
PEARSON Daryl James Robert 1984 Bapt
PEARSON Eric Charles 1970 Marr
PEARSON Eric Douglas 1979 Marr
PECK Emma Henrica 1909 Marr
PECK Jeffery Alan 1962 Marr
PEDDAR Alexander William 1916 Burial
PEDDER Ellen Carrington 1957 Burial
PEEBLES Brian Keith 1940 Bapt
PEEBLES Doreen Carol 1959 Marr
PEEL Keith Stephen 1980 Marr
PEGDEN Graham John 1945 Bapt
PEGDEN Ellen Louise 1924 Marr
PEGDEN Austen 1940 Marr
PEGDEN Graham John 1968 Marr
PEGLER Patricia 1967 Marr
PEIRCE Betty Doris 1933 Bapt
PEIRCE Clara Elizabeth 1918 Marr
PEIRCE Betty Doris 1954 Marr
PELLATT Albert Ernest 1903 Bapt
PELLATT Annie 1908 Bapt
PELLATT Florence 1911 Bapt
PELLATT Frederick James 1913 Bapt
PELLATT Margaret 1916 Bapt
PELLATT Philip George 1955 Bapt
PELLATT David James Joseph 1976 Bapt
PELLATT Jill 1962 Marr
PELLATT Philip George 1974 Marr
PELLS Dennis George 1925 Bapt
PELLS George Harris 1924 Marr
PEMBERTON Charles Clarence 1933 Marr
PEMBERTON Katie Jean 1984 Bapt
PEMBLE Ellen Ann 1903 Marr
PEMBLE Martin Jack 1968 Bapt
PEMBLE Carol Ann 1972 Marr
PENFOLD Jaqueline Ann 1964 Bapt
PENN Judith 1937 Bapt
PENN Larry Stewart Stephen 1948 Bapt
PENN Jean Gwendoline 1950 Bapt
PENN Charles Lewis 1927 Marr
PENN Valerie Ann 1962 Marr
PENN Larry Stewart Steven 1970 Marr
PENN Dorothy May 1972 Marr
PENNEY Arthur Henry George 1914 Bapt
PENNEY Henry Marshall 1901 Marr
PENNEY Ronald James 1928 Bapt
PENNEY Ivy Lydia Doris 1925 Marr
PENNEY Ruby 1930 Marr
PENNINGTON Ethel Barbara 1902 Bapt
PENNY Barbara Mary 1961 Marr
PENNY John Phillip 1968 Marr
PENNY Betty Patricia 1971 Marr
PERCIVAL Linda 1977 Marr
PERCIVALL Alan Leonard 1971 Marr
PERCY Martin John 1974 Marr
PERITON Simon Philip 1965 Bapt
PERITON Adam Patrick 1965 Bapt
PERKINS Annie Edith 1914 Bapt
PERKINS Elizabeth 1903 Burial
PERKINS Richard 1904 Burial
PERKINS William 1910 Burial
PERKINS John Joseph 1921 Burial
PERKINS Alfred Ernest 1912 Marr
PERKINS Annie Edith 1925 Marr
PERKINS Walter Richard Smith 1927 Marr
PERKINS Neville Keith 1973 Bapt
PERKINS Kieran James 1977 Bapt
PERKINS Alexander Neil 1979 Bapt
PERKINS Alexander William Edward 1981 Bapt
PERKINS Karl 1972 Marr
PERKINS Nicola Janine 1975 Marr
PERRETT Linda Anne 1963 Bapt
PERRY Joan Louise 1925 Bapt
PERRY Eileen Lilian Doris 1926 Bapt
PERRY Doreen Betty 1929 Bapt
PERRY William 1931 Bapt
PERRY James 1934 Bapt
PERRY Samuel James 1952 Marr
PERRY Eric Victor 1968 Marr
PETERKIN Robert Campbell 1968 Marr
PETERS Raymond John 1938 Bapt
PETERS David John 1958 Bapt
PETERS Sean Ian 1974 Bapt
PETERS David John 1982 Marr
PETERS Douglas Edward 1982 Marr
PETLEY Ernest George 1913 Bapt
PETLEY Cordelia Chrissie 1906 Marr
PETLEY Alfred Horace Percy 1908 Burial
PETLEY Winifred Daisy 1915 Burial
PETLEY Thomas Arthur 1918 Burial
PETLEY Percy William James 1918 Burial
PETLEY Florence Emily 1919 Burial
PETLEY Gladys Florence Emily 1920 Burial
PETLEY Sidney 1933 Burial
PETLEY Emily Maria 1933 Burial
PETLEY Ernest George 1936 Burial
PETLEY Lilian Fanny 1943 Burial
PETLEY Horace Walter 1948 Burial
PETLEY John Arthur 1916 Bapt
PETLEY Lilian Grace 1916 Bapt
PETLEY Gladys Florence Emily 1918 Bapt
PETLEY Thomas Albert 1918 Bapt
PETLEY Thomas Arthur 1915 Marr
PETLEY Stanley Lawrence 1934 Marr
PETLEY Elsie May 1944 Marr
PETMAN Winifred May 1901 Bapt
PETTERS Stephen James 1979 Marr
PETTERS Richard John 1980 Marr
PETTET Alec 1978 Marr
PETTIT Daniel John 1983 Bapt
PETTIT Anna Luzie 1983 Marr
PETTMAN Robert George 1922 Bapt
PETTMAN Gertrude Irene Doris 1926 Bapt
PETTMAN Anthony David 1948 Bapt
PETTMAN David Robert 1953 Bapt
PETTMAN Herbert Sydney 1932 Marr
PETTMAN Robert George 1947 Marr
PETTMAN Steven Mark 1974 Bapt
PETTMAN Darron Keith 1983 Marr
PETTS Annie Eliza 1902 Marr
PETTS Ellen Elizabeth 1904 Marr
PETTS Catherine 1904 Burial
PETTS Ellen May 1905 Burial
PETTS William 1908 Burial
PETTS Elizabeth 1927 Burial
PETTS Sarah Ann 1938 Burial
PETTS Thomas 1947 Burial
PETTS Olive May 1909 Marr
PETTS Henry Ernest 1915 Marr
PETTS Dulcie Bella Olive 1919 Marr
PETTS Colin Roy 1963 Bapt
PEXTON Charles Frederick 1947 Burial
PEYTO William Kenneth 1927 Bapt
PEYTON Ellen Amelia 1916 Burial
PEYTON Marguerite Isabel 1965 Burial
PEYTON Ellen Elizabeth Constance 1918 Marr
PEYTON Arthur Graham 1931 Marr
PHEYSEY Percy Wootton 1901 Marr
PHILLIMORE Kathleen Mary 1957 Marr
PHILLIPS Margaret Isabel Joan Lucas 1912 Bapt
PHILLIPS Annie 1914 Bapt
PHILLIPS Gwendoline Dorothy 1915 Bapt
PHILLIPS Barbara Christina 1921 Bapt
PHILLIPS John 1924 Bapt
PHILLIPS Joan 1947 Marr
PHILLIPS Melvyn 1959 Bapt
PHILLIPS Susan Dawn 1959 Bapt
PHILLIPS Cheryl 1963 Bapt
PHILLIPS Aaron 1966 Bapt
PHILLIPS Peter John 1966 Bapt
PHILLIPS Reginald Gabold 1956 Marr
PHILLIPS Shirley Patricia 1957 Marr
PHILLIPS Patricia 1959 Marr
PHILLIPS Ronald Russell 1965 Marr
PHILLIPS Lynn Denise 1974 Marr
PHILLIPS Robert Ernest 1976 Marr
PHILLIPS Karen Ann 1981 Marr
PHILLIPS Timothy Robert 1983 Marr
PHILLPOTT Thomas Stephen 1982 Bapt
PHILPOT Henry Alfred 1912 Bapt
PHILPOT William Albert 1915 Bapt
PHILPOT Robert George 1932 Bapt
PHILPOT Elizabeth Mary 1908 Marr
PHILPOT Emily 1917 Marr
PHILPOT Joyce Margaret 1947 Bapt
PHILPOT Karen Heather 1962 Bapt
PHILPOT Sandra Elizabeth 1973 Marr
PHILPOTT Wininfred Mary Ubertine 1901 Bapt
PHILPOTT Ernest 1905 Bapt
PHILPOTT Frederick George Thomas Robert 1905 Bapt
PHILPOTT Margaret Elizabeth 1907 Bapt
PHILPOTT George Albert Victor 1909 Bapt
PHILPOTT Thomas Ernest Arthur 1911 Bapt
PHILPOTT Albert Henry 1913 Bapt
PHILPOTT Rosa Mercy 1901 Marr
PHILPOTT Maria May 1902 Marr
PHILPOTT Percy 1904 Marr
PHILPOTT Robert Alfred 1904 Marr
PHILPOTT Richard John 1902 Burial
PHILPOTT Ellen 1902 Burial
PHILPOTT Edward 1906 Burial
PHILPOTT Martha 1906 Burial
PHILPOTT Sophia Ellen 1915 Burial
PHILPOTT Hannah 1918 Burial
PHILPOTT Catherine Isabella 1924 Burial
PHILPOTT Robert 1930 Burial
PHILPOTT Ernest Edward 1939 Burial
PHILPOTT Cyril James 1916 Bapt
PHILPOTT Bernard 1919 Bapt
PHILPOTT Frederick George 1920 Bapt
PHILPOTT Sidney Raymond 1923 Bapt
PHILPOTT Norman Arthur 1929 Bapt
PHILPOTT Derek Stanley 1931 Bapt
PHILPOTT Percy 1915 Marr
PHILPOTT Peter Alfred 1938 Bapt
PHILPOTT Rosemary Jean 1938 Bapt
PHILPOTT Brian Colin 1939 Bapt
PHILPOTT Sheila Mary 1942 Bapt
PHILPOTT Edward Charles 1947 Bapt
PHILPOTT Norma Linda Mary 1949 Bapt
PHILPOTT Alan John 1953 Bapt
PHILPOTT Stephen George 1925 Marr
PHILPOTT Violet May 1935 Marr
PHILPOTT Peter John 1947 Marr
PHILPOTT Paul David 1955 Bapt
PHILPOTT David Paul 1964 Bapt
PHILPOTT Peter James 1964 Bapt
PHILPOTT Gabrielle Lillian 1967 Bapt
PHILPOTT Derek Stanley George 1954 Marr
PHILPOTT Sylvia Ann 1958 Marr
PHILPOTT Sheila May 1959 Marr
PHILPOTT Patricia Maud 1960 Marr
PHILPOTT Peter Alfred 1961 Marr
PHILPOTT Brian Colin 1964 Marr
PHILPOTT Joyce Margaret 1966 Marr
PHIPPS Winifred 1908 Bapt
PHLLIPS Rosaline Margaret 1953 Marr
PICKERSGILL Ivy Emily Mary 1905 Bapt
PICKERSGILL Frederick 1903 Marr
PICKERSGILL Emily 1904 Burial
PICKMORE Mary Alice Susannah 1907 Bapt
PIDDUCK Mabel Ellen 1902 Bapt
PIDDUCK Rose Ellen 1903 Bapt
PIDDUCK Doris Lillian 1903 Bapt
PIDDUCK Rose Marion 1905 Bapt
PIDDUCK Lily Evelyn 1907 Bapt
PIDDUCK John William 1909 Bapt
PIDDUCK Thomas Richard 1911 Bapt
PIDDUCK Mary Ann 1902 Marr
PIDDUCK Florence 1903 Marr
PIDDUCK Anne 1902 Burial
PIDDUCK Stephen 1902 Burial
PIDDUCK Mabel Ellen 1903 Burial
PIDDUCK Agnes 1908 Burial
PIDDUCK George 1915 Burial
PIDDUCK Helen Elizabeth 1918 Burial
PIDDUCK Charles William 1917 Bapt
PIDDUCK Joan 1922 Bapt
PIDDUCK Marjorie Phyllis 1924 Bapt
PIDDUCK George William 1933 Bapt
PIDDUCK Gladys Elizabeth Ellen 1935 Bapt
PIDDUCK John Walter 1942 Bapt
PIDDUCK Terrance George 1943 Bapt
PIDDUCK Reginald Gorge 1943 Bapt
PIDDUCK Arthur John 1921 Marr
PIDDUCK John William 1931 Marr
PIDDUCK Joan 1942 Marr
PIDDUCK Muriel May 1942 Marr
PIDDUCK Marjorie Phyllis 1943 Marr
PIDDUCK Terence Ernest George 1966 Bapt
PIDDUCK Katteryn Elaine 1973 Bapt
PIDDUCK Gladys Elizabeth Ellen 1954 Marr
PIDDUCK Carol Iris 1976 Marr
PIDFORD Bridget Claire 1966 Bapt
PIDFORD Anna Elizabeth 1969 Bapt
PIERCE Emily Louisa 1921 Marr
PIGG Andrew Frank 1958 Bapt
PIGG Stephen James 1976 Marr
PIGGOTT Michael James 1976 Marr
PIKE Pauline Mary 1955 Bapt
PIKE Brian Anthony 1961 Marr
PILCHER Joyce Marion 1906 Bapt
PILCHER Albert Edward 1904 Marr
PILCHER William 1901 Burial
PILCHER Hannah June 1911 Burial
PILCHER Joan Rita 1920 Bapt
PILCHER Mary Elizabeth 1909 Marr
PILCHER Jessie Maud 1915 Marr
PILCHER Arthur James Edward 1917 Marr
PILCHER Ann Jessica 1944 Bapt
PILCHER David Leonard 1953 Bapt
PILCHER Annie May 1932 Marr
PILCHER Leonard George 1939 Marr
PILCHER Rowena Frances 1965 Bapt
PILCHER Colleen Mary 1966 Bapt
PILCHER Denis Robert 1950 Marr
PILCHER Keith 1963 Marr
PILCHER Michael George 1966 Marr
PILE Claire Louise 1976 Bapt
PILGRIM Herbert 1907 Bapt
PINDER Leslie Eric 1939 Bapt
PINE William Duncan 1929 Bapt
PINE Alfred Laurence 1930 Bapt
PINE Leslie Ann 1965 Marr
PINER Gillian 1948 Bapt
PINER Graham Leonard 1948 Bapt
PINKER Emily 1916 Burial
PINNER John Phillip 1937 Bapt
PIPE Gertrude Alice 1942 Burial
PIPER Alexander Walter 1918 Marr
PIPER Edith May 1936 Marr
PIPER Matthew John 1982 Bapt
PIPER Hilary Anne 1983 Marr
PITCHER Mabel Winifred 1912 Bapt
PITCHER Frederick Gerald 1913 Bapt
PITCHER Charles William Hearn 1911 Burial
PITCHER Edwin John 1920 Burial
PITCHER Fanny Jane 1923 Burial
PITCHER Reginald Edward 1920 Bapt
PITCHER John Edward 1931 Bapt
PITCHER Beryl Margaret 1931 Bapt
PITCHER Peter Frederick 1934 Bapt
PITCHER Roy 1937 Bapt
PITCHER Victoria Ann 1948 Bapt
PITCHER Frederick Gerald 1934 Marr
PITCHER Leonard Valentine 1936 Marr
PITCHER Mabel Winnifred 1936 Marr
PITCHER Alice 1963 Bapt
PITCHER Kaylee Anne 1983 Bapt
PITCHER Margaret 1954 Marr
PITCHER Daphne Alice 1956 Marr
PITFIELD Jean Evelyn 1915 Bapt
PITFIELD Jean Evelyn 1942 Marr
PITFIELD Helen Doreen 1942 Marr
PITTOCK Ada 1915 Bapt
PITTOCK Ronald Edward Boys 1927 Bapt
PITTOCK Vanessa Pauline 1953 Bapt
PITTOCK Ellen Mary 1924 Marr
PITTOCK Edward Boys 1925 Marr
PITTOCK John Richard 1945 Marr
PITTOCK David John 1955 Bapt
PITTS Eliza 1927 Burial
PITTS Edith 1918 Bapt
PLANE Geoffrey Steven 1962 Bapt
PLANE Nicholas Robert 1964 Bapt
PLANE Anthony Bernard Lewis 1959 Marr
PLANE Margaret Anne 1959 Marr
PLATT Barbara Maria 1946 Bapt
PLATT Frederick John 1941 Marr
PLATT Reginald Arthur 1968 Marr
PLAYFORD Esme Margaret 1939 Bapt
PLAYFORD William Edwin 1937 Marr
PLOMER Percy Ronald 1929 Marr
PLOWMAN William Richard 1970 Bapt
PLUCK Frances Rose 1903 Bapt
PLUCK Edward Henry 1938 Marr
POCOCK Joyce Ena Gertrude 1944 Marr
POINTER Emily Clara Florence 1912 Bapt
POINTER Nellie Louisa 1905 Marr
POINTER Stephen 1905 Burial
POINTER Harriet 1907 Burial
POINTER Georgina 1907 Burial
POINTER Mary Ann Elizabeth 1909 Burial
POINTER Henry Clarence Edward 1915 Burial
POINTER Ellen Maria 1917 Burial
POINTER Jane 1917 Burial
POINTER Sidney George 1918 Burial
POINTER Robert 1921 Burial
POINTER Ellen 1928 Burial
POINTER William 1929 Burial
POINTER James Albert 1940 Burial
POINTER Hettie Maria 1972 Burial
POINTER Frederick Albert Sidney 1919 Bapt
POINTER Lilian May 1919 Bapt
POINTER Marjorie Irene 1920 Bapt
POINTER Leslie James Clarence 1920 Bapt
POINTER Bertram Donald 1922 Bapt
POINTER Phyllis Lillian 1926 Bapt
POINTER Lettie Elizabeth 1906 Marr
POINTER Robert George 1911 Marr
POINTER Sidney George 1911 Marr
POINTER Ernest Henry 1911 Marr
POINTER Dennis Richard 1948 Bapt
POINTER Peter Robert 1953 Bapt
POINTER Albert John 1920 Marr
POINTER Wallace John 1926 Marr
POINTER Horace Richard 1932 Marr
POINTER Marjorie Irene 1941 Marr
POINTER Stephen John 1958 Bapt
POINTER Robert Edward 1961 Bapt
POINTER Christine Claire 1984 Bapt
POINTER Dennis Raymond 1951 Marr
POINTER Augustus Edward 1952 Marr
POINTER Stephen John 1979 Marr
POINTER Robert Edward 1982 Marr
POINTER Kevin John 1984 Marr
POLHILL Harrie Loftus 1961 Bapt
POLLARD John Richard 1939 Bapt
POLWARTH James 1908 Burial
POLWORTH Mary 1902 Burial
POMEROY Eliza 1915 Burial
POMEROY Alexander 1918 Burial
PONTING Kathleen Olive Meredith 1930 Bapt
POOK Carol Ann 1959 Bapt
POOLE Violet Lily 1934 Marr
POOLEY Kenneth William 1971 Marr
POORE Clinton Beresford 1909 Bapt
POPE Thomas William 1948 Bapt
POPE Anthony Arthur 1968 Marr
POPE Jill Lorna 1980 Marr
PORCHASE William Henry 1923 Marr
PORRITT Ethel Maud 1911 Bapt
PORRITT Ella Jemima 1911 Bapt
PORRITT Charles Henry William 1911 Bapt
PORRITT Sydney Alfred 1923 Marr
PORRITT Ella Jemima 1928 Marr
PORRITT Ethel Maud 1929 Marr
PORRITT Steven Ross 1981 Bapt
PORRITT Betty Anne 1958 Marr
PORRITT Beryl Mary 1961 Marr
PORRITT Christine Una 1967 Marr
PORT Winifred Nellie 1923 Bapt
PORT Doris Whittaker 1923 Bapt
PORT Ivy Emily 1926 Bapt
PORT Colleen Andrew 1942 Bapt
PORT Margaret Elizabeth 1921 Marr
PORT Agnes Dorothy 1922 Marr
PORT Richard Thomas 1922 Marr
PORT Lilian Florence 1936 Marr
PORT Doris Whittaker 1940 Marr
PORT Colleen Andrew 1947 Marr
PORT Patricia Iris 1958 Marr
PORTANIER Lisa 1984 Bapt
PORTANIER Brian 1980 Marr
PORTER Elizabeth Ann 1920 Marr
PORTER Frederick William Bertram 1926 Marr
PORTER Alan 1927 Marr
PORTER Eva Hart 1939 Marr
PORTER Barry Keith 1969 Marr
POTT Nora May 1927 Bapt
POTT William Henry 1929 Bapt
POTT Frederick Charles 1925 Marr
POTT Elizabeth Rachel 1927 Marr
POTTER Emmie Rosamund 1902 Bapt
POTTER James Eric 1903 Bapt
POTTER Albert William 1912 Bapt
POTTER William 1902 Burial
POTTER Ronny Ernest 1936 Bapt
POTTER Janet Elizabeth 1939 Bapt
POTTER Terence Raymond 1951 Bapt
POTTER Sharon Jeanette 1959 Bapt
POTTER Neil 1967 Bapt
POTTER David Charles 1984 Bapt
POTTER Walter Paul Charles 1957 Marr
POTTER Audrey Peggy 1960 Marr
POTTER Barbara Jean 1961 Marr
POTTINGER Ronald William 1947 Marr
POTTLE Violet May 1924 Bapt
POTTLE Winifred Rosina 1927 Marr
POTTLE Karen 1960 Bapt
POTTLE Deborah Jane 1962 Bapt
POTTLE Elizabeth 1978 Bapt
POTTLE Cheryl Michelle 1983 Marr
POTTS William George 1918 Bapt
POTTS Alice Mercy 1923 Bapt
POTTS Norma Vivian 1931 Bapt
POTTS William Howard Bernard 1915 Marr
POTTS Christopher Robin 1951 Bapt
POTTS Kathleen Mary 1932 Marr
POTTS Coral Ann 1958 Marr
POTTS Ann Maureen 1962 Marr
POULTER Graham Richard 1950 Bapt
POULTER Sylvia Elizabeth 1950 Marr
POULTER Margaret Patricia 1962 Marr
POULTON Julian Charles 1961 Bapt
POVEY Carol Elizabeth 1969 Marr
POW Frederick Charles 1908 Burial
POWELL Edward 1904 Burial
POWELL Mary Ann 1908 Burial
POWELL Sarah 1912 Burial
POWELL Eliza 1914 Burial
POWELL Wendy Adele 1946 Bapt
POWELL Laura Chilton 1923 Marr
POWELL Robert John 1984 Bapt
POWLESLAND Ernest George 1904 Burial
POWLESLAND Eleanor Fanny 1946 Burial
POWLESLAND Alice Ann 1947 Burial
PRAILL Anthony Wiliam George 1983 Marr
PRATT David George 1920 Marr
PRATT Christopher David 1978 Bapt
PRATT Hannah Christina 1982 Bapt
PRATT David Vincent 1972 Marr
PRATTS Peter Gareth Alexander 1968 Bapt
PREBBLE Frank Harry 1904 Bapt
PREBBLE Edith Emily 1908 Bapt
PREBBLE Jessie Ethel 1909 Bapt
PREBBLE Arthur Edward 1910 Bapt
PREBBLE Sidney Percival 1912 Bapt
PREBBLE Ernest Charles 1907 Burial
PREBBLE Joyce 1925 Burial
PREBBLE Daisy Eleanor 1920 Bapt
PREBBLE Beryl Joyce 1926 Bapt
PREBBLE Amy Winifred 1926 Bapt
PREBBLE Philip John 1926 Bapt
PREBBLE Ivor Russell 1926 Bapt
PREBBLE George 1908 Marr
PREBBLE Annie Lilian 1911 Marr
PREBBLE Amy Winifred 1938 Marr
PREECE Trevor Frank 1962 Marr
PRESCOTT Lilian 1901 Burial
PRESCOTT Mary Bertha 1904 Burial
PRESCOTT Clara Susan 1907 Burial
PRESCOTT Sheila Doris 1930 Bapt
PRESCOTT Richard George 1938 Bapt
PRESCOTT William Alfred 1928 Marr
PRESCOTT Julie Sharon 1978 Bapt
PRESSAGH Maureen 1960 Marr
PRESTEDGE Elizabeth Sarah 1904 Marr
PRESTEDGE Thomas Henry 1911 Burial
PRESTEDGE William 1913 Burial
PRESTEDGE Ann Jane 1945 Burial
PRESTEDGE Henry Thomas 1925 Marr
PRESTON William Wilfred 1909 Bapt
PRESTON Pamela Ann 1951 Bapt
PRESTON Henry Charles 1929 Marr
PRESTON Debora Ann 1965 Bapt
PRESTON Wilfred David 1960 Marr
PRESTWOOD Thomas Greswolde 1937 Marr
PRETTYMAN Simon Roger 1965 Bapt
PREWETT Ronald Raymond 1968 Bapt
PREWETT Jamie 1979 Bapt
PREWETT Ronald Raymond 1968 Marr
PRICE Rose 1908 Bapt
PRICE Thomas Mercer 1914 Burial
PRICE Mabel Yorke 1937 Burial
PRICE Emily 1947 Burial
PRICE Nina Dawn 1932 Bapt
PRICE Raeburn John 1932 Bapt
PRICE Sheila Margaret 1932 Bapt
PRICE Edna Christiana 1940 Bapt
PRICE Leonard John 1942 Bapt
PRICE Veronica Ann 1944 Bapt
PRICE Eliza Elizabeth 1922 Marr
PRICE Philip Oswald 1955 Bapt
PRICE Tinia Frances 1959 Bapt
PRICE David Morgan 1959 Bapt
PRICE Michael 1961 Bapt
PRICE Raymond William 1965 Bapt
PRICE Joanne 1965 Bapt
PRICE Karen Ann 1968 Bapt
PRICE Leroy Leonard 1971 Bapt
PRICE John Freeman Berners 1951 Marr
PRICE Ronald Philip 1958 Marr
PRICE Edna Christiana 1961 Marr
PRICE Lily Violet 1965 Marr
PRICE Jean Enid 1968 Marr
PRICE Veronica Ann 1969 Marr
PRICE Margaret Chtistine 1972 Marr
PRICE Diana Lesley 1980 Marr
PRICE Lynda Christine 1982 Marr
PRICHARD Leonard Frederick 1907 Bapt
PRICHARD Nicola Jane 1971 Bapt
PRICHARD Mark Ramsey 1972 Bapt
PRICHARD Richard Joseph 1966 Marr
PRICKETT Dereck Ronald 1956 Bapt
PRIEST Shirle Jean 1965 Bapt
PRIEST Michelle Kim 1976 Bapt
PRIEST Pauline 1961 Marr
PRIEST Valerie Pearl 1963 Marr
PRIESTLY Millicent Evelyne 1907 Marr
PRIESTLY Rosemary Ann 1979 Marr
PRINCE Kenneth Peter 1959 Marr
PRINCE Susan Frances 1970 Marr
PRINCE Patricia Ann 1983 Marr
PRIOR David John Colin 1928 Bapt
PRIOR Noel John 1927 Marr
PRIOR Mona Isabel Collings 1936 Marr
PRIOR Colin Reginald 1957 Marr
PRISGROVE Stanley Edward 1904 Bapt
PRITCHARD Albert Lemesurier 1902 Burial
PRITCHARD John Twyman 1903 Burial
PRITCHARD Enid Grace 1939 Bapt
PRITCHARD Mary Elizabeth 1962 Bapt
PRITCHARD Helen Elizabeth 1965 Bapt
PRITCHARD Frederick William 1955 Marr
PRITCHARD Garnet Hughes 1965 Marr
PROSSER Cyril William 1931 Marr
PROUT David Rodney 1949 Bapt
PROUT Margaret 1952 Bapt
PRYER Hilary Clare 1965 Bapt
PRYNN William Gleach 1901 Burial
PRYNN Robert Bertram 1910 Marr
PRYOR William Henry John 1940 Marr
PUDDICK Harriet 1910 Burial
PUDNEY Carol Anne 1976 Marr
PUGH James Melton 1901 Burial
PUGH Debra Ann 1981 Marr
PULL Winifred Mary 1908 Bapt
PULL Hilda May 1910 Bapt
PULL Beatrice Alice 1912 Bapt
PULL Beatrice Alice 1912 Burial
PULLEN Roland David 1971 Marr
PULLINGER John Ronald William 1949 Bapt
PULLINGER Ian Robert 1961 Bapt
PULLMAN Mabel Frances 1941 Marr
PURCELL Cindy Ann 1979 Bapt
PURCELL Cindy Ann 1979 Marr
PURCHASE Peggy Amy 1927 Bapt
PURCHLA Antoine Joseph 1976 Marr
PURKESS Lesley Pauline 1968 Marr
PURNELL Valerie Patricia 1963 Bapt
PURNELL Martin Keith 1979 Marr
PURNELL Valerie Patricia 1984 Marr
PURPLE Linda Joy 1949 Bapt
PURSEY Victor James 1930 Bapt
PURSEY Dorothy Rose 1930 Bapt
PURTON Geoffrey Frank 1951 Bapt
PURTON Brian Keith 1951 Bapt
PURVEY Dolly Elizabeth 1952 Marr
PUSHEE Ellen Norah 1930 Marr
PUSHEE Dora Margaret 1938 Marr
PUTMAN Bessie Clara 1910 Bapt
PUTT Sarah 1910 Burial
PYPER John Campbell 1913 Bapt
PYRAH James Johnathan Valentine Greenwood 1983 Bapt

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